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The Power of Us:

The Power of US is the power of Unified Strengths.  The power of US is the power of United Systems.  The power of us can be explained in many ways, but it is all the same in the end.  The power of us is the power of being united over being divided.

Take any two positive words, one that starts with a U and on that starts with an S and smash them together and you can create an Acronym for US.  There are so many possibilities I really don’t want to go into them all.  Unlimited Synergy, look I almost got started.  The power of us is the power of believing that we are better off working together than going it alone.  The power of us is the belief that two people working together can get more done than two people working separately.

Sometimes the world boils down to three types of people.  Takers, Givers and Give & Takers: Takers take, it is all they understand.  Takers are all about me, me, me power.  Givers give, it is all they understand.  They make you more important than themselves.  Look at how much the giver can give.  Give & Takers understand that life is about give and take.  It can’t be all give, give, give and it can’t be all take, take, take either.  Give & Takers understand the power of us.  The power of us is stronger than the power of you or me.  People need to work together.

Takers take; they will use force if they have the force, if not they will lie, steal, beg and plead to get what they want.  Do you think takers care how much destruction is left in their path after they get what they want?  Givers give; they think they are helping but how are you helping if people are always taking advantage of you?  The best way to help someone is to teach them how to earn for them self.  Give & Takers understand the power of us, the power of working together.

Givers, Takers and Give & Takers exist on all levels with all kinds of levels of effort.  Some Takers are Brute Force Takers who use violence and fear to get what they want.  Some Takers use promises and lies and they never deliver, they simply move on to someone else.  Other Takers just whine and cry until someone gives them a hand out to leave them alone.  Some Givers give what they can when they can.  Some Givers go overboard giving more than they have to give.  The problem with just giving is if you are giving and not teaching you are not really helping the people you are giving to… is this giving out of a sense of guilt?  Give & Takers work together, learn together and grow together.  The more effort you put in and the more you learn than everyone becomes better off.

There is a classic story.  Feed a person fish, you feed them for a day.  Teach them how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.  Let’s apply this to Takers, Givers and Give & Takers.  There is a Lake Stocked with Fish.  A Brute Force Taker, Fishes, puts up a fence and does not let anyone else fish.  Or they rob and steal what others have caught.  Scammers promise all kinds of things, if you will part with the fish you have caught, and then never pay up.  Whiners and Criers will tell you how they are down on their luck and lost their catch, can you help them?  Givers will gladly give up some or all of their catch to help the Takers.  The question I have, are they really helping?

Give & Takers may give you a fish with a fishing lesson, so you never have to be a Taker.  Give & Takers will try to work out a system where everyone can fish and share the take.  They might start Fishing Company or a Boat Charter Service and help you catch as much as you can.  Give & Takers understand the power of win – win.  Win – win is the power of us!

Don’t be a Taker, don’t be a Blind Giver; understand the power of Give & Take.  Understand the power of us is greater than the power of me or the power of you.  Understand the power of Us!


The Alpha Optimist

I am the Alpha Optimist, let the games begin.


What makes me think that I can be the Alpha Optimist?  Somebody has to do it.  You have to want to do it.  You have to want to serve as Champion of the Optimists.  You have to want to be the Apex Optimist.  You see Optimism is a choice, it is a choice I was challenged to make; it is a challenge I have accepted.  It is a mountain I am scaling.  I am the Alpha Optimist, let the games begin.


Read this with a smile, otherwise you will not be able to see what I am saying.  Again I say read this with a smile; find a way to laugh along.  Otherwise you will miss it.  I can not state this enough for the record, you will not see it, if you do not smile while you read this, so read this with a smile.  I am the Alpha Optimist, the Leader of the Optimist Pack.  Maybe the Optimist Pack has not recognized my skills yet, but they will soon enough.  You see someone has to do it.  Someone has to carry the torch, and that someone is me.  You too can run with me in the Optimist Pack, You can be a Beacon of Hope.  You have to run the race to qualify.  Try to be the most positive person you can be.  Dream the biggest dreams.


What does it take to be an Optimist?  You have to believe you can make the world a better place.  You have to believe that good things do not happen by chance, but we help them along.  You have to run the race.  Start with paying it forward.  Be the person who leaves a penny at the corner store.  Be the person who gives their spare change in the fundraising cans at the gas station.  Be the person who tips better when you go out to eat.  Every little bit counts.  You see I cam giving you tips because I am the Alpha Optimist.  I am not the least bit worried about losing my title.  I am self-proclaimed.  But I can help you become more of an Optimist.


Remember to smile when you read this or you will miss the point.  I am the Apex Optimist.  So I am giving you another tip.  To make the world a better place, you have to get involved; Volunteer at a Local Church or Charity.  Lend a helping hand at an after school program.  You can make a difference.  See I am challenging you to make a difference, because I challenge myself to make a difference.  You can do it.  It is not hard, you just have to start.


I am the Big Dream Hunter, and I am leading a Safari.  You can come along.  Be the one who says “We can do it!” and mean it!  Be the one who will challenge Pessimists and Realists to a Verbal Duel.  Can you win the argument and leave everyone laughing and thinking twice?  Can you sharpen your saw against the most negative and complacent people around?  I can, that is what makes me the Champion of the Optimists.  I never back down from the chance to prove a pessimist wrong.  I never back down from the challenge of making a realist dream.  That is what it takes!  I am the Alpha Optimist, the Apex Predator of Realists and Pessimist.  Yes those camps shudder to think I may be tracking them.  Making them rethink their positions.


Don’t be afraid, it won’t hurt.  You will learn to love it.  Love the fact that you can dream big and make the world a better place.  Love the fact that you do not have to give into pity parties and doom and gloom.  The sun will rise in the East tomorrow just like it did today.  You can roll with my team, you can ride with us.  We are the Dreamers of the Big Dream; the Hunters of the Big Prize.  We will change the World.  The Trumpets will sound.  Did you remember to smile while reading this?  If you did not smile, you can not see it.  Put a smile one your face and start over.


I am the Alpha Optimist, let the games begin.

Underdogs still have to hunt.

We love seeing the underdog win.  We love it when the little guy finally beats the big guy.  Come on, countless movies, TV shows, Songs, Plays have been written about it.  Let’s not kid ourselves.  Now, the point of this post is not just to root for the underdog.  The point of this post is not to be afraid of being the underdog.  The point of this post is that being the underdog is more than just showing up.  The underdogs still have to hunt.

Showing up is half the battle.  I blog, I post, I write, I type because I believe in the underdogs.  I am an underdog, and to all my fellow underdogs; I say dream the big dream.  Dream the big dream and showing up is half the battle.  Underdogs have to show up, but to win the battle; underdogs have to be ready to hunt.  Have you ever heard the saying “that dog won’t hunt?”  Well underdogs need the attitude of “If I don’t hunt I don’t eat.”  We see it a lot in sports.  Underdog teams play sacrificial lamb for the big dogs for an easy pay-day.  That is not hunting, that is laying down for money.  Who roots for the underdog to just put up a good fight?

We root for underdogs to win, but underdogs must have the attitude; if they don’t hunt, they don’t eat.  There is nothing wrong with losing if you have given it everything you have to give.  I am not saying it is easy being the underdog, no I am saying it is hard; all the more reason why the underdog has to be ready to give their best.  Do you want to be remembered as the little engine that could, or the little engine that almost could?

If I don’t hunt, I don’t eat.  I am not a big dog; I am still trying to fight the good fight.  I don’t want to be known as your favorite blogger who never made it, or almost made it.  I want to be known as your favorite blogger who motivated you to get up and chase your dreams because I was chasing my dreams.  If I want to catch my dreams, I have to hunt.  If I don’t show up for work, I don’t get paid; if I don’t get paid, I don’t eat.  Underdogs must have they attitude that if they don’t hunt, they go hungry.

“That dog won’t hunt” is an expression to describe an idea or company that looks good on paper, but does not work.  Investors use it when they are expecting a company to grow and prosper and it does not work out.  That dog won’t hunt is used to describe, companies, business, teams, people and ideas that just don’t work out.  Underdogs have to hunt.  They have to stay hungry.  Never cheer an Underdog that just wants to show up and get paid.  Pro Wrestling used the term jobbers, guys who we paid to make the big stars look good.  Jobbers do not hunt.  In boxing they called it “taking a dive,” guys who got paid to lose.  No one wants to root for a jobber, or someone who is ready to take a dive do they?

We love rooting for the underdog.  I love rooting for the underdog.  I never bet on sports for that reason.  I am a fan of sports.  I love it when the underdog wins.  It gives hope to us all.  That is why I want to see the underdog put up a fight.  I want to know that the same fight lives in me.  I want to believe that the same fight lives in you.  The underdog can’t just show up.  The underdog has to hunt!

Caffeine Detox:

Good morning.  Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I try to find something positive to blog about.  Well today I feel compelled to type about my battle with Caffeine and all the things you will need to help you get through breaking the Coffee, Ice Tea, Soda and Energy Drink cycle.  Today’s topic is the Caffeine Detox.

A few weeks ago, I woke up with a headache and some nervous jitters.  I decided to go without Caffeine for a while.  I have done this before; some times I just endure the headache and wait it out.  Well, I want to give you a list of things you will need to go a week or two without coffee, iced tea, soda pop or energy drinks.  This is what you need for your Caffeine Detox.

1:  Water, drink plenty of it.  Drink eight cups a day or more.  The first step in the Caffeine Detox is to re-hydrate your self.  Water may become your new best friend.  I say maybe because the next item on the list may be your best friend first.

2:  Aspirin; take two and call me in the morning.  You will more than likely get a headache while on a Caffeine Detox.  So at first aspirin will help with the migraines.  Don’t go over board though.  You want to believe you are getting better everyday.  Headaches can last for up to two weeks when you break the caffeine cycle.  It makes you wonder what that stuff is doing to you.

3:  Rest.  Because you are not pumped up from Coffee, Tea or all those soda and energy drink choices, you may just want to take a nap.  Go ahead; it is ok to relax when you do this.  It is probably good to plan a couple of days where you don’t have a lot on your plate in the beginning.  Your sleep schedule may jump off track, but it will get back to normal.

4:  Vitamins.  It is a good little source of energy to replace the daily caffeine kick.  So a vitamin a day is almost a must to keep your metabolism churning away.  You will also see that your diet and a vitamin can keep you in steady supply of all the energy you need.

5:  Fruits and Vegetables.  Some foods make you sluggish.  Some foods give you energy.  It is smart to eat fruits and vegetables that will keep you charged up with all those trendy diet buzz words like, vitamins, nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and carbohydrates.  You may want to check out any list of super-foods and stock up on your favorites.

6:  Exercise.  Now is not the time to become overly lazy, and it is not the time to try to be superhuman either.  Light exercise will help get the blood flowing and will help boost your energy levels also.  Just remember to not over do it.  Just take a walk, or do something fun.  If you are not exercising regularly, start with 15 minutes a day.  If you are exercising on a regular basis, don’t’ stop; just take it easy until you feel the energy returning to your system naturally.

Let’s face it.  Caffeine is part of the daily ritual of a lot of people.  That morning coffee when you get to work.  The ice tea at lunch, the soda pop at dinner and the energy drink before your workout, it all adds up.  So to break the cycle, you need to replace all of those things with natural energy.  Drink plenty of water to re-hydrate your body.  Take an aspirin to combat those headaches, they will go away after a few days.  Get plenty of rest and let your body recharge.  Stock up on your vitamins, take one after breakfast everyday.  Watch the foods you eat, stay away from things that make you feel sluggish and eat your favorite super foods.  Whether or not you are on a regular exercise routine, exercise but take it easy for a couple of weeks.  After a while you will notice new energy without all the caffeine.

Now by the time you read this, I may be back to drinking coffee and iced tea; but I have gone three weeks with no caffeine, and I feel plenty of energy as long as I follow the steps I mentioned above.  You can do it. You can follow my Caffeine Detox Plan.  You just have to start.

Little Drummer Boy Part Three.

Learning to be a servant leader:  This is part three of my journey as a drummer, or at least my attempt to blog about my latest musical adventure.  I have learned that sometimes you have to follow to lead.  Sometimes your submission and your service provide the strength that others need to follow.

I play most of the classic Rock and Roll instruments.  I play Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Drums.  I have played all different styles of music in front of all different types of crowds.  Sometimes I say; I have done everything but become famous.  None of that matters.  What matters most is that I love music, and I am open to play whatever is needed to move a group forward. Lately this means playing the drums.

I have been getting positive feedback from the people who I jam with, and the people who have heard us play.  Sometimes I feel like I only have a couple of simple patterns that I play on the drums, but I try to make them fit the music.  I have learned that the people who I have been jamming with rely on me on a certain level.  I am there to provide a solid foundation.  I am an anchor of sorts.  I provide the launch pad that others can take off from and also a place for them to land.  Many people identify with the beat, the rhythm of the music.  Not many people view the drummer as a leader of a group of musicians. A great drummer can make or break a performance.  A solid and reliable drum beat is more important than a flashy drum solo.  I took that approach from the beginning.  Provide a solid steady beat as a drummer.  Now after taking a week off because of schedule conflicts, everyone was happy that I was back in the fold.

I have been openly praying that other drummers would come forward, so that if I was not available the group would not suffer; more on that later.  This week, I was back in the fold, back at practice; and it seemed like things were not as organized as before.  Though we had a few good performances under our belts, it seemed like this practice was not as good as the others.  We seemed like we were not all together on the same page.  This provided a valuable lesson to me.  Not to be a leader who was pointing out mistakes.  My instincts told me to provide reassurance to the rest of the players.  I said more, by saying less.  I played a bigger role by playing a more simple part.  I was able to make more of an impact by keeping the drum parts as simple and open as possible.  I was trying to create as much room as possible for everyone to hear each other.

The first song in our set required us to all come in together at a fast pace.  There was a little bit of confusion between the players.  Because I was not pointing out every little thing that was wrong, when I did speak, people listened.  They did not tune me out like they would have if I would have been complaining out each little mistake we were making.  I was able to laugh at myself when I missed a drum beat or a cymbal crash.  I was able to smile and keep going.  This seemed to rub off.  At our Saturday Practice with mainly just the instruments, and at our Sunday practice where we added in the singers, things did not seems as smooth as they were in our previous performances.  I again challenged myself to say more by saying less.  Only make the most important points.  How long were we holding changes?  Should we all start together or come in one at a time?

Fewer words were spoken, but I spoke with more confidence.  Be a solid foundation that everyone could reference.  With a little prayer and a little luck our third official performance sounded the best of them all. Everything went from being kind of shaky the day before to coming off smooth and polished.  After we were done, someone told me it looked like I was having fun when I was playing the drums.  I was.  I was able to laugh at my mistakes, and keep a solid beat for everyone else.  Sometimes to lead you have to listen to others, follow them, and give them the room to grow.  This is the approach I took, and it worked.

One a side note, three different people of different ages expressed interest in playing the drums.  Now I was not threatened or offended; I hope I get a chance to teach them, and to step aside and get them ready for the times when I can not be there.  I want to make sure the group does not miss a beat, if I am there or not.  I want to do what ever needs to be done so the music keeps going; with or without me.  This is a whole new level of leadership I hope to learn along the way.

I hope to be able to teach others what I am learning and then add more musicians into the group.  I wan to be a part of mentoring and coaching others to learn to play.  I hope it opens us up to being able to play more styles of music.  I hope it is not only fun for me, but for the other people playing.  I hope that the music we are making inspires others.  I want to believe that my service provides leadership and inspiration to others.  I want to be part of making a difference.  Slowly, my prayers are being answered.  I feel like I am growing as a leader because of it.

Thanks again for taking a minute to be a part of this Motivational Mojo.  Now bottom line, get up, stretch and get out their and chase your dreams.  If you are not chasing your dreams, I might feel like I am wasting my time.  No this will never be a waste of time.  If I can get through to one person at a time, than that is enough.  60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Out!

T4 – The Four Tees to get to the top!

Time, Talent, Tenacity and Teamwork:  These are the Four Tees it takes to get to the top.  Now before your read any further, I am not saying it is easy.  I am saying it is that easy, but not easy.  Time, Talent, Tenacity and Teamwork will get you to the top, if you can get all four things working together.

T1 – Time

Good things take time.  Have you ever watched a Rocket Ship being launched?  In person or on Television a Rocket Launch is a sight to behold.  Now, have you ever watched a Rocket being built?  Now they don’t just slap it together over night.  It takes time, it takes patience, it takes skill; but most of all it takes time.  It takes time to do it right.  So what makes you think your dream will come true the next day?  You have to hold onto your dreams over time and get yourself ready for them to come true.  The same way the Astronauts and Mission Control have to prepare for that Rocket Launch.  It starts with time.  Good things take time.

Time, Talent, Tenacity and Teamwork:

T2 – Talent

Every good movie, every good TV show, every good song on the radio; behind all of them is plenty of talent.  Even if you think the movies, TV show and song on the radio are all bad; someone thought there was some talent somewhere.   Writers, Directors, Producers, Managers and Performers all have to align their talents to make Movies, TV Shows and Hit Songs.  Scientists, Engineers, Technicians, Managers, Assistants and Associates all have to line up their talents to make the Rocket Launch a Success.  To get to the top of any field takes talent.  There has to be some talent somewhere.  No matter how much you think you hate your job, remember; somewhere someone has got some talent.  Get around the talented people and let it rub off on you.  Surround yourself with Talent and you are on your way to the top!

Time, Talent, Tenacity and Teamwork:

T3 – Tenacity.

I love the sound of that word.  Tenacity, persistence, stubbornness; you must be a little stubborn, even if it is in a nice way to get to the top.  Ever wonder how Bad Movies, Bad Television Shows and Bad Songs get made?  Some where, someone was very Tenacious and would not take “No” for an answer.  Now if you surround yourself will talent, you still have to be Tenacious, you still have to fight the good fight to get your project or business off the ground.  Sometimes people do their best work against all odds.  Watch the Movie Apollo 13.  Tenacity, enough said!

Time, Talent, Tenacity and Teamwork:

T4 – Teamwork.

Yes sooner or later it was going to come to this; Teamwork.  The sooner you realize you can’t do it all yourself, the sooner you will be successful.  All the Time, Talent and Tenacity in the world and a One Man Band will never match The Beatles.  There is nothing wrong with being a Superstar, but it is very important to be on the right team.  Some Superstars never win anything, and would practically trade their whole career for a championship; sadly many of them wait until it is too late.  If you take your time, and surround yourself with talent and are tenacious; you still need a strong team to work with you.  Teamwork makes it happen.  Forget about the One Man Army myth; learn to work as a team!  People on your team will see things you might miss, they will bring new ideas, the will bring more energy and knowledge and talent; if they agree to work together.  Sooner or later, teamwork seems to win out.  Make it sooner.  Work as a team right out of the box.  Create a team environment, and protect that environment.

Time, Talent, Tenacity and Teamwork:  These are the Four Tees it takes to get to the top.

Use your give or lose your gift.

I am sure we have heard it before.  Use it or lose it.  Maybe people have said in a negative way.  I am trying to say it in a positive way.  I don’t make the rules.  I am just telling you what I have learned.  I am just telling you what I believe.  I am just telling you what I have lived.  Use your gift or lose your gift.

I want to believe that writing is a gift.  I want to believe I have a gift of gab.  I want to believe that I have a gift of Motivation and Inspiration.  All I am trying to do with this Blog is to convince people to learn the truth and chase their dreams.  I have been blogging for almost two years now.  Yes, I want to believe that enough blogging may lead to writing a book one day.  I want to believe if I read enough, and write enough and join enough conversations; that I will learn and grow and apply what I learn to my every day life.  This blog is like an open diary.  Lot’s of the things I post are things my wife and I have lived.

The act of blogging, of writing of posting and pasting links has taught me a lot in the past eighteen months or so.  One of the major things I have learned is how much more I have to learn.  I have that I can become a better writer and a better typist and a better manager of my time.  I have learned that I have to keep an open mind, but I also have to stand up for what I believe; and before I expect anyone else to do something, I have to expect myself to do it.  If I want someone else to cherish their gift, I have to cherish mine.  If I want someone else to chase their dream, I have to chase mine.  If I want someone else to use their gift to chase their dream, I have to use my gift to chase my dream.  I blog, and I volunteer and I try to help organize; I use my gift.

If you don’t use a machine it will get old and rusty.  If we do not use our gifts we can get rusty.  We can get out of practice.  We can begin to lose our gift.  We can also begin to lose sight of our dreams.  If we are not moving forward we in truth are slowly moving backwards.  We are surrounded by people who are not living their dreams, in truth we are surrounded by people who have given up on their dreams.  If we stop moving forward, if we stop chasing our dreams, if we stop using or gifts; we will listen more and more to people who have given up.  We will hear more doom and gloom.  We will start losing what we should be using.  Do you remember the good old days?  Do you believe you are past your prime?  Do you think you will never have the things you dream of having?  Then you will not use your gift, you will fall out of practice.  You will get rusty.

Use your gift or lose your gift.  Be the best that you can be at what ever you want to be doing.  Get around others who are using gifts that compliment your gift.  Teach others how to use their gifts, if their gifts compliment yours.  Be the person who says “yes we can” instead of “no we can’t.”  You have to use your gift or you may lose you gift.

How do I know?  I know because I do.  I know because I am doing.  I know because I am learning.  I know because I want to believe that I am improving.  Because of my blogging, I am typing more and I am typing faster.  Because of blogging my spelling and grammar have improved.  Because of blogging I am reading more and making fewer mistakes when I write and type.  Because of blogging I expect more of myself.  Because of blogging I am more convinced than ever that positive words and paying forward positive vibes can make a difference.

Use your gift or lose your gift.  I hope everyone out their will continue to chase their dreams.  I hope anyone who has fallen down will get up and dust themselves off and try again.  I hope everyone out there will use their gift!

Maximum Awesomeness!

Search out Awesome on the internet or look it up in the dictionary.  Would you like to be known as or do something awesome?  I would.  And I am here to motivate those of you who agree with me, in 60 seconds or less with whatever mojo I can muster.  Maximum Awesomeness or Max Awesome for short; can be yours if you will lend me your ears, or eyes in this case.

Solar Awesome

How to Gain Awesome!  Can you become more awesome?  Sure you can.  I will run down the steps for you.  Erase all doubt and follow me on this one.  Did you search out awesome?  Are you ready? OK, let’s do this!

Lot’s of times when people start a new workout or new exercise routine they want to either lose weight or build muscle.  I am telling you that the answer is the same if you will shift your thinking.  Forget about losing weight or gaining muscle, focus your mind on Maximizing your Awesomeness.  How do you gain awesome?  It starts in your mind.


Focus your mind on the fact that you can be awesome.  Think about the things you like to do.  Focus on your goals and hobbies and dreams and wishes.  Stretch them to their limits, say in your mind that you can be awesome.  Don’t say it out loud, or at least not when people are around.  Keep these thoughts inside your head; when someone says you can’t do something, repeat in your mind that you can.  Repeat in your mind the fact that you can gain awesome, you can aspire to Maximum Awesomeness; Max Awesome for short!

Now act on your thoughts.  Action creates confidence.  If you want to lose weight, start working out. If you want to gain muscle, start working out.  If you want to play the guitar, practice.  If you want to sing or dance, practice.  If you want to be a great accountant, practice.  You have to act on your thoughts.  Awesome does not fall out of the sky; that is luck.  Awesome has to be built upon.  If you have set you mind to being awesome, then you have to create a habit of working toward being awesome.

Maximum Awesomeness, you have to be convinced.  You have to be inspired.  You have to think awesome thoughts and build upon awesome actions.  You have to use a system of rewards to continue to motivate yourself.  If you are working out, eat the foods that make you feel good about your workout.  Listen to music that makes you feel good about your workout.  Watch shows that get you pumped up before your workout.  Don’t over think it, focus and act.  Same with playing the guitar, or dancing, or singing, or being an accountant; I am not being funny, you have to be convinced and inspired.  No one is going to hand you awesomeness on a silver platter.


Now, if you are working hard, and you are making gains; if you are gaining awesome, if you are about to reach a state of Maximum Awesomeness, do not put your self in a position where you will self destruct.  Lots of people try to take short cuts, or push things too far.  Some people engage in destructive behavior on their road to awesomeness.  Do you want to be a flash in the pan, or do you want to leave a lasting legacy?  Know your limits, and then help others maximize their awesomeness.  Do you want to be known as Max Awesome?  You have to believe you can do it, you have to keep it in your head, and then you have to protect it.  Don’t destroy your own progress.  Not everyone will want you to be awesome, so why would you destroy what you have worked so hard to gain?


Set your mind on awesome thoughts; be inspired by awesome things, and see yourself in awesome situations.  Maximum Awesomeness is a mental thing before and after it is a physical thing.  Awesomeness can not be bought, it has to be built.  You will not be awesome because you buy an awesome computer, but you could be known as awesome if you built an awesome computer.  You will not be known as awesome if you have a great guitar and can’t play it.  You could be known as awesome regardless of what kind of guitar you own, if you are the best guitar player your friends have ever seen.  You can’t buy awesomeness, you have to build it; you have to create it!


Max Awesome must become your goal, your state of mind, your practice and your reality check.  Remember, it is about a lasting legacy, not an endless stream of self-destructive behavior.  To reach Maximum Awesomeness you have to continually be building on and protecting your level of awesome.  You have to be convinced that you can gain awesome, no matter what level you are at currently.  It starts with your thoughts, and it follows with your actions.  Remember you can’t buy it, you have to build it.  It’s not the car, it’s the driver!


I have plenty of Mojo left, but I am taking up more than 60 seconds of your time.  Stay tuned.  You will see a common thread in my posts.  I believe that you can be awesome.  I believe you can because I believe I can.  I am trying to inspire myself as much as I am trying to inspire you.  Maximum Awesomeness, Max Awesome for short; make it your goal!

We are all different.

There is nothing wrong with being different; it is actually kind of cool.  I just have to dispute the rumor that we are all the same.  We are all different.  We are not all equal; life just is not that fair.  Again, there is nothing wrong with being different; we should celebrate the fact that we are different.  Maybe if we could stop giving into the myth or the thought that we are all the same we could rejoice in the fact that we are all different.

Let’s do a simple test.  Think about an Eighteen Year Old and a Seventy Two Year Old.  Are they the same?  Of course not, they are different.  We forget how lucky we are to get to our Eighteenth Birthday, some people do not make it that far.  We are even luckier to get to be Seventy Two years old.  We would not treat a Seventy Two year old person the same way we would treat an Eighteen Year Old.  Now think of the differences between Boys and Girls at Eighteen, and Men and Women at Seventy Two.  Here I have only mentioned Four Possible choices and they are all very much different.  Now let’s look even closer.

Imagine how many different people make it to the age of Seventy Two.  Some are Rich, Some are Poor, Some have worked their whole lives and some have not worked a day in their lives.  Some are greatly educated so much so they never left the academic world.  Others may have not spent a day in school.  Think of all the different stories that each Seventy Two year old can tell you.  I dare to say that everyone will tell you different stories about their past.  How are they all equal?

Now imagine a bunch of Eighteen Year old people.  Imagine some on Academic Scholarships to college, some on Athletic Scholarships to college, some who will have to figure out how to pay for college and some who will not go to college.  Imagine Eighteen Year Old people who live in the City, or in the Suburbs or in the country; notice I did not even say which country.  They are all different with different stories to tell, way different from the stories of the Seventy Two Year old people.  Again, what makes us all the same?  It is my stance that we are all different.

I get it, we are all the same in God’s eyes; right?  Right!?! Well if that is true how can some people have God’s favor and how can God be sadden by some?  It is simple.  We all make different choices.  Some of us have access to the truth.  Many of us are lied to… and some of us spread lies if we know it or not.  I say let’s start by celebrating the fact that we are different, and then let’s see if together we can find out the truth.

I don’t want to be like everyone else.  I don’t want us all to be the same.  I love the fact that we are all different.  Let’s learn to learn from each other.  I love the fact that every Seventy Two Year Old will have a different story to tell.  I love the fact that everyone has different paths in front of them.  I ask everyone the same question, what do you want to be when you grow up.  It does not matter if they are little babies who look at me like I am crazy or little kids or adults.  I ask everyone, what they want to be when they grow up.  No one person that I know wants to be just like everyone else.  Everyone wants to be something different.  So let’s stop acting like we all want to be the same.

The sad fact of life is that life is not fair.  We will not all start at the same place, and we will not all end at the same place and we will not all take the same path at the same time.  We will all do different things and life will treat us differently.  Take two newborns, on is born in a palace, the other is born in a prison.  Do you think that everyone will treat them the same?  I am not trying to be negative; I am trying to get people to tell the basic truth.  We are all different.  We should all be given the same chances to prove ourselves, we will make different choices, and some of us may be victims of those choices.  Let’s find a way to celebrate our differences and stop looking to make everyone fit into the same neat little package.

Top Ten Found Mojo Posts for the Month of March 2013

Sometimes I just want to try something new.  I have tried to figure out what is connecting with my blog.  What is getting through and what is not.  I have tried to help move things along, but people find what they are looking for on their own.  So for a change, I am going to do a Top Ten for a Month.

Here are the Top Ten Found Posts for the Month of March 2013


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It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


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Maybe a lot of little post will add up to ne big blog.


We all love seeing the Underdog Win.

I love being the underdog.  How about you?


The Selfless Leader:

I believe the best leaders are Servants and Teachers to those who choose to travel with them.