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Leadership is like Dodge ball: You can throw it, catch it or dodge it!

Vince Vaughn

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, where I find Leadership in the strangest places.  So you may be wondering how Dodge ball teaches leadership; that is my task for today.  To convince you that Leadership is like Dodge ball: You can throw it, catch it or dodge it.

So I assume you know the movie, but if not here is a link  Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story:  So I am not trying to be a disciple of the Vince Vaughn Leadership School.  No my Dodge ball observation goes a lot deeper.  So you have to read the Dodge Ball Rules:

Flying Throw

So in Dodge ball, you have to be good at Throwing, Catching and Dodging, just like in Life and just like in Leadership you have to know when to throw, when to catch and when to dodge.  Now most of the time, Leadership is not about dodging, it is about catching.  So ok, here we go.  Life will throw lots of things at you.  Can you throw it back?  Can you roll with the punches?  Now before you can throw, you have to catch, you have to track down what life is throwing at you and throw it back.  Now I am not talking about how much junk life throws at you.  I am talking about adding value to the things life throws at you.  Work, School, Hobbies all the balancing acts in life.  Can you catch everything that life is throwing at you and can you give back your best?


There is only so much you can catch.  Now if you have to dodge, don’t dodge the important things. Your values and your family have to come first.  Then you work, work is important to pay the bills.  Leaders can not afford to dodge the important things.  You have to catch the important things and throw them back at life.  Keep rolling with the punches.  Now the things that are not important, the things that do not add in value to your life or your work, dodge those.  Know when to not try to catch everything.

When I was growing up we played Dodge ball on Basket ball courts, we used a different set of rules:  “A variation if the dodge ball game is played on a basketball court is that if a player throws the ball and it goes into the opposing basket, the whole team gets resurrected.”  That was the game I got used to playing.  I was the player who could throw ok, I could catch ok, I was really good a dodging, but I could hit that half-court shot.  I was the guy how tried to get my whole team back in the game.  That is the kind of leader I want to be.  I want to be the Leader who helps get his whole team into the game.


Now some people on your team are going to be great throwers, some will be great catchers, and some will be great dodgers and some will hit that half-court shot.  Know how to get the most out of your team and out of your life.  Know what is important to catch and what to dodge.  Know how to get the most out of every throw.  Learn how to keep your team fully engaged and in the game.  Hit that half-court shot and improve your odds dramatically.  Leadership is like Dodge ball: You can throw it, catch it or dodge it!