Monthly Archives: October, 2016

You can choose to have a great day today!

Today’s message is short and sweet.

Have a nice day.

Do not let anyone take your smile away.

No not today.

Do not give in to bad news, spread good news.

You can choose.

You can choose to have a great day today!

Have a nice day, today



A Hard Working Slacker

That is the way I feel.

I have been working very hard the last couple of months, but I have not been updating my blog.  So in some ways I am working hard, and in other ways I am slacking off.

Now, that being said.  Keep an eye out.  More 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is on the way.  I have been very active on LinkedIn and Facebook posting quotes of the day and inviting people to join.  I just need to get this blog back on track.

Don’t give up on me.  I am promise I will do better.  I have been so busy I had to cancel a Motivation Speech I was going to present to a Local Jobs Club.  I am just getting started so it broke my heart to have to cancel.

I will be back, stronger than ever.  Now, in the mean time.  Get up, get out and chase your dreams!  You needed to hear that… or at least read it.