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Spread the word, the sun is shining yet again today.

Spread the word, the sun is shining yet again today.  The sky is not falling.  You can make today your day!  Every day is a new shot at greatness.  What are you going to do with it?


Maybe today where you are the clouds are grey or the storms clouds are swirling, but remember the sun is still there behind those clouds.  Hold on, today can still be your day.  Survive and then thrive.


Spread the word, the sun is shining yet again today.  What are you going to do with your today?  Will you take your shot at greatness?  Will you only take one shot?  Or will you take a shot every day?  Every day is a new day, make it count!

sun over ocean

The sky is not falling, the sky is not falling!  The Sky Is Not Falling!  Spread the news.  Spread the good news!  Spread the great news.  The sun is still shining yet again today.  Take just a minute to stop and marvel at the power of the sun every day!  Every day, every day; spread good news every day!

sun over mountain

Every day is a new shot at greatness.  What are you going to do with it?  Be bold and be grateful for your boldness.  Use your talent and be grateful for your talent.  Learn something new and be grateful for your capacity to learn.  Be grateful and be great today!  Today and tomorrow and every day; Be Great and Be Grateful!


Spread the word, the sun is shining yet again today.


Reaching the world, one click at a time:

Reaching the world, one click at a time:

60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo has reached 110 countries so far this year alone.

Do you have something worth saying?  Do you?  Do you feel like it is impossible to make a difference?  Now I have one final question.  Have you tried?

Changing the word is not easy, but it is simple.  First and foremost you must have something to say.  Then you must have something worth doing.  Even with those things, the world will not change.  You then have to spread the word and do the work.  Even then the world may not change, but at least you have tried.

I started blogging a few years ago.  I blogged and I kept it quite.  I waited for people to find me.  Guess what, nothing happened.  Then I started inviting and challenging others to do one simple thing, spread good news. Slowly but surely I started connecting and linking with people who felt the same way.  Did we agree on everything?  No; but we agreed on one simple thing, to spread good news.  Did everyone stay?  No; some people came and went and did their own thing.  Did that stop me?  No; I vowed that if I could just reach one person it would be worth it.  I am reaching people one click at a time.  On LinkedIn and on Facebook and thanks to search engines and linking to the News Herald Blog Section in my town; I am reaching people one click at a time.

So has the world changed?  I am not sure if I have helped or not; I may not be able to change the world, but maybe I can get through to one or two people here and there and set an example that no matter what I am going through, I can find one good thing to say every day.  At least once a week or so I can take an hour and write in my blog and post it for people to find.  Find something good about every day and share it.  Invite others to do the same.  Maybe the world can change on click at a time.

So here we are in 2016 and 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is reaching 110 Countries around the world.  One mouse-click at a time; Yes believe it or not, I have logged as few as one click this year in some countries.  Maybe that is just a random mistake?  Who knows?  Well over 36 countries have logged 10 clicks or more.  Maybe it is just one person per country checking in once a month.  That is more than enough for me.  And 8 countries have logged 100 clicks or more in 2016.  Hey maybe it is all just spam robot web crawler clicks, all I can do is keep trying and keep inviting others to spread good news.

Thank you to everyone, everywhere who has found 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I vow to keep at it.  One day, one week, one month and one click at a time.  Reaching the world, one click at a time; 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo has reached 110 countries so far this year alone.  Thank you again and again and again.

Joseph Luellen III

Founder – 60 Seconds Of Motivational Mojo

Co-Founder – the Point Of Light Network

Surround yourself with people who want to be great!

I am amazed time and time again about something I have known for a long time now.  Friendly competition is what it takes to get better at what you do.  It is good to be around people who will work together to do great things.  It is good to be around people who will learn from one another and teach one another.  It is good to be in the middle of Friendly Competition.

Now there is Dog Eat Dog type of competition where people will cheat to win, and will stab each other in the back.  I do not want to look good by making other people look bad.  We are surrounded by these types of people.  Just turn on reality television shows and what do you see?  Turn on the gossip shows and what do you see?  I don’t want to live my life saying, “I am not as bad as so and so!”  So, I say; stay away from the dog eat dog type of people.  They still have to learn, and you can not teach them if they are not willing to listen.  You can not teach what you still have to learn for yourself.

Get around people who you see are doing the things that you want to do.  Scratch that, 1st pray, meditate, concentrate and study until you figure out what you want to do; then get around people who are doing the things that you want to do.  Stand back a minute and watch.  Who are the people who are helping and who are the people who are not.  Get around people who have a “Can Do”  Attitude and a teaching style that you can relate to; but make sure they are people you can trust.  Remember, stand back and watch from a distance from time to time to make sure people are who they say they are…

Friendly competition is when people compete with each other, but also learn from and mentor each other.  Chess Club may not be cool, but if you where on a Chess Team and you wanted your team to win a tournament, wouldn’t you want to win and also coach your teammates so they can win also?  Same with sports, same with business and the same with any hobby you may have.  Good coaches and teachers learn more than they teach because they keep their minds open and create an environment where everyone can excel.

It is very simple.  Learn – Teach – Learn.  If you wanted to win a track meet, wouldn’t you want to surround yourself with the best and practice with the best and learn from the best?  Wouldn’t you want to have mini-competitions before the big meet to gauge your progress?  Friendly Competition is a great way.  Create situations where it is win – win. Create environments where everyone gets better together.

We have a choice, we can lift each other up or drag each other down.  We can build each other up or we can tear each other down.  We can do our best to get better, or do our worst and get even worse.  Friendly competition is a lost art, but it is still an art.  It is worth studying and it is worth striving for.  Put yourself and those around you in a safe place where no one has anything to lose and everything to gain by working together.  Find out where some are strong and some are weak and work together so everyone can get better.  We all don’t see things the same way, and we all are good at different things.  Friendly competition makes this clear for all to understand.

When things make sense, they can start making dollars.  Some people are born on top, the rest of us have to climb are way their.  Which path will you take.  The dog eat dog path or the build each other up path?  I choose the build each other up path.  Surround yourself with people who want to be great and learn from each other.  Friendly competition lights this path.


Joseph Luellen

Back to the grind

I was out there walking last night.  Lifting my 3 Pound Soft weights while walking and listening to my European Work Trip playlist.  I have learned that life is about transforming yourself while you travel to where you want to go.

I used to lift hundreds of pounds a few times.  Now I lift a few pounds hundreds of times.  I used to run, then because of injury I struggled to walk without pain.  Now I am walking pretty much pain free, but this took hours of rehab.  Thousands of reps with ankle weights and knee and ankle braces.  As I grew stronger I took the braces off but I still did the reps.

Back to the grind.

My wife and I were out walking a few days ago and saw a little old lady out running.  Running, she was running around the block at a nice steady pace.  I told my wife, that little old lady made up her mind a long time ago she would get out and do it.  She was not giving up.  She was still in the grind.  One step at a time.  One day at a time.

Back to the grind.

I went to Europe for a whirlwind work trip.  I grabbed a CD at each airport or gas station or corner shop in each country I visited.  Absolute Hits in Stockholm Sweden.  Disco Polo in Poznan Poland.  Underground tracks in Berlin Germany.  New Age classics in Prague Czech Republic. Alternative Pop newcomers in Paris France.  I then ripped the CD’s to my laptop and mixed up a playlist from my first impressions.  I then transferred the playlist to my trust MP3 player and I am out working out in the setting sun, trying to work up a sweat and lose a few pounds.  Lifting 3 pounds overhead while walking along listening to music from around the globe.

Back to the grind.

No one can do it for me.  I have to make up my mind what kind of fitness level I will maintain for the rest of my life.  Just like that little old lady running around the block.  I have to make up my mind.  Just like you have to make up your mind.  What will keep you in the game, in the grind?  Will it be a mix of your favorite songs or a mix of new songs or will you find inspiration in a sunrise or a sunset?  What will keep you going?


What I learned about Leadership by trying to become a Leader.

What I learned about Leadership by trying to become a Leader.

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, where I basically try to journal my thoughts and give the only advice I think that is worth following; which is if you say it, you should do it.  Don’t expect of others what you won’t do yourself.

OK, did you get that?  Don’t expect of others what you won’t do yourself.  If you did you can stop reading, but most of us would like to know more.  OK, here is more.

1:  It starts with a vision

2:  No one else is going to do it for you, get to work.

3:  Learn what it means to set up a model or prototype or a way to test your theory.

4:  Again, no one is going to do it for you.  Learn how to learn on the fly as you are testing out your idea.

5:  Learn to explain your idea to others, you can’t do this alone.

6:  Learn to learn from how others interpret your idea.  They may try to change it, steal it or do something totally different.  Is your message getting a crossed?

7:  Not everyone is going to agree with you, don’t let that stop you.

8:  No one is going to do it for you, but you still need help.

9:  If you lead and no one follows, you may have to rethink your leadership

Leadership is about a vision and then doing the work, then trying to get input from others about the vision and maybe getting some help.  If you get no feedback and you get no help, it may not be the vision; it may be your leadership style.  People who do not like their job or their boss will go to work the live long day because they are getting paid.  The Million Dollar Question is will people follow your lead before they expect to get paid?  Can you transfer the vision and connect with people all the while learning while you go and will people still follow you?

Seek to serve others and be real about what you are trying to do.  That is pretty much it.  Don’t expect of others what you won’t do yourself.  This is what I learned about Leadership by trying to become a Leader.