Perception versus Reality:

Perception is not Reality. I have heard many Leaders say that Perception is Reality and I understand why they say it. But a Leader cannot afford to teach something that is not true and then fall victim to their own false teachings. So here at 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, I am forced to take that other view. I am here to shake up the status quo. Let me state it again. I understand why some Leaders say Perception is Reality, but I am here to say that Perception is False Reality. Stick around and let me explain.

Perception versus Reality:

Perception is what people think they see. It is how something appears to be even if they are not quite what they appear. Perception can be based on someone’s mood, state of mind, and prejudgment. Reality is Reality. Let’s use a Movie as an example. If you do not know a Movie was made that appeared to be a News Report; you may perceive the Movie to be true. Now imagine someone replaced your window with a Movie Screen that looked so real that you thought you were looking out a window. From your perspective, it would appear to be true until you tried to open the window and found out it was a movie screen. Reality is real, perception is a false reality. Perceptions can change, reality does not change. This is a very simple example, I know; but this is why a Leader should always challenge people to find out the reality and not make decisions based on perception.

Perception versus Reality:

Are you familiar with the term “Keeping up Appearances?” Have you know people who are really nice to you depending on who is around, and then will not give you the time of day when it is just you and them one on one? Have you ever know someone who makes it look like they are working very hard when the boss is around, but is the first one to slack off when the boss is not around? Have you ever seen some work really hard and then others take credit for their ideas? Every office and factory has the stories. Gossip, rumors and appearances are all based on Perception. Shouldn’t a Leader want to know the truth or should they play into the hands of those who are feeding their Perceptions? Have you ever been burned by the buddy system?

Perception versus Reality:

Why do we call it “Reality Television” when it should be called “Perception Television?” Let me ask you a question, “Do people behave the same when they see they are on camera?” The answer is no, some people pose for the camera and some people run from it. Some people crave attention and some people hide from attention. So imagine if you went to the mall and had two or three security guards, two cameramen, a lighting crew and a boom microphone following you around everywhere you went. To the people at the shopping mall, you would appear to be famous, even if you are not; even if it was all staged. So how much have you heard about “Perception Television” being Reality? Are you trying to “Survive” or “Keep Up?”

Perception versus Reality:

The reason a Leader should not say “Perception is Reality” is because this allows people to appear to do one thing while they really intend to do something else. A Leader should say “Live the Reality” or “Be the Reality” or “Make Reality the Perception.” I say this because we should all be striving to do our best and our best effort is what should show through. People need to find out the facts before passing judgment on any circumstance or performance. A True Leader should understand this; Perception can be based on Lies, while Reality is based on the Truth. Seek the truth and find the facts to learn the reality of any situation. Make Reality the Perception!

How to identify different types of leadership:

Managers, Supervisors, Directors and Executives are all consider Leadership by the companies and corporations where they work.  Leadership styles can vary based on the personality, history and belief system of the leader in question.  Helping you identify the style of leadership you are following can help you understand if you will be able to adapt and excel in your current situation.

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I don’t know everything, but I am convinced of what I know.  I have been in Leadership Situations and I have messed up more than once.  I tried to learn from my mistakes and my number one mistake is not being a better leader in situations from my past.  So again, I have studied different leadership topics and served under my share of management.  So let me break down the types of managers and supervisors you may encounter and maybe how you can deal with them.

I am going to do my best to explain (5) Five types of Leaders you may encounter.

1:  The “Dog Eat Dog” Leader

2:  The “Because I Said So” Leader.

3:  The “You should Know it” Leader

4:  The “Let’s Work Together” Leader

5:  The “Let’s Be the Best” Leader

Have you ever had to work for someone who did everything they could to make themselves look good or to make others look bad?  Have you ever worked with or for someone who had no problem bending and breaking the rules to win?  These are “Dog Eat Dog” Leaders.  They believe that if you are not cheating, someone is cheating you.  These are the worst Leaders and maybe the most common types of Leaders.  They are your typical movie villains, the lowest of the low.  So why do these types of Mangers seem to survive and thrive?  Money, the simple answer is greed.  You will move up and make more and more money while you are hiding your true nature.  You will cheat to win, and if you win you get rewarded; until you get caught cheating.  If you get caught cheating you will blame everyone but yourself until you lose everything.  So if you find yourself working for someone who cheats to win, do your best to stay on the straight and narrow and keep records of everything you do.  Keep proof that you are open and honest and do not be one of the ones who are cheating to win.  “Dog Eat Dog” Leaders don’t last, they move on.  Don’t be trapped in the house of cards they create for themselves.  If they are always blaming others when you meet them, sooner or later they will blame you to save themselves.

Have you ever worked for a Manager who only knew one way to do things, their way?  Regardless of what the rules say if you ask them the why and how of the instructions they give it, it comes down to “Because I Said So!”  Do this, “because I said so!”  Do it this way, “because I said so!”  This is all wrong, “because I said so!”  So how do you deal with this type of Leadership?  Always double-check the facts.  Maybe suggest another way but don’t push it.  If you do you may hear, “You fired because I said so.”  So always keep a good record of what you are doing and what you are learning.    Because I said so Leadership is not open to new ideas.  Sooner or later times will change, so be the one who can change with the times.

Have you ever asked a Manger or a Supervisor a question and their answer is “You should know that?”  They do not seem to teach you how to do things the right way, they seem to wait for you to do something wrong and then say “You should know that!”  These are Self-Starters who became very good at the things they do, but we never so good at teaching others.  They expect others to be able to dive in and learn for themselves.  “You should know that” Mangers and Leaders do not always create a learning environment.  Sometimes they are more worried about who gets that High Score than if the Team wins or loses.  Stay focused and learn as much as you can as fast as you can.  If you are a Self-Starter you will like this environment.  Be careful though, because the minute you miss something you will hear those magic words “You should have known that!”

Remember you favorite teacher in school, they one who helped you learn things for yourself?  Well not every Manager or Supervisor will be like your favorite teacher, but they are out there.  Some Leaders, the better leaders learn that it is better to work and learn as a team than to work as a collection of individuals.  Ever worked in a place where there were no Superstars, but everyone seemed to be happy?  Ever worked for a boss that was not afraid to show you how to do something and then let you go to work for yourself.  Ever worked for a boss who did not play favorites and tried to pair up everyone and let them learn together?  These are the “Let’s Work Together Leaders!”  They seem to make the best coaches and teachers.

Every now and then if you are lucky, you will get to work for someone who seems to be able to read a crowd and get everyone excited about things to come.  Every now and then you get to work for someone who seems to be able to make time speed up or slow down at their will.  If you are lucky, you will be able to work with a Leader who seems to be on a mission to bring out the best in everyone for the greater good.  These are the kind of leaders who make you believe you can find a cure for cancer or end world hunger.  These are the types of people who every politician claims to be very few people really become.  The “Let’s Be the Best” Leaders bring out the best in everyone.  They create a learning environment and they give everyone a chance to excel.  They don’t play favorites, but they are constantly coaching and mentoring.  They also seem to be surrounded by a strong network of coaches and mentors.  They rarely take credit of place blame, but seem to be constantly trying to find the best answer and new ways of doing things.  When you are lucky enough to be around this type of leader, learn as much as you possibly can learn.  This is the type of Leader you want to be one day!

Let’s recap how to identify different types of leadership:  If you are working with a “Dog Eat Dog Leader” watch your back and cover your tracks!  If you are working with a “Because I said so Leader” do the best you can but never push it.  If you are working with a “You Should Know That” Leader, keep a copy of the company standards and practices close at hand and learn as much as you can as fast as you can!  When working with a “Let’s Work Together” Leader, get involved and share as much as you can for the good of the team.  When working with a “Let’s Be the Best” Leader learn as much as you can because this is as good as it gets!

Are you working S.M.A.R.T.?

Are you Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets?  Are you working S.M.A.R.T. for short?  Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo where new Acronyms just kind of come to me.  Maybe it is all the just the same old stuff over and over.  So I hope I am picking worthwhile topics.  Are you S.M.A.R.T.?  I think all of us can be, we just have to try.  S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

So the first thing we need is a Target, a Goal, a Dream or a Vision.  What is your Vision?  What is your Dream?  What are your Goals to help you reach your Target?  Some people have a simple goal to keep learning.  That makes them appear smart.  You have to define your own target.  You have to be in touch with your own dream.  We all have dreams; some of us just stop listening.  Start listening to your dreams again and set some goals no matter how small they may seem, to help you reach your target.

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Now if you have a Target, you need a Strategy to help hit you target.  Your Strategy is your Big Picture Plan.  It is the Executive Overview.  It is the view from the Airplane as you fly over a city.  Imagine you are a Hotshot who has a chance to pitch investors on your plan.  Can you convince them from the time you get on the elevator on the ground floor before the elevator reaches the top floor where they will go into a meeting and decide if they will give you a shot?  This is your elevator pitch.  What is your plan and simple Strategy that will make your vision a reality?

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Now if you have a Target and a Strategy, your next step is to break down the Methods needed to fit all the pieces together.  Let’s say your Strategy is to field the Biggest, Strongest and Fastest Football Team to Win as many games as possible and make the proverbial playoffs.  What methods will you use to make the Big, Bigger?  What methods will you use to make the Strong, Stronger?  What methods will you use to make the Fast, Faster?  See your Strategy is your Plan.  Your Methods are the Plans within the Plan.  It is all the little steps that will make the big steps possible.   Will you make the Big Stronger and the Strong Faster?  How will you do these things?  What methods will you use and teach others so that the Big Plan comes together?

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

As you are putting you methods in place to align with you overall strategy, you must stay alert of the ever change conditions of your surroundings.  What if your star players get hurt?  What if your competition tries to foil your plans?  Can the blind lead the blind?  No, you must stay alert to your surroundings and change and alter your methods so that your overall strategy still works.  You target may not change, but you path to the target may change based on ever-changing conditions.  I should say most of the time the path to the target will change.  This is why it is very important to stay alert.  What worked yesterday, may not work today.  What works today, may not work tomorrow.   Stay Alert.

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Of all the topics I am have discussed this far, Reaching is maybe the most important.  If you are not reaching for your target, what good is having a target?  If you are not reaching for your target, what good is having a Strategy?  If you are not reaching for your target, why invest so much time breaking down your methods?  If you are not reaching for your target, why are you staying so alert?  Reaching for your Target is what brings it all together.  The effort you put in will directly affect the results you get out.  Smart work is still work.  There is no reason to work hard if you will not stay on target, but being on target is still work.  It still takes effort, you must, must, must reach for your goals.

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Are you S.M.A.R.T.?  Anyone can do it really.  If you have to boil it down to the simplest example, stay alert and keep reaching for your dreams.  That is basically all it takes.  Everyone can do it.  You can do it.  Work S.M.A.R.T. Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Saying is easy but doing is where it is at.

No this is not proper English; No this is not grammatically correct.  It is easy for people to say what needs to be done.  It is harder to do what needs to be done, but that is where it is at.  Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  Bear with me, let me explain.  Saying is easy but doing is where it is at.

Where it is at; what is it?  To understand it, you must understand Mojo, Moxy, the power of the cool factor.  Sometimes I wonder if I have it, sometimes I am sure I have it.  Sometimes I wonder if I am miss-understood.  Other times I am convinced I am on the right track.  My track is to get people to stand up for what they believe in and take action.  My track is to inspire people to do what they believe needs to be done.  Doing is where it is at.

How many times have you heard someone say that someone should do this, that or the other?  Someone says that someone should do.  How come people are always waiting for someone else to do the things they say they believe in?  Saying is not where it is at.  Pushing it off on others is a cop-out.  Saying someone else should do it is basically just complaining.  Doing is harder, it takes guts and it takes faith.  Doing is where it is at.  If you believe in something, take action.  Get involved.  Find out the truth for yourself.

So all of us have a choice, I think the choice is obvious.  Learn to do for yourself and then teach others to do for themselves.  Doing is where it is at.  So again, I say learn the truth and learn to do for yourself.

Do I know the truth?  That is a subject for another day.  Today I declare that saying is easy but doing is where it is at.  Be a doer.  Be a person who puts their words into action.  Doing is where it is at!

This post is a test.

This post is a test.

This post is a test of the information age. It is a test of search engines. It is a test if people will view this post more than all others that I post based simply on my listing the most popular searches. Even though this post is about Motivation and Leadership, none of those topics made the Top Ten in America for 2013. These are the things that people were searching for and asking the great “What is” question.

1.What is Twerking?

2.What is Ricin?

3.What is DOMA?

4.What is Molly?

5.What is Gluten?

6.What is Sequestration?

7.What is Obamacare?

8.What is Lupus?

9.What is Snapchat?

10.What is Bitcoin?


Ask yourself if people are searching for ways to make your life better and why those topics would not be the most searched terms in any given year. If you have found this website on your way to looking in these others topics, maybe you can search around my site and see what I think about Motivation and Leadership.


So if all I wanted was to be popular, I would be posting about the most searched topics. Instead I post about what I believe can make a difference and that all of us can become leaders and difference makers in our communities. So ask yourself, what are you really looking for? Are you just chasing the latest news cycle, or are you trying to find a way to improve your life?


This post is a test. Maybe I am just “gaming” the system for one post. Maybe I am hoping that now that you are here, you will find out what I am all about and come back every now and then.


This is only a test

Life Is:

Life is the sum total of your beliefs, your choices and your actions.  You do have a say in what you will become.  Welcome back to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  It is your life, what do you plan to do with it?

Life is not what you own.  Do not let the things you own define you.  Life is not what how much money you make.  Life is not what you do to make money.  These are not the reasons we live, these are the reasons we work.  Work can be a part of life, but life is so much more.  Do not let your possessions, your money or your job define you.  Your life should be defined on how you treat others and what you do when the work is done.  Are people better off because of you or in spite of you?  What do people say about you when you are not around?

Your beliefs, your choices and your actions cause reactions.  Do your actions and the reactions they cause make the world a better place, or are you only worried about yourself?  If you make lots of money by lying, cheating and stealing from others; are you making the world a better place?  If you own the finest things the world has to offer, but you will not help others; are you making the world a better place?  If you work really hard, but at the end of the day you cause pain to others; are you making the world a better place?  I do not believe you will be judged by the amount of money or possessions or work you have amassed in your life; I believe you will be judged by how well you helped others and if the world was better off because you were here.

I believe in the truth, I believe that facts support the truth and I believe that we should spread the facts so that people can find the truth for themselves.  Are you a person who helps others find the truth or are you a person who spreads lies for personal gain?  Your life is not about what you do for a living or what you purchase with the money you make; your life is about what you do to help others with the knowledge you have gained.  The closer you can get to the truth and the more people you can lead to the truth; the world is a better place because of you. 

Imagine for a moment, that you spent you whole life following and working for a very charismatic leader who could always find a way to get everyone excited.  Everyone worked very hard for this leader and you we chosen to move up the ranks.  The higher you rose through the ranks and the more you saw, the more you saw people saying one thing and doing another.  They would tell people one thing to get them excited, but you found that they lived a different way with the money they we making.  How would you feel if you had found out the all the money that you were making was based on a lie?  Would you continue to spread the lie?  How would you like it if all your efforts were causing pain to others?

You life is not based on what you own, or what you do for a living or how much money you make.  Your life will be defined by the sum total of your beliefs, your choices and your actions.  Are you a person who leads people to the truth or are you a person who spreads lies and hypocrisy?  If I can only do one thing, it would be to try to get people to find out the truth for themselves.  When my days are over, I hope the world was a better place because I was here.

Can you solve this?

Can you solve this?

! + ! = @

@ + @ = $

# + # = ^

What does ! + # equal?

So what if told you ! times ! equals ! and that @ times @ equals $

Can you solve it now?

So if # + $ = &, what does $ + % equal?

Can you figure it out?

Have fun!

Another Day, Another Chance.

Never underestimate the power of today.  Never underestimate the power of right now.  Think of each day as a blessing.  Think of everyday as a gift.  Start each day with the belief that you can make one better choice than you made the day before.  Begin each day expecting to learn a new lesson.  Hunger for this lesson and learn it.  Learn something every day.  Another day brings another chance.

Each night we dream; all of us should, most of us do.  The problem is we wake up and forget the dream. We do not see the dream as a gift or a vision we should hold in our minds.  Those of us who remember our dreams should take action to make them a reality.  All of us should, some of us do.  People who chase their dreams are happier than people who have lost sight of their dream.  Have a vision, set a goal; everyday is a chance to take another step toward that goal.

Another day brings another chance.  What are you going to do today?  What are you going to do with your today?  Most of us work to have a chance to chase our hobbies with our spare time.  What are you going to do today to give you more spare time to chase your dream?  What are you going to do with your today?  Remember every day is a gift! 

So today is not about a lot of words, it is about the power in the words.  Today is about today!  What are you going to do with your today?  Another day brings another chance for you to chase your dreams.  Start today!  Never underestimate the power of right now!

Top Ten Found / Searched Mojo for Winter 2013

Top Ten Found / Searched Mojo for Winter 2013

Every now and then I like to look back and see what 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Topics are being found the most.  I try to nudge them along, but over 90% of the traffic on this blog come from random searches.  These are the entries that have been found the most this winter.  So to celebrate the coming of the Spring of 2014, I looked back over the last 90 days and here is the Top Ten 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo for Winter of 2013.

10:  We all love seeing the Underdog Win.

               Don’t just root for the underdog, learn to embrace being the underdog and find a way to win!

9:  Maximum Awesomeness!

               Don’t you want to be awesome?  I would like to see you be awesome!

8:  Don’t let your mistakes define your future.

               We all make mistakes, now get up and learn from them!

7:  Birds of a feather flock together.

               What flock do you belong too?

6:  Confidence, Determination and Will Power:

               They are very hard to measure, but look at the results they bring into realty.

5:  T.R.U.S.T:

               Who do you trust?

4:  The Selfless Leader:

               The best Leadership is Selfless Leadership

3:  Why the easy way out is the hardest and worse option.

               Don’t take the easy way out.

2:  Why Teamwork sometimes doesn’t work.

               People have to want to work as a team.

1:  Standing up for what you believe in is the right thing to do.

               Talking about the right thing is a lot easier than doing the right thing.  Do the right thing anyway!

Are you a Cybernaut or a Cybernaught?

A Cyber-What?  Are you a Cybernaut or a Cybernaught?  Yeah this is a new couple of terms I am coining.  This is a new phrase I am trying to bring into our collective consciousness.  You have heard of the term Astronaut haven’t you?  An Astronaut trains for years for the chance to travel into space.  An Astronaut trains their body and mind and spirit in hopes their name will get called for a space mission.  Astronauts are heroes.

So what is the difference between an Astronaut and a Cybernaut?  And what is the difference between a Cybernaut and a Cybernaught?  Well let me explain, take in the power of 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo shall you.  A Cybernaut, like an Astronaut trains their body and mind to make the most of Cyberspace.  A Cybernaut will us the internet to produce a good or a service that others can and will appreciate. A Cybernaut is a trailblazer in cyberspace much the same way an Astronaut is a trailblazer in outer space.

Now just the opposite of a Cybernaut is a Cybernaught.  Naught sometimes means Zero.  Now there are three kinds of Cybernaughts or loosely translated Cyber-Zeros.  One kind of Cybernaught is the person who refuses to use the internet, computers or embrace new technology.  This is the least harmful or the Cybernaughts.  The Second, more advanced Cybernaught is the person who is always on the internet, but never gets anything done.  They basically just pass their time surfing the web for entertainment.  They may have the skills, but for whatever reason they don’t do anything with them.  The third and worse kind of Cybernaughts are the people who use the net to cause others harm.  These can be cyber-bullies, people who unleash viruses to steal people’s personal information, cyber-stalkers and people who are just running scams to dupe people out of their money.  Cybernaughts give the internet a bad name.  Cybernauts strive to do good with the things they learn and do on the internet and with new technology.

So of course I would like to focus on the Good side of this discussion.  Be a Cybernaut and use new technology and the internet in the way an Astronaut would use space travel.  Our mission as Cybernauts should be to make the world a better place.  The internet, when used correctly makes the flow of information and ideas faster.  Thanks to the internet, anyone with a message can reach lots of people in a very short amount of time.  And the message is persistent.  It will be very bouncing around cyberspace forever if you are lucky.  Is that not the kind of power we all want, and hopefully we want to do something good with that power.  Do you spend the bulk of your time on the internet surfing mindlessly, or do you look for ways to make your live and other people’s lives better?  Do you reject technology or do you embrace technology?  Do you try to scam and steal from others or do you try to find a way you can provide a better, faster or cheaper service and maybe make an honest dollar for yourself?  Cybernaughts or Cyber-zeros make things worse for all of us.  Cybernauts like Astronauts are trail blazers who are trying to explore the great unknown for the better of mankind.

Doesn’t all that sound grandiose?  Listen, you can find out a lot about basically any subject using search engines.  You can find out all sides of the story; the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the truth and the lies in 15 minutes or less.  It took a lot of technologies coming together to make search engines work.  Social media can spread news as fast or faster than other outlets, that is why all major news sources have websites and social media pages.  Watchdog groups, fan sites, community groups and bloggers can get their message out to the people for almost nothing thanks to free websites and coffee houses with internet access.  We can look at this as a brave new world or as the wild, wild west.  Cybernauts strive to make things better.  Be a cybernaut!


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