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Fight the battle with the confidence that you have already won!

Fight the battle with the confidence that you have already won!

There is no battle between Light and Darkness.  Light always wins.  When have you ever seen Darkness stop Light?  It is amazing what you can see in a plane when you fly over an area at night.  You can see Light from buildings, houses and cars.  You can even see the little Solar and Battery Powered Lawn Lamps if you look close enough.  Light always cuts through the Darkness. The Battle has already been won; Light always beats Darkness.  You can fight that battle with the same confidence.

We should carry that same confidence when fighting the battles of Truth vs. Lies, Love vs. Hate; and Faith vs. Fear.  We should carry that same confidence but we don’t.  We need to fight these battles with the confidence that you have already won.  Notice closely the order I have picked to present this argument.  Light vs. Darkness 1st, Truth vs. Lies 2nd, Love vs. Hate 3rd, Faith vs. Fear 4th; why this order?  Keep reading. 

1st and foremost, for you to continue, you have to believe or trust me on this Light vs. Darkness thing.  This is not some Science Fiction Movie.  Darkness can not overpower or creep up on Light.  Where ever Light exists there can be no Darkness.  Think of a Flashlight that always works, not the faulty scary movie kind.  When you turn it ON a beam of Light is shinned where ever you point the Flashlight.  When ever you are in the Dark, all you need to do is Turn ON the Light!  I have my flashlight, do you have yours?  You need yours to keep reading.  If you do not believe where I am coming from, stop reading and go back to your life.

Now, let’s move forward, with our always working, never-failing flashlights.  Now the first battle has been won; the battle between Light and Darkness.  The second battle is the battle between Truth and Lies.  Now take out your flashlight.  You will now notice there is an extra switch.  One switch Turns ON a Light Beam, the second switch Turns ON a beam of Truth, (If it were only so easy.)  Where ever the Truth is, Lies are defeated.  It happens in every Movie, TV Show, and Theater Presentations and in everyday life.  When the Truth comes out, Lies are always defeated.  Now unfortunately, some people do everything they can to hide the Truth and spread only Lies.  Why do they do this?  Some misguided sense of power; I don’t know you have to ask them.  Back to the example, if you hear a Lie, and you know the Truth; do you switch on your flashlight of Truth and shine it on the Lie?  Imagine if the people who knew the Truth would speak up whenever people spread Lies?  How far could the Lies go?  What are people scared of?  Are they scared their batteries will run-out?  They must have those faulty scary movie flashlights.  Me and you, we know better.  We know our Flashlights will always work.

Now 1st you have to know that Light always defeats Darkness, and you have to know that Truth always defeats Lies.  Now you can move on to battle number three; the battle between Love and Hatred.  Love always defeats Hatred, as long as you know the Truth.  How can you Love a Lie?  Again, don’t ask me; ask the people who continually fall for Lies over the Truth.  Take out your flashlight again, you guessed it; there is now a Third Switch on your Flashlight.  This switch turns on beams of Love, not lust and envy; this is pure Love.  Also remember, your Flashlight will always work in this case, under two conditions; you must understand that Light always defeats Darkness, and the Truth always defeats Lies.  If you do not get this, either start over, or give up on reading this post.  You do not have to believe this just because I believe it.  You can write a blog saying how crazy I am, I will keep blogging either way.  Love will always defeat Hate as long as people know the Truth.  Always be armed with the Light of the Truth and you can shine the Light of Love to defeat Hatred!

Now, you may be tired and need a rest, this is a lot to soak up; good thing this post will be here tomorrow if you need to come back to it.  But if you are ready, we can move on to the fourth battle.  Faith will always defeat Fear.  You may not be ready for this, you may need to take your time and only accept one battle per day, or maybe only one battle per week.  Don’t take my word for this stuff.  Ask around, see what kind of answers you get; and then ask yourself who you should believe?  Light always defeats Darkness, Truth always defeats Lies, Love always defeats Hatred; and Faith always defeats Fear.  Again, this may take a while to sink in, but I am already sold out.  

You can’t change my mind so; let’s take one last look at that Flashlight.  Now a Fourth and Final switch is noticed.  This is the Faith Switch.  Now our trusty flashlights have never, ever failed us.  The Light has always come “ON” and defeated Darkness, the Truth has always defeated Lies, Love has always defeated Hatred when the Truth is present.  So now we have to battle with Faith vs. Fear.  This is tricky, you have to know the Truth, you have to know Love and you have to know that your Light will always, always work when you Turn It On!  You can fight any and every battle with Faith, if you know that the first three battles have already been won.  If you don’t know Light, Truth or Love, it is next to impossible to have Faith, Real Faith that can never be defeated.  Many times Lies and Hatred are used to twist people’s Faith, for God sakes, now is the time to turn on your flashlight and fight the battle with the confidence that you have already won!

Now this battle is not for everyone.  Just because you have been given a New Flashlight, does not mean you are ready to run out and start fighting the Faith vs. Fear battle.  You have got to get to know this Flashlight.  It is your only battle weapon.  Don’t lose it.  Don’t lose your Light, don’t lose the Truth, don’t lose Love and for Heavens sake, never lose Faith.  Once your enemies find out you have the Light, they will throw everything they have at you.  First and foremost, they will try to keep you in the darkness, then they will begin to spread lies to try to get people to hate you; and when they make their last stand, they will try to get you to fear them.  Remember, you have the Light, You know the Truth, You know Love and you have Faith!  The battle has already been won!  Fight with the confidence that you have already won.  Let your Light shine!


The ups and downs of blogging:

Let’s get one thing clear.  I love blogging.  I love sharing my thoughts on Leadership and Motivation and the Information Age.  I love composing an online diary and trying to bare my soul as openly and honestly as possible.  I love the fact that if 60 seconds of Motivational Mojo can connect with One Person, then maybe I have left the world a better place, no matter on how small a level.

I love the attempt.  I have learned so much about myself by trying to look inward and be encouraging no matter what each day brings.  There have been lots of ups and there have been a few downs.  Far and away the ups outweigh the downs.  Really there is only one down; the peaks and valleys of finding an audience.  I have read the blog tips on how to build a base of followers.  One tip is to post everyday for a year.  That is a great tip that is easier said than down.  I can not and will not try to force my self to post for the sake of posting.  I will challenge myself to find one positive thing everyday, and as time permits, type it, draft it and then post it.

I am not trying to just post for the sake of posting, and I am not trying to post every day.  Every other day works, 3 to 5 times a week works.  With every post, you want to believe that more and more people are picking up on what you are saying.  Or in my case, I want to believe that people can find a combination of humor and motivation in my posts.  That the body of work in progress that is 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo will inspire a person here and a person there to get off the couch and chase their dreams.  I am happy with slow and steady growth.  Again many more ups than downs here at the Mojo channel.

Again, the only down is the peaks and valleys of finding an audience.  Some posts get a view here or a comment there.  Some post strike a little more of a cord.  One or two posts seem to keep getting found by search engines.  I am not trying to chase online hits, I am chasing the truth.  I am chasing my purpose; I am trying to hone my talents.  I have posted time and time again, 70% of learning is doing; this blog is my doing.  I have posted that 20% of learning comes through Mentoring.  I have engaged mentors through online discussions and it has helped me continue to grow.  I have also stated that 10% of learning comes through formal education, so I set aside time to read on a regular basis, to continue to grow and learn. 

There was no way for me to predict what would happen when I started blogging.  I have cross linked my blog to my social and professional network; and I have been picked up by an online blog community ran by a newspaper.  I am thankful for everything that has happened so far.  The ups are the fact that maybe just maybe I am making a connection to 5 or 10 people in each of the circles I have mentioned.  No, I do not want to be the next whom ever, I want to be the first me.  I want you to be the first you.

There have been many more ups than downs.  Sometimes I get some hits, other times I miss.  Either way, it is the journey that drives me.  The journey is one of growth and learning.  The journey is trying to stay true to myself and true to everyone who reads these posts.  No, I am not chasing buzz words to try to get the most hits.  I am enjoying the ride.  I am enjoying the ups and downs of blogging.  I hope you can find some enjoyment in it also.

To be the best, learn from the best.

edisonThere is an old saying in Pro-Wrestling. “To be the man, you got to beat the man.” All bravado aside, what this meant was “To be the Champion, you have to beat the Champion.” Now you may wonder, what does Pro-Wrestling have to do with Motivational Blogging? Well, what I am saying is “To be the best, learn from the best!”

Ric Flair

Standing on the shoulders of giants is not a new concept. Open debates in public, became universities, and now thanks’ to technology, you can learn just as fast or faster by sharing ideas on-line in open forums. Learning has no time limit, and truly knows no boundaries. All you need is internet access and direction. But, still “Birds of a Feather Flock together.” What ever it is you want to learn, you have to go where the people who are “in the know” are hanging out.

You don’t have to rush in and bully anyone. No all the Macho Madness of Pro-Wrestling takes a back seat to collaboration. Working together will get you a lot farther in an open society than closed-minded thinking. If you get around the best, you have to work with and learn from the best to truly shine. Anyone can join a message board or discussion group. But to really hone your skills you have to participate. The Princeton Learning Principal states that 70% of Learning is doing, 20 Percent is mentoring & coaching and 10% is through formal education. You have to participate to learn.


You can spend your money going to college, I am not knocking that; the university will take your money, but the university will not force you to learn. You can then become a graduate assistant and maybe get paid to learn even more. If you are not participating at the next level, you will not be getting paid for long. The internet and all it’s vastness is almost free. For the price of a cup of coffee and a doughnut you can have a cyber office in most coffee shops; and internet access is part of the deal. The internet can not force you to contribute though. You have to motivate yourself to get involved.

To be the best, you have to learn from the best. You have to join a flock, and then you have to flap your wings and head in the same direction as the flock you have joined. You have to keep pace. You have to allow yourself to be mentored. You have to allow yourself to be coached. You have to allow yourself to be challenged. Then once you get your wings, help others get their wings. You have to allow yourself to mentor others. You have to allow yourself to relearn things from a new perspective that comes from coaching and mentoring. You have to understand it is a two-way street.

Learn & Lead

Computer keyboard keys labeled LEARN and LEAD

Let’s say you wanted to join a band of musicians. Do you think they would they would let you be in the band if you did not sing, write songs, or play a musical instrument? And if you did any or all of those things, do you think they would let you be in the band if you did not participate? Being the best you can be, and being the best requires getting around the best possible people you can find and then work with them and learn from them. Do you want to make the best music possible or do you just want to make noise? Great bands don’t have weak links. Everyone serves their purpose.

If you hang around the best and participate you will get better. If you hang around the best, learn from the best, work the hardest, and work the smartest, you can be the best. You don’t have to bully anyone. Isn’t that great?

Look forward to the Good New Days.

There is always time to reflect, time to remember the good old times; but we should spend as much time or more time planning for the good new times.  Don’t forget about the good old days.  What I am saying is to look forward to the Good New Days.  

How many songs can you name that have “Good Times” in the Title?  Now how many of the songs are about “Good Old Times” and how many are about “Good New Times?”  Don’t get caught in a trap believing that your best days lie in the past; believe that the future holds just as many if not more Good Days!  The older we get the harder it is, but that is the fun of it!  Don’t get trapped looking back; it is important to remember, learn from and celebrate the past; but it is more important to plan for the future!

Spending too much time looking back on your life can lead to being stuck in a rut.  You will remember all the great things you used to do, when you were young and the world was your oyster.  I am here to tell you the world still can be your oyster, but you have to stay engaged; you have to stay involved in the game.  Stay involved by volunteering, mentoring, coaching and planning for a brighter future, for you, for your family, for your friends and for your community.

Thanks to the Internet age, the Information age, it is easier than ever to share you thoughts and find out what is going on in your neighborhood.  Thanks to e-mail and social networks you can invite 100 people to a barbecue in the park as easy as you can invite 10 family members and close friends.  And while you are having that barbecue in the park, why not invite people to bring a trash bag and spend 30 minutes cleaning the park?  Why not couple a fun day in the park with a purpose.  Why not plan to leave things better than you found them? 

Give yourself something to look forward to every week.  Join a club, help out a church.  Tutor kids in your favorite subject from back in the day when you were in school.  You would be surprised how much the school books have changed, but it is still all the same.  Remember that dream you had when you were a kid?  Remember how cool it would have been to have an adult help you reach your dream?  Be that adult.  Be the adult that helps kids reach their dreams!

Think about it, good new days are out there.  Maybe you have lost some old friends; maybe you have moved on, or they have moved on.  That’s ok, make new friends!  Build your new friendships on truth and trust and common ground!  Stay engaged, and stay in the game.  You can plan for a brighter future, today.  Looking forward to Good New Days may be harder than looking back on good old days, but what do you have to lose?  Nothing, you have everything you gain. 

Listen, maybe this is a new habit you have to learn.  Do me a favor, do yourself a favor; start with once a week.  One day a week; make a plan, plan for a Good New Day.  Invite your friends to join in!  One day a week, then after a month or two, make it two days a week.  After a while; for every day you look back, spend a day looking forward.  Keep at it until you spend 1 day a week remember the old days, and 6 days a week making Good New Days!  Keep looking forward; don’t forget the good old days, but keep looking forward.  Look forward and plan for Good New Days!  They are still out there.  I am sure of it.

There is a fire that still burns.

The proverbial fire in your belly.  It is a real thing.  There is a fire in each of ours bellies.  There is a purpose each of us is here to fulfill.  Each of us has it, but like any fire, if you don’t attend to it, it can burn out. 

The Steam Engine, it powers trains and factories.  Take a fire, boil some water and harness the power that is unleashed.  We have that same type of fire inside of us.  All of us were born with it.  As babies, we learned to crawl, and we learned to walk and then run; our parents could not stop us, the fire inside of us was too great.  All along the way we fed the fire and continued to learn and grow.  Some fires may burn brighter than others; either way there is a balance of fuel and oxygen that needs to be applied to keep that fire burning.  Get that?  A fire needs a balance of fuel and oxygen.  Life tends to choke off our fuel and our oxygen, Life will try to snuff out your fire, if you let it.

There is a fire that still burns in my belly.  I still have a purpose to fulfill.  I feed my fire with a steady diet of fuel and oxygen?  Do you?  Do you take your family, your friends, your job or your hobbies for granted?  Balance, remember, balance; to understand your purpose, you have to understand responsibility.  You have to understand you are responsible to your family, and you are responsible to yourself.  You have to understand that God has given you a gift and a purpose.  God has given you a collection of talents and a purpose.  If you do not respect your gifts, and your talents, and your responsibilities you will have no understanding of how to tend to your fire.  

Steam Engines need a balance, not enough fire, no steam; no steam, no power.  Too much fire, too much steam and pressure; too much steam and pressure can destroy your engine.  Remember they called the people who ran the trains, engineers.  If you do not understand responsibility; your fire can burn out of control and destroy you.  Understand the balance, fuel, oxygen, fire, steam, pressure, responsibility.  I still have a fire in my belly, and I have to tend to it everyday.

You have to respect and hone your talents; and you have to give yourself an outlet.  You have to understand your purpose and your responsibilities.  You have to tend to your fire; you have to keep it burning and keep it under control.  You have to harness the power of your fire and not let it destroy you.  I have to do the same thing.  No Fuel, No Oxygen leads to No Fire.  No Fire, No Steam and No Steam mean No Power.  You have to harness the power of your fire, and so do I.  I have a fire that still burns inside of me.  Part of my purpose is to try to restart your fire!

The Fugitive Workout:

The Fugitive Workout:

A long time ago, I was working out so I could try out for American Gladiators.  Sorry if I am dating myself with this post.  So I learned through the grapevine you had to be able to do 100 push ups and 20 chin-ups each in 60 seconds or less.  That was the way the filtered people out.  So I developed a workout program call the Fugitive Workout.  This post is a story of my journey to pretty much nowhere, and the observations I have taken in along the way. 

So fueled by my desire to become a modern-day fitness guru, I based my workout program loosely on the TV Show and Movie, The Fugitive.  I imagined I was on the run.  I had to workout and stay in shape, to always be ready to take on whatever was thrown my way.  I did lots of Cardio, hours of running and biking, lots of Calisthenics, tons of Push ups and Chin-Ups.  I always had my headphones on while working out.  I even bought the American Gladiators CD.  Now I have to be honest, I was never a good swimmer, even after taking swim classes; I do get in the pool and splash around when I get the chance.  Also, I have never been good at Sit-Ups; I never liked them and I am just being honest.

So back to the workout; I imagined what it would be like to be on the run while I was working out.  Not a guilty man helping out in a jail break; I imagined what it would be like being an innocent man trying to prove he is innocent while evading capture.  You had to be ready every day for whatever the day threw at you.  You had to always be ready, no Off Days and No Days Off.  Some days may not be as intense as others, but you had to always be ready. 

This was not only my workout motivation, but it was a creative outlet.  I wrote a bunch of short stories about the Fugitive, and my friend even developed a Logo.  It was the very basis of the Cross Training and Circuit Training I still do today.  I never know how often I will be able to work out so I do a Total Body Circuit One day and then I hit the Bike or Treadmill on Alternate days. 

My Fugitive Workout was going to be Big Time.  It was going to be a serious of Short Stories, a Workout Program and even an Interactive Video Game; except, well I did not really follow-up on any of it.  I pretty much shelved it, and finished my education.  I became and Engineer instead of a Fitness Guru.  Then I spent my spare time DJ’ing and going to Open Jam Nights playing guitar, bass or drums.  Now I look back at all the fitness crazes that are out there today; P90X, Insanity, The Total Gym and the Cross Fit Craze.  I could go on and on; the Fugitive could have been a hit.  The moral of the story; it still can be, why do you think I am posting this?

So every time I work out, I psych myself up with some different scenario and crank up my favorite tunes in my headphones; and it all goes back to the Fugitive Workout.  All those Maximum Muscle Madness Posts:  yeah they all came from the Fugitive Workout Plan.

The Shortest Post I could possibly write.

Find out the truth for yourself.

Find your purpose.

Chase your dreams.

Volunteer, Mentor and be Mentored.

Imagine Living in a Purple State.

For those of us in the United States, it is an Election Year.  During Election Years the news shows a grid of the United States divided up by Red States and Blue States.  The United States divided; there is a concept in itself.  I look at this and say, gee my favorite color is Purple, 1 part Red and 1 part Blue.  Wouldn’t it be cool to live in a Purple State; Equal Representation for both sides.  Imagine what living in a Purple State would be like.

What better way to re-unite the divided Red States and Blue States, but to turn them all Purple.  Call me a dreamer, it’s what I do; but why not?  So much time is spent on divisive issues.  Wedge issues they are called on the news.  This State leans Red, that State leans Blue; all hinged on wedge issues.  Why divide the United States?  Why not unite the divided States?  Equal parts Red and Blue; why not a Purple State?

What would it be like living in a state where Uniting Issues were what were being talked about on the News?  Imagine if everyone was committed to finding the solutions that did the greatest good for the most people while also causing the least amount of harm.  Imagine if every issue was decided on by the Win – Win Solutions.  A man can dream can’t he?  Wouldn’t that be the basis of a Purple State?  Equal parts Red and Blue; or at least doing everything you can do to make things as equal as possible.  Equal and mixed together.

 Let’s be clear, Purple is not made by keeping Red and Blue separate but equal.  No Purple is made by mixing equal parts of Red and Blue.  It is hard for me to believe I am the only person who has thought of this?  I can’t be can I?  Why not a quick Google search before I am done?  I am not talking about swing states.  I am not talking about citizen journalists, but it is a nice idea.  I guess the closest thing I can find in a quick search is the Purple State of Mind.  This is not a ringing endorsement, this is just the first thing I could find while putting this blog together.  I think they may be on to something though.  Back to my point!

So maybe it is not just a dream.  Maybe it can be a reality one day.  To live in a Purple State, where Red and Blue People work together to make Purple Neighborhoods, and Purple Companies, and Purple Towns, and Purple Counties, until one day you have a Purple State; Red and Blue equally mixed together looking for a common good.  Imagine what living in a Purple State would be like.

Unleash Your Inner Champion.

I asked the following question to an online motivation group in a professional social network.  Give me one tip you use to unleash your inner champion?  The following is a summary of the responses. 

To get the ball rolling I left the following response.  “When I go to the gym; I talk to myself, in my mind. I make a game out of it. If I am lifting weights, I picture myself as an action hero, super-hero, or a guy who is selling his latest fitness craze workout. When I ride the exercise bike, I make-believe I am in the middle of a bike race, and I can hear the TV and Radio announcers talking about me.  It’s a personal psych job. In a good way, I have fun with it.”  Hrishi S. agreed with me about talking to your self and left the following advice:  “I go sprinting on a daily basis. Around 10-14 rounds are with ease. The 16th round with quite a speed seems to be bit difficult. My legs start to retire. But deep within, my subconscious keeps on yelling Hrishi!!! Two more steps dude and you’ll rock the track & believe it or not, I end up running 5 rounds extra. The will to exert a little bit is what which drives me to go on and on.”

Diet and exercise advice was offered up a few times:  A gentleman by the handle Twenty-Twenty stated:  “Eat well. You brain can’t work all that well, neither can your body – if we don’t eat well. And what eats at us seems to go away then to mate!”  Aristos V. also provided an ancient Greek quote: Healthy mind in a healthy body! -“If you exercise and feed your mind and your body with food that keeps you healthy and not with junk food or junk read then you will function correctly, mentally and physically.”  Glenn P. agreed adding:  “Exercise, eat right and get sleep.”

A few people had spiritual advice:  Blake P. started the ball rolling with, “To know where your here is can be like the signs at the mall that tell you where you are. And sometimes the sign that says you are here still doesn’t get you there, where you are going. In God’s economy you have to be able to hear. Because you might think you are here but in reality, until you connect with God which means to hear; you might find out your here is not where He wants you to be! So you have to hear to know your here!  If you don’t know your here then what you will find is your surroundings then tell you where your here is and not God.”  Aristos V. echoed the spiritual with: “One of the most important things is faith!  We must have faith to ourselves and into everything we do. We must believe in what we are and in what we want to become. Belief and target on something will unleash our inner champion!”  Jane M. offered some great advice with “Remember your greatness and that you are here for a purpose, oh, and feel the fear but do it anyway.”  Deborah H. states, “Learn to stop the mind chatter….you know, that voice in your head that pretends to be you. Learn to listen to your body….it’s the most sensitive inner voice that we have. And know that both are interconnected. What tones and calms one soothes and improves the other.  There is great power in silence, because in the silence, between those thoughts that possess our mind come powerful insights and wisdom.”  Darrell G. sums it up with one word “Gratitude!”  Jeff B. says “Enter difficult situations with a positive attitude.”  And Mary C. P. has a quick one line “Know the real self, the inner child”

For some the beginning of the day was a key time.  Mary C. P. offered the following advice; “When you start on your journey for that day, attitude of gratitude helps to cleanse the mind and open it to new possibilities.”  Steve R. states, “As soon as you open up your eyes to start your day, know that the creation of your day is beginning and you are the creator. Know that you have the power to steer your thoughts and emotions in the direction that you want them to go. Resist the urge to go over your to-do-list, rather, think of who you have to be in order to handle the challenges of the coming day.”  Mike S. has the advice that “Most every morning I get up and exercise, then read my bible, affirmation, and a chapter out of something inspirational. When I start my day out like that, I feel like a champion all day long no matter what happens.”  Jim D. follows this plan, “Before you even get out of bed, mentally list 5-10 things you appreciate about your life; then playback your “mind movie” of your vision statement. It’s a done deal, now go and create it.”  Carol T. says “Start each day with a smile and one positive affirmation. It all starts with an attitude of success.”

For other people night-time was the right time, making sure they ended their day on a positive note.  Brad T. offers the following advice; “I write my goals every night before I sleep.  Get specific!  I made them into a screen saver for my iPhone so at all times I have them with me and review them often during throughout the day.”  Lissa D. adds the following advice “Write down 5 things I am grateful for the night before, and then re-read them in the morning.”

Brad T. added “I listen to motivational/inspirational audio produced by RoySmoothe called SmootheMixx. He blends upbeat music with the messages of the greats of our time.  They are available on iTunes and also on  They are perfect at the gym, in the car, first thing in the morning. Anytime you need a lift. The message is in the music. They are like mental vitamins.”  I can relate to Brad T.’s take on music as a medium to deliver an uplifting message.

Other advice was given to keep things in line and not compare your self to others.  Thomas A. keeps it simple.   “Just be natural.  Don’t worry about the Jones’, jealousy, looks or comparison, to limit your freedom of possibilities.”  Aristos V. also added “What we want to be or do must be in a total agreement of what we are willing to do in order to achieve this”  Mary C. P. says, “Be cautious not fearful or even consider that fear exist. Because fear doesn’t exist where love is” Glenn P. has a great acronym, “Think E.G.O. – Energy gets opportunity.”

A lot of great advice was provided from a lot of different perspectives.  The Mind, Body Spirit Connections we echoed over and over, from the start of the day until the end, written goals, mental notes, diet, exercise, attitude and gratitude by people chasing their dreams to unleash their inner champion.  Being able to listen to you inner voice, mind, body and spirit.  Each of us has a champion inside waiting to burst out.  I hope any or all of this advice can help you!

Great Leadership is V.A.S.T.

Great Leadership is V.A.S.T.

When I say this I do not mean vast, like far-reaching; though great leadership can be far-reaching. But it is hard to be far-reaching when you are just getting started, or if you only want to have a local impact. No this great leadership is based on the acronym V.A.S.T. – Vision, Action, Service, Teaching. Technically, I should say Great Leadership has V.A.S.T. – Vision, Action, Service and Teaching; but it just doesn’t sound as good.

So here we have it, another acronym, and it seems like I am saying the same basic things, just putting a slightly different spin on them. Guilty as charged. I am committed to making a point about Leadership, Motivation and getting people up and off the couch. So lets break it down; Great Leadership is V.A.S.T. – Vision, Action, Service and Teaching. This is the way it happens. Read all the blogs and books you want, attend all the seminars and classes you want. Listen to all the CD’s and watch all the Videos you want; sooner or later it will break down just like this…

V.A.S.T. – Vision, Action, Service, Teaching: Ok, Step One Vision. If you do not have a vision of your own, you are tapping into someone else’s vision. Even if you are doing nothing, trust me; doing nothing is not an original thought. It’s been done for years. Just go with the flow, go along for the ride, mooch off of others. There is nothing new about waiting around for hand outs. But if you want more out of life, you need a vision. You want to start your own business, you want to fix up your neighborhood, you want to tutor kids after school; or maybe you want to coach a sports team or start a club. What ever it is, you need a vision. It is OK to follow someone else’s vision; but Leadership starts with a vision. It always has, and it always will. Great Leadership is V.A.S.T. – Vision, Action, Service, and Teaching:

V.A.S.T. – Step Two, Action: Ok, you have a vision, or you have tapped into someone else’s vision; now it is about action. If you will not bother to get up of your couch and go out into the world you will never learn anything new, you will never build anything and you will never see any benefit from your vision. “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few: Luke 10:2.” How much do you really believe in your vision or someone else’s vision if you will not work towards it? What good is the vision if you will not put it to the test? How do you think you will become a Leader, let alone a Great Leader if you are not ready to apply any action into chasing your dream? And why would you follow a Leader, let alone a So Called Great Leader who has not or will not apply any action into their vision? No Action, No results, unless of course you were born into a life a privilege. If you were born into a life of privilege why are you reading this blog, are you bored? Get off the couch and apply some action to your vision, even if it just 15 minutes a day.

Great Leadership is V.A.S.T. – Step Three, Service: If you have a vision that you are following, and you are applying action to that vision; someone will notice what you are doing. Unless of course, you have gone out of your way to hide in a cave, but trust me; if you are doing anything worth doing to make a difference in the world, someone will notice. So after a while, people will ask you want you are doing, and then some people will want to be a part of it; they will follow your vision or the vision you are following. They will begin to apply action to that vision, just as they have seen you applying action to that vision. They will begin to follow your Lead (see how that works?) It is your duty as a Leader to serve those that follow your Leadership! They are not your servants, your highness (Explain that royalty thing to me again?). You are their servant; they are following your Leadership! They will help you reach your goals and dreams, treat them well! Great Leadership is V.A.S.T. – Vision, Action, Service, and Teaching:

V.A.S.T. – Step Four, Teaching: It is pretty easy to see where this is going if you have been paying attention. If you have a Vision, apply Action, people begin to follow your Vision and you provide a viable Service to those who are following your Vision; you need to do everything you can to Teach the Vision. Teach the Action, Teach the Service. Some people think that they can just tell people what to do, but you have to teach people what you are doing. Do you see the difference? If you can’t read this entire post again; if you have read this entire post over again and you still can’t see it – then either you just don’t get it or I am a horrible Teacher, which means I am not providing a decent Service, or you choose not to see the Actions and Vision of maintaining this blog. It is OK, not everyone will follow your lead, so not everyone will follow my lead. It is OK, but it Great Leadership still requires Vision, Action, Service and Teaching regardless of the Vision.

Some people want to be Race Car Drivers; some people want to be Airplane Pilots. I know people who are afraid to get on an Airplane. I have to travel as part of my “Day Job.” Even though, I am not a Pilot, I can not be afraid of getting on the plane. I can’t be afraid to fly and neither can you. You have to get off the couch and chase your dream. You have to follow a Vision. Whatever Vision you choose, either be or follow a Great Leader. Great Leadership is V.A.S.T. – Vision, Action, Service and Teaching!