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How to know when you are on to something

You have a dream, a vision and you are convinced it is a good idea.  How do you know when you are on to something?  Well there are clues.  I am here to tell you my take on the clues you will find.  Now as always here on 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, I always challenge you to find out for yourself.  So take a minute and let it sink in, here is how you will know when you are on to something.

It will be plainly clear to you.  It will seem so simple you will wonder why you did not think of it before now.  It will come to you plain as day.  Sometimes it can be a quite whisper; sometimes it will hit you like a ton of bricks.  One thing will be the same.  It will be perfect obvious to you.

So now you have your vision, and you think you are on to something; what is next?  People will think you are crazy.  See when you first start telling people about your vision, they will think you have lost your mind.  When you tell people about your grand idea, people will say you can’t do it.  I am convinced sometimes family and friends are he first ones to try to kill your dreams.  Don’t let them.  You need to be convinced that you are on to something; you are the one who has to do the work.  Don’t expect your family and friends to understand.  Stay on track, you will face some resistance.

So what now?  The next thing to happen may surprise you.  After the first round of resistance that you get from your family and friends, you will get confirmation from a perfect stranger.  Now be careful, this is not a set-up with a catch kind of conformation.  This will be out of the clear blue sky with no strings attached.  You will get a clue that you are on to something.  You can not pick and choose when it will happen, but when you are on to something good; it will happen.  Confirmation will seem to come out of the clear blue sky.

How else do you know you are on to something?  You will see signs along the way.  It does not happen over night.  It may seem like you are spinning your wheels for a little while in the beginning; but do not let that bother you.  Good things take time.  You may take two steps forward and one step back for a while.  That is just the way life is, life happens.  The world is going to keep turning, people will still get in your way; don’t get so hung up on the set backs that you forget about the gains.  Remember, seeds sown in springtime reap their harvest in the autumn.  Good things take time, but you will see signs of growth.  Celebrate the small wins and don’t get hung up on the set backs.

You will learn as you go.  If you are on to something good, you will continue to learn and grow.  Embrace the lessons, look for a mentor.  Not everyone is going to be able to help you.  One person helping you is better than a thousand people doing nothing.  One person helping you is a thousand times better than someone working against you.  Don’t be afraid to get the coaching, mentoring and training you need to see your dream become a reality.

Now if you are putting in the time and effort, you will start to get noticed.  As you get noticed, more people will begin to help you.  You may wonder why these people did not help you right from the start, but maybe they could not see it yet.  Sometimes people wait and see how things are working out for you before they will lend a helping hand.  Keep your eye on the prize, stay true to the vision.  Your help is on the way.

Do not short-circuit the process by giving up before you are done; or by trying to do too much too soon.  If you are on to something good, you will get tempted to think it should happen overnight.  It may not, but you will see some signs along the way.  Set realistic goals, and then stretch them just a little.  Let things slide a little when things get rough, but don’t give up.  When you are on to something good, you will know.  Deep down inside you will know.  Keep at it!

Dec 21st 2012 will not be the end of the world.

Why is everyone so worried?  I am here at 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo to give you hope.  I have done extensive research on this subject and you have nothing to fear.  So sit back, relax and read on.

12/21/12 is a nice number pattern isn’t it?  Should that be the reason we all become afraid the world will end?  Well we lived through 1/1/1 and 1/2/3 and 10/01/10 and 01/10/01 did we not?  Number patterns on a calendar should not be enough to scare you into thinking it is the end of the world.  This day shall also pass.

Don’t you remember the big Y2K scare?  Are you too young to remember?  All the computers were supposed to fail, planes would fall out of the sky, and power grids would black out.  We made it through 1/1/2000 didn’t we?  So no one thinks a massive computer virus would take out the grind on 12/21/12 or is that the plan?

There were some who believed it would all be over sometime in the year 1998.  Why 1998, try dividing it by 3 and you will see.  Listen no one can predict the end of the world.  Or at least everyone prediction has been wrong so far.  We just got through the 1st Major Shopping Spree Weekend here in the United States.  Are people buying gifts for an end of the world party, or for themselves to pass the last couple of weeks on earth?  Maybe everyone is buying on credit with no plans to pay the bills.

I plan on being here for a lot of other great date number combinations like 11/12/13 and beyond.  Why are we so afraid this time?  Do we think that another great war will break out just because it is a certain day on the calendar?  Well one thing humans have been good at is fighting wars, and we are still here.  I am not trying to make fun of war.  I am saying we have been resilient enough and at the very least smart enough to not bomb ourselves into oblivion so far.

It all boils down to one thing.  I have hope for the future.  It is my belief that we will be Ok.  Yes we have to learn from the past so we are not doomed to repeat it.  So let’s learn to get along, and get through this, together!

I am thankful everyday.

Everyday day is another chance.  I am thankful for that chance.  I am not just thankful on Thanksgiving, I am thankful everyday.  Everyday is a new day.  Everyday brings new chances to learn and grow.

Maybe I am just like a kid chasing their dream.  I am thankful I am free to post on a free blog and can freely spread my thoughts.  I know my freedom is not free and I am thankful for those who paid the price so I can chase my dreams.  I am thankful everyday.

Everyday is a new day and a new chance.  Every sunrise brings a new day, a new turn in the batter’s box of life.  It is like I am a baseball player, and everyday new day is a new turn at bat.  Everyday is another chance to hit a home run, or at least put the ball in play and have a chance to run the bases.  But life is like baseball, if I want to hit the ball I have to swing the bat.  Everyday is another chance at swinging the bat and I am thankful for that chance.

Even when I am in a bad mood, I am thankful that tomorrow is another day.  Maybe I strike out today.  Maybe I hit the ball and get thrown out before I get to first base.  Maybe I make it to first base, but I don’t make it home.  Maybe I did not score the winning run today, but there is always tomorrow and I am thankful for that tomorrow.  Tomorrow is another chance, just like today is another chance; and I am thankful for the chance.  I am thankful for today.

I am thankful that I am free and I have a chance.  Even though some people are not free and some people think they are trapped, I am thankful for the chance to try to get people to chase their dreams regardless of their circumstance.  Where ever you are, if you can read this; you have a chance.  You have a chance to dream and you have a chance to make that dream a reality.  Many, many great leaders have risen from extreme conditions to change not only their lives, but the lives of millions.  So I am thankful that I can at the very least type these words and tell people there is always hope.  There is always hope of a brighter day, and a brighter tomorrow; but we have to strive to make those dreams a reality.

Everyday is another chance to make your dreams a reality.  You have to reach for your dreams.  I have to reach for my dreams.  I am thankful the God gave me dreams and another day to chase those dreams.  I am thankful that God has given me another chance to make my dreams a reality.  I am not just thankful on Thanksgiving, I am thankful everyday.

Thank you for your time.

When a Leader should be first and when they should be last.

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  It seems I am blogging about Leadership a lot.  Maybe I have a lot to learn, maybe I have a point to prove or maybe a little of both.  I my mind a Leader has to know when to be first and when they should be last.  This is all just my opinion; you should make up your own mind.

A Leader should be the first to explain their vision.  If the leader can not help you see the goal and feel excited about reaching it, than who will?  How do you know that the vision has not been distorted?  The vision has to be the first to explain, train and teach others to help make the vision a reality.  A Leader needs to have a goal, a vision; a dream that they are trying to reach.  They should be the first to explain the vision as simply and clearly as possible.

A Leader should be last in line to seek glory.  Leadership should be first and foremost about service to others and not personal gain.  If you are instrumental in building a system to help others succeed, you will succeed.  If a Leader is focusing on building themselves up, what are they doing to those who follow them?  If a Leader is not serving those who follow them, they might just be using their followers.

A Leader should be first in line when it comes to helping others.  A Leader should genuinely care about the people who follow them.  That does not mean the Leader can be all things to all people, but in the context of the vision that is being pursued, the Leader should be the first to lend a helping hand when they see someone struggle.  A Leader will learn again and again how to see through others eyes, and can learn more because of it.  Again, a Leader can not be all things to all people, but they can help other avoid the traps they have learned along the way.

A Leader should be the last one seeking reward.  A Leader makes sure that others are taken care of first.  It can be something as simple as flipping burgers at picnic, or something as complicated as splitting up bonus checks.  If a Leader is looking out for number one first, then what happens to everyone else?  Are they left fighting over the crumbs?  You see it all too often when greed runs wild.  The people on Top jump ship, leaving everyone else stranded.  If a Leader is setting up a fair and honest system, they know there is more than enough to go around, if the Leadership is worried about personal gain over the greater good, there may no be enough to go around for your efforts.

A Leader should be the first seeking to understand both sides of any story.  A Leader should understand there are two sides to every story and try to take a fair and balanced look at the facts before making up their minds.  Leaders should be open-minded, and see what adds up before they act.  The best deal is not always the first deal, and the facts are not always the first story told.  A Leader should be the first trying to find out the facts and the truth and get understanding of both sides of the story.

A Leader should be the last to place blame.  It may be hard to let things play out, and to also minimize the damage that can be done when people do not do what they say they will do.  A Leader should be seeking to find the problems in the systems and help people.  A Leader does not use people as scapegoats or hang people out to dry to make them self look good.  Leaders that spend too much time blaming others may be trying to cover up for themselves.  Choose Carefully.

A Leader should be the first person looking for the win-win situation.  Yes there are winners and losers, but be careful not to follow someone who wants to take advantage of people and set up I win -You lose deals.  Leaders should be looking to make deals that benefit the most and harm the least amount of people possible.

The list can go on and on, but it is important to know when a Leader should be first and when they should be last.  This list is not for show, but to show you really care.  If a Leader does not care about the people who follow them, then they are not worth following.

I’m your Mojo Man.

I’m your Mojo Man; with the 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Plan.  I am going to keep doing what I can.  The 60 Seconds Of Motivational Mojo Man.

I am just trying to find the truth.  I’m trying hard to find the proof, that you can restore the dreams of your youth.  Just keep on searching for the truth.

I’m your Mojo Man; I got the 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Plan.  I don’t have all the answers in hand, but I keep doing what I can.  The 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Man.

You see I post every couple of days; I try to find many ways, to back up the things that I say.  We should combine work and play, to find success in each day.  The 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo way.

See, I’m your Mojo Man.  60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Man.  Is it that hard to understand, that I on the truth I am trying to stand?  60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Plan.

See the Mojo is like singing the blues.  I’m not trying to tell you to break all the rules.  I’m saying stop listening to fools, and learn how to use the tools.  If you listen, life is a school; the 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Blues.

Yeah, I’m you Mojo Man.  Sign up to the 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo man.  Go out and possess the land.  The 60 Second of Motivational Mojo Plan.

See the Mojo is like singing a song.  If you armed with the truth you can go wrong.  It’s what I been saying all along.  Start spreading the 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Song.

See, I’m your Mojo Man, with the 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Plan.  That life is about lending a helping hand.  And I’m doing the best I can.  60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Man.

A Year of Blogging:

So Happy Anniversary to me?  Happy Anniversary to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo on WordPress.  It has been a year of ups, a year of downs and it has been worth it.

A Year of Blogging, and still no Book Deal, still has not gone viral, and still I have not been interviewed by Oprah; what am I doing wrong?  What am I doing wrong?  Nothing; life is good here at 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I am a no name blogger, just cutting my teeth.  Yeah, I took a round about path to get here, but I am here.  I said I would like to become a Motivational Guru, but if I can help one person get off the couch and chase their dreams; that would be enough.  I want to believe I have done that, that one person has gotten off their coach and is out chasing their dreams.  Maybe that person is me.

Happy Anniversary to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo on WordPress.  The minute I think I have this figured out, it is time to start over.  Yeah no book deal yet, but am I really ready for a book deal.  My ego says yes, but in reality I am building a foundation.  I am finding my style.  I am taking input and I am learning.  I don’t just blog, I network, I help raise money for charity, I volunteer, and I am a trainer and a trainee.  I am growing and learning in many areas of my life personally and professionally.  I just don’t find enough time to work out.  I have to be honest.

So, I have my challenges, I have my issues; I need more patience, I need to become a better listener, I need to manage my anger at times.  I need some stories to tell when I make it to Oprah.  Again, if I am not telling the truth, how can I tell people to double-check their facts and search for the truth?  So this blog is as much of an online diary as it is anything else.  If I randomly read an old post was I pursuing the truth or a few more clicks?  I want to believe I am pursuing the truth, all the more reason for me to tell the truth.

Happy Anniversary to me.  I still haven’t got this blogging thing down to a science, and in some ways I hope I never do.  I hope I can just honestly type what I am thinking, feeling and learning and not just get caught in a popularity contest.  Can I tell you to be true to yourself, if I am not being true to myself?  Ok, I want to go viral, I want a book deal, I want to land on Oprah’s couch one day telling my story.  But I do not want to sell my soul to get there.  More importantly, I want to believe I am making a difference, one person, one post, one view at a time.  If that is true, then it is all worth it.

So One Year Down, many more to come.  Happy Birthday 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo WordPress Blog.  Sooner or later, I knew it would come to this…

How can I bring this up without sounding overly Pro-Obama?


How can I bring this up without sounding overly Pro-Obama?

Mitt Romney was born in Michigan and was the Governor of Massachusetts.
Paul Ryan was born in and is a Congressman from Wisconsin
Barrack Obama was born in Hawaii and was a Senator from Illinois
Joe Biden was born in Pennsylvania and was a Senator from Delaware

What is common about all of those states? They all went to Obama-Biden
Current Electoral Votes are Obama 303 and Romney 206 Not Counting Florida
With 270 Needed to win…

So let’s do some math.
Pennsylvania – 20
Illinois – 20
Michigan – 16
Wisconsin – 10
Massachusetts – 11
Delaware – 3
Hawaii – 4

84 Votes Total
Turn the Tables and Romney Wins

Take away just the Romney – Ryan States and it swings 37 Votes
Enough to put Florida in Play as the Deciding State:

It took me all of 15 minutes to look up this information the day after the election.  Why is the media not saying anything about it?

The A, E, I, O and U of Leadership.

Should I subtitle this post the Vowels of Leadership? Maybe I should.  Are there going to be people out there saying, “Says who?”  I sure hope so, again; I ask everyone to search out and check for themselves everything I post on 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  OK, onto the A,E,I,O and U of Leadership.

The Vowels of Leadership:  “A” stands for Attention, “E” stands for Emotion or EQ, “I” stands for Intelligence or IQ,”O” stands for Operation and “U” stands for Understanding.  Attention, Emotion, Intelligence, Operation and Understanding are in my mind Five Traits of Great Leadership.  Make no mistake that Leadership starts with vision, but once you have a vision; then what?  Having a vision does not make you a leader.  What you do with the vision is what determines if you will be a leader or not

So let’s take it from the top, you have a vision.  The first thing you have to do is pay attention to that vision and your responsibility as a leader in that vision.  You have to put your attention into how you will present yourself and the vision to others.  As a leader, you will be one of the first people inside of that vision to roll up their sleeves and do the work of making the vision a reality.  You can not do this, if you are not paying attention.  This may seem so basic that it goes without saying; consider it may be so basic that you might miss it.  Pay attention to the vision and how you are presenting yourself as a leader within that vision.  Pay attention to the steps you are taking to making that vision a realty.

Once you are paying attention to the vision, you must understand your emotions.  Your EQ or Emotional Quotient will pay a big part in how well you can transfer not only the Vision, but the Feeling to other people.  Lots of people will not follow your lead unless you can show them something.  In the beginning, there may not be a lot of accomplishments to show.  Imagine winning an Olympic event without training or coaching; it sounds crazy doesn’t it?  In the beginning you have to understand how the vision makes you “feel” and how to transfer that “feeling” to others.  As a young Leader in Training, I have spent a lot of time hammering the facts, but not really understanding the Emotional Side of Leadership.  I often wonder if I can deal with everyone else’s emotions let along my own.  I don’t want to play around and get people all fired up on false emotion.  I want to pay attention to the vision, and then as accurately as I can transfer that “emotion” how that vision makes me feel to other people.

“I” stands for Intelligence.  As you progress as a Leader, you will become a source and beacon for people to follow.  Everyone should strive to become an expert in the area as they are becoming a leader. If you have Vision, and you are giving the Vision proper Attention, and you are Transferring Emotion to and from people about the Vision, you will continue to learn and grow.  You must strive to seek out and learn from the best information you can find.  Learn from the experts who have gone before you.  This is not who is the smartest about general knowledge, this is about increasing you Intelligence about the path you are taking and leading people down.  Scout ahead, learn as much as possible, and share what you learn with others.  If you set a good example, others will share with you.

“O” stands for Operation.  You can have very High Levels and Vision, Attention, Emotion and Intelligence and still not be a Good or Strong Leader.  If you operating out of Fear, Lies, and Power than where are you leading the people who follow you?  If you are operating out of an Open Honesty Environment based on Facts and Faith then you have the chance of become a Great Leader.  Do you like being told lies?  Do you like being tricked, fooled or scammed?  Do you think the people who follow you would like it?  How you “Operate” as a Leader will go a long way in determining your long-term success.

“U” stands for Understanding.  To progress as a Leader requires the understanding of yourself, your vision, how people are receiving the vision, and where they are in the process of working inside the vision.  It is easy for those who have success or are working inside of a successful organization to recruit more people to follow them.  It is much harder when you step out on your own.  You have to Understand where you are, where those around you are, and how to progress as a group toward the vision.  Again, are you operating out of an Open, Honest, Fact and Faith based position?  If you are then your Leadership should help others learn and grow the vision you are pursuing.

The Vowels of Leadership: Attention, Emotion, Intelligence, Operation and Understanding.  Have you memorized the A, E, I, O, U of Leadership?  I wish all of you the best!

My wired in music: Champagne Sounds.

My wired in music:  Champagne Sounds.

OK, so I like to listen to music through headphones while at work.  When I need to get a lot done I like to block out the world around me.  That is nothing new.  Anyway, lately I found myself reaching back into my collection to listen to a few Light Jazz, 80’s Pop, Synthesizer Based Dance Acts.  After doing what I usually do, Google and Wiki the names of the Artists, I found out the style of music is officially called Sophisti-pop!  So as always, if you want to know more, you will keep reading.

Disclamier: I do not get paid by Google, Wiki, Amazon or any other Dotcoms; yet.  Maybe one day I will fleece this site with Ads, but for now I offer my opinions up for free.


Call them trash disco, call the nu-romantic; this band has been through some lineup changes, but Martin Fry and Mark White churned out a few 80’s Gems.  Songs like The Look of Love, Poison Arrow, How To Be A Millionaire, and Be Near Me had me reaching for my Absolutely ABC CD on a number of occasions.  Thank god for greatest hits collections, they are a DJ’s mainstay.

Prefab Sprout:

Some of you may be saying “Who?”  That is ok, for those of you who are not, the Two Wheels Good CD is one of those great rainy day go for a drive CDs.  Lush arranges and thought-provoking lyrics.  So, I got myself a copy of the Life Of Surprises and of course found myself playing it while working.  Again, I love those Greatest Hits Collections.

Swing Out Sister:

This is another act that might have some of you saying “Who?”  I remember getting the Better to Travel CD back in the day.  I was able to find a used copy of the Kaleidoscope World CD, and then remembered hey I have a copy of 20th Century Masters why not pop that in the CD player?  Again another greatest hits collection, but why fix it if it ain’t broken?

So thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I have another playlist for my “got to get a bunch of work done” episodes.

Finding It.

This may be the most confusing post I will ever attempt to explain in 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I am going to try to explain It, so you can find It.  See here is the problem with It.  90% of people will not realize It when they see It.  And for those who sense they are seeing It, 90% of them will not believe It.  So you can see how hard It is to explain It when It is so hard to see and believe.

Now if you have It, you know what I am talking about.  If you don’t have It, you may be scratching you head and wondering what I am talking about.  Let me try to start over.  Some people have It, and they know It when the have It.  Some people see It but don’t believe they are seeing It because It is so rare to see.  Some people fake It so unless you have It, see It and believe It; you may not be able to tell when someone is faking It.  If you have It, It is easy to see when someone is faking It.

Ok, let me start over, again.  I can not force It and I can not make It happen.  I know It when I see It, so I can only show what is not It.  Now that may make you confused or frustrated or even angry; because someone you may have thought had It, was only faking It.  Now people who have It know It when they see It.  Again, you can’t force It; but you can set the table and maybe It shows up.

So, how can you find It if you can’t see It?  You can’t.  You have to see It and hopefully when you see It, someone who knows It will nod and smile and let you know that you have seen It while many other stand in disbelief that they saw It.  You see you have to know that you have seen It and someone will confirm It.  Now this get’s tricky because so many people will fake It and try to convince you that you are seeing It when you are not really seeing It.

Some people try to describe It to people who have never see It; and they best I have ever heard them do is say that some people have It whatever It is.  Does this sound confusing?  It is, It is hard to trust It if you have never seen It.  And It is even harder to trust It around people who are faking It.  You see, some people have It and lose and then they fake It to convince people they still have It after they lost It.  Are you following this?  If you have It, you know what I am talking about.  If you have seen It, then you know what I am talking about.  If you have seen It but did not believe It, or have never seen It; than I understand why this post is very confusing.  It is OK to stop and read this post over again.  I may have to read this a few times before I post It.  See I can not tell you this is It, because It may not be It.  You just have to figure It out.

You see It is like magic.  You can try to practice It, but if someone figures out that you are smoke and mirrors than you don’t have It.  Magic does happen, just like It happens; but you have to believe It happens and you have to see It to figure It out.  Then you can tell if what you are seeing is not It.  See It is magic, It is like a miracle; and miracles do happen.

Now even though you may practice It, even though you may have It; you can not force It.  And even if you nail It when you try to show It, sometimes people will still not believe It.  Sometimes people will believe those who are faking It, which makes It harder to see It in the first place.  So how do you find It?  First you have to be looking for It.  You will know when you don’t see It.  So you have to learn how to figure out when you see It and someone is not faking It.  You will know you are seeing something special, but you may not believe It.  By the time you believe It, It may be too late.  See It is fleeting, like fame.  Famous people try to hold It long after It is gone.  And because you may have seen someone who used to have It, you may think they still have It, even if they are faking and forcing It; which of course is not It.  So to find It you have to stay true to It.  You have to look for It, believe in It, practice It and not force It or fake It.  When you see It, someone else who knows It will confirm It; but be careful you are not being conned into see It when It is not really there.

See I can not show It to you, because I can not force It.  I can only confirm you have seen It, if I am there when you see It and I see It also.  See if we both see It then I can confirm It.  You may think you have seen It, but if I miss It; than I can not confirm It.  But, you will know It.  Then the next time you see It, I will more than likely see It also as long as we are both where It is.  You can plan to look for It, but that does not guarantee you will find It when you are looking for It.  It may show up when you least expect It.

That’s the best I can do.  Print this out if you have to.  Read It every day under you really understand what I am say about It.  It is out there, but you can not force It to show up.  It will show up when It is ready, but you have to be ready to see It when It shows up.  You have to be ready to see It and believe It.  No smoke, no mirrors, no faking It, no forcing It.  You will know It when you see It.  So all I can say is, Go Find It!