Daily Archives: May 20th, 2013

Do what you love.

I had a choice to make.  I had this topic running through my mind.  To love what you do, you have to do what you love.  I have been thinking about it for a day or two.  The trouble is, I already did a post with that title.  So it created a choice.  I could abandon the ideas that are rolling around in my head.  Or I could re-read my original post, and the maybe update it.  Or I could just type out another post with the same basic topic.

So my choice has been made.  Good ideas should stick with you.  So, I am not going to re-read the old post until I am done with this post.  I have heard a hundred times if I have heard once that people should do what they love to do.  I have heard this is a key in being and feeling successful in your life.  People should do what they love to do.  Unless of course it hurts other people, then they should get help.

Kids love to play, and as we grow older we develop hobbies.  Most of us, then are told while we are in school that we must get a job one day.  We never consider our hobby as a potential job.  We just do what we have been told time and time again.  We work a job to make the money to pay our bills and with the time and money we have left over, we can take a vacation and hopeful have a few dollars for your hobby.

A job is basically us trading our time and a skill that we have for money.  A hobby is where we develop our talent.  Our hobby is more than likely closer to what we love than our job.  Now some people truly love their job.  They are the kind of people who tell you that they don’t have time for a hobby.  If you love your job then I am happy for you and you do not have to keep reading.  Now if you like your job, but would rather be doing something else, you might want to keep reading.

A lot of us are often faced with a choice between working extra hours for extra money, or even taking a second job to help pay the bills or get ahead.  I challenge you to think of a way you can make money from your hobby instead of putting in extra time at a job you might only like and not love.  Have you every heard the term, “We vote with our pocket-book?”  When ever you spend your money you are casting a vote for something you like.  What house did you buy, what car did you drive, what restaurant is your favorite?  These are all choices, all votes.   Your hobby is something you choose to do when you have spare time and money.  This is the myth we have been convinced of over time.  We believe that we have to do something that someone else wants us to do to make the money to do the things we want to do, instead of getting paid to do the thing we love to do.

Now what if you could do the things you love to do?  It is said that to be successful, you have to give it your all.  You have to commit 100% to your job, or you business.  Now doesn’t it make sense that you will be able to give it your all if you love what you are doing?  Work is stressful, working long hours dealing with people who would rather be doing something else.  Does it not make sense that if everyone is doing what they love, they will be happier than if everyone feels like they are sacrificing their time and talents to help someone else build their vision?

Now I am very careful not trying to tell you what you want to do, because for all of us it will be different.  But if you could find a way to make a profit, no matter how small; from your hobby, it is better than paying to do it.  It is always better to save money doing what you love, how much better is it to make money doing what you love?  Now I am not talking about breaking any laws or changing lowering your moral code.  I am talking about looking in to starting you own business part-time, or working part-time doing something you love doing.  If you can’t find work, start by volunteering with someone who gets paid to do what you love to do.

If you love what you are doing, giving it your all will come naturally.  I am not really going to quote a bunch of famous people.  I am just relaying what I have heard, what is bouncing around in my head.  Do what you do to do, and you will feel a much bigger sense of accomplishment than doing what you are told to do.