Daily Archives: November 18th, 2011

When you wish upon a star!

“Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight.”

How much we remember, and how much we forget.  We learn these songs as kids, little lullabies sung to us by our parents, or coming from the TV or Movie screen.  We learn them in music class in school, yes we learn how to sing these songs, but as we grow older the meaning is lost.

“When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are”

Wishing upon a star becomes, wishing for a day off or wishing for the lottery to finally land on my “Lucky” numbers.  Or wishing for that long lost rich relative to deem me the only heir to their fortune.  The wish for chasing our dreams becomes the wish for a better life through very improbable circumstances.  We believe our lives would be changed by some great big miracle and we fail to change our lives by paying closer attention to the little miracles that surround us.

“Twinkle, twinkle little star.”

Why not spend a little more time on that hobby and a little less time at the same old routine that has you feeling like you are going nowhere?  Why not develop a new skill that may lead to a raise or promotion or a new business venture?  Why not take a class or volunteer, or coach or mentor in an area that you wish you could spend more time doing?

“You may be my lucky star”

We never really forget about wishing on stars, but we sometimes forget to stop and take a look at the midnight sky.  We get so busy getting up early and working late that we forget to look up at the vast wonder of the night sky that had us dreaming as children.  Now we are so busy running back and forward that we do not want to be reminded of the dreams we let slip away.  Will it really hurt you that much to wish upon a star again?

“Shooting Stars never stop, even when they reach the top.”

Maybe make a list of the things you used to want to do when you were a kid.  Then make a list of things you can do as an adult, or as a parent, or as a brother or sister, as an aunt or uncle or cousin to help someone’s Wish upon a star come true.  You may be amazed that as you help others reach their dreams; you get one step closer to reaching your own.