Daily Archives: May 24th, 2013

Love and Truth go hand in hand.

I got 60 Seconds to convince you of this fact.  Love and Truth go hand in hand.  Now 60 Seconds may not be enough time to work this level of Motivational Mojo, but I will give it a try.  People have been lied to about Love and Truth.  Love and Truth go hand in hand.  They have to, they must.  To have one you must have the other.

Define Love:  I am not talking about lust.  I am talking about true and unconditional love.  Now Define Truth:  No wishy-washy conditional truth, I am talking about absolute absence of all doubt truth!

Now search out God is Love:  Then search out God is Truth:  So how can God be only Love or only Truth when God is both Love and Truth.  So how can you have Love without Truth and how can you have Truth without Love?  You see I only have 60 Seconds to convince you of something you may battle in your mind with for the rest of your life, or you can realize there is no battle.

Love on the most honest and innocent level can be seen in the way a mother loves a newborn baby.  Truth on the most absolute level is without waiver, doubt or malice intent.  If you truly love someone you will tell the truth.  And to tell the truth you must know true love.  Now you can leave me 100 replies on why you disagree with my, but you can not change my mind.  I am stubborn that way.

So let’s go to the other side of the fence, let me try my best to argue against the fact that Love and Truth must go hand in hand.  Can you Love a Lie?  Let me ask you, if you gave everything you have to someone because you love them, and you found out that they were lying to you at every turn, would you be happy?  Would you?  Can you truly Love a Lie?  Stop playing the Unconditional, Forgive and Forget Love Card.  Can you Love someone with all your might if you know they are lying to you?

Let’s try this:  Can you tell the Absolute Truth, without any doubt or malice intent without having Love?  What if I told you I knew the secret to a long happy life free from sickness and you could spend eternity in paradise?  Could I tell you this secret if I did not truly believe it?  Could I tell you this secret with no malice intent and not love you without condition?  None of us deserve that level of truth or love, none of us have earned it; that is why it has to be freely shared.  It can not be hoarded, it can not be fenced in, and it can be stopped.  If you believe in Absolute Truth then you must have Love for everyone you share it with; they must go hand in hand.

How do I know this?  Why am I so convinced?  I have been fighting this battle in my own mind my entire life.  Then I figured it out, then it was shown to me; the battle is already won.  There is no battle between darkness and light, light always wins.  So why do we fight these same battles between Love and hate, and between Truth and lies?  Love is not lust, Love never fails.  Once you know the Truth, why would you spread rumors or lies?  Once you know the Truth, you will only give people the best possible advice you can.

Search God is Light:  No you do not have to believe anything that I have posted here?  I chose to believe.  Your beliefs are your choice.  The things I tell you should not be a secret.  The things I post here are what I believe.  It does not mean that I do not have my own battles to get through, it just means I am doing the best I can to spread the best news and best advice I can find.

Love and Truth go hand in hand.  Love and Truth are the Light and the Way.  God is Love and God is Truth.  If you Love someone you will tell them the Truth, and if you know the Truth you will do all you can to walk in Love.  You can not love a lie, and you can not live in fear and doubt.  Love and Truth must go hand in hand.