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Common Ground, Common Direction and Common Moral Compass


Common Ground, Common Direction and Common Moral Compass

What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose? Why am I here? What is the truth? How can I find happiness? What is success? Life has a lot of questions. I am not sure I can lead you to or convince you of any of life’s answers. I think I do know a few things; I am convinced that there is a way to find what you are looking for in life. Find Common Ground, Common Direction and Common Moral Compass before you give you put your faith and trust in people that you meet.

Common Ground, Common Direction and Common Moral Compass: You may have to filter out some of your family and friends; you can still love them and respect them. Don’t let your family and friends keep you from finding what you are looking for in life. You may need to search out new people and find a mentor or coach, but I think if you take a minute and let this sink in you will be just fine. One step at a time let me explain and then see if this makes sense.

Common Ground: Your friends, your neighbors, your classmates, your co-workers, people who have the same likes and dislikes as you; it is easy to find common ground with people. It is the first thing used by marketing agents and politicians to get you to buy what they are selling. Common ground is a great start, but I ask you; is it enough. Should you believe and do what someone else is doing simply because they are from the same neighborhood as you are from, or attended the same school as you? Agai, common ground is a start, but it does not mean you should place your faith and trust in someone for only that reason.

Common Direction: Where do you want to go and what do you want to do with your life? Let’s use this simple example. I live and work in Metro Detroit. I go to work every day and people in my department are on the road on some days and in the office on others. Just because we all live and work in Metro Detroit does not mean we all heading in the same direction all the time. Some people are heading east and some are heading west; some are heading north and some are heading south. For this example I am literally talking about how we travel to and from home and work and when we need to go on the road for business.

Common ground does not equal common direction. Just because we all live and work in the same general area does not mean we are all heading in the same direction. Now if you use this as a metaphor, you will see we may all work in the same area but not live in the same area. Or we may live in the same area but no work in the same area.   We can also have different opinions on how to approach our family, or friends, or profession and countless other areas of our lives. Also, just because we all live and work together does not mean we all went to the same school or were born in the same city. You see common ground and common direction are also dependent on what point in time you are referencing. Not only do you need to find common ground with people, you should also try to find common direction. Your family and friends may not want to go the same places you want to go and do the same things you want to do. This should respect your wishes and not hold you back, but hey more on that later. Hopefully between you family, your friends, your coworkers and acquaintances, you can find some people where you not only have common ground, but you also have common direction.

Now common ground and common direction are a great start, two out of three ain’t bad; but it is not the complete puzzle. To really find what you are looking for in this life; you need a moral compass. There is a constant battle between good and evil, order and chaos, or right and wrong.  You may find that some people are willing to take shortcuts that go against your moral fiber. Finding common ground and common direction are important; but finding common moral compass is the most important thing. One bad move, one bad call by you or the people who are with you can change everything. A series of good deeds by a group of people can be ruined by the bad deeds by a few people in that group. You may find yourself guilty by association because of the moral compass of those around you. Is it fair? No it is not, but if everyone around has their moral compass set lower than yours; you are in danger of them dragging you down.

Common Ground and Common Direction are great, but if you are surrounded by people whose Morall Compass is lower than your yours, you are in danger of them dragging you down with them. Now, if you surround yourself with people work hard, work smart, know the difference between right and wrong and choose to the right thing, you will find they can help raise your moral compass. Isn’t this or at least should this be where we all want to be at the end of the day? Don’t we want to be successful for doing all the right things for all the right reasons? Who is to say, but I think we know the difference between right and wrong, but we may not choose to do right all the time. What if your family and friends choose to do wrong, does that mean you have to choose to do wrong also? What if your coworkers are taking shortcuts, does that mean you also need to take shortcuts? Be very careful when gaging moral compass. Stand back and watch people’s habits and patterns.

I can’t tell you what to choose. I can only hope to help you spot the patterns. Stand back and watch people before you put a lot of faith and trust in them. Watch their habits and patterns. Do they deliver or do they take shortcuts? Do they lie cheat and steal to get what they want, or are they true to their word? Common Ground and Common Direction are not enough. Your future can be made or broken by your Moral Compass and the Moral Compass of those around you. Choose Wisely.


To become a V.I.P. know your V.I.P.

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo. You were meant for greatness. All of us were. Politicians tell us we are all equal. The last thing most politicians want is for us to be equal. Most of them are used to a life of privilege. Most politicians as used to be treated as and catering to V.I.P.s: Very Important People. I say you can be a V.I.P. (Very Important Person) but you have to know your V.I.P. (Value. Intention and Purpose)

Your Value, Your Intention and Your Purpose will decide how you face the day. How do you value yourself? Do you know your intention? Do you know your purpose? I may have to go about this in reverse order. These may seem like the same concepts over and over. Maybe that just means they are important to me. I think they are the keys to success? Do you see yourself as a Very Important Person? You must know Your Value, Your Intention and Your Purpose.

Your Purpose: Why are you here? Let’s go back to politicians. They are supposed to be public officials and public servants. They are supposed to serve a greater good. I think all of us are supposed to serve a greater good. The question is do we? We are not all equal. We are all uniquely made. We need to understand first how we fit into the greater good. It is hard if not impossible to do anything great without a sense of purpose. So understanding your purpose and how you fit into the greater good should be the first thing you figure out or at least the first thing you seek out. It may take a long time to really come to grips with your purpose, or it can take a day. What did you always want to do with your life, long ago when you were a kid, when you were innocent and did not know how hard life can be on people? What did you want to do? You were born with a purpose; you just need to reconnect with it.

You Intention: How do you go about what you do? Again, let’s go back to politicians. Their purpose is to serve the public and the greater good, but how many of them dress up their self service as public service? Why do we spend so much time and money electing people that we do not trust? Left vs. Right, Democrat vs. Republican; are they there to serve each other or the public that elected them in the first place? What is their intention? What is your intention? To many people believe to be successful they have to be deceitful. I do not believe this way. I think you should be honest and true about your intention and get around people who think the same way. Your purpose and your intention should be to the greater good. Maybe this is why I am not the most popular guy in the room at sometimes. That is ok, I would much rather be honest with you. What is my point? Take your purpose and intention seriously.

Your Value: How do you value yourself? Do you see yourself as nothing more than someone who makes minimum wage? Do you see yourself as nothing more than someone who receives welfare or social security? How I see you cannot override how you see yourself. The way that I value you cannot override how you value yourself. To be seen as an Important Person you have to Value yourself, your purpose, your intention and your talents. You see, the way you see yourself begins with being able to understand your purpose and your intention. Your story and your talents must mean more to you than accepting a life of minimum wage or welfare or any entitlement program that tells us we are all equal and only worth a fixed amount each month. Your own sense of value needs to be justified by your purpose and your intention. Your intention has to be greater than thinking that one day you will win the lottery. Your intention needs to drive you to hone your talents. Your sense of value needs to drive you to want to make a positive difference in pursuit of the greater good.

Now I know that I cannot force you to see it my way. I cannot force you to believe that you are worth more than minimum wage. I cannot force you to believe you are worth more than any government program will tell you to stand in line to receive. Take a moment and decide for yourself. Do you know your purpose? Find it first, or at least get on the path of looking for it. What is your intention? Is it for greater good or does it serve only yourself and a small circle of your friends at the cost of everyone else? How do you value yourself? I cannot convince you of these things, I can only hope to get you to stop and reflect on these things.

To be seen as a V.I.P. (Very Important Person) you need to see yourself as a V.I.P. and know your V.I.P: Know your Value, your Intention and your Purpose! Do you place a Value on yourself as just the bare minimum or something more? Do you know your Purpose and Intention? If your Intention and Purpose align with the greater good, why would you allow yourself to believe we are all equal and you should only receive the minimum amount of anything? I cannot override how you value yourself. I can only hope to get you to stop and reflect on how you value yourself.

Do you see yourself as a Very Important Person? You must know Your Value, Your Intention and Your Purpose.

God moves in the echo.

He wasn’t in the fire He wasn’t in the quake He wasn’t in the wind He’s in a whisper – “Life’s Noise” by Bluetree

There was a drum set that sat on the corner of a stage. I was asked to play that drum set. I was honored and I sat down behind the drums. I remember clearly playing that drum set in a Big Empty Room. I could clearly hear the Boom when I hit the Bass Drum. I also heard the echo of the Bass Drum off the back wall. I would play the basic drum beats. The Snap of the Snare Drum, the Chink of the Hi-Hat. Boom – Chink – Snap – Chink – Boom – Chink – Snap – Chink: I could hear the basic beat and I could the echo of each sound of the back wall. Each Drum and Each Cymbal had their own unique sound, but it was the echo that fascinated me.

As more instruments would join me as I played the Drums; the Piano and the Guitar, I could feel their sounds merging with the Drums. It was not always easy to hear above the Boom and the Snap, but I could always tell what was too loud or too soft by the way everything blended together in the echo. Singers would join in, filling up the sound even more. I had to listen a little closer, but I could still hear that echo off the back wall. As much as I listened to what each person was doing, it was the echo that was the beacon that corrected my course.

I would work with the sound man and the other musicians, because I could tell when someone was not be heard because I could not hear them in the echo. My focus, my attention would peak whenever I knew something was missing. The more we would practice, the closer I would listen. Soon after practice we would play to an audience each Sunday Morning, Praise and Worship songs at the beginning of Church Service. I could hear how much the sound changed as people were singing along. I was so focused from the sound of the practices, just the drums, then more instruments would join in; then the singers and then the audience. Each time we ran through the songs they would change, they would get fuller and richer. No matter what song or circumstance, I would listen for that echo; that guiding light that would bring me home. I could tell if I was too loud or too soft. I could tell if the piano or the guitar were coming through clearly, I could tell which singers were stronger and which were weaker. I could tell the mix of the songs not through the monitors, but from the echo. I could hear the crowd, though slightly delayed from the rest of the music, right between the monitors and the echo. They would sing along and I could hear them filling in the space between the Stage Monitors pointed at us and the echo that traveled past them on the return trip from the back wall.

No matter how loud or soft, no matter how many people were in the crowd, no matter how many people were playing, no matter how many singers were on stage, I could always rely on the echo. This is when I realized, that God speaks to us in that echo and in that quite space between the noises. God speaks to us with a gentle whisper. It had nothing to do with what I was doing, if I played the Drums, or the Bass, or if I helped run the sound mixing board, or if I was just in the middle of the crowd. I could tell that God was not moving on my terms but on his terms. You may think I am crazy or drunk or on something; I will tell you I am convinced. God moves in the whisper, in the quite space between the noises, God moves in the echo.

This is just my two cents. This is just my take on it. Nothing happened because of me. All of this happened regardless of me. I was just in a place to see it, to notice it, to hear it for myself. He wasn’t in the fire, He wasn’t in the quake, He wasn’t in the wind, He’s in a whisper. God moves in the echo.

Airplanes, Airports and Airlines:

Airplanes, Airports and Airlines:

Which one are you? Which one do you see yourself as? Have you thought about your Personal Brand, your Profession and your Professional Approach? It is great to see yourself as any one of these three entities; I challenge you to see why you should think about yourself as all three.

Air Travel has changed the speed of Business like no other form of travel. Do you see yourself as an Airplane, free to fly on a moment’s notice? Do you see yourself as an Airport, with an endless stream of Airplanes Coming and going to your Destination? Or do you see yourself as an Airline, sending many planes to many locations while you manage the logistics to make meet the people’s demands. Depending on where you are in your personal and professional life, I can see where it would be easy to identify with one of these items.

Airplanes are like worker bees, they carry goods and services from source to destination, from the company store or office to the hands of the customer. Depending on the size of your workload, you may see yourself as anything from a Single Propeller Plane to a Jumbo Jet Liner. Now the thing about being or having an airplane is you need a place to take off from and a place to land. Unless you just want to fly around in circles, Airplanes need Airports. The more Airports that are available to you, the more choices you have and the more chances you have to succeed.

Airports are like stores or business owners.   Good and Services come and go, and hopefully you do enough volume to keep the lights on. The more volume you want to do, the bigger the airport you need. The Bigger the Plane, the Bigger the Airport needs to be and the bigger the runway also. The more planes you want to land, the more runways you need. See how this works. Airplanes need Airports and Airports need Airplanes. Worker Bees need Stores and Offices, and Business Owners need Worker Bees. Again, where do you see yourself?

Airlines are like large companies operating on a national or international level. They need lots of Airplanes (worker bees) and lots of Airports (stores and offices) to keep their business alive. Most Airlines do business with many Airports and Airplanes. Just like most Airports do business with more than one Airline and many Airplanes, Large companies have many stores, many vendors and also have many workers. Now the thing that some people do not realize, is that an Airplane can be in partnership with only one Airline, or may provide support services to Multiple Airlines.

Again, how do you see yourself? Each of us may aspire to different things and different levels of freedom. I say to be a success do not limit your point of view. See how you could fit in to each role, and maybe try each role on for size in a limited basis. Do you want to be an Airplane or worker bee? Do you want to be an Airport i.e. a Store Owner or A Manager in an Office? Do you want to be an Airline or Executive at a Large Company? Can you see yourself in each role? What goods and services would you provide? Will you Intern, or Volunteer or work nights and weekends? What path will you choose to build your Brand or your Business?

Can you see yourself as an Airplane? Can you see yourself as an Airport? Can you see yourself as an Airline? Each one needs the other to be successful. Where do you fit in? What good or service do you provide? Where are your customers? Where are your vendors? How do you bring you goods or services to market? Can you provide the best possible service at the best possible price and still be on time?    Spread your wings and fly! Airplanes, Airports and Airlines: Which one are you?