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Seven Days to Greatness.

What if I told you Greatness only takes Seven days.  Would you believe me?  Well you shouldn’t.  I am not telling you Greatness takes Seven Days, I am telling you Greatness is a Seven Day Cycle.  But that is not as strong of a tag line as “Seven Days to Greatness”  So, if you want to know the Seven Days to Greatness cycle, read on.  If not, come back in a few days; there will be a new post to read.

I have done posts on how 15 minutes a day can change your life or how you should be spending at least 10% of your time learning something new.  So let’s say you want to start a business, or learn a new skill, or take up a new hobby.  I can give you a super secret seven-day plan that will make you great.  OK, I can give you my updated take on a plan that has been around for ages, but you have to make yourself great.

Remember; this will not work if you do not give it a try; so that being said, I want you to read this over and ask yourself if this is really for you.  If not, don’t do it.  If it works, check back in a few months; maybe I will have a place where you can send me a donation as thanks for me setting you on the path to greatness.  If you don’t have a sense of humor, why are you reading 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo?

On to the plan, the cycle; Seven Days to Greatness:  The first time through the cycle, I will ask you to set aside 15 minutes a day to work the plan.  If you do not have 15 minutes to be great, you will never be great, forget you ever read this post.  We will try something else some other time.  Can you sent aside 15 minutes a day to learn a new skill, to chase a dream or to get better at your latest hobby?  If you can’t set aside 15 minutes for self-improvement, I do not have any Mojo for you.  Sorry.  OK, commit to 15 minutes a day in the beginning.

Day One:  Visualize what is you want to do.  This can be 15 minutes of prayer, mediation, or concentration; what ever you want to call it.  You have to set aside 15 minutes on the first day and actually focus on your goal.  Not the obstacles in your way.  This is not excuse time.  This is time for you to tear down all the barriers and see your destination clearly in your mind.  Day One – 15 minutes of quiet time focusing on your goal only.

Day Two:  Ask the experts.  Spend 15 minutes on day to learning as much as you can about what you want to do from someone who has done or is doing what you want to do.  Get a book about it and read.  Go online and use search engines to find out more information.  Use your favorite social media and join groups that are centered on what it is you want to do.  Ask a few questions.  Ask the right questions.  This is your time to find a mentor and learn more about what it is you want to do.

Day Three:  Do it!  Set the wheels in motion.  No, you can not build a house in 15 minutes on the third day; but you can hammer a few pieces of wood together and start getting your technique down.  This is where you will find out if you really want to do this before you commit a bunch of time and money into something only to back out halfway through the process.  This is a day when you should be feeling really good about your decision.  You may want to set the world on fire, but take your time.  Do it, put it into action; no matter how small the action may seem.

Day Four:  Join the Club!  Get around people who are heading in the same direction you are heading.  Spend 15 minutes working with people who are doing what you are doing.  This is the time to learn the value of teamwork.  Working together, you can help someone and then hopefully someone will help you.  This is where people have to learn about getting more done by working as a team than you could ever get done working alone.

Day Five:  Teach what you have learned.  Find someone who wants to learn what you are learning and help them along.  Maybe they are younger than you, or less fortunate than you.  The same way you learned from the experts on Day Two, help someone else learn on Day Five.  This will help you become an expert one day!

Day Six:  Celebrate with a purpose.  Acknowledge everyone you have come in contact with in the past.  Thank all the Experts who helped you on Day Two, High Five all the people you worked with on Day Four building your team.  Encourage the people you helped Coach or Mentor on Day Five.  This is your time to be a connector and a leader if you can find a way to get everyone in the same room, or at least send out a bunch of e-mails or thank you cards.  Become the person who everyone says makes it better for everyone involved.  If you take day six to show the depth of your appreciation and commitment; people around you will pick up on it.  The people around you will appreciate and commit to you on a deeper level.

Day Seven:  Rest, relax, recharge, take a day off. Let your mind unwind, it will still work on things in the background anyway.  Take a break, you have earned it.

“Ok, Joe it’s been Seven Days; Am I great now?” Yes, you are off to a great start.  Now the question is, can you do this again?  You may be tempted to do all on this in one day, but that is not the way for this to sink in… copy this pattern over and over for a month.  After a month, you will start to find more time to set aside to do these things.  You may spend more time practicing, or more time working as a team, repeat the pattern.  You may not spend all day in meditation, but you might start every day with a quick goal setting.  You may not practice all day everyday, but you should work on your technique alone at least one day a week.  You may not be able to be in a team environment all day everyday, but you should try to do a team building exercise at least one day a week.  You may not be able to meet with your mentors and apprentices everyday, but you should reach out to each group at least once a week.  You may not always be able to get everyone together to go celebrate this week’s small victories, but you can reach out to everyone and let them know how much you appreciate them.  And you should always, always give yourself at least one day a week to recharge.

Now let’s recap “Seven Days to Greatness:”

Day One:  Visualize – 15 minutes of concentration and prayer.

Day Two:  Ask the experts. – 15 minutes learning and consulting your mentors.

Day Three:  Do it! –  15 minutes practicing your skills.

Day Four:  Join the Club! – 15 minutes of team building and teamwork

Day Five:  Teach what you have learned. – 15 minutes of mentoring others.

Day Six:  Celebrate with a purpose. – 15 minutes thank everyone you contact.

Day Seven:  Rest, relax, recharge, 

Repeat this for a month. 15 minutes a day.  Do not lump everything into one day.

After a month expand and overlap the sections, but do them in order.

Use this simple system – Seven Days to Greatness. 

Visualize, Learn, Practice, Build, Teach, Acknowledge, Recharge


The Other One Percent:

Thanks to the Occupy Movement, we have a new public perception of the One Percent; The Top One Percent of Americans in terms of wealth, who controlled 42.2 percent of total financial wealth.  Now I am on a quest to find what I will call The Other One Percent.  The Other One Percent is what I will define as the One Percent of Americans who are willing to work together to jump the wealth gap and build a bridge to make it easier for others who wish to do the same.

The Other One Percent, sounds so simple and yet is so hard.  Not everyone is going to want to protest in the streets.  Not everyone is in the position to not go to work and join the Occupy Movement.  Listen I have nothing against the Occupy Movement, and I have no connection to the One Percent, I am looking for people who want to work together not to crash the system, but to subtly change the system.  I am not here to say increase taxes or decrease giving.  I am crazy enough to say we can decrease taxes and increase giving by getting rid of all the waste, by getting rid of all the barriers to access, by getting rid of all the Spin Doctoring and just telling the truth, standing up for what is right and by helping each other.  Call me crazy, crazy like a fox.

Now I did a post stating I was looking for One Percent, and I am currently restating that position and hopefully I am adding a deeper commitment to my position.  I believe that Ninety Percent of the People who read this post will think I am crazy.  Maybe Ten Percent of the people who read this post will say, “Gee Joe you are on to something.” Of the Ten percent who may agree with me, Maybe Ten Percent of them (One Percent of the Total) will actually want to give this a try.  I am looking for that One Percent.  I am looking for the One Percent of people who believe we can change the world.  I am looking for the One percent who believe that we can work together and do more with less money, less waste and less overhead. 

I am not talking about making less than you are already making, no I am saying we can do more with less than the Top One Percent are making.  If working as a team meant you would get more money and more free time, wouldn’t you do it?  Surprisingly enough, I believe Ninety Percent of the people who read this will not believe me.  I also believe that of the Ten Percent of the people who read this post and believe me; Ninety Percent of them will not do it.  I am looking for the Other One Percent, the One Percent of people who will work together in their spare time to build a team that will change the system just enough to make it easier for everyone else to chase their dreams.

I am saying why not round-up just enough people, to work as a team, jump the wealth gap and build a bridge to make it easier to get others a crossed the gap?  Why is this so much easier said than done?  Because of the people who really believe they can jump the gap, most of them will only look out for themselves.  It will be really hard to jump that gap and not get seduced by the life on the other side.  The life you see in the movies and on television.  You see, if you get to the other side; you will have to resist the urge to conform. I am looking for the Other One Percent.  The One Percent who believe we can change the system without storming the castle.  That we can help those who want to help themselves and we can all be better off because of it. 

No I do not believe I can cure cancer, but one day someone will.  No I do not believe I can solve all the world’s problems, but we can simply stop making more problems by standing up for the truth.  Call me crazy but I am looking for the Other One Percent.

Purposed Driven Friendships.

Rick Warren wrote a best-selling book called “The Purpose Driven Life”   I was on and am still on a search for a purpose for my life, and for my friendships.  Before I read the book, I had promised my self to spend less time hanging out with people and find more time on common ground and purpose for my friendships.  Now you would think that the author of a blog titled 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo would have lots of friends.  Not so fast my friend, I have lots of acquaintances, a bunch of co-workers, some associates and quite a few past friends.  But I really stopped just hanging out, you know killing time.  I am on a search for purpose, for common ground.

Now I am not saying it is bad to have lots of friends, I just define friendship different from a lot of people define friendship.  The first thing I require from friends of mine is trust.  Trust, trust and more trust.  Can I trust you?  Will you have my back if someone is plotting against me?  Now I have seen people stand by and watch their “Friends” get set up and they did not say anything.  Sorry, “I can’t go for that”  I need to know my friends have my back.  Is that too much to ask?

I used to love to go to jam sessions with my Musician Friends.  I got out of the habit of spending a lot of time in basements forming bands, practicing, playing a few shows in front of people only to have bands break up for basically the same reason; lack of common ground.  So I started going to more and more jam sessions, and only wanted to form a band with people who were willing to get out and play as quickly as possible.  I started to notice the same thing happen over time.  We were spending too much time killing time.  Too much time was wasted waiting around for people because of poor communication and poor scheduling.  More and more I was looking for a greater purpose than just spending time killing time.  I would rather be at home watching a movie or reading a book than just killing time.  Again, I need a purpose for my friends, and that purpose is based on common ground.

No I am not encouraging people to give up on their friends, if that is what you are getting from this post, you have not read enough Motivational Mojo.  Make up your own mind.  For me, friendships need to be give and take in some sort of balance.  I am not saying keep score dollar for dollar, minute for minute.  I am saying when one side is all give and the other side is all take, you have one person taking advantage of the other.  I don’t call that friendship.  I try to find common ground and win – win situation for my friendships.  Do you really want to be friends with people who will drag you down or put you in bad situations?  

Don’t try this at home.  I have lots of acquaintances, but I have few friends.  I don’t keep my friends close, I am not trying to force anyone to come along with me.  Now I do float out my fair share of invitations for people to join me when I do things, it’s just a lot of people choose to do other things at times when I choose to do something.  Common Ground, Common Purpose, Purpose Driven Friendships; I am not saying this is easy it’s just the path that I am on.  I can’t find my purpose by bending to someone else’s purpose.  I am not trying to tell anyone their purpose.  I am just saying, find your purpose and find common ground and understanding in your friendships.

The more connected we are, the more disconnected we become.

Ever stop to notice, how connected we all are, and yet we don’t really connect anymore.  I see it all around me.  In the mall, at the airport, almost everywhere we go we have Smart Phones, Laptops and WI-FI Service.  Everyone is so busy being connected it is like we are alone in crowds of people.  The more connected we become the more disconnected we become.

We are so busy checking our e-mail, so busy texting, and so busy checking in on social media that we are not talking to each other anymore.  Why talk to someone next to you in line at the mall, when you can tweet you are at the mall while you are in line?  In line and Online at the same time.  Why engage in any conversation in the checkout line, when you can check in to where you shop on Facebook or FourSquare?  Why like people in person when you can like people in cyberspace?  “Witty banter Mr. Blogger you may say to me.”  Yes I am transmitting this message on cyberspace to voice my displeasure not with cyberspace; but the fact that even though we have more connections than ever, we are doing less with those connections.

I can blog, tweet, chat or text and reach literally thousands of people in an hour.  The problem is that in that same hour, thousands of others will blog, tweet, chat and text also.  I will get more status updates on Facebook than I will ever read.  No I don’t blog about what I had for lunch or how cute my cat is… I want to believe that if I have hundreds of friends out there that I can get a few to show up to help out a charity or clean up a park.  I don’t have a problem with lots of connections; I have a problem with lots of disconnections.  We spend some much time trying to connect on-line we don’t connect in person.  I mean I want more out of cyberspace than keg parties and random who’s zooming who.  I want to believe we can connect online and then connect offline and make a difference in this world.

Is it information overload that has us exhausted?  I am guilty as charged.  I do it also.  I go out to lunch and notice everyone talking on their phones and not talking to the people around them.  Then I get caught up in some app on my phone more than talking to the people around me.  Our electronic connections are making us miss connecting with the people around us.  I am going to say it again.  I have no problem with having lots of friends on Facebook, or lot’s of followers on Twitter; I just want to believe we can all come together and do some good because of it.  If I have 200 people in my circle, and you have 200 people in your circle, why can’t we get more than 2 or 3 of us to join Relay 4 Life or Do a Heart Walk?  If I know 20 People who all have 200 Friends on Facebook, why can’t we get more than 10 or 20 people to come to a fundraiser for a local charity?  Is it wrong to want meaning in all those connections?

Yes, let’s connect online; but also let’s remember we have to connect offline, with the people around us.  Are you asking if I am doing something about it?  I am trying, yes I am.  It is my personal goal to help out at least one charity a month and also try to bring people together for one social event a month.  It is a lot easier said than done, but still it is a goal.  I want to connect online to help people connect offline.  I want to connect with as many people as possible to get as many people as possible to believe we can change the world. If we work together we can change the world.  The internet has shown us we are all connected, so why don’t we connect?

Seed, Time and Harvest – Yes it still works.

Seed, Time and Harvest is what it takes to grow a Business.  Maybe you want to provide a service, maybe you want to form a charity; the same rules apply that applied to the farmers all the way back in Biblical Times.

Seed Money:  Seed money is the money you need to get your business started.  If you were a Farmer, and you spent all your money on Land, you would have no money left over for Equipment, Labor and of course the Seed you will use to plant your crops.  No Seed, No Harvest is a simple first lesson of Farming.  It applies to business today as well.  Granted there is no fixed amount of seed money that is needed, but you still have to overcome your start-up costs.  Sometimes Seed Money comes from Angel Investors:  It’s somewhat funny that in the rat race of business they picked the term Angel Investor.

Time:  Good things take time.  If you want a Harvest you have to plant seeds in the beginning of “Growing Season: or Spring” to Reap your Harvest in Autumn.  Just like with any business.  You need Seed Money to get started and it still takes time to get up and running.  If you open a store, you start by buying and stocking a building.  These things take time; Good Things Take Time!

Ten Percent of a Watermelon or a Whole Grape?

I like watching Shark Tank, it is an American T.V. show spun off from the Canadian T.V. Show Dragon’s Den.  On both programs people Pitch their Ideas to Big Name Business Moguls to raise money to expand their business.  In exchange they give up a portion of their business.  One of the favorite quotes from the sharks is “Would you rather have 10 Percent of a Watermelon or a Whole Grape?  Meaning would you rather have a small share of something very big, or have all of something that is small?  Again, we know the terms Shark and Dragon as a public perception of an Angel Investor.

You reap what you sow: Lots of people seem to forego this part of the equation.  If you plant corn, would you be surprised if anything other than corn grew in your field?  If you planted seeds of corn and spinach grew in your field; you would be checking the seed and you would be checking the soil, you would be checking everything.  If you planted seeds of corn and watered the crops faithfully all summer, and waited until autumn and got no harvest; would you not be checking with all your friends who are successful farmers about what went wrong?  So do you sow seeds of wisdom and happiness; or do you sow seeds of lies and deceit?  Do you take advice from people who are more successful than you are?  Do you try to help others when others help you?  Do you believe what goes around comes around?

The Harvest: The Harvest is here and can be sold for a profit. It’s time to celebrate right?  Yes and No.  A lot of work has to go into collecting the Harvest.  It is OK to celebrate once it is done, but you have to remember that seed must be saved for the next growing cycle.  Also part of the harvest needs to be stored up to get through the winter:  You also need to set aside for Rainy Days:  Lots of people overspend during the harvest season

Businesses go through cycles just like the farmers.  Be careful to set aside enough to get yourself through the next growing season.  

Seed, Time and Harvest – Yes it still works

Confidence, Determination and Will Power:

Maybe this is your first time reading this blog, 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  If it is, Welcome.  Maybe you have read this blog before; if so welcome back.  Today I am typing as fast as I am thinking; yes this is a stream of consciousness.  There are some re-occurring themes in my posts.  Today’s conglomeration, Confidence, Determination and Will Power:  I am just going to dive right in!

Confidence: Make up your mind what you want to do, and make up your mind you can make a difference.  Get your facts straight and get started.  You have to be convinced to have confidence.  To be convinced you have to know the truth.  To quote House M.D. –  “Be Good, Get Good or Get Lost” or something like that.  I am saying be convinced.  Be convinced about what you want to do, and then figure out how to do it well, so you can be convinced that you can make a difference.  This is a Motivation Blog; you can’t wait for the world to change.  Get out there and Change the World!  That takes Confidence!!!

Determination:  OK, your mind is made up; you are going to change the world.  Do you think the world has been waiting for you to make up your mind?  Nope; the world has been turning all this time, and there are some people out there who are currently happy with the world.  There are people out there who may just not be all that interested or even work against you.  Are you convinced you can make a difference?  Are you determined to make a difference?  Are you going to give up at the first sign of trouble in paradise?  If you do, then you are not all the convinced and you definitely are not determined.  You see, some people are going to call you crazy and some are going to call you a dreamer if you are doing anything worth while.  I have never seen a place where you can stand in a line, and place an order; and then some one runs in the back and then brings out your dreams on a silver platter.  Determination; if you don’t have it, get it!

Will Power:  Power is easy to measure; work performed over a period of time.  There are lots of formulas out there:  Will Power is something different.  Will to power  Can you discipline yourself to operate at your highest levels, and then influence others to operate at their highest levels, all the while finding common ground, common goals and common purpose?  Can you get people to apply their time and talents and resources to follow a common vision and reach a new level of reality that never existed outside of a dream?  See Will Power is hard to measure, and it maybe confusing to explain, but you can not get there with out the first two – Confidence and Determination.  Without Confidence and Determination you will never really understand Will Power no matter how much I try to explain it. 

Confidence, Determination and Will Power:  I hope this made sense to you.  If not read it again.  Still not getting it, read a few other posts in this blog.  Still not getting it?  Try back later, I will still be here trying to get through, trying to motivate people to chase their dreams.  I will still be here trying to motivate you to chase your dreams.

The truth that hurts versus the lie you want to hear.

Which one would you choose?  The truth that hurts or the lie that you want to hear?  Let’s be honest, people like to be flattered.  People like to be appreciated, so sometimes people will butter you up before they ask you for a favor.  Sometimes the truth can hurt your  feelings.  Sometimes you get you hopes up and things do not workout.  Sometimes telling the truth means bringing bad news to people.  So people have to choose if they would rather be buttered up with lies or would they want the bad news that is the truth?

Now, because this is 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo; I have to try to give you the positive.  Always choose the truth.  Plain and simple, the truth can hurt you feelings if you let it; or you can choose to be happy in the truth.  So, I say dream big; but I also say get the facts and have a solid foundation.  Build your dreams on the truth and there is less chance that the truth will hurt your feelings.

Now, like I said; people sometimes try to butter you up before they ask you for a favor.  And other times people try to butter you up before they take advantage of you.  I remember when I was in High School, this guy made a picture of a demon / devil with horns, a tail and a pitch fork with a big smile on the demons face.  The demon was like, “Hi I am Satan, what’s your name.”  It was kind of funny at the time, but it stuck with me all these years.  His point was, the Devil would not try to scare you at first.  At first the Devil would be real nice to you.  So, I am kind of wary of people who try to get to close to me to fast, people who come on too strong, and I always, always, always try to double and triple check the facts before I take people’s advice.  So what is my point?  Don’t let people butter you up with the things you want to hear.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; it is the beginning of every court drama on TV or in the Movies.  Imagine how much simpler life would be if people only told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; not just in court, in everyday life.   Now these court dramas would be short-lived if people were only telling the truth wouldn’t they?  The fact of the matter is; sometimes people lie, sometimes people omit the facts that make them look bad, and sometimes people add a little extra spin to the truth.  The “spins,” the “omissions” and the flat out “lies,” do you think they are the things you don’t want to hear, or the things you want to hear?  Why would someone lie to you?  Are they going to tell you they are trying to take advantage of you?

So how do you find out the truth?  First you have to let go of your ego, it is harder for people to butter you up if you have your guard up.  Next you have to ask the basic questions:  Who?  What?  When?  Where?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Yes that is “Why?” four times.  Once you ask all those questions, ask them again.  Make a song out of them.  Then make a list, and be like Santa Claus – check it twice.  If things don’t add up and people can’t keep their story straight you may not be getting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Do things seem to be too good to be true?  Have someone you trust check over the facts, and all the facts.  Get a second and even third opinion.  Make sure everything adds up before you proceed, and even then proceed with caution if at all.  (Watch out for these people also)

The truth does not change over night; so if someone is telling you the truth, you can sleep on the details, and have a chance to double-check everything.  If anyone seems to be putting pressure on you to act now before anyone else can check that facts, you may want to skip this deal.  Another thing to look out for is for people who seem change their story based on who is in the room.  They talk and say certain things around certain people and different things around different people.  Sometimes you have to watch from a distance and see if people are consistent or do the flop like a flag in the wind? 

You see the funny thing about slicksters, smooth talkers and snake oil salesmen; if they are any good at what they are doing, they will tell you what you want to hear, regardless of if it is the truth or not.  Conversely, the funny thing about the truth is, it always adds up.

Thinking, Knowing and being Convinced.

There is what you think about, what you know and what you are convinced about.  Things are different when you are convinced about something versus just thinking or knowing about something.  When you are convinced about something you are committed to act.  It is the action that separates being convinced from thinking and knowing.

I think vitamins are good for me.  So I do a little research on the subject.  After looking over the data, after looking over all the pros and cons, I know that vitamins are good for me; but if I don’t take them on a daily basis I am not convinced.  Now me personally, I take vitamins almost every day.  I am convinced that taking my vitamins on a daily basis is good for me.  It is the action, the commitment that shows I am convinced.  People do a lot of talking about what they think and what they know, but if you watch their actions you will see what level of commitment they have to what they say they know.  Their actions will reveal if they are convinced or not.

I think that exercising on a regular basis is good for me.  I have been into working out, running, biking and various sports my whole life.  When I workout I feel better in mind, body and spirit.  Yeah sometimes I get tired, sore, and hungry; all the classic excuses; but over the long haul, I like to work out.  I know that it is good for me.  Now how convinced I am is directly reflected in how often I work out; how often do I overcome the excuses?  I can make a list of the excuses why I do not work out, No Time, Tired after work, No Time, No Energy, No Time; or I can set the excuses aside and go out and do what I know I should be doing.

You have to be convinced.  I have to be convinced.  People will try things because they think it will work.  People will do things because they know it will work, but people continue to do things because they are convinced.  Being convinced goes beyond flavor of the month fads or peer pressure.  If I am convinced of something, all my family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances can say that I am crazy; but I will still find a way to do the things I am convinced I should be doing.  Does this make sense?  Being convinced takes things to a whole new level.  This is not just a put your money where you mouth is dare; even though that is a great litmus test.  If people say what they think, and they say what they know; if they are convinced they will do what they say.

I don’t want anyone to do something because I told them too.  I don’t want anyone to take my advice without double checking the facts.  So, if you are not convinced, test my theory.  The motto of the college I went to is Theory and Practice.  If people do not Practice what they Preach then they are not really convinced, and you are just being conned.  Finding out what the real level of commitment is how you find out how real the level of conviction.  No not convict, like put in jail.  Conviction like action backing up words, some people call it “Walking the Talk”

Stand back, look from a distance; do people do what they say they are going to do?  Now stand back, and look in the mirror; do you do what you say you are going to do?  If not, you are not convinced.  Thinking and knowing will not change the world.  Action based on conviction can change the world.

My Wired in Music:

We live in the information age.  Computers are a bigger and bigger part of our daily lives.  Programmers, Analysts, Gamers and Hobbyist, we are all the same when we are staring at that computer screen.  We are all Wired In, Jacked into the system.  Some of us like to set mood music for our travels through cyberspace. You see it more and more in the workplace.  People wearing headphones when they do not want to be distracted, I am one of them.  I like to set mood music when I need to tunnel in and collect data before a report is due.  So, I would like to share with the 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo world some of the Artists and Titles I like to listen to when Wired Into the System.

The Social Network Soundtrack:  How can I not start here?  Who cares how accurate the movie is, I am down with the soundtrack.  A bunch of Instrumental tracks from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.  It doesn’t get much better than this: Unless

Tron: Legacy ReconfiguredDaft Punk’s  – Tron Legacy –  Soundtrack Remixed by a bunch of Electronic Artists.  OK, which movie did you like better, which CD did you like better?  Like it matters, all that matters is when I am wired in, my output goes up when I listen to this CD.  So enough from the Big Screen, what about the small screen? 

The Heroes Soundtrack:   Some people don’t like the soundtrack, but when I mix these tracks in with tracks from the two soundtracks listed above, they just all play nice together.  As far as the TV show goes, I loved the first season and then I kind of lost touch.

So where do you go from here?  Maybe away from Soundtracks and to the Land of Compilations:  OK try these on for size.  Winter Chill Vol. 2 – Jazz Lounge Vol. 2:   The Volume 2’s are just a coincidence.  What is not a coincidence is mixing these tracks into a custom play list with the music aforementioned.  Basically I go all Track Ones, then all Track Twos in a Rotation until I have cycled through all the Discs.  Yes, lot’s of Futuristic Music and Futuristic Themes, but I am talking about setting the mood for Jacking In aren’t I?

So while you’re at it: Pure Moods:   Pure Moods is a sampler CD of all those Themes from all those Movies and all those Shows, you will know what Movies and Shows I am talking about the minute you take a listen.   Great music for the wired in experience.

Sure there is plenty more music I listen to when I am searching the Inter and Intra Nets for all the things I need to get through my work day.  Love it or hate it is not the point.  The point is to tune out the world around me and get as much done as quickly as possible.  For me this stuff works.  Your list may be totally different, that’s cool.  That’s the point, you set the mood for yourself.

Learn to work together or fight over the crumbs.

Does that sound negative?  If it does I don’t mean to be negative.  Try to stick with me and find the positive take a way from this post.  People can either learn to work together or fight over the crumbs.

I believe we live in a world of abundance.  I do not believe we live in a world of scarcity.  I am fully convinced there is plenty to go around.  I whole heartedly believe that a select few of us live a life of privilege where abundance is the norm, and the rest of us are left fighting over the crumbs.  Now I also believe that we can live a life of abundance without storming the castle, all we have to do is learn to work together.  Yes, I believe it is just that easy.

Knowledge is power and knowledge is freely available on the internet.  Those who have the knowledge of the truth should make it available to as many people as possible.  The people with the most wealth understand the power of working within a system; and they use those systems and the efforts of many to create wealth for themselves.  Some people are born into a life of wealth and privilege and all they have to do to remain in life of abundance is to not upset the apple cart.  Now for those of us who are not wealthy, powerful or privileged; we can choose to put a lot of effort into a system that pits us against each other for a very small piece of the pie, a crumb; or we can work together to make our own pie.

Quick, How many people can you name that make 20 million dollars a year or more?  How many Billionaires can you name?  Now how many of these Millionaires and Billionaires know who you are?  I would bet that every one of the people you name either created a system or made a name for themselves in a system that paid them and continues to pay them huge rewards.  These rewards were generated because millions of people buy their products and services.  Technology, Investments, Banking, Entertainment, Sports, Real Estate, Food Services no matter what the industry is; the Top 1% or Top 5% are rewarded heavily because the rest of us buy into and or work within their systems.  How many people do you know who started out working for a fast food restaurant or at a big chain store?  Most of us shop there on a regular basis, and a lot of us got our start there. 

Most of us would be happy making One Hundred Thousand Dollars a Year.  What do we really have in common with the people making A Million or Ten Million or Twenty Million Dollars a year?  What do we have in common with people who are Billionaires?  What do we have in common with people who are worth A Thousand Million Dollars? What do we have in common with people who are making or worth over 1000 times more than the rest of us?  Now do you know why I say we are fighting over the crumbs?  When is the last time that someone you know who is worth Millions of Dollars camped out over night to catch the door buster sales at the big chain stores during the holidays? 

Now we can either continue to fight each other in a system that rewards a select few, or we can learn to work together and build a new system.  Build a new system and make a name for yourself and those around you.  Working together means finding common ground, working with people who have a passion for what they are doing, and finding people who are talented at what they are doing.  No we don’t have to storm the castle; we just have to share information, find common ground and coach & mentor each other.  Or we can continue to fight over the crumbs.