Top Ten Found / Searched Mojo for Winter 2013

Top Ten Found / Searched Mojo for Winter 2013

Every now and then I like to look back and see what 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Topics are being found the most.  I try to nudge them along, but over 90% of the traffic on this blog come from random searches.  These are the entries that have been found the most this winter.  So to celebrate the coming of the Spring of 2014, I looked back over the last 90 days and here is the Top Ten 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo for Winter of 2013.

10:  We all love seeing the Underdog Win.

               Don’t just root for the underdog, learn to embrace being the underdog and find a way to win!

9:  Maximum Awesomeness!

               Don’t you want to be awesome?  I would like to see you be awesome!

8:  Don’t let your mistakes define your future.

               We all make mistakes, now get up and learn from them!

7:  Birds of a feather flock together.

               What flock do you belong too?

6:  Confidence, Determination and Will Power:

               They are very hard to measure, but look at the results they bring into realty.

5:  T.R.U.S.T:

               Who do you trust?

4:  The Selfless Leader:

               The best Leadership is Selfless Leadership

3:  Why the easy way out is the hardest and worse option.

               Don’t take the easy way out.

2:  Why Teamwork sometimes doesn’t work.

               People have to want to work as a team.

1:  Standing up for what you believe in is the right thing to do.

               Talking about the right thing is a lot easier than doing the right thing.  Do the right thing anyway!


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