Monthly Archives: November, 2016

The habit of doing.

The habit of doing.

Every week I tell myself I need to update my blog. Every week.  Now mind the fact that I have been posting quotes in motivational groups on LinkedIn and Facebook almost every day.  Also, consider the fact that I have been busier than ever at this point and time in my life.

No complaints. I see a world full of possibility.  I am just stating a fact that tell yourself to do something is not doing.  It does not matter if it is something you need to do or something you want to do.  Something for your job, your hobby, your family, your friends or for yourself.  Do not create a habit of just thinking about it, or telling yourself, you need to do it.  Create a habit of doing.  Create a habit of doing something positive, do something for others and do something for yourself.  Do something that puts you one-step ahead at work or one better at your hobby.  Create a habit of doing.

The world will not change if we only think about change. We have to create the change.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  Create a habit of doing!

Persistence pays off!