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My Rehabilitation Walk:

My Rehabilitation Walk:

I am recovering from a couple of knee injuries. I have to challenge myself to get past the pain of the bad days and appreciate the lesser pain or near pain free good days. This is all part of my rehabilitation walk.

I have to believe in the promise. I was not promised to never be sick or never have an injury. I have been promised that I will get sick and recover from all manner of infirmary. So I continue to believe in the promise. So I do not give into injury, I continue to stretch and strengthen my legs so that my knees will recover. I will take my mountain.

Nay-sayers have told me I should go to the doctor or get surgery, but I believe I can get back to full strength in due time. So you have to be really careful what advice you accept some times. What news do you listen to and what news do you spread? I will recover thanks to the promise, but I have an active role in my recovery.

No Pain, No Gain! You heard this haven’t you? You do not exercise today to be stronger today. You exercise today to recover tomorrow and get stronger as time progresses. So I broke out my ankle weights and put them to good use. First I did leg exercises on weekends and a few week nights while I watched television; leg extensions and leg curls, sets of twenty until I could not stand the pain. No pain, no gain. I would wear soft knee braces on weekdays and walked with a limp. I continued to get stronger and tried to correct my walking, no visible limp on good days. I tried to not use the braces on weekends first, then a little at a time on weekdays here and there. I will take my mountain.

I had good days and bad days. Two steps forward and one step back so it seemed. Yes my faith has been tested, but I believe in the promise; I will recover. As I have been getting stronger, I decided to put on the ankle weights and go for a walk. Slowly, deliberately walking with 5 pound soft weights strapped around each ankle; I walk around our apartment complex. So I started to sweat after the first lap; that is a good sign. Then I started to notice that my muscles began to ache, another good sign. Then I had to challenge myself to keep going on lap 3 and 4 and 5; another good sign. No Pain, No Gain.

After my Rehab walks, I had to take it easy for the rest of the day. Watch Television and stretch, all the while believing in the promise, I will recover. Sometimes I would feel better the next day, sometimes I would feel worse, but by the second day after my Rehab walks I would feel a lot less pain than on the days before my rehab walks. I will take my mountain.

These rehab walks are making my knees stronger. It may look funny to people who see me. They do not know that I have 5 pound weights strapped to each ankle as I do my walks. It probably looks like I am riding a giant bicycle in slow motion. It may look like I am walking in deep snow as I walk around each lap. I listen to music on my trusty MP3 player and my headphones as I smile my way through the pain. But each time I feel I get stronger. Each week, I wear my knee braces less and less. Each week I get a little stronger, short term pain leads to longer term gain. Each week I learn to stay in control and stay the course.

I share this with you because I believe in the promise. I will get sick and recover. I share this with you because I believe in spreading good news. The same promise that has been given to me is available to you. I am not telling you to stop going to the doctor or stop taking any medicine you may be on; I am telling you to believe in the promise, you may get sick but you can recover. I will take my mountain.


The reason I keep blogging.

The reason I keep blogging.

Most of the things I post in my blog are not new information.  Maybe it is just my perspective that is different.  I am more than likely not telling you something you have never heard or seen before, maybe it is just something you need to hear or see again with a new take on it.  The things I am telling you are to do what right for the sake of doing what is right.  I am telling you to believe in yourself and to believe that you can make a difference.  I am telling you to learn by doing.

The reason I keep blogging is because I believe these things to be true not only for you but for me.  I believe that I have to keep looking for a new take on the same things I have heard before.  I believe that I have to do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing.  I believe that I am supposed to believe in myself and believe that I can make a difference.

If I tell you to have faith, I must have faith.  If want to motivate others, I have to stay motivated.  If I believe that good work is it own reward, I have to do good work.  If I believe in seed time in harvest then I must sow seed.  I continue to blog because I have to motivate myself as much as I try to motivate anyone else.  The reason I keep blogging is because I believe in what I am blogging.

So what am I saying?  What comes around goes around?  As you sow so shall you reap?  Believe in something more than yourself?  Do the right thing?  Build a team, work together?  These are the things I blog.  I believe them to be true.  And by saying them over and over again, I am learning how to become a better team builder and a better leader.  It is not enough to shout to the heavens or stand in the forest and yell at the trees; the point is to make a difference and help others make a difference.  The point is to create and maintain a blog that will actually create change in the world that I live in, in my community and in the communities that this blog reaches.

We sit here and say that we are all connected and we all are Six Degrees of Separation from each other.  So what are we doing to make the world a better place?  If I ask it of others, I have to first ask it of myself.  Blogging, mentoring, coaching and training are all things I try to do in my personal and professional lives.  At home or on the job, I have to try to keep learning by studying and by doing and by coaching others.  So I blog to keep myself motivated and to believe I can motivate others.  This motivation will hopeful bring change into my life and to the lives of those who read this blog.

All I can tell you is to stay at it.  All I can tell myself is to stay at it.  So my promise to you is that I will stay at it.  One day, one week, one post at a time; I will stay at it.

The truth about blogging:

The truth about blogging:

Blogging is easy. Blogging is hard. Blogging is worth it.

Thanks to all steady improvement and increase of social media outlets, Blogging is getting easier. Blogging is easy for a little while. The longer you do it, the harder it gets; but it is worth it.

Why do I say this? When an idea is new it carries a lot of excitement and energy. Now, let it grind at you for a while. Try to find something new to say. Maybe the dirty little secret about the mainstream media is that the people behind the scenes are constantly coming and going. The ghost writers and contributing people who are not out in front.

When you have to figure out what you are going to say a few times a week, there will be sometimes you go through some dry spells. There will be some times when you have nothing to say. They will be sometimes when you have plenty to say but do not have the time or the energy to type it all in. There will be some times when you are just not in the mood. It will sometimes be easy and sometimes be hard; but it is worth it.

Hey, don’t feel sorry for me, I am not looking for sympathy. I am just opening up and being honest. I have been a slacker lately. I had a lot of things going on and have not been blogging as much as I should. So, I vow to get back on my horse and get back on track.

Thank you to those of you who have been searching out and finding my blog. If you are thinking about blogging, give it a try. Just keep at it. Sometimes it seems easy, sometimes it seems hard; but it is worth doing.

Make It Happen:

Make It Happen:

Think it, speak it, act on it. Learn it, teach it, make it grow. This is how you make it happen. So many thoughts to try to type and upload to this blog; Welcome to 60 seconds of motivational mojo.

I have heard it said we are the some total of our actions. I have also heard it said that our thoughts become our words and our words become our actions. I have also heard it said that the same thinking that created a problem cannot solve the problem. So for us to change our circumstance we must first change our thinking. Think it, speak it, act on it.

So if our thoughts become our words and our words become our actions we have to protect our thinking. Positive thinking will create positive words and positive action. Negative thinking will create negative words and negative action. So if we want positive outcomes should we not create as mush positive action as possible? Should we not stay positive in our thinking and our actions and surround ourselves with positive people? Should we not change our words to reflect our thinking? Should we not challenge the words of others? Shouldn’t we engage people with positive words in our speaking and find out who agrees and who disagrees with our thinking? Think it, speak it, act on it.

So now it is not enough to just run around saying we will make things better. Ever heard talk is cheap? So if we are going to say it shouldn’t we at the very least try to do positive things? I often find it amazing that people will say, “There should be a law” or that “People should do the right thing” but then they do not vote or get involved. So want should you do? You should do the things you believe should get done. You should back your words with actions. If you feel that the schools are failing your children, maybe you should volunteer to tutor, or start a homework club with local families. Do you believe that kids need a safe place to play; then maybe you should clean up a local park? Don’t just think it, don’t just say it; act on it!

Think it, speak it, act on it. Learn it, teach it, make it grow. This is how you make it happen. So I am convinced enough to try to grow a system from scratch. I firmly believe that I can change my thinking and change my speaking and act on it by volunteering; but there is more to do. I have heard it said that if you want to be a success, create success in others. All these things that I am typing are things I had to learn. I had to search and open myself to answers. So, here I am trying to learn it for myself and then try to teach it to others. I am trying to teach the things I feel that I am good at and learn what others are good at doing. Learn by doing and learn by teaching. Learn it, teach it and make it grow.

So how do you make it grow? Create a system and teach it to as many people as possible. Create a system and learn from it. Create a system and act on it. Create a system and tell everyone about it. Create a system that you believe in based on your thoughts and dreams. Think it, speak it, act on it. Learn it, teach it, make it grow.

I am not telling you what to do or how to do it. I am telling you to try and learn from your efforts and teach what you learn to others. I am saying you can if you will try, learn and try again. I am saying you can if you will challenge your thinking and your speaking and your actions.   Think it, speak it, act on it. Learn it, teach it, make it grow.