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Happy Renew Year!

Yes, I know you are thinking do I mean Happy New Year?  Yes and No, but No; I mean Happy Renew Year.  Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I have a slightly different take on things.  So today and every day of 2014 make it your Renew Year!

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day bring resolutions where we make promises to ourselves to change.  Well with Renew Year you have a chance to renew yourself.  You can make up your own mind what you want to work on and then work on it.  If you slip and fall, get back up and start over.  Renew Year.  It is not a one shot deal, stay at it until you break through and reach your goals!

Happy Renew Year.  Recharge, Refresh, Reboot, Restart, Renew!  What ever it takes, take a minute and think it over.  If you need to take a weekend to recharge, then do it.  If you need to refresh your perspective, then do it.  If you need a day to reboot your thinking, then do it.  If you need to restart to reach your goals, then do it!  Renew yourself this year.

Feel good about your efforts!  Feel good about your goals!  Fell good about yourself as long as you are trying.  And if you fail, get back up and try again.  Feel good about yourself as long as you are willing to try!

Happy Renew Year.  Take a minute and give yourself one thing you always wanted to do and work toward doing it.  Do it this year.  Take steps this year.  Make a choice this year.  Do something different this year.  One day at a time, one step at a time, one thing at a time; do it this year.

Happy Renew Year!


The “They” Agency

The “They” Agency:  Everyone has heard it said.  Everyone has heard someone say, “They say this” or “They say that.”  Then you are left to wonder who “They” are.  “They” are somewhere between the definitive authority or the ultimate spreader of rumors on almost any and every topic.  Well I am here today to announce the creation of The “They” Agency.

Yes, The “They” Agency.  I propose and I am here to head up The “They” Agency.  It is our mission to research and give the cleanest and clearest information and explanations of those famous quotable quotes that “They Say.”  Whenever someone says, “You know what they say.”  You will know you are hearing the work of The “They” Agency. 

Now all of this effort can not be achieved without resources and to secure those resources we also propose a royalty be paid on the phrase “They Say.”  It will be a small amount, 0.25 USD should cover it.  Wouldn’t it be worth it for everyone to pitch in One Quarter of One United States Dollar for the right to quote the famous “They” with definitive confidence?  No more guessing about what “They Say.”  No more wondering about who “They are.”  Ask us, I mean ask “The They Agency” any question and we will research it for 0.25 USD.  You can also access any other topic that we, I mean “The They Agency” has cataloged in our archives.

No one should have to wonder what “They Say” anymore.  I mean we, “The They Agency” will Google, Yahoo, Wiki, Ask and Bing any and everything you give us a One Quarter of One United States Dollar to Research and can answer back in almost no time.  Now it is true, you could do it yourself.  You could and can check the facts in 15 minutes or less, but why should you be bothered to check the facts, why not let us do it and you give us Twenty Five US Cents.

The “They” Agency, from here forward you can trust what “They” Say!

Simple does not mean easy.

Do you have a nice simple dream?  Do you have a simple little project you want to undertake?  Do you have that thing you have always wanted to get done?  The best way to get started is to get started, but do not confuse simple with easy.  Simple does not mean easy.  A simple idea does not mean you get a free pass to snap your fingers and wait for magic to happen.  Simple means simple; but if living your dream was easy everyone would do it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you to make this complicated just to make this complicated.  Anything worth doing is worth doing well and to the best of your ability.  You can keep your ideas simple, but do not mistake that with meaning they will be easy to attain.  Most of the time you still need to be able to build on your dreams, you need to build on your goals and you need to build on your talents.  You may have to get around people who have done the things you want to do and reached the goals you want to reach.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help even though you may have a simple idea.

You see simple and easy are not the same thing.  Surfing the Internet is easy.  Creating the internet was very complicated.  Also the first versions of the internet and web service and computer hardware and web browsers were complicated.  It took a long time for the internet to become as simple as going to any coffee-house and logging into the “Facebook” or checking “Twitter.”  Simple does not mean easy.  The first mistake people make in thinking simple means easy is not respecting all the work it takes to make things look easy.

Exercising and lifting weights is simple.  Becoming a champion athlete is hard.  Playing guitar is simple, but learning to play a guitar well is hard.  Basic Electronics are simple.  Coming up with a new invention is hard.  Simple means simple, but to get good at something it still takes practice and patience and persistence.  It will get easier over time, but it does not mean it will be easy all the time.

Lots of times the people who make things look easy have practiced and planned and rehearsed until it seemed easy to the untrained eye.  Case in point, the most basic simple idea is getting people to work together.  Now, is that easy?  Have you tried?  Getting people to work together can be very rewarding, but it is not always an easy thing to do.  Again, have you tried it?  People sometimes have a tendency to make things harder than necessary.  Sometime people complicate things for any number of reasons.  Sometimes people make things complicated just to prove themselves right.

One of the basic ways to keep things simple is to just keep things simple.  Do not make things more complicated than they need to become.  Find one thing that people can agree on and give it a try.  Keep it simple.  Keep it basic.  Staying on track and reaching your goals is hard enough.  Why make things harder than needed?  Just remember, simple does not guarantee things will be easy.

What is my point?  Don’t think that because your idea may be simple that it will be easy.  Also don’t make things complicated, just keep things simple.  Give your ideas and dreams the respect they deserve and if they are worth it, they are worth working towards.  If your ideas, goals and dreams are worth doing, it is worth it to keep learning and practicing and getting better to reach your goals.  Keep them simple, but do not assume they will be easy.

The Dangers of Drinking your own Kool-Aid.

It is good to have faith and convection about the life you are leading and the things you are doing.  It is good to be a part of a team that is making a difference and leaving the world better than they found it.  It is great to be successful in Life, Business and as a Leader.  All of these things are good, but they can lead to a dangerous place.  Sometimes we begin to fall victim to our own ego.  Sometimes we start believing our own hype.  Sometimes we drink our own Kool-Aid.

Let me start by saying, it is good to be creative, focused, a big thinker, a big dreamer, a visionary and a leader as long as we keep our egos in check.  I have been there; I have admitted there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence.  Sharing your ideas, building a team, having measures of success can lead to tension; it can lead to tough decisions.  We can begin to believe we are more than who we really are and lose sight of where our talents came from in the first place.  Leadership is a tricky place to be sometimes if you forget to appreciate that it was a team that made you look so good in the first place.

Sometimes being humble can be a tricky thing also.  I was reading a book a leadership where they told the story of a man who was unselfish and humble.  The town appreciated him so much they gave him a badge that said, “Most Humble Man in Town.”  The man wore the badge so much that the town took it away from him.  Sometimes people will wear their badges of poverty and suffering like a badge of honor.  Is that not just as bad as being an arrogant leader?  I say it is… if you are drinking your own Kool-Aid.

They say that “Pride goes before the fall.”  Who are “they” anyway?  What takes more faith, to act on your God-given talents or to say God will take care of it and if he doesn’t it just wasn’t meant to be?  Why would God give you a vision if you are not supposed to act on it and take some ownership?  Now before you take all the credit or put all the blame on God, take a minute to soak this in.  Are you drinking your own Kool-Aid?  Do you believe your own press?  Are you going to be the victim of your own hype?

The easiest way to not fall victim to your own success is to be truly thankful for the gifts and talents that you have been given.  Another way is to give back as much and often as you can, not just when people are taking pictures.  And a third way is to spend time helping people who do not know who you are, just help them because they need help.  If you can stop and reflect on how lucky and how fortunate you are, maybe you might not drink your own Kool-Aid.