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Live a little everyday!

What I am about to tell you is not a secret.  It is not magic, and it is not a mystery.  It is plain and simple truth from plain and simple observation.  Everyone should try to Live a little everyday.  Now when I say live, I mean L.I.V.E.  So when I say L.I.V.E; I have to explain the acronym.  So if you want to know more, stick around.  If not, I will be here next time.

L.I.V.E. a little everyday:  The “L” stands for Love, Laugh and Learn.  Now when I say Love I do not mean Lust.  Love means to care for someone else more than you care for yourself.  Tell someone you love them and mean it.  Love everyday and Laugh everyday.  There is nothing better than spreading smiles.  Find something funny, not at someone else’s expense and spread the laughter everyday.  Laughter has tremendous healing power.  Love, Laugh and Learn everyday, try to learn something new everyday.  Do you see what I mean so far?  Not everyone really lives everyday and I have only begun to explain it.  L stands for Love, Laugh and Learn.

L.I.V.E. a little everyday!  The “I” Stands for Invent and Invite.  See you must take this one letter at a time.  Ever watched a bunch of kids when they are bored?  Sometimes they make up their own games.  Sometimes they can get all the kids in the neighborhood to play along in a made up game.  Then we grow up stop doing these things.  I think we should start again.  We should take what we are learning everyday and apply it to doing something new.  Then we should invite people along.  Some might say no, but who cares?  Why not L.I.V.E. a little?  As long as you are not hurting anybody.  You might come up with the next great idea, because you invited people to try something new.

L.I.V.E. a little everyday:  The “V” stands for Vision and Victory.  There are small wins out there everyday.  If you truly care about others more than yourself, if you spread happiness and joy, if you are learning something everyday, if you are doing new things and inviting others to join you; then hopefully you will find a small win everyday.  Lots of little wins add up to big wins.  Have a clear Vision and take it one step at a time, one win at a time.  Sports teams say they games are won and lost in practice.  So practice find small wins to take away from everyday.  Find a Victory everyday.  Take another step towards your dream everyday!

L.I.V.E. a little everyday!  The “E” stands for Energy.  Do not do things that rob you of your energy.  The foods you eat, the amount of rest you get and the amount you exercise all work together to give you the energy you need to get through the day.  Now if you are doing all the things Laughing, Learning, Loving others, Inventing, Inviting and Find Victory in your Vision, you will see it takes energy, but it lots of fun.  Yes, life should be fun.  L.I.V.E. a little everyday!


Finding your gear!

To day I am going to do something rare.  Today I am going to try to combine Fitness Advice and Leadership Advice.  Let me know if I fall flat on my face.  Let me know if my meaning does not get through to you.  Ok, today’s topic is “Finding your gear!”

Finding your gear, today I am fresh off the exercise bike and had a pretty good workout this morning.  Today I am inspired to tell you how I find my gear and hopefully how you can find your gear.  Not everyone likes to exercise, some of us do it because we like to, some of us do it because we need to, and some of us do it because we have to; exercise can help save or lengthen your life.  Now I like to ride bicycles, and I like to ride exercise bikes.  I like to put on my headphones, listen to music, have a bottle of water and pedal until I run out of energy or run out of time.

With any exercise program you should take it easy when you get started.  The same thing goes with any leadership program.  You should take it easy from the start.  In exercise your body needs to get used to a new routine.  In leadership your team needs to get used to your routine.  So take it easy when you start.  If you over work your muscles when you exercise you will get sore and maybe even give up.  In leadership, if you over work your team, they make get sore with you and some may even give up.  Be careful in the beginning.  Settle into your new routine.

Bicycles have gears, some are made so you can move fast on flat land, some are made so you can still pedal when climbing hills or riding into the wind.  You have to use the easy gears to tackle the big hills or ride against the wind.  Leaders should also use easy gears when they have to tackle big hills.  You have to push people, but you can not push them until they break.  Sometimes it is better to ease off and encourage.  Everyone is different and will use different gears based on their skill level.

You will have to find your gear.  Exercise bikes have different programs and different levels to help you simulate the feel of a real bicycle.  Don’t be fooled, it is not the same.  This is also true for leadership; you can not simulate leadership and fool people who have experience.  Leaders must know when to do team building exercises and training exercises before trying to lead people into the heat of battle.  This takes practice, and I will attempt to explain to you how I find my gear when on an exercise bike.  I will also try to let you know how I think it applies to leadership.

Finding your endurance gear:  The first thing you have to do is find the correct frame of mind.  On an endurance ride, you must be in it for the long haul.  You can not go crazy riding fast and expending all your energy and then run out of gas half way through your ride.  You must learn to pace yourself.  This means start slowly in a low gear that is easy to pedal.  One an exercise bike this may mean starting at level zero or level one.  Do not pedal fast, pedal at a nice steady pace where you are never short of breath.  For a leader, this means teaching your team something easy, something fun.  You must build a good solid foundation.  It may even seem boring at first, but it will become a challenge, see how long you can ride, see how far you can go without trying to play beat the clock.

Finding your speed gear:  Again, you have to find the correct frame of mind!  Start out in the easy gear or the lowest level program on your exercise bike.  Now pedal at a nice steady pace.  Every 60 seconds go up one level or one gear.  Pedal for another 60 seconds and go up another level.  Do not try to pedal super fast in the low gears, keep a steady pace at each level.  It will take more strength and more energy as you move up each level.  This is not a long haul exercise; it will become a challenge very quickly.  At the lower levels you will feel strong, as you move up through the levels it will start to challenge you.  You will find a level where even though you give it all you have in you, you can not keep a steady pace.  You will find a gear that will break you, then back down one level; back down one level and see if you can still ride strong and steady.  The gear that is one below your break point is your speed gear, this not the gear you ride in for a long time, this is when you need to go fast.  This is a leadership lesson; you can not be in your speed gear for a long time.  You may not break, but you will break your team.

Now remember two things, when you are riding for endurance stay in the lower gears, and see how long you can go.  When you are riding for speed, find the gear where you can ride strong and steady but not break down.  You will get stronger over time, one ride at a time, but you can not do it all in one day.  Pick one or the other, one day ride for endurance, another day ride for speed, and some days you will need to just rest.  This is also true as a leader.  When you are doing team building exercises; long exercises should be easy and fun, intense exercises need to be kept short.  Let people know what they are in for before hand and schedule breaks to let people recover.

Finding your grind gear:  This is the gear you will need on long flat rides!  This is when you want to cover the most ground in the quickest time.  Before you attempt this, you should be comfortable riding for endurance and riding for speed.  Your grind gear is usually one or two gears lower than your speed gear.  This is the gear where it takes an effort to maintain your pace, but you can ride at this pace for a long time.  This is not a comfort ride; you are riding for your best time.  The real trick to this gear is you will need a day to rest when you are done.  You will push yourself to your limit without breaking.  You can not know what gear this is until you know your limits, your speed gear and your endurance gear and how far you are able to ride.  The same goes for a team leader.  You have to test people at different levels before you can put them in a grind it out situation.  This is why some sports teams practice twice a day to get ready for an upcoming season.  You must know your limits before you put your team in grind it out mode.  And as a leader, you have to tell them what they are in for and set the best example you can.  If your team trusts you, they will follow you.  If they don’t you will look around and your team will be gone.

Finding your climbing gear:  This is the gear you need to get over a big hill!  This is a tricky gear to find.  The best riders are tested on hills.  You have to be able to pedal in an easy gear for a long time and a strong and steady pace.  This is not a sprint or race gear; but because you are climbing a hill, it will feel like more of a challenge than flat-out race.  The best riders in the world are made and broken on big mountain climbs.  The best leaders are made or broken in the field of battle.  A leader needs a strong team.  A leader needs to set a good pace without losing their team.  This is why it is so important to build trust and endurance early.  People will not follow you into a fire fight unless they can trust that you actually care about them not just yourself.

So what does bike riding have to do with leadership?  Well, at the highest professional levels, bike riders work as a team.  They put their leader in a position to win, and the leader shares the prize money with their team mates.  The team leader may not be the fastest rider or the best climber on the team, but they will have the best combination of skills to handle whatever is required for that given race or series of races.  The world’s greatest bike races can take over two weeks to complete.  The strongest team is the team that puts together the best series of races without breaking.  The leader of the team can not break, and they also can not break their team.  It takes a combination of skills to win and the teams that can best balance strength with speed and endurance are usually in a position to win in the end.  Same goes for leaders.  The leaders who can balance their team’s speed, strength and endurance without breaking them apart are usually in a position to win in the end.  When you win, share the wealth with your team.  Be leery about taking all the credit and all the wealth for yourself.

So how do you find your gear on your bike?  You practice, you train, you push yourself at a steady pace working through the different gears.  You find that gear that is comfortable and you go past it.  You find that gear you feel strong in and you go past it.  You find that gear that breaks you and hang on as long as you can.  You then back down and build up your endurance.  After you have built more endurance you push your self to your limits again.  In practice in controlled settings, you get your self ready for battle.

So how do you find your gear as a leader?  You practice, you train, you push yourself to set a great example for your team and you encourage your team along the way without breaking them.  You let them know what they are in for so they will trust you when it is time for battle.  Win as a team, and lose as a team; but first and foremost, let your team know your really care about them.  They will be the ones who put you in place to win.

Worrying will never solve your problems.

Hello again, Welcome, or better yet welcome back.  Are you the kind of person who seems to worry more than everyone else?  I hope you are not the kind of person who worries about things and then never does anything about them.  Worrying will never solve your problems.  Either what ever you are worrying about has to be important enough to act on, or you should stop worrying because there is nothing you can do about it anyway.

Have you heard of the Serenity Prayer?  “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”  I may not be the biggest fan of this prayer, but I will say; it has helped a lot of people, maybe it can help you. See I believe in Courage and Wisdom, I just have tough time accepting things without at least trying to make a difference.  I am not good at just accepting things the way they are without question.

Now I am not telling you to walk around doubting things.  I am trying to get you to stop worrying about things.  Either you do your best or stop worrying.  If you will not bother to try to make things better and learn from your mistakes, than why worry?  If you are surrounded by people who refuse to try to make things better or learn from their mistakes, why do you worry?  You either accept them for who they are and stop worrying; or surround yourself with different people.  Worrying will never solve your problems.

There is a famous Einstein quote about the definition of insanity.  I have heard it so many times I have come to not like it any more.  I like the other quote about the same level of thinking that caused a problem will not solve the problem.  If you are not willing to think things through and get up and act on what ever is bothering you, then why worry?  Why not say a prayer and let it go?

I am not telling you to never worry; I am telling you that worrying will not solve your problems.  Worry may lead you to take a second look at something, but again why worry if you will not act on it?  If you can’t change what ever you are worrying about, why worry?  Why not say a prayer and move on?

Let’s test my theory with an extremely basic example.  Let’s say I am the kind of person who loves sunshine, hates rain and I am afraid of the moon.  Now, I can get up everyday when the sun is shining and by happy, let rain make me sad, and then hide under the covers every time I see the moon.  What good is that doing me?  Now, maybe I like the sun because I like being out doors and hate the rain because I can’t go outside.  Maybe it is time for me to find a new hobby I can do while it is raining, but I can not stop rain from falling can I?  I can move to a climate that has less rain, but I can not stop rain or change the weather where I live.  Now how about the moon light?  In this example moon light scares me.  So maybe I can study about the moon and find out where my fear comes from, or I can say a prayer for the moon not to hurt me and get on with my life.  It will be impossible to find a place on earth where I can hide from the moon.  I will have to accept the fact that Sunshine, Moonlight and Rain drops are all part of life on earth, but I can also act on my emotions and fears.  I can control a certain part of how I react to sunny days, rainy days and the moon at night.  I must have the courage to learn and act on my emotions, not just sit around and worry.

Now listen, I have a lot of faith.  I have a lot of faith in God.  But, I am not the kind of person who sits around and says, “It is all in God’s hands.”  This may seem like a paradox, it is all in God’s hands in the end, but God has given us a say so in our lives also.  We have choices we can make.  We do not have to put ourselves in bad, risky or dangerous situations time and time again; and then either worry all the time, or just sit back and say it is in God’s hands.  I hope you understand the point I am trying to make.

Let me put it this way.  If I lived near a Volcano that is active; I can either act like the volcano will never erupt again, or prepare for the volcano to erupt, or prepare to leave the area.  Again, sitting around worrying about the volcano erupting will not change anything.  The volcano will smoke and it will erupt based on things that none of us can control.  Either we prepare and do the best we can, or we pray and accept whatever answer we receive.  Worrying will never solve your problems.

So in conclusion, I will give you this much.  A little bit of worry is o.k. if it shines the light on a problem and you will either accept it or act on it.  But worry for the sake of worrying will not change anything.  Worrying will never solve your problems.  Either you get up and act, or say a prayer and accept things for what they are worth.

My Super Secret Mystic Magic Formula for Success:

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  Today I am going to impart to you my super secret mystic magic formula for success.  Now I am going to tell you that I have studied ancient text and conversed and debated with scholars.  I am going to tell you that I have studied many cultures and many hours, days, weeks and months deep in meditation in remote and secluded locations.  Yes, I am going to freely share to you the wisdom of the ages.  Are you ready for my Super Secret Mystic Magic Formula for Success?

Step one in the reveal is that the Formula for Success is not magic.  No it basically has a series of steps that have been proven to work.  I will tell you those steps, but I have to come clean, there is no magic involved.  Ok, Step one is to connect with your life long dream.  It is easy if you let it be easy.  It is hard because life has programmed it to be hard.  What did you dream of doing when you were a kid and had no idea what a job was?  What did you want to do all your life, before you ever worked for a living?  This is more than likely your life long dream, you just forgot it.  Now, before you say it is too late for you to live your dream and you want to go back to watching your dream on television or in a movie; try to at least get around people who are living your dream and ask them how you can help out.  It may mean volunteering or earning less than you are earn now, but this is something you may be able to do in your spare time. Recap: Step One, connect with your life long dream.

Step two in the reveal of my Super Secret Mystic Magic Formula for Success is that it is not mystic.  I am not going to dress up in some crazy robes, or light a bunch of candles and act like I am coming out of a deep trance.  I will try to put this as plain and simple as possible.  You are going to have to allow yourself to take a look at where you are, where you want to go, and learn from people who already made the change in their life that you are looking to make in your life.  You are going to have to find a mentor.  You mentor needs to be someone you can trust, some one you admire and someone who agrees to meet with you on regular basis of at least once a month.  See that is not mystic, it is just sound advice.  Be careful when you pick your mentor.  Do not fall for a scam artist.  You need to be able to see for yourself, what is going on.  Only pick someone you can fully trust, to many people fall for get rich quick scams.

Step three in the reveal of my Super Secret Mystic Magic Formula for Success is that it is not a secret.  Everyone walks around talking about living the dream, but it is not a secret.  It is really well-known that you have to apply your talent to chasing your dream.  Unless you dreamed about working in a factory, than working in a factory only helps you reach your financial goals, but it may rob you of the spare time to reach your dream.  Same thing applies to working in a restaurant, or in an office.  If you are basically working in a system where you are trading your time for money, you will more than likely be short of both time and money.  To live your dream, you have to spend at the very least your spare time chasing your dream.  You need to work in and build a system that will help your reach your goals not just pay your bills.

So what have we learned so far about my Super Secret Mystic Magic Formula for Success?  First it is not magic; You have to connect with your life long dream.  Second it is not mystic; you have to carefully choose a Mentor you can trust.  Third it is not a secret; you have to work in or build a system that will help you reach your goals.  So what else is left?  Well the formula is not super either.  You don’t need Super Powers, Super Size or Super Strength; you only need the courage to try.  You are going to face some challenges.  You are going to fight some battles.  You are going to win some and you are going to lose some; but will you get up dust yourself off and keep trying?

Now I kind of wish my Super Secret Mystic Magic Formula for Success for was Super, Secret, Mystic, and Magic; but it is only a Formula for Success.  Does it really need to be anything more than that?  Why can’t it just be a Formula for Success?  In truth I really can’t even take credit for all of this stuff.  It goes back hundreds if not thousands of years.  If you were not born to a rich, famous or powerful family; you are going to have to do it for yourself.  Get around people who are successful in areas you want to become successful and learn from them.  It sounds kind of bland doesn’t it?  Remember, get around people you can trust, not people who are trying to scam you.  It is really just that simple.  No smoke, no mirrors, no magic, no super heroes; just the plain and simple truth.

That’s all I have you today: My Super Secret Mystic Magic Formula for Success.  I will try again in a couple of days.  Until then I will just keep hacking away at my Proven Formula for Success.

Proactive Mentoring: Unleash the Leader in You!

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo:  How would you like to become better at something?  How would you like to leave a lasting impact?  It is really simple.  Proactive Mentoring will not only make the people around you better, but also make you a better leader.  What do I mean by Proactive Mentoring?  I will try to explain. Proactive Mentoring:  Unleash the leader in you!

First let’s define Proactive:  Acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty; anticipatory:

Now let’s define Mentoring:  To serve as a trusted counselor or teacher to (another person)

So it is really easy to put the two together: To serve as a trusted counselor or teacher to another person acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty; anticipatory:  This is Proactive Mentoring.  Now the reason I say this will unleash the leader in you is because when you teach others you will learn for yourself.  Now there is a difference between teaching someone and ordering someone to do something.  A wise teacher learns through the eyes of their students.  So if you are a trusted counselor and you are helping someone reach their goals, hopefully you will not tell them what to do, but you will show them what to do.  Hopefully you have common goals, otherwise why are you their mentor?  If you are acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty, it means you have experience, and you are trying to safely pass that experience to someone else.  You are not putting them in harms way, you are trying to show them how to avoid harms way.

Now, how can I cook up a good example for you to better understand?  Think about maintenance of your car.  Some people wait until things go wrong before they take their car to a mechanic, this is called reactive maintenance.  Something goes wrong and then you fix it.  Other people check things like their tires and their brakes on a regular basis, this is called Preventive Maintenance.  You check and fix things before something goes wrong.  Then there are people who take their car into the shop for every oil change and get their brakes done based on the number of miles they have driven if it needs fixing or not.  This is called Predictive Maintenance.  You use the known history of things that can go wrong and you fix problems before they happen.  This is the most Proactive Style of Maintenance.

Ok, let’s say you like to play the guitar and you want to play on stage.  It would be wise for you to get around people who have been on stage and ask them what they have been through, but pick your mentors carefully.  Now if you are a guitar player and someone came to you and asked you what you have been through, will you give them the best advice possible or will you ignore them and turn them away?  Would you help them get ready to perform on stage, practice with them and maybe even loan them the things they might need in case they break a string or break a cord that plugs into their equipment?  Will you mentor them through the problems you have experienced?  Maybe you are an established musician but you need to warm up act or a song writing partner.  Who better to choose from than people you have worked with in advance.  Maybe you work with your trainees at smaller shows and open microphone nights to get them ready for their big break.  Maybe if they make it big, they will help you out in return.  Who knows, but being a proactive mentor helps your chances.

Now how does this apply to leadership and to business?  Well if you are going to start your own business, do you want to know who you can trust so you can take some time off?  Do you want to know who you could put in charge of a second or third store as your business grows?  Why not teach someone how do deal with things that may go wrong before they go wrong.  You might learn from them in the process.  You may learn there are things you are good at and things the people you are working with are good at that they can teach you.

There is a big difference between being a mentor and being a boss.  Bosses like to give orders.  Mentors try to create a system where everyone can learn.  Servant Leadership is a great start, the Proactive Mentor is even better.  Servant Leaders think about others before they think about themselves.  A Proactive Mentor can leave things in well prepared hands.  It is great to be the magic that makes things happen, but it is even better to teach others the magic also.  Teaching others means you do not have to be all things at all times in all places.  This is how businesses grow.  This is how systems are developed.  This is how people learn.  By mentoring others and continuing to learn for them selves.

Unleash the leader in you.  Teach others how to do the things you do, and also continue to learn for yourself.  Be proactive and be trustworthy.  Be the type of person you would like to follow.  Be a Proactive Mentor and unleash the leader in you.

Seven Easy Steps to Success: Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed

Seven Easy Steps to Success, yes it is that easy.  No this is not a Twelve Step Program, this is 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I am here to encourage you.  I am here to chase my dreams.  I am here to get you to chase your dreams.  I am not a carbon copy of someone else’s ideas.  I study, I ponder, I resolve in my mind, I add my own voice.  These are my Seven Easy Steps to Success:  Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed

Now let me retract that statement about Seven Easy Steps, these steps are easy to say; but it is up to you to do them:  Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed.  Start by dreaming, start by seeing what it is you want to be doing.  It is not about what you want to have, it is about the dream you had when you were a kid, before you understood work and bills and all the stuff life throws at you.  This is about seeing clearly how your talents and purpose line up.  You have to see it for yourself first.  I can not see it for you, and you can not see it for me.  This is the easiest step, and yet so many people can not remember what they have always dreamed about doing.

Seven Easy Steps to Success:  Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed:  Ponder, think about your dream.  How do you fit into this dream based on where you are right now in your life?  Do not attempt to live vicariously through your children, or be lost in a haze of watching other people live their dreams in Movies, on Television, on Stage, in a Book or at a Sporting Event.  This is your chance to break your daydreams down into ideas.  This is your dream, not someone else’s dream.  Ponder, think about how you can spend a little bit of each day or each week living a part of your dream.  This about doing not having, remember you have to do this for yourself.

Seven Easy Steps to Success:  Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed:  Think before you speak.  Simple rules, simple live lessons; if you have spent some time Dreaming and Pondering do not be afraid to Speak about your Dream.  Talk to people until you find people who think and dream the same way you do.  Do not worry if people make fun of your dream, they may not have a dream they are chasing.  Now listen to this one piece of advice, if you speak to someone about your dream and they say you are dreaming; it is a compliment.  You are dreaming remember, but now you are in the third step of that dream.  You are talking about it.

Seven Easy Steps to Success:  Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed:  Act, this may be on of the hardest and most frustrating steps of success.  To Act, to be or not to be, that is the question.  You have to act, you have to create the action that will attract the right people who can help your reach your dream.  None of us do it alone, and none of us do it overnight.  You have seen it, you have thought about it, you have talked about it, now it is time to build it.  Build it and they will come.

Seven Easy Steps to Success:  Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed:  Practice makes perfect.  If your dream is worth while, you will have to practice.  No one wakes up one day goes to a basket ball court for the first time and sinks a basket and is then immediately called up by a professional team and gets to quit their day job all in one day.  If you have seen it or heard of it, it was a movie or television show.  If your dream is worth doing, then it is worth practicing.  Now, learn to have fun while you practice, learn to work with other people while you practice.  You are half way there.  This stage is half the battle.  You are half way home, do not give up now.  Do not let what other people are saying or doing keep you from practicing what it is you want to do.  Develop positive habits that will help you reach your dream one day.

Seven Easy Steps to Success:  Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed:  Improve; this might be the trickiest step for most people.  If you did not need to get better at anything, you would already be living your dream and you would not be reading this post.  Can you step back and look at your strengths and your weaknesses?  Will you allow yourself to be coached to the next level?  Can you coach someone else so they can reach their dreams?  Again, this is the hardest step in the process.  Do you know where you fit in and where you can get better?  Do you know how you can best help your team win?  There are many people who work in the background to make other people look better.  Are you comfortable working behind the scenes on successful teams or projects?  No one can answer this for you; you have to be willing to understand how and where you fit in to the big picture.

Seven Easy Steps to Success:  Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed:  Success; so easy to say, so hard to do.  The hardest thing to figure about success is how do you measure success?  Is it having more free time to do the things you love?  Is it being paid to do something you love instead of paying someone to do it as a hobby?  Is it making the most money or winning the most games?  What is success?  To me, success is anything that helps bring you one step closer to your goals and dreams.  Success is a series of small wins that lead to big wins.  Sports teams do not win a championship at the start of a season.  They win and lose games and hopefully put themselves in place to be there at the end when the championship is decided.  Life long dreams are not won or lost in one day, they are built upon one day at a time.  You will win some, you will lose some along the way.  Reward the small wins, improve after small loses; but learn to track your progress.  This may take more thinking, more acting, more practice and more improvement.  You may have to speak positive and assuring words to yourself and your team; you can not short cut this process. Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed; Seven Easy Steps to Success

Who am I?

I am just an average guy trying to do above average things.  I am trying to learn how to become a Motivational Guru.  I have had some hits, and I have had plenty of misses.  I am just trying to stay in the game until my hits add up to a quantifiable amount.  If I can connect with people one person at a time I am happy.

I try to blog what I believe.  I think it is important to do the things you love and to stay in the game:  It is what I am trying to do.  I have been blogging for over year now.  No book deal.  No television interviews.  No movie deal.  It is just me and a bunch of posts that seem to go around and around about Leadership, Motivation, Teamwork and Chasing your dreams.  The most important thing is that I am trying to write about what I believe and then live those things. I am trying to follow the best advice I can find, and then I blog about it.  I try to put it in my own words; I try to find my own voice.

I believe there will always be a new sunrise:  Remember all the doom and gloom about the year 2012.  I guess it is not a big deal any more.  Why do we scare so easy?  Who am I?  I am the guy who believes things will be all right if we make them all right.  I think you have to get involved.  I believe if something is important to you then you will be the pull it out of the fire kind of person.  Otherwise you will just blame it on someone else.

Who am I?  I have my share of problems like everyone else.  I try to plan, but you know things happen:  So you plan and then you have to change your plans.  You have to change your short-term plans, but those dreams, I think they never die.  You have to keep them in sight.  I don’t think your dreams die, they fade; and then you wake up one day and wonder what happened?

So we need to keep doing the best we can.  I have the same goals as when I started.  I keep plugging away.  I am not the same guy I was then, but I am the same guy just different.  Maybe I am getting better, maybe I am getting worse.  Maybe I am just looking back with melancholy.  I am just learning by doing, the same thing I would like you to do.  Get up and try, and look back at what you have done and say I have tried, now what can I do better?  Don’t get frustrated and don’t give up.  Just try.  If you are doing things you like to do, you will find happiness.  If you are chasing money you will find disappointment.  So I look back and I find mistakes here and there and try to get better.

There is not a lot I can do other than keep trying.  This blog will do what it was meant to do:  Who am I?  I am some guy looking back at what I have done, trying to get better at what I do.  I am some guy trying to get you to do the same thing.  Learn by doing and then learn from your doing.  Get up and chase your dreams.

Everything you need is already inside of you.

Everything you need is already inside of you.

Just find a quite place and pray.

Ask God how you can best help others.

And then listen.  Once you have listened, get up and act.

It is that simple.

Because “So and So” said so.

Quick name your favorite Gandhi or Einstein quote.


Welcome back to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I spread a lot of quotes and thoughts and I hope I can motivate people to chasing their dreams.  I have noticed, sometimes we all quote the same people to varying degrees of success.  Some people give you the same advice I would give you, and you may listen to them and ignore me.  This may happen with lots of people.  You may listen to your friends and ignore your parents.  Now I always challenge you to not take my word for it.  Get a second opinion.  So today’s topic is:  Because “So and So” said so.


How many times have you heard someone say “You know what they say?”  Then you wondered who the infamous “They” in “They say” was?  “They” are “So and So!”  Feel free to us them interchangeably.  Notice the following example:

You know what “they” say. = You know what “So and So” says.

I challenge you not to do things because “So and So” says so, but to do things because you truly believe they are the right thing to do.  Do things because it aligns your beliefs and your talents and your purpose, not a purpose “So and So” has quoted for you.  I have heard a lot of people quote Einstein saying the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Quoting that does not make me the next Einstein, I could be using that quote over and over and expecting different results.  That would then become a paradox?  Oh well.


If I sang and danced like Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson, would I become the next Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson?  No I would not.  So walking around quoting “So and So’ will not make me the next “So and So.”  I would have to come up with something new and say it enough times for it to stick.  See here lies the problem.  I can give you the same advice that a rich person would give you, and I can give you the same advice that “So and So” is quoted as saying, but you will always listen to the other person.  I am not trying to tell you what you want to hear, I try to spread the best advice that I truly believe in; and then I will find my own voice.


So again, I ask you not to belief what “So and So” said that another “So and So” said.  I challenge you to find out the truth for yourself.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I am not mad at the famous “So and So” who said so.  I have quoted the ever famous “Them” from time to time.  Here are some of my favorites:  You know what “They” say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  “So and So” says that a penny saved is a penny earned.  “They” say a fool and his money are soon parted.  “So and So” says that fools rush in where angels fear to tread.


You see the wonderful thing about advice is that you have to be ready to hear it, or else it really does not matter.  It does not matter what “They” say or what “So and So” said.  You have to be ready to hear the advice that someone gives you.  And if you take advice at face value, how do you know if “So and So” is being misquoted?


Now maybe one day, I will be remembered as the guy who gave the advice, “Find out the truth for your self.”  Our I will be known as the guy who said “Get off the couch and chase your dreams.”  Or how about align your talents with your purpose and thank God who gave you both.”  Maybe one day I will be the next famous “So and So” who is forever quoted as saying more than I ever did.  Or maybe my life will be defined by one thing I said, those famous last words of the late great “So and So.”  So if that is my fate, let be known as the guy who said, don’t do anything because “So and So” said so.