I want to be better than myself.

I want to be better than me.  I want to be better than my old self.  I want to keep getting better and better than I ever was.  I would hope you would want the same for yourself.

I have been called arrogant.  I have been asked if I thought I was better than other people.  The fact of the matter is I want to be the best at the things I enjoy doing.  If that comes off as arrogant, I will admit; I need to learn to be humble.  I am not saying I want to be better than anyone other than myself.  I want to be the best I can be at what I do.

Now if I was training for the Olympics, or if I was running for Public Office; I would do my best to do my best.  I would tell you of my triumphs and the lessons I learned from my tragedies.  I would tell you why I am honored to be in line for whatever awards or accolades may come my way.  I would tell you how grateful I am to be your champion or your leader.  Why should I not treat my life like the Olympics?  Why should I not try to be the best I can be regardless if I am running for public office?  I will not lie to you and more importantly I will not lie to myself.  The only person I can control in this world is me.  I am only trying to keep improving everyday.

I don’t ever want to be quoted as saying, “I am not as bad as so and so.”  What is that telling you?  Nothing; it tells you nothing of what I am trying to learn, trying to accomplish or trying to improve.  When I was young I went to school and learned and tried to keep getting better at the things that interested me or I enjoyed.  Now I am older and I have learned that life is a never-ending school and you must challenge yourself to continue to learn and improve.

I don’t want to be better than you, or him or her or them; I want to be better than I was yesterday, or last year or ten years ago.  You see I am not waiting around to die; I am attempting to live my life full steam ahead.  What do I have to gain by comparing myself to someone else?  We all start and end at difference times and in different places.  I am trying to do the best I can with the life I have been given.  I could not always say that.  I used to take this life for granted.  Not anymore.  I am trying to learn from my mistakes.  I will never feel sorry for trying to become better than I was, and neither should you.

Never, ever, never compare yourself to others; compare yourself to yourself.  Are you doing the best you can?  Are you learning something new everyday?  Are you doing your best?  Are you building yourself up or are you tearing others down?  If you are tearing others down; Stop!  Be better than you used to be and let others worry about themselves.

I will not feel bad about the fact that I want to be the best me I can be.  I would never want you to be anything less than the best you, you can be.  Does this come off as crazy or arrogant?  Than call me both.  I am not worried about it.  You should not worry about it.  A lot of times, the people who say that “you think you are better than everyone else” have self-esteem problems.  Do not be the one who causes other people’s problems, and don’t feel sorry for trying to be the best than you can be.  If you are trying to help others, even better; but you can not take on their pain and I will not take on their pain.

The only way the world gets better is that we work together.  The only way we can work together if is everyone pitches in and does their best.  If I want to be in the best music group possible, I would surround myself with the best musicians I can find.  I would not sit around wondering who is better than me.  I would be the best I could be and hope it attracts the best and brings out their best.

Just be better than yourself.  I am just trying to be better than I used to be.  I am trying to be better than me.


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