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My Recovery Workout Plan

My Recovery Workout Plan

16 Ounce Curls. No this is not what some people think. These are actual One Pound Soft Weights that are strapped around you wrist. 16 ounce curls and 16 ounce shadow boxing while I walk. It is all part of my Recovery Workout Plan.

As you may or not know if you have been following 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, I have blogged about different Fitness Routines I have dreamed up and followed over time. Life continues to throw its curve balls at me and I continue to respond with new and improved ways to rise to the challenge. So I have basically Three Levels of Power Walking with or without Ankle Weights. When I use the Five Pound Ankle Weights, I walk very deliberately at a Slow Pace. When I use the Two and a Half Pound Weights I walk at a Medium Pace. I walk briskly when I do not wear ankle weights, but I will wear compression braces to protect my knees. I also use Five Pound, Three Pound or One Pound Soft Weights to work my arms while I walk. The Five Pound Weights may not seem like much, but when you do sets of 20 or 30 reps over and over without setting down the weights your arms and shoulders never get a rest. 100’s of reps of a Five Pound Weight begin to Add Up. Same goes for the Three Pound Weights. Using the One Pound Weight is more for keeping the muscles warmed up than building or toning, but these recovery workouts are also important.

Stock Fitness Clipart 01When I wear the One Pound Weights around my wrists, I also use wrist bands to keep the weights secure. I walk at a brisk pace, and I shadow box and do 16 ounce curls. People have told me I look like a boxer. No, I have never boxed so I guess I might as well workout like a retired boxer just trying to stay in shape. Honestly the One Pounds weights do not challenge me physically anywhere near like the Three and Five Pounds Weights do, but they challenge me mentally. It is a game you play in your own mind to keep going, to keep getting stronger and faster, to recover from your last workout with the heavier weights.

So I challenge my own mind. Shadow box 50 or 100 reps, curl 100 reps, walk briskly but stay in control. Does not seem like much when you start down the block and around the corner, my calves hurt a little from the day before but not a problem. Simple enough, but I have three miles to go. Shadow Box, then curls again and again, keep moving briskly; keep walking at a steady pace. First Mile Down, starting to feel it a little more in my calves, but I am warming up to this chilly weather.

Keep moving and keep an eye out for stray dogs while I am listening to my workout mix. Also keep an eye on the traffic and other people who are out walking and biking. Two Miles down, my arms do not hurt from the 16 ounces curls, but I seem to lose count when I throw my shadow punches, I have to count them out 10, 20, 30, 40 and then 50. I have to play games in my own mind; I have to keep myself honest. Keep the pace, stay just above the pace that breaks a sweat, keep my arms moving, that extra pound on each wrist makes a difference after hundreds and hundreds of repetitions.

Stock Fitness Clipart 03Turn the last corner and head for home. My legs are a little tired. My iFit reminds me I have put in 10,000 steps for the day. My throat is dry; I can’t wait for that Gatorade when I get home. Three miles down and just have to stay on the pace. No giving up. Keep those arms moving 50 to 100 curls then 50 Shadow Box Punches; the curls are easy but I really have to count out those punches to get to 50. I am not a boxer, I don’t even play one on television or in the movies; but I may as well fight the good fight in my mind to stay at some kind of fitness level that works for me.

Every time I do my Shadow Box Power walks, I have to keep nudging up the pace. My legs are getting stronger, my knees are getting stronger and the weather is getting colder; nothing combats the cold like a brisk pace and a “Just Do It” attitude. One day I will have my “Joseph Luellen Fitness 4 Life Work-Out Video Series” ready to go, but for now it is just me against the sunset and the chilly fall wind. As I make it back home it is time for the cool down Gatorade, get cleaned up and have some dinner.

Stock Fitness Clipart 02Here I am working out with One Pound Soft Wrist Weights, 16 ounces curls and shadow boxing while I power walk to some high energy tunes, does life get any better? Yes, it does. One day I will live the life I have been dreaming of; until them I will keep fighting and be ready to take my mountain. 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, out!


How much do you believe in what you do?

How much do you believe in what you do?

Welcome to Impact – 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo. In truth, I started this blog to motivate myself. I wanted to see if I could find something, anything good to say once or twice a week. This blog started as an online Motivational diary and as a step in my quest to become a Motivational Speaker.

The Beacon of Hope Challenge was a quote of the day challenge I promoted on LinkedIn and also started an Impact Group there. The Point of Light Network grew out of the Beacon of Hope Challenge. A bunch of people who were leaving daily good news posts wanted to get together and host a Motivational Workshop. We were spread out all across North America so we settled on Milwaukee Wisconsin for a weekend planning session. So like any startup we planned for the Big Dream. Now years later I have learned from the reality. Good things take time.

How much do you believe in what you do?

I have not given up the dream. No, I have only become more driven to see it become reality. But I have also learned from the mistake of thinking that everything will fall into place because we just hope for it to fall into place. Every idea, every post, every word spoken requires action. If people will not chase their own ideas, then others will not just do it for them. Not without a lot of money or authority behind it that is to say. So I live and I learn and I dream on.

How much do I believe I can make a difference without throwing a bunch of money at a problem? I want to see it bad enough to keep blogging and posting and searching for people who will work together, not because they are paid to or forced to; but work together because they want to work together. So here I am, on quest to find 100 jobs for 100 people and to spread the word about getting involved at places like Food Banks and Homeless Shelters. I am looking to bring together Bloggers, Speakers, Volunteers, Recruiters and HR Reps to pull off the trifecta. Motivational Workshops, Career Fairs and Volunteer Drives all rolled into one. This will take time, but good things take time. I am in no hurry.

Everything is possible

How much do you believe in what you do?

I was in a hurry once, and I learned from it. It will happen when it is supposed to happen; now I am supposed to keep pushing for it to happen and asking for help.  So I ask for your help. Join us On LinkedIn: & Facebook. Post good news and share your story. Invite people to join you when you volunteer. Give back to your community!


How much do you believe in what you do? Do you do it for the money? Do you do it so that others can learn and grow from what you do? Do believe enough to stay at it as it ebbs and flows, shrinks and grows, appears to be broken and needs fixing? I do. I am still here. I am still blogging and I am still asking people to pay it forward without worrying about where the money will come from. Pay it forward in kind words and kind deeds. Work together and volunteer for charity. I am not asking anyone to put themselves in harm’s way or believe they have to invest in a system to get rich quick. I believe it because I can see it, even if others don’t see it yet.

How much do you believe in what you do?

Bad news hates Good News:

Bad news hates Good News:

Good News 01

They are polar opposites. They are mortal enemies. For this reason people who live on and love bad news will attack those who spread Good News. Will you let that stop you? Will you? Bad News is ruthless so those who spread Good News must be Relentless. Those who spread Good News have to endure the storms of bad news! Don’t let the attack of negative minds, words and deeds stop you. Spread Good News Every Day, Every Day!


The fight between Good News and Bad News is like the fight between Light and darkness. It is like the fight between Truth and lies. Bad news hates Good News. People who spread doom and gloom will attack those who spread Hope and Faith. Will you let that stop you? People who spread lies will spread lies about people who tell the Truth to cover their tracks. Will you let that stop you? People who are not happy with their life will do all they can to keep you from being Happy About Your Life. Will you let that stop you? Spread Good News Every Day, Every Day!

Good News 02

Stop for a minute and think about it. People who cannot be happy for you are probably not happy with themselves. Will you let that stop You from being Happy? Bad news hates Good News, because Good News brings Hope with it. Will you bring Hope to those who do not have Hope? Will you let bad news stop you from spreading Good News? No matter how much you do, you will not be able to solve all the world’s problems, you will not be able to help everybody; so will you let that stop you. The only thing you can really do for anyone is help them to think for themselves. Will you do that even if you face a million to one odds? Will you be the One Person that people can count on to always find One Good Thing to hold one to Every Day, Every Day!

Good News 03

Bad news hates Good News. Don’t stop the messenger because you don’t like the message. Bad news is like an addiction. Bad news feeds on doom, gloom, fear, darkness and lies. Do you think those who profit from doom and gloom will like you for spreading Good News? Am I wrong? Have you watched the news? How much Good News makes the daily news? No one will give you an award for driving to and from work and running errands a thousand times, but the news will cover the car accident, the fire, the robbery. The daily news covers crime, sports and the weather at the top and bottom of every hour all day long. Try Spreading Good News for a change. Try today; Every Day, Every Day!

Good News 04

Bad news hates Good News! Will you let that stop you? Spread Good News Every Day, Every Day!

What should you do when your family does not support your dream?

What should you do when your family does not support your dream?

Keep dreaming, keep going, keep learning and keep growing. Welcome to Impact 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo. I was just watching the Super Bowl and the whole world saw Eli Manning’s reaction to Big Brother Peyton Manning winning his Second Super Bowl in four tries. You have to wonder; why Eli who is surrounded by his happy family is so sad.


Don’t let your family or your friends kill your dreams. Keep dreaming, keep going, keep learning and keep growing. Family Rivalries are nothing new. Some of the top Movie Stars and Musicians have gone through it; so learn from it, your dreams are your dreams. Your family may not supportive or may not be happy for you. You may have to be happy for yourself. Your friends may try to hold you back, you may have to find new friends; this is all part of learning and growing.

Alec and Stephen Baldwin

Famous sibling rivalries

The Jackson

Rock’s 12 Most Tempestuous Sibling Rivalries


I am not going to go on and on about the fact that you family and friends may not know who to support your dream, they may not be happy for you. They may be jealous of the fact that you have a dream that is different from theirs; or maybe they do not have a dream at all. Keep dreaming, keep going, keep learning and keep growing.

the Kinks

That scene in Fred Claus nails the whole issue. The only problem is that was a movie. You may not be so lucky to have a Siblings Anonymous Support Group near you.

Fred Claus

What should you do when your family does not support your dream?

Keep dreaming, keep going, keep learning and keep growing.

Mojo Rising:

Mojo Rising:

I started this blog, 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo in 2011: I published twenty posts and waited for people to find me. In 2012 I went from less than 100 views the year before to over 5000 views. I was happy that 10 or 15 people a day were checking in on what I had to say. I tried to post something every couple of days, 3 times a week on average, 185 posts for the year. Did I really have that much to say or was I just saying the same things over and over.

4 Years of Growth

Here I am in 2016 and my blog has continues to grow.  No it has not gone viral and I am not a web sensation or a big time author or speaker. I am just some guy who holds down a corner of social media and even though I have thousands of connections on LinkedIn and Facebook, most people find me via Google.

Now I post once or twice a week and I get more views in a year than when I was posting three times a week. Do I still post the same things over and over? Pretty much, I tell people to think, speak, act and learn from doing. I tell people to give back and make a difference in their community. I believe we can make the word a better place, but it has to be on purpose. It will not happen if we don’t get involved. So get involved. Don’t wait for someone else. Yes invite others, but if they don’t show up; go anyway.

Find a church or a charity and get involved. Spread good news over gossip and try to encourage others. So guess who is the hardest for me to get through to with my message???  The people closest to me. I don’t have a magic wand, I just have big dreams, big ideas and these things take time. So should I just give up?  Yeah that is what all the leadership books say.  All the Leadership Books say if your Family and Friends cannot see your dream you should give up right?

No, they say Dream Big. Learn by doing. Learn by studying and correcting your course of action. That the Overnight Success takes Ten Years; that you should help others be successful and all boats will rise with the tide. That you should listen to your inner voice and follow your bliss and the universe will pour out to you with the same measure that you give to others.  I believe in Seed Time and Harvest so I continue to Plant and Water. I cannot control the harvest. God gives the increase. Not on my time but His Time. So in time, I am thankful for everyone who takes the time to read this blog, but get involved and share your story.

The Point of Light Network! Join us On LinkedIn: & Facebook.

Let’s make Monday, Super Happy Fun Day!

Let’s make Monday, Super Happy Fun Day!

Monday, Monday.  Monday gets a bad rap.  I say let’s make Monday, Super Happy Fun Day; and the Nay Sayers say “Yeah Right.”  I know this an uphill battle, but why not try?  So if I am going to try to spread good news, why not start with Monday?

Why not make Monday; Fun Day? Yeah Right, All the Nay Sayers can say nay!  I say hey let’s attack Monday and get the week off to a great start!  Some people see Monday as the first day of the new work week, so I say take the week by storm.  Let’s make Monday Fun Day!  That does not mean we have no worries, it means if someone gives us bad news we will keep on keeping on and keep working until we find good news.  If I hear 100 pieces of information in a day and 99 are bad, then at least I have 1 piece of good news to hold on to.

Fun Day Monday, Yeah Right; why not try?  Why have Fun when it can be Super Fun?  Super Fun Day on Monday, Yeah Right.  Why just be a Hero when you can be a Super Hero?  So if we are going to make Monday Fun Day it might as well be Super Fun Day.  Let the Nay Sayers say “Yeah Right.”  There will always be someone trying to rain on your parade.  So believe me when I say that if I try to stick up for Monday, someone else will stand against me.  Not a lot of fans of Monday out there.  If you worked in a Service Industry and had to work Wednesday through Sunday, Monday would be the start of your weekend:  Kind of a tough sell but it is a start.

If Monday is going to be Fun Day it might as well as be Super Fun Day; “Yeah Right!”  Are you still not a believer?  That is O.K.  I am not saying I have nothing to worry about, I am saying worry does not help you find an answer.  I am saying focus on the good news instead of the bad news.  Do not worry for the sake of worry.  Find an answer and be Happy.  Be Happy you have hope; Be Happy that there may be help out there, but you won’t find it by doom and gloom.  So if we are going to make Monday Fun, it might as well be Super Happy Fun.  Let’s make Monday, Super Happy Fun Day, “Yeah Right.”

Let the Nay Sayers Say Nay.  We can be O.K.  We can be alright.  We can start the week off right.  Monday, Monday Super Happy Fun Day; it does not mean everything is perfect, it just means you are not going to let it get you down.  Think about the Rain.  The Rain gets a bad reputation on a nice summer day; but if you are a farmer and there is a drought, you pray for rain.  So it is all a matter of perspective.  Get a ton done on Monday Super Happy Fun Day.  It won’t be easy.  Monday does not have a lot of fans.

So if you are going to dream, dream big.  Why not tackle the day that most people like the least and change the way everyone thinks..  Get things done on Super Happy Fund Day.  Monday is the new Fun Day.  Yeah Right.  Yeah Right!