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Learning to be a leader is not an easy task!

Learning to be a leader is not an easy task, but it is always worth while.

Don’t let training to be a leader scare you, it is always, always, always worth it. It is ok to start small but you have to start. And it is better to try and fail then to not try at all. If you try and fail you can learn from your mistakes. If you never try, you have nothing to learn from. This is another reason it is ok to start small, the mistakes you make early on can be fixed.

It’s ok to try and fail and learn and try again. It is a lot better than trying and failing and quitting. Another reason it is ok to start small is you can make adjustments and continue to learn. Every shot not taking misses, and every shot you take that misses is a chance to adjust. Practice, Practice, Practice. Great Players, just show up and play. Winners, Practice, Practice, Practice and Champions lead by example in practice and when it counts. Champions make everyone around them better! Champions are Leaders!

So when learning to lead, always see the long off goal, and break it down to short term goals and practice, practice. Start small and develop the correct habits, make the correct adjustments, until the best practices turn into the correct habits and just seem to come naturally. Work hard until it comes easy. When it comes easy, keep at it until you can do it in your sleep; make people say you make it look easy!

Learning to be a leader is not an easy task, but it is always worth while.

Be a difference maker. Be a dreamer and always check the facts, double check the facts. Be relentless in your search for truth. Chase perfection with every breath, every once of sweat, every drop of blood. Yeah it sounds crazy, but I say staying the same is crazy. Why not be the one who makes things better?

I have screwed up more times than I can count, but I can not and will not let the dream die. Even if I never get there, I hope the next person does get there. So I can never stop learning and trying to get better. I wish I could go back and fix all my mistakes, but I can’t… I have to try to pay it forward, and be better than I was in the past. I am trying to learn how to be a leader, be a difference maker, and along the way I hope I can inspire as many people as possible to do the same thing.

Maybe I got is all wrong, maybe I am lost in the wilderness, but I think I am right. I am trying to keep chasing my dreams, and dream bigger than my reality. I am searching for the win / win on all sides. I am learning, teaching, allowing my self to be coached and mentored, and trying to be a coach and a mentor.

Learning to be a leader is not an easy task, but I am fully convinced it is always worthwhile.


Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2012

Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!
Happy Holidays!

I wish I could make all the positive dreams of world come true. I wish I could help all the people out there trying to help themselves. The only way I know how is to say that anything is possible, so why not strive for the best possible for everyone involved? So I say, it is possible but you have to see it, speak it, reach for it, chase it and maybe just maybe you can catch it!

Yes you can catch it!

Short, simple and sweet.
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2012

Joseph Luellen III
60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo

A Solid Foundation:

A Solid Foundation:

Chase your dreams; “Yes.” I can not say it enough, “Chase your dreams!” And I also can not say enough to, “Have a solid foundation!”

The bible makes it clear in Matthew 7:25 “And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.” When you are out chasing your dreams you will face obstacles, so when the storms of life arise you want and need your foundation to be on solid ground. So what is this “Solid Ground?” Truth, Facts, Reliable Information, Proper Planning, Trustworthy Connections, Fruitful Relationships and Real Friendships.

OK you don’t believe the Bible, Show me a Skyscraper built on Sand, and not a Rock Solid Foundation. Not there, and if it is there, it will not be there long. Back to the Bible; Matthew 7:26-27 “…a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.” No foundation and when the storms of life arise, all the work you put in will come crashing down.

I say again, “Chase your dreams, but have a solid foundation.” Get your facts straight, find out the truth about where you are heading, plan ahead for the best and worse cases, make sure you connect with people who can and will “actually” do what they “say” they can do, search for win / win scenarios and not scams, and make sure the people you are around respect you and you respect them. I could go into depth about each of these and one day I will; I challenge you to check for yourself.

Sometimes the obstacles of life seem like Skyscrapers, so then what? Well I have not seen a man made building that a jet plane can’t fly over. Your dream has to be able to leap over the hurdles that are going to be put in your way; but remember, an airplane needs a runway to take off from and land on. The bigger the plane, the longer the runway; It is just the way it works. It doesn’t matter if your dream is to build a skyscraper or fly over them; start with a solid foundation!

So again I say, chase your dreams, but make sure your have the truth as your compass and a solid foundation to build on!

One post at a time, one view at a time, one reader at a time:

 One post at a time, one view at a time, one reader at a time:

Each post is like a small ripple on the vast ocean that is the internet. So many people with so much to say, are there enough readers to go around? It’s all been said before; it’s all been done before, and who am I to be giving people advice? So why bother? I bother because I have something to say, and maybe there are people out there who are thinking similar thoughts or going through similar circumstances. Maybe there are a few people out there who just need to know that the only people giving advice are not the rich and entitled. Maybe somebody just wants to hear what an average, ordinary Joe is thinking.

One post at a time, one view at a time, one reader at a time:

Each view is a possible connection. Somebody read what I have to say, or maybe it was just me poking around my own site, who knows. But if I am persistent enough and stack up enough posts, maybe I will get noticed; maybe a few more views will happen. Anyway, I still believe that if I keep sending out positive vibes, there is someone out there who will listen. Maybe my composition skills are not on par with the professional journalists who have proof readers, fact checkers, years of experience and editors on their side, and I have nothing more than my own muse. I still believe I can connect, and I hope there are more people out there who feel the same way: People who might want to hear the voice of the not yet famous motivational coach on the rise.

One post at a time, one view at a time, one reader at a time:

So I will continue to post and hope for a few more views here and there, but the real belief is that more and more readers will tune in… That if enough posts turn into enough views, there will be enough there for people to look into, to find inspiration in something more than the perspiration on trying to cut through all the negative vibes and carve out a small niche in cyberspace; to turn from average to above average, to turn from ordinary to extraordinary. So I will give the little extra, I will keep reaching for the stars. I will keep searching, typing, posting and hoping that I can encourage a few people to believe for a little more, and sooner or later we can all make a difference.

One post at a time, one view at a time, one reader at a time:

The world is my oyster!

Six Foot Tall, 200 Pounds with a 32 inch waist.

That was the goal when I was young and thought I knew it all. It seemed I just could not crack the 200 lb mark no matter how much I worked out and how much I ate. How lucky I was even though I did not know it. I was always on the go, eating and drinking whatever I wanted. Of course there are many things I could and should have done differently; “No” I did not take my life serious enough.

Then after breaking passed the 200 pound mark, I changed my tune to Six Foot Tall, 220 Pounds with a 34 inch waist. I was a little older, and maybe a little wiser, or maybe not. I was dreaming of being a Superstar Pro Wrestler or Amateur Bodybuilder, or a Rock Star, or DJ… anything to be the life of the party and host my own show on Public Access Cable. The world is my oyster!

Until the goal was Six Foot Tall, 240 Pounds with a 34 inch waist. I’ll never grow old, I will just outsmart life and death. Stay under that 36 inch waist, and keep balancing out the pounds by making sure they were all muscle. Lean, Mean, Rocking Machine, the world is still my oyster in my dreams. Late nights and bright lights are my friends, so is the gym and riding my road-bike. I can do anything. Fame is right around the corner, I just know it. I was hanging with people who have been there, and I was going to get my shot, any day now.

And now, well now the goal is to get back under a 36 inch waist regardless of what I weigh. Yeah, I work out and work hard, but now I have to be smart about it. I can’t just eat and drink everything. The indulgence of my youth has lead to managing my blood pressure and cholesterol. Good thing I like to work out and stay in decent shape; but no more cigarettes and not so many late nights. Funny thing though, I still believe the world is my oyster. I just need to be a better leader, just need to be a better team builder and a better listener. I just need to stay focused and keep track of my goals. I just need to be a better mentor and coach other people. Help them reach their goals, and I can still have it all.

I will get it all back, or at least most of it. Some of it you can keep. Not so many drinks, not too much to eat; celebrate yes, but why over do it? Tomorrow is another day, and I want to be around to see it. You only get so many spins of the wheel and I have taken more than my share.  I need to bet smart with each spin.

36 inch waist, then 34 inch waist those are the new goals. Fame and fortune right around the corner, or maybe at least a long and happy life. Yeah the world is still my oyster!

Don’t take my word for it.

Don’t take my word for it.  Google it, Yahoo it, Bing It, Wiki It before you take my or anyone else’s word for it.

I have heard the only real vice is advice, so the only advice I have for people is to find out the truth. To keep it short and sweet, I believe everyone has been given a talent and a purpose, and they have to find out for themselves how to hone their talent and fulfill their purpose. I digress; find out the truth for yourself.

Don’t take my word for it. Ask It, AOL Search It, AltaVista It before you take my or anyone else’s word for it.

We live in the information age, and the truth is more open in plain sight than ever, and there is also more misinformation than ever. How are you going to learn the truth for yourself? It is a life long journey or it is very simple, just depends on if you will open or close your mind. No one can do it for you, no one can tell you; you have to find it.

Don’t take my word for it. Fast It, Gigablast It, Netscape It, Snap It before you take my or anyone else’s word for it.

The truth is simple, your dreams, your talent, your purpose, those are up to you. Bottom line is no one ever lived wanting to feel useless or talentless. I believe everyone has a talent, I also believe where it came from though you may believe something different. I also believe everyone has a purpose, but if we get tricked into not fulfilling our purpose, it is our own fault for not finding out the truth. I am not trying to be mystic, I just can’t do it for you; you have to do it yourself.

Find out for yourself… The Top Search Engines on the Internet: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, Ask, AOL Search, AltaVista, Fast, Gigablast, Netscape Search, Snap

Or just go to the Library.

Success is not about what you want to own, success is about what you want to do!

Success is not about what you want to own, success is about what you want to do!

I have heard it said that being successful means you have options.  When you wake up in the morning, how many options do you have?  Me, my options are go to work or don’t get paid.  My options are limited to the free time I have after work when I am not on the road for work.  Successful people get up in the morning and are able to pursue their passion.  If they want to take a hike, they take a hike… If they want to fly a kite, they fly a kite.

Success is not about what you want to own, success is about what you want to do!

Funny thing is people sometimes believe that success is about the stuff that you own, but it is not.  To quote a favorite movie of mine, “The things you own end up owning you!”  No I am not telling people that I want to become an anarchist, I am saying chasing possessions, and more importantly going into to debt to own things will end up limiting your options.  The more debt you have, the more time you have to work to pay off the debt, and the less time you have to enjoy the things you went into debt to buy in the first place.  Sounds like a trap, and most of us are caught in this trap.

Success is not about what you want to own, success is about what you want to do!

Success creates options, and people begin to imitate the options of the successful people.  How may people go out and sing Karaoke? Lot’s of people imitate other people for their fleeting five minutes of highly localized fame.  But how many people sing their own song?  Not as many, but they are still out their chasing the dream.  If I were the chairmen of the board of a major company and was making tons of money, and did an interview and said every morning I go fly a kite to clear my head before work; I bet a weeks pay more people would get up in the morning and fly kites to be like me, instead of chasing their own dreams.

Success is not about what you want to own, success is about what you want to do!

When you were a kid, you dreamed of doing things before you understood things like money, work, bills and debt.  Then we were told, time and time again not to chase our dream but to doing something more realistic… and we began to substitute the things we wanted to do with the things we wanted to have to be like the people who we think are successful.  Don’t believe me?  Watch your Television commercials a little more closely, most luxury items are sold under the guise of this is what all the successful people own.  The power suit, the big house, the imported car, the boat, the private club… I say make your own way, and learn how to become a leader and when the time is right you will have the things you want to have, but first learn how to do the things you want to do.

Success is not about what you want to own, success is about what you want to do!

Runner’s Log: Dec 8th

Another week has passed.  I am in pain and in my pain I have found there are two types of pain:  Good Pain that is earned through sweat, determination and a sense of accomplishment; and Bad Pain which punishes unfairly. 

My body aches; my legs hurt, my back, my sides, my arms all ache, but do not cry for me because I would not have it any other way.  Running in the winter makes you strong for spring, or at least that is what I have convinced myself.  A couple of good days, a day off here and there, and I begin to think I am making progress. 

I set out last night to run a few laps around the apartments after dinner. 

There are steps to this process, getting changed, two layers of socks, my sweats, two layers of sweatshirts, My MP3 player and headphones, my gloves, my hat, my trusty new pair of outdoor running shows, and off I go.  Tonight my lungs do not want to co-operate.  I have barely run 100 yards and can’t seem to catch my breath.  Picking music that keeps my pumped up helps, but this is not looking good so early in the run.  The last couple of times out I was able to jog 6 to 8 laps before starting to run one walk one… but tonight feels different. 

I trudge on, struggling through the first two laps; I just can’t catch the right pace, my legs hurt bad… time to walk a lap.  The later at night it gets, the colder it gets here in Michigan, in December, so I walk fast to try to stay warm, warm up, not quit, any of the above.  I have to clinch my fists and then straighten out my fingers over and over… I don’t want my hands get cold. 

The music helps keep me going.  Goofy music that keeps me moving, WWF Wrestler Themes, Video Game Techno Tracks, Underground Electronic Music, it all works for me.  I am in my “Own Private Idaho” and it is cold, and windy, and dark.  I swing my arms as I walk a lap, then I am ready to run another lap, no giving up here.

My lungs feel better, my legs do not.  I just try to settle in to a good pace… Each lap is about a ½ of a mile.  Not to bad, but nothing to brag about.  Just keep a steady pace, remind myself I want to lose Ten Pounds before New Years, and Ten More between New Years and Spring Thaw; and it happens one day at a time, one lap at a time.  My Stomach Hurts, my sides hurt but I run on.

I need to push it tonight; tomorrow my step-daughter is in a Holiday Concert, so I got to keep going tonight.  Run a lap, walk a lap, run a lap, and walk a lap.  Clinch my fists, and swing my arms.  Try to catch my breath and push past the pain.  Convince myself it all makes me stronger, and a funny thing starts to happen, my sides, my back, my stomach, my legs just are not hurting as much as when I started, my lungs are not burning as much, I am not quite sweating, but I am not as cold either. 

As it gets later, it gets colder, I can feel it getting colder when the wind wipes between the buildings or when I turn into the wind on each lap; but I can control these temperature swings with my pace, just keep a decent pace.  Run a lap, walk a lap and do not go gently into that good night.

I am losing count of my laps, I am cold and it is getting darker, but I feel good.  One more lap and I feel good enough to call it a night.  One more day that I can say, I am not there yet but I am getting closer.  One day at a time, one lap at time, one pound at a time; so until next time!

Spread your wings!

 “Sammy was low, just watching the show, over and over again”

 Ever been stuck in a rut, where you just going through the motions, you know what is going to happen and nothing ever changes?

 “He knew it was time, he made up his mind, to leave his dead life behind.”

 Always wanted to get up and go, but never did?  Is there something always holding you back?  Take a closer look, is it fear of change?

 “Then his boss said to him, you better begin to get those crazy notions right out of your head.”

 Nothing like work to snap us back to quote unquote Reality!  The reality is most of us are caught in a 45 year trap where we are trading time for money so someone can chase their dream based on our efforts.  95% of us trade time for money while 5% of us control 95% of the wealth.

 “Sammy who do you think that you are?  You should have been sweeping, up the Emerald Bar!”

 I am sure it is not many people dream to become a janitor.  Maybe it is, maybe it is not.  I think more of us dream about making enough money so we can someday be free to spend our time how ever we see fit.  Trouble is we never seem to have enough time or money.

 “Spread Your Wings and Fly Away”

 Now we are talking my language.  How may of us dream about flying away?  I sure do.  I get on an airplane on a pretty regular basis, but it is for work, not for fun.  How much fun would it be to be able to write your own ticket?

 “Pull yourself together, cause you know you should do better.  That’s because you are a free man!”

 So many of us are caught in a rut, so many of us want to be able to fly away; if you get a chance listen to the Live Version of  “Spread Your Wings” by Queen.  You will hear the crowd singing along at full strength.  If you feel like you are stuck in a rut you are not alone.

 I know this song by heart but for those who don’t…

Runners Log – Dec 1st 2011

Last night, I got home from work; got permission from my wife to go buy an extra pair of running shoes, one for outdoors in the rain and snow, and one pair for when we hit the gym.  Luckily I caught a “But One get One for a Dollar Sale,” and got home a changed and went for an after dinner run.

My how much things change.  I was out there looking like a  Strong Safety or Linebacker of a football team, but running like a Defensive Linemen who got cut for showing up to camp out of shape.  My lungs we burning in 30 seconds, my body was aching in the first minute.  I had a choice to make, give up or keep going.

I was just out for a run around our apartment complex.  I used to run, I used to jog; now I trot, I trudge, I lumber, I rumble, bumble and stumble… but I kept going.  I jogged a lap, I walked a lap and I found I was feeling better because I stayed out there in the cold, my body was slowly adjusting. Run a lap, walk a lap, run two laps, walk a lap; you get the picture.

I hit the gym on a regular basis, and I circuit train at what I think is a pretty intense level.  I also hit the treadmill and the stationary bikes on a regular basis when I travel for work, but nothing and I mean nothing is like getting out doors and running, in the cold.

I made up my mind not to wait to New Years to get out and get back in shape for a couple of reasons:

1:  Why wait to change when you know you want to change?

2:  It will only get colder as we get deeper into the winter.

3:  I will only be more frustrated the longer I wait, and time is not waiting for me.

So I went for a run a few weeks ago and it opened my eyes to how much things have changed since my college days.  Yeah I hung around my college a good ten years, working there when I was not taking classes until I finally got me degree, and man was I in shape, by my own standards.  I am no where close to my college days, or ten years after college.  I used to work on my feet more; and I used to be out DJ’ing on the weekends, even more time on my feet, loading and unloading lots of speakers and lights.

Now, I am less stressed out, but I am hungry.  The mind is welling, the heart is willing, but the body is a little more stubborn.  Nothing is like getting out and running, jogging or walking in the cold, in the rain, in the wind.  So instead of waiting for the holidays to be over, I am challenging myself to change now.  Last week I hit the Treadmill on Thanksgiving, got out and ran in the wind the day after, and hit the gym pretty hard on Saturday and Sunday… Change now.  Monday and Tuesday came and I had too many excuses before and after work, Wednesday, it was time to make up my mind, eliminate the excuses or give into the them.  I could feel it slipping away, so instead I went out and did something about it.

Yeah, I got a long journey ahead, but I will take it one step at a time, one day at a time, one mile at a time.  The mind is willing, the heart is willing; the body is able, it just needs to be pushed a little.