To be the best, learn from the best.

edisonThere is an old saying in Pro-Wrestling. “To be the man, you got to beat the man.” All bravado aside, what this meant was “To be the Champion, you have to beat the Champion.” Now you may wonder, what does Pro-Wrestling have to do with Motivational Blogging? Well, what I am saying is “To be the best, learn from the best!”

Ric Flair

Standing on the shoulders of giants is not a new concept. Open debates in public, became universities, and now thanks’ to technology, you can learn just as fast or faster by sharing ideas on-line in open forums. Learning has no time limit, and truly knows no boundaries. All you need is internet access and direction. But, still “Birds of a Feather Flock together.” What ever it is you want to learn, you have to go where the people who are “in the know” are hanging out.

You don’t have to rush in and bully anyone. No all the Macho Madness of Pro-Wrestling takes a back seat to collaboration. Working together will get you a lot farther in an open society than closed-minded thinking. If you get around the best, you have to work with and learn from the best to truly shine. Anyone can join a message board or discussion group. But to really hone your skills you have to participate. The Princeton Learning Principal states that 70% of Learning is doing, 20 Percent is mentoring & coaching and 10% is through formal education. You have to participate to learn.


You can spend your money going to college, I am not knocking that; the university will take your money, but the university will not force you to learn. You can then become a graduate assistant and maybe get paid to learn even more. If you are not participating at the next level, you will not be getting paid for long. The internet and all it’s vastness is almost free. For the price of a cup of coffee and a doughnut you can have a cyber office in most coffee shops; and internet access is part of the deal. The internet can not force you to contribute though. You have to motivate yourself to get involved.

To be the best, you have to learn from the best. You have to join a flock, and then you have to flap your wings and head in the same direction as the flock you have joined. You have to keep pace. You have to allow yourself to be mentored. You have to allow yourself to be coached. You have to allow yourself to be challenged. Then once you get your wings, help others get their wings. You have to allow yourself to mentor others. You have to allow yourself to relearn things from a new perspective that comes from coaching and mentoring. You have to understand it is a two-way street.

Learn & Lead

Computer keyboard keys labeled LEARN and LEAD

Let’s say you wanted to join a band of musicians. Do you think they would they would let you be in the band if you did not sing, write songs, or play a musical instrument? And if you did any or all of those things, do you think they would let you be in the band if you did not participate? Being the best you can be, and being the best requires getting around the best possible people you can find and then work with them and learn from them. Do you want to make the best music possible or do you just want to make noise? Great bands don’t have weak links. Everyone serves their purpose.

If you hang around the best and participate you will get better. If you hang around the best, learn from the best, work the hardest, and work the smartest, you can be the best. You don’t have to bully anyone. Isn’t that great?

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  1. I’m still learning from you, while I’m making my way to the top as well. I absolutely love reading all that is written on your website.Keep the information coming. I loved it!

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