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Let good news rain

April Showers bring May Flowers.

Let good news rain.

Let Good News Reign!

Let’s plant the seeds that bring the harvest

Let good news rain.

Let Good News Reign!


Let’s whistle while we work

And let’s work together

Let’s teach each other

In every weather


Let good news rain

Let Good News Reign!


Let’s thank the God that brings the harvest.

Let good news rain

Let’s God News Reign

Let’s thank the God that brings no sorrow

Let good news rain

Let’s God News Reign


Let’s shine the light of truth

And train up all the youth

And do the things we say were going to do

Let’s stop the double talk

And all the crooked walk

Let’s make a better world for me and you


April Showers bring May Flowers.

Let good news rain.

Let Good News Reign!

Let’s thank the God that brings the harvest

Let good news rain.

Let Good News Reign!

Horn of Plenty


The Simple Truths are Beautiful.

The Simple Truths are Beautiful.

The Truth is Beautiful. Love is Truth and Truth is Love. I believe the simplest things are beautiful even though we sometimes forget. The Simple Truths are Beautiful.

The Sun rises and sets every day. Every Sunrise and every Sunset are Beautiful. It is a simple truth. When is the last time you took the time to watch the Sun Rise? When is the last time you took the time to watch the Sun Set? Some people worship the Sun because of its splendor. I worship the One who created the Sun.

Sun rise

The Simple Truths are Beautiful.

The Moon rises and falls every day. Each cycle of the moon is beautiful. It is a simple truth. From the New Moon to the Full Moon and Back again; from the Solar Eclipse to the Lunar Eclipse and back again, all phases of the Moon are beautiful. Some people worship the Moon for all of its mystery. I worship the One who created the Moon.

Full Moon

The Simple Truths are Beautiful.

On a clear night you can see the Stars in the Sky. Millions and Millions of Stars, everywhere you look twinkling in the night sky. The Stars are beautiful. It is a simple truth. People have drawn pictures in the Stars and told stories about the Stars for years and years. Some people worship the Stars and the Stories that go with them. I worship the One who created the Stars.

Stars Constellation

The Simple Truths are Beautiful.

Sun Set

Every day we get so caught up in what we think we know that we forget about the simple truths. Every day is a blessing. Every day is a chance and a choice. Make things better or make things worse. Appreciate what we have or risk losing it. This life can be beautiful every day. It is a simple truth. Sometimes we forget our life is a blessing because we are so caught up wanting someone else’s life. Some people worship their life or the life of others. I worship the One who gives life.

New Moon

The Simple Truths are Beautiful.


Find the simple truths in your life and you will find beauty. I worship the One who created the Truth. The Simple Truth is Beautiful.

Sometimes Less is More!

Sometimes Less is More!

My bad knees and my Physical Rehabilitation Walks continued.

So I have come to a time in my life where I have to rebuild my strength to be able to work out the way I want to work out.  For me to be able to jog, or run or even ride an exercise bike, I have to change my thinking. I am not in this for intensity; I am in this for endurance. So my broken knees need to be fixed and to do that I have to challenge my mind to endure the process.

Healing is mine. I have to accept that I can be better than I was before, it just may take time. So for a little while I have taken a break from power walking and just strap on ankle weights and use them as part of my everyday routine. Actually three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday: I wear Five Pound Ankle Weights and try to take Five Thousand Step while at work. Five Thousand Steps times Five Extra Pounds adds up to Twenty Five Thousand Extra Pounds of effort Three days a week. I use Tuesdays, Thursdays and the Weekends for recovery; this is a shift from my nightly power walks.

Now it is not just walking around with five pound ankle weights, it is also changing the way I walk, lifting my knees high so there is as much up and down motion as forward motion. It is bending my knees as I walk, and then doing sets of leg curls when I am standing still or leg extensions wen I am sitting down. This is an endurance play, one step at a time, one rep at a time and one day at a time.

It is a mental challenge as well as a physical challenge. I have to challenge myself to appreciate days that are pain free and use the days that are painful as a reminder, they are less painful as I get stronger. Also, I have to be mindful of where the pain comes from, is it my knees or my ankles? Do I need to stretch more? I am thankful every day for another shot at getting stronger?

Sometimes less is more. Sometimes it is OK to take it easy. No I am not saying give up. I am saying adjust. Give yourself time to recover from you workouts. Give yourself time to heal from injury. Dial back a little sometimes if you are over training. This is all part of my rehabilitation walk. This is all part of my mental and physical challenge. So this is my challenge to you. Sometimes you don’t have to give up, but you should dial back a little.

I will be back at my power walks soon enough. Soon Five Thousand Steps a day won’t be enough. So I will continue to report on my progress, and I hope inspires others to not give up. I see people overcoming more than wat I go through and I am inspired by them. I am also thankful for everyday because it is another chance to learn, get better and share with others.

Sometimes Less Is More.

Cool as I.C.E.

Cool as I.C.E


A simple strategy to successful networking, sales and business growth:

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I have been in Sales, I have been in Networking and I have been in Recruiting Organizations.  I have studied my successes and failures.  I want to try to put together a simple Three Step Plan to Successful Networking, Sales and Business Growth.

It is my belief that the Best Business is Personal.  The best way to Network, Sell and Conduct Business is to make a Personal Connection based on trust and honor the connection with your best effort to create Win-Win Scenarios so that all parties involved want to continue to do business.  My simple strategy for Networking, Sales and Business Success is to be “Cool as I.C.E.”  Put simply; I.C.E. stands for Invite, Communicate and Encourage.


Networking begins with an Invitation to connect.  Sales and Business Growth begin with an Invitation to do business whether it is to make a sale or close a deal.  It is my belief that each Networking, Sales and Business Event begins with an Invitation.  The next step is Communication.  In Networking it can be an simple exchange of Personal and Professional Information.  In Sales it is the Information about the exchange of goods, services and for a perceived profit to both sides.  The same holds true for Business Growth, information is exchanged to the benefit of both parties.  The end of every deal should be the Encouragement to continue to develop the Network, Sales or Business Relationship.


Now each step in Cool as I.C.E. – Invite, Communicate and Encourage also consist of separate steps.  If you would, give me a few minutes to explain.  Let’s start with Invite.  An Invitation should start with an Introduction.  The plain and simple exchange of who you are should open every Invitation.  The Invitation should also contain and Idea.  The basic Information about a Networking Event, a Sale or a New Business Opportunity should be a part of the Invitation.  Just the basic points about the idea or event needs to be contained in the Invitation.  The invitation should be just enough to want people to future engage in the Network, Sales or Business Opportunity, but not so much that it create information overload.  If the Invitation is “Accepted,” then you can proceed to the Communication Stage.  If not, minimum time, information and resources have been invested into people who are not interested in getting to know you or doing business with you.

Cool as I.C.E. – Step One Invite:  Introduction and Idea.


The Second Step is Communication.  The foundation of Communication in Business, Sales and Networking is finding Common Interests and Common Ground.  People attend Networking Events to look around.  People stop in business and visit websites to browse.  People attend Seminars and Presentations to find out more.  If Common Interests and Common Ground is not found the Networking, Sales or Business Opportunities will not go any farther.  Other aspects of Communication include Context, Core Values and Conditions.  These elements must be exchanged to build trust in the Business, trust in the Sale or trust in the Network.  Communication requires Context to be effective.  The Terms, Conditions and Core Values of each party should be in alignment for a ongoing relationship to develop.  Personal and Professional Values must be clearly Communicated and respected.

Stay Cool as I.C.E. – Step Two:  Communicate Common Ground, Common Ideas, Context, Core Values and Conditions.

Now the third and final step of Staying Cool as I.C.E. is Encouragement.  Invite, communicate and then encourage each party to continue to move forward.  Encouragement requires Energy to build and maintain a working Professional Relationship that Respects Personal Boundaries.  Encouragement also requires Enthusiasm.  Both parties should look forward to completing the Business Deal, Closing the Sale or Further Networking Activities.  All Parties involved should look forward to continue to develop trust and look for Win-Win Scenarios moving forward.  In Networking this means agreeing to work together moving forward.  In Sales it involves a fair exchange of goods and services at a fair price for all parties involved.  In Business this entails creating scenarios that are profitable for each company or organization.  All while maintaining the highest ethical standards possible.

Stay Cool as I.C.E. – Step Three:  Encouragement, Energy, Enthusiasm and Ethics


Stay Cool as I.C.E. – Invite, Communicate and Encourage to grow your Network, Sales or Business.