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I never thought I would be blogging about power-walking. I guess you should never say “Never.” Too much stress, being lazy and a nagging knee injury has led up to me being thankful for being able to Power Walk the last few days. Too much stress, being lazy and a nagging knee injury add up to a bunch of excuses. Here I am blogging about power walking. Today, I take what I can get.

I am thankful for my healing, so the knee injury can no longer be an excuse. I am thankful for another day that I can get up and stop being lazy. I know that I have a certain amount of control about the stress that I intake. So they are all just a bunch of excuses. One pound at a time I let my weight creep up. One day at a time, one cup of coffee at a time; I let my blood pressure get out of whack. So here I am blogging about power walking. Yeah I have to get my weight down, my endurance up and my blood pressure down; no more excuses.

So here I am blogging about power walking. So I will walk, and I will get back to where I need to be so I can run and workout and get back to the kind of fitness level that will instill a sense of pride in me. One day at a time and I am thankful for the days. I have heard all the success stories of people who are older than I am and in worse condition. I know that it takes faith, and patience and determination and time and I have each of these things. I have faith, I have patience, I can be determined and I will make the time.

So here I am blogging about power walking and I am telling you that whatever it is you need to do to reach your fitness goals; just do it. Nothing to extreme please, I am talking about stop making excuses and make time. Stop doubting and have faith. Make a plan be patient but be determined. Right now I just have to do what I can, soon it will be more. Soon it will be running and biking and lifting weights but for now it is power walking and maybe some calisthenics.

So here I am, blogging about power walking and just taking it one day at a time.


Pay a quarter forward.

Pay a quarter forward.

I just had one of those moments. You know, the moments where everything seems so simple and clear. Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo. Let me explain. Pay a quarter forward.

I have worked in plenty of places where I raid the vending machines after lunch. A candy bar or a pack of chewing gum; you know the drill. Well I am also a big fan of leaving a bunch of pennies, nickels and dimes at the “Take a penny – Leave a penny” trays or in the Corner Drug Store Charity Jars. So know I propose the Pay a Quarter Forward for the Vending Machines.

I did it today; I left some extra change for the next person to use the vending machine. It is simple. You put your money in the machine, make your selection, grab your change and then load up a nickel, dime or quarter for the next person to come along. They may not even notice that there are a few cents already cued up in the vending machine. They may not figure it out until they get a little extra change back after their purchase. They may not notice at all. Don’t let that stop you.

Pay it forward and then spread the word; challenge other people to do it. One day, you may get that pay it forward quarter back. Hopefully there will be a chain of smiles and little side stories of people getting the lucky nickel, dime or quarter. Start the process. Be the first in line to leave an extra quarter or dime or nickel for the next person. Who can argue with paying it forward, no matter how small?

Pay a quarter forward. Maybe it is not as much as the people who pay for the next person at the drive through, but every little bit counts. You may brighten someone’s day, it may go unnoticed; but do it anyway, you will know. We don’t always have to see the direct results of our efforts, but if you do it enough, it might catch on. If we all do it enough, it might make the news. Or maybe a few people will feel lucky for a moment. Maybe all that will happen is a bunch of small wins. Maybe nothing will happen, but what do we have to lose by trying?

Pay a quarter forward.

Ten Miles down the road.

How far would you drive for a better job, or a better life? Is it worth an extra 15 minutes of your time every day? Is it worth it to look an extra Ten Miles down the road?

When I was young I did not have an automobile. My job choices were limited by how far I would walk everyday to get to work. Usually I needed to stay within a couple of mile to get back and forth to work. Later, I would ride a bicycle and I could travel a few miles farther. Because I had a strong network of friends, I usually was able to find a ride; and looking back maybe I should have appreciated those friends more. It made a big difference; being able to travel a few extra miles, it opened up more opportunities for me and my career.

After getting a car my options opened up even more. Being able to travel those few extra miles, the difference between 30 minutes on foot ( a couple of miles walking) or 30 minutes on a bicycle (10 miles if you are lucky) to 30 minutes in a car (up to 30 miles depending on traffic) opened up what seemed like a whole world of possibilities. When I first started driving 30 minutes a day to work, I thought that was my limit. I heard stories of people who would drive an hour or more to get to work. I never thought I could be that person who could drive an hour each way to work.

I really was pretty happy with my life. It seemed like I had freedom, everything was looking up. So why drive any farther than 30 minutes? I had a steady job and a steady life. So things changed, I got married, I moved and my drive dropped down to 5 minutes each way. Life continued to change and I had to go back to a 30 minute commute. New Job, new company; but not a better situation for me, I had to take a chance. I took a chance on driving an extra 10 miles down the road for a different job, a different situation.

Would you be willing to risk an extra 10 minutes a day, drive an extra 10 miles for a chance at a new and different opportunity? Sometimes everything you are looking for is just an extra mile away or an extra 5 miles away; maybe an extra 10 miles away. Find a map and draw a circle that is a 10 mile radius with where you live in the center. Then draw another circle that is a 20 mile radius with where you life in the center. Now look at the difference, there are more than twice as many options in the 2nd circle aren’t there? Twice as many choices just 10 mile farther down the road. Think of this when you say you can’t find what you are looking for, maybe you were just heading in the wrong direction or your circle is not big enough.

Don’t be afraid to expand your circle; don’t be afraid to look 10 miles down the road. In this digital age we live in, we can make unlimited connections all around the world, but we can still be afraid to look a little farther down the road for the new restaurant, that new shopping mall but most importantly that new job. I have been very happy with my choice of employment over the last 3 years, but now I am taking a chance on driving that extra 10 miles, and extra 10 minutes. Now I am that guy who is ready to drive an hour to work. I am that guy who has looked 10 miles down the road and I like what I see.

So I am challenging all of you to at least look 10 miles down the road. Drawn that circle; do not be afraid to expand your circle. I am not telling you to drop everything and change your life today, I am asking you to at least look that extra ten miles down the road and see what you find.

Limit your focus, but not your options.

Think about this for a minute. We all need options. We sometimes think we need to widen our view to have more options. Not necessary true, I say we can find more options regardless if we widen or narrow our focus. You can have laser sharp focus and it may allow you to see farther down the road than if you are searching all over the map. Limit your focus, but not your options.

Don’t let anyone limit your options. If you want to be a scientist, would you try to study everything at once? No, you would have to declare your major or your specialty. You can be focused and find out you have even more options. Have you ever heard of a “Jack of All Trades, Master of None?” Wouldn’t you like to be known as a “Master?” Mastering any subject takes focus. Now you may be able to Master more than one subject, but for most of us, we only have so much time and so much energy. For us to explore our options to the fullest, we need to focus our attentions on what is the most important to us. Most of us can not afford to be all over the map. We need to be able to make a short list of the things that matter most and concentrate on those things. Once you do that, you may find out you have more time and more options than you thought.

How do I know this? How am I basing this? I listened to too many people who did not have the same goals as I did. I wasted too much time and energy believing I did not have options. I have also been able to step up when I needed to the most. I have tried to continue to learn from my mistakes, and I have made plenty mistakes. The biggest mistake I have ever made? Lack of focus!

So I say it is not too late for any of us. I say that I can limit my focus but I do not have to limit my options. If I make a schedule, if I schedule my time; I must stay focused in the time it takes to get any given task done. Remember, time and energy and the things that matter most are part of this equation. I have come to a place in my life where I cannot be all over the map. I have to stay focused on those things that matter the most. My list may not match your list. My options may not match your options; that does not mean you do not have options. Never let anyone convince that you options are limited, it just takes focus. Limit your focus to those things that matter the most, and you made find you have more options.

Think of a Flashlight versus a Lantern. With the same amount of power and the same size light bulb a flashlight will focus the brightness in a single direction; a lantern will shine light in all directions. You may be able to see in more directions with a lantern, but you can see farther in any one direction with a flashlight. If you do not know which way to go a lantern may be the best option; but once you have a direction wouldn’t you want a flashlight?

Figure out where you are headed first, what are the most important things to you? Then focus your time and your energy on those things. Once you do that you can explore the options that will help your reach your goals. Limit your focus, but not your options!

Everything we think we know is based on faith.

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo. Welcome to another blog where I try to convince you to examine how you think and how you reach conclusions. Everything we think we know is based on faith. Everything you think you know is based on faith. Everything that I know is based on faith. The fact that you are reading this means you can read or translate English. So for me to even communicate this to you is based on my and your faith in the English language.

So let’s begin again. I had to learn English, how to speak it, read it and write it. English is the foundation of my learning. I have to put faith in my ability to comprehend in English to be able to continue to learn and possibly learn another language. English is the foundation for my learning. I have to take this on faith that anything I try to communicate is taken with the proper intentions.

So let’s talk about faith, and truth and reality. All of us are seeking something. Some of us, I hope are seeking more knowledge of the truth and reality. Know before we can argue if the truth is realitive or absolute; and if there is one reality or alternate realities we must have a common basis or language to communicate. If we are using the same language we place our faith in that language. If we are using different languages, we are putting our faith in those languages and their translations.

So we put our trust, we place our faith in the language that we speak and our ability to absorb and communicate knowledge. It does not matter if you believe in God, or Logic or Luck or any combination of the three; where you believe and what you believe is where you put your faith! Everything we think we know is based on faith. Everything that I think that I know is based on faith. Everything you think you know is based on faith.

I believe by faith that the truth is absolute. I believe by faith that there is one reality. I believe by faith there is a heaven and a hell. Everything I think I know is based on faith. I put my faith in English, and I put my faith in God and I put my faith in my ability to continue to learn and grow based on these things. Everything we think we know is based on faith!

We can argue this for hours and hours and days and days, but the foundation of our communication will still be based on our faith in our languages, and our ability to translate those languages. Everything that I type and post here can be dragged into a translator and translated into any number of languages in a matter of minutes. I have used this at work to translate Spanish and French to and from English on many occasions. It takes my faith in those languages and the common messages to get my work done. So I can work with people regardless of local customs and national beliefs, based on my faith in the information systems that are in place to make our lives easier. My ability to grow in my professional and personal life is based on faith. Everything I learn and everything I try to communicate, takes faith.

Wasn’t that easy to understand? Even if you don’t believe like I believe, we have a common faith in the Internet, English and any language that this can be translated into as the foundation of this post being read. Regardless if we agree, each of us has faith in something. Each of us believes in something. Everything we think we know is based on faith!