About 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo

I am a guy who has read a lot of leadership books, joined a few organizations, volunteered, coached and mentored.

I have tried, failed, failed to try, got back up, dusted myself off, won a few, lost more and I am still at it.

I am trying to figure out what “It” is; thus I believe that the truth is out there but you have to search for “It”

I believe everyone has a purpose, and in searching for the truth you will find your purpose.  I believe that once you find your purpose, you have to act to fulfill your purpose.  I believe the best way to fulfill your purpose is to allow yourself to be coached by someone who is a little farther down the path that you are traveling.

I also believe that after you have gotten your feet wet and learned to swim, you should help others who are headed in the same direction you are headed.

I believe that searching for truth, finding your purpose, volunteering, coaching and mentoring will lead you to leadership.  If I can help one person get off the couch and follow their bliss then I have done an OK job.  Then maybe one person a year, one person a month, one person a day, one person an hour… you get it, I would love to go viral.

Far fetched, maybe, but I believe.

Joseph Luellen III


3 responses

  1. I love this posting…today was the day I came across the piece of paper someone had given me…today was the day I decided to type in this email address. Today was the day that THIS posting spoke to me personally (or rather something going on in our family that VERY much applies). Very inspirational…keep up the wonderful things you write.

  2. this post reflected my state of mind, although I have just recently quitted my job and started looking into this “it”. Wish you all the success

  3. I thank you for “Why the easy way out is the hardest and worse option”.
    It was very helpful with understanding why hard work pays off.
    Thank you
    E. J.

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