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From Loner to Leader:

From Loner to Leader:

Can you really make the jump from a Loner to a Leader? Yes, you can; but not in one quick step. I have been a loner in the middle of a crowd my whole life. I have study, reflected on and challenged myself to become a better leader. I think anyone can make the transition; you may have to ask yourself a few questions and overcome a few hurdles; but let me say it again. You can go from Loner to Leader.

So I totally understand why people become and consider themselves “Loners.” Maybe you feel misunderstood? Maybe you feel like to do things right you need to do them yourself. Maybe you feel frustrated by everyone talking and no one acting so you are tired of waiting around and you go it alone. Either path can lead to becoming a loner. So “Why” you may ask; “Why then become a Leader?” The answer is simple. Teams get more done and birds of a feather flock together. Sooner or later if you are doing anything worthwhile, you will get noticed. If you want to increase your chance of success, increase your leadership skills.

Let me say this again; this does not happen in one quick step. Here are the steps I have discovered along the way. The first Step is to believe that you are doing something worthwhile. What you think matters. What you are doing matters. If you are not thinking or doing anything then even that matters. If you are not thinking; start. If you are not doing; start. Think and act upon the things that you believe are worthwhile. You may feel all alone in the beginning; this is OK, we all don’t think alike. Just get started and believe in what you are doing regardless if anyone helps you at this stage. I beg of you, do something positive. Don’t let life pass you by and all you are left with is sour grapes.

Step Two is to learn more about what you are doing. Search out information from experts. Scour the internet, go to the library, read a book, watch a “How to Program;” do what it takes to increase your knowledge of what you are doing! This is a very important step. You need to know when someone is snowing you, you need to know when someone is scamming you or promising you things they cannot deliver. This may have been one of the reasons you became a loner in the first place. Don’t be the person who talks without knowing; know what you are doing and what you are talking about.

Step Three is to get around people who are doing the things you are aspiring to do also. Learn from them and talk to them face to face. This is why Step One and Two are so important. You have to know that you are bringing your unique skill and style to the table and that you deserve a place at the table. You will become known for what you know and what you do. Do you better than anyone else can.

Step Four is to practice, practice and practice some more; both in a group and by yourself. Practice with the intention of continually getting better at what you do. Again, you must believe that what you are doing is worthwhile, and that you are good at what you do. You do not have to be perfect, you just have to be good and have your own style and your own ideas.

Step Five is to accept the fact that you need a mentor. This must be someone you can trust, and the best way to trust them is to know what you are doing and where you are going and to get around enough people so you know who is serious and who is just faking it. Find a mentor who is the real deal. Find someone you look up to and is not trying to feed you a line. This will help you grow even faster.

Step Six is to in turn mentor others. This is where you will really see why being a leader matters. You will get more done and you will learn more. Being a loner means it is harder to find new information and you have to learn by trial and error. Trial and error is an ok place to start in a safe environment, but you really want to excel, a strong team environment is the best place to learn and grow. Being a Leader inside of the group means you can help shape the vision and direction of the group and you can also help protect the group from people who are there to take advantage of others or to waste time.

Be the Real Deal. Know that what you are doing is worthwhile. Sometimes it seems like being a loner is the faster and easier way. It may seem like it at the start, but in the end; team work wins out. A strong team can carry a heavy load, can cover more ground and in the end will thrive. You can go from Loner to Leader; just follow the steps!

You can go from Loner to Leader!

Step One is to believe that you are doing something worthwhile.

Step Two is to learn more about what you are doing.

Step Three is to get around people who are doing the things you are aspiring to do also.

Step Four is to practice, practice and practice some more; both in a group and by yourself.

Step Five is to accept the fact that you need a mentor.

Step Six is to in turn mentor others.

From Loner to Leader:

Worrying will never solve your problems.

Hello again, Welcome, or better yet welcome back.  Are you the kind of person who seems to worry more than everyone else?  I hope you are not the kind of person who worries about things and then never does anything about them.  Worrying will never solve your problems.  Either what ever you are worrying about has to be important enough to act on, or you should stop worrying because there is nothing you can do about it anyway.

Have you heard of the Serenity Prayer?  “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”  I may not be the biggest fan of this prayer, but I will say; it has helped a lot of people, maybe it can help you. See I believe in Courage and Wisdom, I just have tough time accepting things without at least trying to make a difference.  I am not good at just accepting things the way they are without question.

Now I am not telling you to walk around doubting things.  I am trying to get you to stop worrying about things.  Either you do your best or stop worrying.  If you will not bother to try to make things better and learn from your mistakes, than why worry?  If you are surrounded by people who refuse to try to make things better or learn from their mistakes, why do you worry?  You either accept them for who they are and stop worrying; or surround yourself with different people.  Worrying will never solve your problems.

There is a famous Einstein quote about the definition of insanity.  I have heard it so many times I have come to not like it any more.  I like the other quote about the same level of thinking that caused a problem will not solve the problem.  If you are not willing to think things through and get up and act on what ever is bothering you, then why worry?  Why not say a prayer and let it go?

I am not telling you to never worry; I am telling you that worrying will not solve your problems.  Worry may lead you to take a second look at something, but again why worry if you will not act on it?  If you can’t change what ever you are worrying about, why worry?  Why not say a prayer and move on?

Let’s test my theory with an extremely basic example.  Let’s say I am the kind of person who loves sunshine, hates rain and I am afraid of the moon.  Now, I can get up everyday when the sun is shining and by happy, let rain make me sad, and then hide under the covers every time I see the moon.  What good is that doing me?  Now, maybe I like the sun because I like being out doors and hate the rain because I can’t go outside.  Maybe it is time for me to find a new hobby I can do while it is raining, but I can not stop rain from falling can I?  I can move to a climate that has less rain, but I can not stop rain or change the weather where I live.  Now how about the moon light?  In this example moon light scares me.  So maybe I can study about the moon and find out where my fear comes from, or I can say a prayer for the moon not to hurt me and get on with my life.  It will be impossible to find a place on earth where I can hide from the moon.  I will have to accept the fact that Sunshine, Moonlight and Rain drops are all part of life on earth, but I can also act on my emotions and fears.  I can control a certain part of how I react to sunny days, rainy days and the moon at night.  I must have the courage to learn and act on my emotions, not just sit around and worry.

Now listen, I have a lot of faith.  I have a lot of faith in God.  But, I am not the kind of person who sits around and says, “It is all in God’s hands.”  This may seem like a paradox, it is all in God’s hands in the end, but God has given us a say so in our lives also.  We have choices we can make.  We do not have to put ourselves in bad, risky or dangerous situations time and time again; and then either worry all the time, or just sit back and say it is in God’s hands.  I hope you understand the point I am trying to make.

Let me put it this way.  If I lived near a Volcano that is active; I can either act like the volcano will never erupt again, or prepare for the volcano to erupt, or prepare to leave the area.  Again, sitting around worrying about the volcano erupting will not change anything.  The volcano will smoke and it will erupt based on things that none of us can control.  Either we prepare and do the best we can, or we pray and accept whatever answer we receive.  Worrying will never solve your problems.

So in conclusion, I will give you this much.  A little bit of worry is o.k. if it shines the light on a problem and you will either accept it or act on it.  But worry for the sake of worrying will not change anything.  Worrying will never solve your problems.  Either you get up and act, or say a prayer and accept things for what they are worth.

Seven Easy Steps to Success: Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed

Seven Easy Steps to Success, yes it is that easy.  No this is not a Twelve Step Program, this is 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I am here to encourage you.  I am here to chase my dreams.  I am here to get you to chase your dreams.  I am not a carbon copy of someone else’s ideas.  I study, I ponder, I resolve in my mind, I add my own voice.  These are my Seven Easy Steps to Success:  Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed

Now let me retract that statement about Seven Easy Steps, these steps are easy to say; but it is up to you to do them:  Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed.  Start by dreaming, start by seeing what it is you want to be doing.  It is not about what you want to have, it is about the dream you had when you were a kid, before you understood work and bills and all the stuff life throws at you.  This is about seeing clearly how your talents and purpose line up.  You have to see it for yourself first.  I can not see it for you, and you can not see it for me.  This is the easiest step, and yet so many people can not remember what they have always dreamed about doing.

Seven Easy Steps to Success:  Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed:  Ponder, think about your dream.  How do you fit into this dream based on where you are right now in your life?  Do not attempt to live vicariously through your children, or be lost in a haze of watching other people live their dreams in Movies, on Television, on Stage, in a Book or at a Sporting Event.  This is your chance to break your daydreams down into ideas.  This is your dream, not someone else’s dream.  Ponder, think about how you can spend a little bit of each day or each week living a part of your dream.  This about doing not having, remember you have to do this for yourself.

Seven Easy Steps to Success:  Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed:  Think before you speak.  Simple rules, simple live lessons; if you have spent some time Dreaming and Pondering do not be afraid to Speak about your Dream.  Talk to people until you find people who think and dream the same way you do.  Do not worry if people make fun of your dream, they may not have a dream they are chasing.  Now listen to this one piece of advice, if you speak to someone about your dream and they say you are dreaming; it is a compliment.  You are dreaming remember, but now you are in the third step of that dream.  You are talking about it.

Seven Easy Steps to Success:  Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed:  Act, this may be on of the hardest and most frustrating steps of success.  To Act, to be or not to be, that is the question.  You have to act, you have to create the action that will attract the right people who can help your reach your dream.  None of us do it alone, and none of us do it overnight.  You have seen it, you have thought about it, you have talked about it, now it is time to build it.  Build it and they will come.

Seven Easy Steps to Success:  Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed:  Practice makes perfect.  If your dream is worth while, you will have to practice.  No one wakes up one day goes to a basket ball court for the first time and sinks a basket and is then immediately called up by a professional team and gets to quit their day job all in one day.  If you have seen it or heard of it, it was a movie or television show.  If your dream is worth doing, then it is worth practicing.  Now, learn to have fun while you practice, learn to work with other people while you practice.  You are half way there.  This stage is half the battle.  You are half way home, do not give up now.  Do not let what other people are saying or doing keep you from practicing what it is you want to do.  Develop positive habits that will help you reach your dream one day.

Seven Easy Steps to Success:  Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed:  Improve; this might be the trickiest step for most people.  If you did not need to get better at anything, you would already be living your dream and you would not be reading this post.  Can you step back and look at your strengths and your weaknesses?  Will you allow yourself to be coached to the next level?  Can you coach someone else so they can reach their dreams?  Again, this is the hardest step in the process.  Do you know where you fit in and where you can get better?  Do you know how you can best help your team win?  There are many people who work in the background to make other people look better.  Are you comfortable working behind the scenes on successful teams or projects?  No one can answer this for you; you have to be willing to understand how and where you fit in to the big picture.

Seven Easy Steps to Success:  Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed:  Success; so easy to say, so hard to do.  The hardest thing to figure about success is how do you measure success?  Is it having more free time to do the things you love?  Is it being paid to do something you love instead of paying someone to do it as a hobby?  Is it making the most money or winning the most games?  What is success?  To me, success is anything that helps bring you one step closer to your goals and dreams.  Success is a series of small wins that lead to big wins.  Sports teams do not win a championship at the start of a season.  They win and lose games and hopefully put themselves in place to be there at the end when the championship is decided.  Life long dreams are not won or lost in one day, they are built upon one day at a time.  You will win some, you will lose some along the way.  Reward the small wins, improve after small loses; but learn to track your progress.  This may take more thinking, more acting, more practice and more improvement.  You may have to speak positive and assuring words to yourself and your team; you can not short cut this process. Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed; Seven Easy Steps to Success

Dream It, Plan It, Live It!

It starts with a dream, a vision or that breakthrough moment.  Then it takes a plan, goal setting, it takes breaking things down to simple steps.  In the end it comes down to living it, doing it, making it happen.  Dream It, Plan It, Live It!

Everything sounds so easy once you write it down.  Everything sounds so easy when you are a critic of someone else’s words.  Either you believe or you don’t.  You get to choose; for me, my choice is made.  I am here at 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo to try to transfer the Mojo of Motivation to you in 60 Seconds or less.  Dream It, Plan It, Live It!  It is your choice.

OK, here we are again, at the beginning.  Do you have a dream?  The answer is yes you do.  Everyone has a dream, the only thing is if you will remember your dream and have the courage to admit it.  Everyone has a dream, the only difference is some people give up on their dreams, some people chase them and some people catch them.  I am in the chase stage, and I am not afraid to say it.  I have been broadcasting my belief on dreams for a while now.  A lot of people think I am crazy.  You know what that tells me about them?  It tells me they have given up on their dreams.  Some people are chasing their dreams, but they are hard to find.  Sorry to break it to you.  But I know first hand.  Others have caught and are living their dreams.  Those are the people whose books I read and stories I hear.  Those are the ideas I let bounce around in my head.  This blog is part of my dream.  This blog is part of my quest to inspire others to chase their dreams, and to find out what seems to rise above the static.  It starts with a dream.  You have to dream it, and then plan it and one day you might live it!

Plan It.  Having a dream is not enough.  You have to break it down into steps and then set goals for yourself.  You have to plan out how it is going to work.  Winning the lottery or winging it is not much of a plan.  It may work for a few and I mean a few.  Sad statistic and sad fact about the lottery is that 70% of lottery winners wind up broke.  So even if you hit the lottery you still need a plan.  So again I say, break it down into steps and set goals for yourself.  I am not telling you what dream to chase; I am telling you that you need a plan.  Dream It, Plan It, Live It.

Live It.  This may sound crazy but you have to Live Your Dream to Catch Your Dream.  That does not seem to make sense does it?  Ok, you have to live your plan before you catch your dream.  Does that sound better?  I have read many a book on business; I have sub-contracted and freelanced for people who have started their own businesses.  There is a very common theme that I have been told and learned.  You have to be all in 100% behind any business you start.    Unless you come out of the box with a substantial amount of money, you will have to do a lot of the early work.  I once had a guy tell me, you have to work it like your rent money is on the line.  Wise words for anyone who wants to start their own business.  You have to treat each day as if your rent money is on the line.  You have to work and live the plan to make your dreams come true.  Dream It, Plan It and then Live It!

Act as if!  Have you ever heard that before?  Act as if?  I have personally asked a bunch of people, what would they do if they had unlimited amounts of time and money.  This is usually what it takes for people to tell you their dream.  Take that dream, take what you would be doing, and start doing it now.  I am not talking about “Fake it till you make it”  Fake it means acting like someone else, I am talking about living your dream even if it is in small dosages.  If you say that you would travel, then travel.  Take day trips, explore your own neighborhood.  If you say you would help the poor, than help the poor.  Go volunteer one day a month or one afternoon a week.  Act as if.  Find out what it takes to live your dream full-time, from people who are doing the things you want to do.  Act as if!!!  Dream It, Plan It, Live It!

See first you have to admit you have a Dream!  All of us have a dream.  You can’t lie to yourself.  Second you must have the courage to plan out the steps it is going to take to reach your dream.  You may have to set aside your ego and admit you don’t have all the answers.  Then you have to Live It.  Set aside the time and then go all in during that time.  No excuses.  You must have the attitude that if you don’t do this, then you don’t pay your rent.  Your have to live it, even if it is only for a few hours a week, or one day out of the month.  You have to act as if!  Dream It, Plan It, and the Live It!

60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo – Out!

Leadership is a Skill, and Leadership is a Choice.

Leadership is a Skill, many books have been written about developing Leaders; but Leadership is also a Choice, a person can have all the skills and choose not to be a leader.

 Leadership is a Skill.  Plain and simple, how many times have you heard the term “Lead by example?”  Ask anyone who is unhappy with their Manager, Supervisor, Team Leader or whom is their boss.  If that person is a hypocrite, or incompetent; then they will not have a happy bunch of subordinates.  A manger with no leadership skills is usually not well liked by their team.

 Leadership is a Choice.  Plain and simple, have you ever been around that person who always knows what to do and what to say and consistently helps people but has no desire to be the boss?  That person has all the Leadership skills, but simply chooses not to rock the boat, or shake things up for whatever reason.  I am not here today to talk about why people do not want to be leaders; No I am here just to say it is a choice as much as it is a skill.

 Leadership is a Skill.  There are different types of leadership and different types of leaders.  Some leaders are positional, they are your boss and you have to do what they say to keep a steady income.  Just because they have the title of manger or supervisor does not mean they are a good leader, no some of them will abuse the power they have been given.  I say some, not all.  I remember working in a restaurant “that will remain nameless” when I was in college.  We had 3 Managers at a time, and they came and went over the years, so I had about 10 to 15 different Mangers in a 3 or 4 year run at this restaurant.  At least half of the mangers that came through the place dated waitresses that worked under them; and some of the Managers were married.  Zero Leadership skill there, everyone knew it was wrong, but it happened then and dare I say it is still happening now.

 Leadership is a Choice.  Positional Leaders have to choose the high ground, the best way to Manager, which is to mentor, teach, lead by example and be inspirational.  Mangers have to learn to be “Good Leaders.”  Also, you do not have to be a Manager to be a Leader.  An Inspiration Leader can lead by example, mentor, coach, teach and train others and inspire with more than just their words, they inspire with their actions.

 Leadership is a Skill.  Any of us can quote a bunch of books and movies about leadership, but how many of us can come through when the chips are down?  How many of us have enough of a vision and enough drive to build a team that chooses to follow you.  Not based a fear of losing something, but a shared common goal.  Leaders have to be able to provide a vision.  Make it easy to understand, and then act in the direction of the vision; if someone choose not to follow, it will not stop you from undertaking the journey.

 Leadership is a Series of Choices.  You can be a great leader, lead by example, inspire others to act, teach, coach, and mentor.  You can write down the vision, give great speeches and build large teams of people for all the wrong reasons.  Think about it, how many people really want to be a Drug King Pin or a War Lord?  If all you seek in your Leadership is Money and Power you will lead people to their deaths and not care as long as you get what you want.  Would not a “Good” Leader want people to be better off if they choose to follow them?  Does your vision help a few and hurt many, or do you seek to help as many as possible and stand up for what is right?  Do you work for a Greater Good?  Leadership is a never ending series of choices, and “Good Leaders” have to continually choose to do the right thing.  No matter how high you climb, it can all come tumbling down if you are leading for the wrong reasons. 

 Leadership is a Skill:

Leadership is a Choice: