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I used to love working out.


When I was in my 20’s I felt like I could work out as often as I wanted, for as long as I wanted at whatever intensity I chose that day. I could lift weights or run or go cycling. I could go heavy or go light, super set with little or no rest in-between, I could circuit train or take laps in between sets. Oh how I miss my twenties.

Now I am older and hopefully wiser and I have to plan ahead. I have to listen to my body and take what it will give me. I have to challenge my mind to go a little lighter for longer times. I walk instead of run, I wear braces when my body aches. I pay closer attention to the form and my range of motion when I work out. I combine walking with lifting soft weights strapped to my ankles to strengthen my legs and using soft dumb-bells to strengthen my arms. I am not the man I was when I was in my twenties. I have to be smarter about things.

I can do thisWhen I was young, the more I would sweat the better. I could work on my feet and run to and from work. I would listen to music on my Walkman Tape Deck and had to change out the batteries every week, wait how old am I? Now I listen on my MP3 Player and I have to remember to recharge it once a week. When I was younger I had to count laps around the in-door track that I would run taking the stair in between laps. Now I have an iFit that does the counting for me. When I was in my Twenties, I would run for 30 to 45 minutes and pace myself to push through the wall of pain and like it. Now I walk until I hit 5,000 or 10,000 steps and then check my phone to make sure my blue-tooth link is still working.

I used to love working out. When I was young I thought I would live forever. Now I am little older and a little wiser. Every day is more precious and every work out is thought through a little better. When I was in my twenties, I would get up and workout and run from job to school and still go out at night; the weekends where a no stop blur. Now that I am a little older sometimes I think about working out on a Saturday but my body says, no today you will stay inside and relax.

Your headWhen I was younger I would work all week and workout at night and then drag my musical equipment or DJ equipment out on the weekends and play a show or DJ a party and be on the move the whole time. Now I listen closely to the aches and pains of my body and I work through the pain in a slow and controlled manner, recovering from those nagging injuries. When I was younger I had nothing but time. Now I know that time is the great hunter and I have to fight against the dying of the light.

I used to love working out. Now get this straight. I still do. I have declared that I will be 21 forever. Call me crazy and tell me I need to grow up and be realistic. I will ask you one question; why? I will continue to learn how time affects my body. I will take what each day gives me and I will push for a little more. I will watch more closely how foods affect my workouts and my recovery, but I will not be held hostage by a fad diet. I will limit my caffeine and sugar in takes but I will not get into the protein vs carbohydrates debate. I now there is a fire in my belly that is the fuel for my workouts. Each drop of sweat comes at a higher price and it seems I need more Gatorade to quench my thirst.

Starting OverI used to love working out and I still do. I am a little older and a little wiser and crazy enough to declare 21 forever. Against all odds, against all common sense; my mother used to tell me. “Keep on Living.” Now I tell it to her. I will keep on living. When I am Ninety Years old I intend to have Ten More good years before I slow down! You have to say it now, while you are young enough to still do something about it. No walkers for me, no strollers for me, no wheel chairs for me; I will continue to stay active and fight through the pain. I still love working out; I just have to be a little wiser about it.

Work for it


My Workout Plan by the Numbers

My Workout Plan by the Numbers

My workouts have changed over time. When I was in College, it was all about lifting heavy weights and building as much muscle as I could. As we get older things like time, energy and recovering from injury become more and more of a factor. Sooner or later those nagging little pains add up, hey “No pain no gain?” Right!

OK, so my workout has to answer this question. How much can I get done while power walking to rebuild my knees? How much workout can I pack into those laps around my apartment building or my roughly 3 mile power walks or can I even sneak a workout into my daily work routine. The answer is yes, now let me dive into the numbers and compare the way I used to work out (The Gym Membership Workout) to the way I work out now (The Recovery Plan)


When I work out in a fully stocked gym, I usually do the standards, Bench Press, Lat-Pull Down, Military Press, Squats and Leg Curls, Bicep Curls and Tricep Pushdowns. Let’s look close at the Bench Press – This is one of the classic, go heavy or go home moves the younger me would chase. I would try to lift 225 Pounds – Ten Times. This would give you a total Lift of 2250 Pounds right? 225 Times 10. Now the funny thing about the bench Press, I could do 135 Pounds close to Thirty Times. This would be total lift of 4050 pounds, this is close to double the total weight. Now don’t kid yourself, lifting 135 pounds 30 times does not feel the same as 225 pounds 10 times. The heavier you go the stronger you will get and the more muscle you will build, and the more you increase your chance of getting hurt.

Now fast forward a few years, now a days I would much rather lift 135 Pounds 30 times, but I can’t do that while I am power walking. No, when I walk I carry 5 pound, 3 pound or 1 pound soft weights. I do not Bench Press, I Shadow Box in a similar motion. Now I may do 500 to 1000 reps of 5 pounds; or 2000 or 3000 reps of 3 pounds. This gives me total workouts of 2500, 5000, 6000 and 9000 pounds. I am not trying to tell you these workouts feel the same as working out in a gym with hundreds of pounds of weights. Not even close. But if you continue to push and push you can burn your muscle out and be very sore the next day. It is not the same pain, it is a different kind of pain; different pain, different gain.

Shadow Box

When I used to work out in the fully blown gyms, people called higher repetition sets, getting cut. This is kind of true and kind of false. Muscle definition is a combination of working out and watching your diet.  You can get muscle definition and muscle size by doing lots and lots of low weight high repetition sets. Still have to watch the diet though.

Now, I have posted that I use 5 Pound and 2.5 Pound Ankle Weights. I shoot for 5000 Steps while wearing the ankle weights. This would mean 25000 pounds of extra pounds lifting while power walking. That does not mean I can go in the gym and leg press 500 pounds, no I would probably lift 100 pounds as many times as I could. Again, Lighter Weights and Higher Reps is a safer workout. I used to have a workout called the century sets, 100 repetition sets of light weights, 10, 15, 20 pound dumbbells or 50 pound barbells. Chasing the heaviest weights possible is a young man’s game. Avoiding injury and recovering from nagging aches and pains is a not so young man’s game. Fitness for life!

Power Walk

So when you combine 5000 steps and 1000 lifts into a single power walk workout I may do a total lifting workout in the neighborhood of 30,000 to 50,000 pounds. Hundreds if not thousands of reps with light soft weights; maybe it is not impressive by the bodybuilder workout magazine standards, but I know how much it hurts the next day. Total Body Pain equals Total Fitness Gain. Life is a marathon in my case, and I want to be renewed like the eagles every day. That is the promise I am chasing. To be well kept into my golden years.

There is no shame in my game. I run through sets of 20 curls, overhead lifts and shadow box punches with 5 or 3 pounds weights while walking 5000 or more steps with 5 pound or 2.5 pound ankle weights; the less weight, the more reps. I go until I can’t go anymore. Do I lose count of how many times I lift? Yes, I just work through the progressions. Do I lose count of how many steps I take? No, that is what my iFit is for!

A few years ago I thought it would be a good ideal to start a Motivational Blog.

A few years ago I thought it would be a good ideal to start a Motivational Blog.

So I started blogging and I am still at it. I still think it is a good idea. I also thought it was a good idea to start a “Quote of the Day” Motivational Group. So I did. There have been some ups and some downs, but I still think it is a good idea. So I am still at it.

A few years ago I thought it would be a good idea to become a Motivational Speaker. So I started by blogging and inviting my friends and professional contacts to be a part of my Spread Good News “Quote of the Day” Motivational Group and I took every chance I could get to present on the topics that I have been studying and learning along the way. Am I rich and famous? No, not yet; but I still think it is a good idea. Do I have a book deal? No, not yet; but I still think it is a good idea. Have I helped a few people along the way? I have helped as many people as I could with no strings attached; and that is why I think it is a good idea.

No, I have not authored a book yet. No, I have not been on television or the radio yet. I have been invited / allowed to speak a few times on a podcast and at a couple of local events. Even though I have spoken before many crowds as a Master of Ceremonies and Event Host and even though I have performed onstage as a Musician and as a DJ; learning how to present as a Motivational Speaker or a Topic Expert still makes me a little nervous on the inside. But, I have learned by doing and I have learned by studying and I have learned by asking questions and listening for an answer.

Doors were opened for me because I knocked on them. Every time I walked through a door that was opened, I learned something new. Then I shared what I have learned and started the process all over again. Can I help someone learn what I have learned? Can someone help me learn what they have learned? I am convinced I will write a book one day, just not today. Today I rededicate myself to what I am doing and have done so far: Blogging, Speaking, Volunteering, Learning, Listening, Being Mentored, Being Coached, Mentoring and Coaching Others.

One day, when the time is right, I hope to write a book. Until then I will update my blog. One day, when the time is right, I will be interviewed on Television for what I have accomplished, until then I will continue to work to motivate others and give presentations about what I have learned. One day you may hear me speak on the radio, until then maybe you will catch me on You-Tube or another podcast. If I continue to learn and grow and help others, then the seeds I so today will grow into a harvest, until then I will continue to tend to the soil.

A few years ago I thought it would be a good ideal to start a Motivational Blog. I still think it is a good idea. A few years ago I thought it would be a good ideal to start a “Quote of the Day” group. I still think it is a good idea. A few years ago I thought it would be a good idea to become a Motivational Speaker. I still think it is a good idea. That is why I am still here. I am still at it. I am learning and growing by doing and asking others how I can help. If you have the same dreams I tell you today to get started. Take it one day, one post and one presentation at time. A few years from now you will be glad you did.

What kind of faith do you have Joseph Luellen III

faith_300x200This post may not be easy to read the 1st time, or the 2nd time. I would hope that you read it again and again and understand my intent. I seek to educate and mean no disrespect to anyone. I am not questioning your faith, I am questioning my own. If I say, “What kind of faith do you have?” I may as well be saying “What kind of faith do you have, Joseph Luellen III?” So don’t take any of this personally, take it as a challenge to learn about your faith and grow it from there. That is what I am doing. I am trying to be real in confronting the level of faith that I possess.


  1. Confidence or trust in a person or thing:
  2. Belief that is not based on proof:
  3. Belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion:

So the dictionary defines faith as Confidence or trust in a person or thing. I have heard people say things like “Trust but Verify.” I say Verify before you Trust. Now how can you have Trust and Confidence without Proof? Have I come to a paradox? No, I say watch people and things from a distance and ask yourself if this person or thing will come through when you need them to come through for you. Reputation and Respect are not bought and sold, they are earned. So my trust or my faith in things or in people also has to be earned.

As for my belief in God or the teaching of religion; I feel we need to study the teachings and then trust our inner voice, trust our gut feeling. Most of us know the difference between right and wrong. Now if we choose to do wrong because we think it is fun, or because we lust after power, or because someone has twisted the teaching of religion; are we really listening to our inner voice? Do we really trust what God is telling us, or are we putting our faith in ourselves or some other person over God?


Faith is confidence or trust in a person or thing or a belief not based on proof. It may also refer to a particular system of religious belief

Are you superstitious? Do you believe in Good Luck and Bad Luck? Do you believe in Mojo? Do you believe you can be cursed, or that you need a talisman or do you believe in Juju? How about Chi Energy or the Force? Do you believe in Karma and Nirvana? Really, where do you place your faith? If you only believe in knowledge and proof, then you are putting you trust in what you know. But let me ask you a question. How do you really know that you know anything? Let me take you to a faraway country where you may not know the language. Would you be able to survive? To learn the language in this distant land you would have to trust what people are teaching and trust what you are learning, but can you really trust what people tell you at face value?

Again, Joseph Luellen III, where do you place your faith? See this post is as much a question for me as it is for anyone else. Me, I trust what I can see for myself and for the rest I trust my inner voice. I trust the things I seem to dream about over and over. I trust what God is trying to tell me and God is telling me to keep searching for truth. What God is telling me may not be what God is telling you, you have to search for yourself.


Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Sooner or later, the question of Faith and Religion will intertwine. My personal believe is that I can believe what the Christian Bible tells me and I will not have to stomp all over someone else’s faith to find my purpose. I believe that I do not need to shatter someone else’s dreams to chase mine. I do not have to tell others anything other than to look inward and listen to their inner voice and stand back and watch others before trusting people. I tell people the only advice that I follow, do your homework for yourself.

Now for me, Biblical Faith is not something I take lightly. Ask yourself, do you have the faith that was written about in the Bible. Could you be like Daniel in the Lion’s Den? Could you be like Daniels friends and be thrown in a fiery furnace because you refused to bow down before a king? I ask myself these things a lot; “Joseph Luellen III how great is your faith?”

Do you have the same faith as Elijah when he was challenged by the Prophets of Baal and the Prophets of the groves? Would you stand up for what you believe if you were outnumbered 850 to 1? Do I have that kind of faith?

Do I have the kind of faith that could raise the dead, or walk on water, or heal the sick or recover sight to the blind? If I did, would I not be spreading the good news on a daily basis? So what happens to us, what happens to me? How do I lose sight of how much good God can do through me if I allow it to happen? Isn’t the first step, professing the good news regardless of the fear and lies spread by others? Or should I wait for proof? Should I wait for proof that I can do great things before I have faith that I can do great things? Maybe I should do little things before I expect great things.

David faced Goliath, but he had faith because he faced a bear and a lion first. So I wonder to myself; Joseph Luellen if you were the keeper of the flock; would you run from the sight of the bear and the lion or would you have faith to protect the sheep? Then I ask, how can I conquer my Goliath if I am afraid to face the bear or the lion? Where is my faith? So I ask you, when people question your faith, do you go along or do you stand on faith before there is proof? Do you listen closely to what God is trying to tell you? Only David stood up to Goliath; I ask myself, “Joseph Luellen III do you have that much faith?

Do I have the faith to move mountains? Do I have the faith as a mustard seed? Do I at least have enough faith to spread good news? I am trying to be real in confronting the level of faith that I possess. Do I say that I am the healed or do I say that I am the sick? Do I say that I am broken or do I say that I am fixed? Do I say that I am poor or do I say that I am prosperous? Do I speak lies or the truth? Do I live in darkness or in light? What kind of faith do I really possess? Right now I am challenging myself.

This post may not be easy to read the 1st time, or the 2nd time. I would hope that you read it again and again and understand my intent. I seek to educate and mean no disrespect to anyone. I am not questioning your faith, I am questioning my own. If I say, “What kind of faith do you have?” I may as well be saying “What kind of faith do you have, Joseph Luellen III?” So don’t take any of this personally, take it as a challenge to learn about your faith and grow it from there. That is what I am doing. I am trying to be real in confronting the level of faith that I possess.

I have seen my future and I was running.

I have seen my future and I was running.

RunningWelcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  This is my pay forward good news motivational blog. I am not a famous author or athlete and I have not made millions of dollars yet. But one day, one day; alas lest I get side tracked, let me get to the point. I have seen my future and I was running.

I have seen my future and I was running. It was a good thing; I was not running from Zombies or from Cops and Robbers or for my life. I was running for the fun of it. I was running for the health of it. I was running and had some weighted soft gloves on, throwing punches like a prize fighter training for a title bout. It was a picture clear in my head.

shadow-boxingLately I have been power walking with 5 lbs. ankle weights, and I have been wearing 2.5 lbs. ankle weights when I walk at work and while shopping. I used to do leg extensions and leg curls with the ankle weights.  I have been rehabbing my knees for the past 10 months. I would wear compression knee braces every day to get to and from work. I never missed a day. I have been growing stronger as I go. I have seen my future and I was running.

I have not run for a while. I would jog, lumber, and trudge to stay in shape. I also started using 3 lbs. and 5 lbs. soft dumb bells as I would cross train. I always have my trusty MP3 player and headphones. Yes, I want to lose a few pounds and stay young. Then I blew out one knee on an exercise bike, and made it worse on a treadmill. (Note, I have nothing against exercise bikes and treadmills, I just over did it.) Then I blew out another knee being stupid. (Note to self, control your anger and stress levels.) So here I am walking in pain with two bum knees with a choice to make. Get up or give in. No pain no gain, so pain train here I come. I have seen my future and I was running.

Never missed a day of work and never took any pain killers; I drive my wife crazy because I have to be on the second day of a headache before I will take an aspirin. (Note, I am not telling anyone to stop taking their meds it is just my thing.) So I would do my best to hide my limp and every now and then people would ask me if I was ok?  I would stretch, power walk, and I would draw inspiration from people who were not letting injuries or physical challenge hold them back. I have seen my future and I was running.

Many times I have been told that I that I look like a rich (or formerly rich) famous (or infamous) boxer but I have never been a boxer, or famous, or rich with money (I feel I have a rich and rewarding life though regardless of my bills); but I feel like riches and fame are still on the table, but I need a story worth telling. So I am convinced that I can get stronger as I get older and that I can get myself in better physical condition then I was last year or the year before I blew out my knees. I have seen my future and I was running.

CalebI like the story of Caleb: Joshua 14. I will take my mountain one day. Maybe I will not be fully healed and restored in a minute or an hour or a day, but I will be thankful every day and I will continue to work and get stronger until I take my mountain. I will be debt free and have the abundance of the promise, and I will be fully healed and fully restored in due season. (Now I am not sorry I went all Biblical on you.) I have seen my future and I was running. I was running and shadow boxing with soft weighted gloves on. So know in good faith, I am shopping for soft weighted gloves, and I am out their power walking almost everyday day. I will take my mountain!

Don’t let a Little Resistance keep you from being great.


Don’t let a Little Resistance keep you from being great.

Do you remember the game Flappy Bird? No not Angry Birds, I am posting about the game Flappy Bird: A game created by Dong Nguyen that took the Mobil App market by storm for a short time. Nguyen was making $50,000 a day in ads off of the game and pulled the game during the height of its popularity.

As much of a story that someone would cancel a top selling game and other people would sell the phones for over a thousand dollars just because the game was loaded on their phone. As interesting as all of this is, the most interesting thing to me was that the game started out very slowly in the app market. The game was not an over-night success. Most people claimed they loved it and hated it at the same time.

As more people played the game it started to be tweeted 500,000 times a day. The app was one of the Top Ten Downloads and By Feb. 1, Flappy Bird was the number-one free game in 53 countries in the App Store. So would you pull one of the most popular apps in the world off the market? Remember Nguyen did not pull the app while it was moving slowly and almost looked like it would die on the vine. No during this time he was updating the game. The game did not become popular until Nguyen was met with resistance, people were actually hating the game as much as they were liking it. Nguyen did not let a little resistance keep him from creating one of the most popular apps at the beginning of 2014. He more than likely just wanted to make a game that was fun, not something offensive or just for the attention.

So I ask you, will you let a few bumps in the road stop you from reaching your goals. Will you keep on chasing your dreams even if not a lot of people jump on your bandwagon or even if people stand in your way? If you are not causing harm to others and not just trying to steal the spotlight from someone else, will you let a little backlash keep you from your dreams?

Dong Nguyen is not like most of us. A lot of us would have given up before reaching our goals. And for those of us who would have stuck around and made it, few of us would have pulled one of the Top Downloaded Free Apps while it is at the height of its popularity and bringing in thousands of dollars each hour of the day in ad revenue. He wasn’t being sued but did he use a little smoke and mirrors to make the game a success?

Whatever the verdict, was it his own hype? Did the game just take off? Either way, it was not an over-night success. Dong Nguyen found the formula by sticking with it until it worked. Why he pulled the plug, we may never know the truth.

Don’t let a little resistance keep you from make your dreams come true.