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54 Weeks from now

54 Weeks from now.

Happy New Year.  Happy Holidays.  Merry Christmas.  All of those things.  As I sit here on New Year’s Day, I am reminded of my state of mind for the last few weeks.  As much as people like to celebrate where they have been and start a new, I find myself thinking 54 weeks ahead.  When Christmas and New Years roll around I as much as I am grateful for all that I have been through in the past year, I am also looking ahead to where I want to be next Christmas and Next New Years.

I am very thankful for all the oppourtunites I have been given and all the people I have met.  I am thnkful that I am able to keep learning and growing and pushing myself to get better at the things I enjoy doing.  I am more enthused and more optimistic than ever.  I wake up everyday knowing that the sky is the limit.  Thank God for good news, so I choose to spread good news.

Where do I want to be next year?  I want to keep moving forward.  I want to have produced 4 motivational workshops that are also fundraisers and volunteer drives for local charities.  I also hope to help others encourge and motivate and reach as many people as possible together.  I think that if we can learn to work together we can move mountains.  But it will be one brick at a time, so I reach out to people one at a time to spread good news and help others through coaching and mentoring.

Every Christmas and New Years I want to be one step closer to my goals, but I also find myself thinking 54 weeks ahead to the next Christmas and the next New Years.  Where do you want to be next year?  What goals have you set for yourself.  Dream big!

Dream the Big Dream

Dream the Big Dream

Wright Brothers

Then break it down into goals:

Then break the goals down into steps.

The make a plan for each step.


Dream the Big Dream!

Break the big dream down into goals and milestones with dates and deadlines. Figure out what you can do on your own and where you need help. You will find you will get more done if you find help, if you find a mentor you can trust and build a team you can trust.


Break the goals down into steps. Figure out what needs to be done first and get started. Invite others to join you. Action and Energy create results. Share those results. Share the credit and take more of the blame. Make sure your team really wants to be a part and gets recognition for what you do as a team. Make your team matter.

Take each step and turn it into a plan. Ask for input and ask for help. Make sure everyone has help.   You do not need heroes and renegades; you need people who work well together. Work together, learn together and grow together.


You may find not everything goes as planned. Change the plan, but do not change the dream

You can still thank your team for the work they have done. Even if you miss a goal or two do not miss out on building a stronger team. Thank people, take the time to write them a note, or talk to them. Make a personal connection to go with the professional connection. Respect each other, Learn from each other and get stronger together.


You may have to adjust your goals but do not adjust the dream.

You may beat or exceed your goal, you may fall short.   Adjust your plan but do not adjust your dream. Keep working, keep learning and keep growing. Make sure you use every Milestone to make your team stronger. Thank the team for their work at every milestone. Continue to learn together and grow together. Do not give up on the dream.


Dream the Big Dream; then break it down into goals. Then break the goals down into steps. The make a plan for each step.


Dream the Big Dream! Plans may change, but do not change the Dream, Steps may change but do not change the Dream and Goals may change but do not change the Dream.

Air Cav infantry Soldiers compete in company challenge

Chase the Big Dream!

A tree falls in the middle of a busy road.

A tree falls in the middle of a busy road.

I saw a really cool video about a tree that had fallen in the middle of the road. The video and background music were filmed in India, so I did not understand any of the words.

Anyway, a large tree had fallen and was blocking a very busy road. Traffic was backing up and no one could figure out what to do. It started raining so everyone got back into their cars, buses or went inside any shelter they could find. Everyone ran for cover except for a little boy who walked up to the tree and started to push it. What could one little boy do, the tree did not budge. Still in the rain he pushed and pushed smiling all the way. After about a minute a bunch of other little kids started pushing the tree, all the while laughing in the rain. All of the adults who had run for cover from the rain saw this, and one by one they started to help out. Before you knew it everyone was out of their cars, out of their buses and out of their warm, dry comfort zones helping the little boy in the rain. The video ended with the tree out-of-the-way, the rain had ended and the sun was coming out.

We can all look at how much work needs to be done to organize community service events, and go back to our comfort zones. Or we can work together in the rain to move the tree out of the road. I did not understand one word of the background music; I did not need to. It may look like it is raining and there are road blocks everywhere, but let’s work together and clear the road just like a bunch of kids playing in the rain. Maybe just maybe if 5 or 10 of us really believe we can do this, others will join in and help. I really needed to see this video today. I wish I could share this video with everyone. Instead I will share the story.

Don’t let a tree in your path block your way. Don’t let a little rain take you out of your comfort zone. Be like that little kid who was convinced he could move that tree. Be like those other little kids who did not let a little rain stop them from helping out. Be like those adults who saw some kids trying to do the impossible with smiles on their faces and helped out. Get everyone together and move that tree out-of-the-way.

A tree falls in the middle of a busy road.  Don’t let that stop you.

Are you working S.M.A.R.T.?

Are you Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets?  Are you working S.M.A.R.T. for short?  Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo where new Acronyms just kind of come to me.  Maybe it is all the just the same old stuff over and over.  So I hope I am picking worthwhile topics.  Are you S.M.A.R.T.?  I think all of us can be, we just have to try.  S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

So the first thing we need is a Target, a Goal, a Dream or a Vision.  What is your Vision?  What is your Dream?  What are your Goals to help you reach your Target?  Some people have a simple goal to keep learning.  That makes them appear smart.  You have to define your own target.  You have to be in touch with your own dream.  We all have dreams; some of us just stop listening.  Start listening to your dreams again and set some goals no matter how small they may seem, to help you reach your target.

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Now if you have a Target, you need a Strategy to help hit you target.  Your Strategy is your Big Picture Plan.  It is the Executive Overview.  It is the view from the Airplane as you fly over a city.  Imagine you are a Hotshot who has a chance to pitch investors on your plan.  Can you convince them from the time you get on the elevator on the ground floor before the elevator reaches the top floor where they will go into a meeting and decide if they will give you a shot?  This is your elevator pitch.  What is your plan and simple Strategy that will make your vision a reality?

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Now if you have a Target and a Strategy, your next step is to break down the Methods needed to fit all the pieces together.  Let’s say your Strategy is to field the Biggest, Strongest and Fastest Football Team to Win as many games as possible and make the proverbial playoffs.  What methods will you use to make the Big, Bigger?  What methods will you use to make the Strong, Stronger?  What methods will you use to make the Fast, Faster?  See your Strategy is your Plan.  Your Methods are the Plans within the Plan.  It is all the little steps that will make the big steps possible.   Will you make the Big Stronger and the Strong Faster?  How will you do these things?  What methods will you use and teach others so that the Big Plan comes together?

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

As you are putting you methods in place to align with you overall strategy, you must stay alert of the ever change conditions of your surroundings.  What if your star players get hurt?  What if your competition tries to foil your plans?  Can the blind lead the blind?  No, you must stay alert to your surroundings and change and alter your methods so that your overall strategy still works.  You target may not change, but you path to the target may change based on ever-changing conditions.  I should say most of the time the path to the target will change.  This is why it is very important to stay alert.  What worked yesterday, may not work today.  What works today, may not work tomorrow.   Stay Alert.

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Of all the topics I am have discussed this far, Reaching is maybe the most important.  If you are not reaching for your target, what good is having a target?  If you are not reaching for your target, what good is having a Strategy?  If you are not reaching for your target, why invest so much time breaking down your methods?  If you are not reaching for your target, why are you staying so alert?  Reaching for your Target is what brings it all together.  The effort you put in will directly affect the results you get out.  Smart work is still work.  There is no reason to work hard if you will not stay on target, but being on target is still work.  It still takes effort, you must, must, must reach for your goals.

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Are you S.M.A.R.T.?  Anyone can do it really.  If you have to boil it down to the simplest example, stay alert and keep reaching for your dreams.  That is basically all it takes.  Everyone can do it.  You can do it.  Work S.M.A.R.T. Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Darts and Dominoes

Dart and Dominoes are two games that require you to look at the big picture and to also focus on one thing at a time.  Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  Today’s post, today’s topic is can you focus on one thing at a time while also keeping an eye on the big picture?  Darts and Dominoes:


The bottom line on darts is you can only throw them one at a time.  Yes, there is a big picture of what game you are playing, how you are scoring and if you need to call you shots or can you use blind luck to score points.  All that being said, or typed, blogged and posted; you can only throw one dart at a time and you have to keep your eye on the big picture.  So to be successful at chasing your dreams, you have to take one step at a time while keep your eye on the big picture.  See I always work my way back to chasing your dreams.

In darts you can get hung up on hitting the “Bull’s Eye” every time.  This rarely leads to a winning strategy.  You see a lot of games are based on hitting certain numbers in certain orders.  While the Bulls Eye is a popular target, the most points are scored in the Triple Twenty Spot.  So once again, one dart at a time, all while keeping your on eye on the big picture.

When you are chasing you dreams, you need to have a Big Goal, then you need to break this goal down into smaller goals and set deadlines.  You need to hit each deadline, each smaller goal on the path to the Big Goal.  The game may change a little along the way, but you have to reach each smaller goal to get to the big goal.  Throw one dart at a time and reach one goal at a time all the while keeping your eye on the big picture.


As a kid who did not love putting a bunch of dominoes in a row and then knocking them over, watching them fall one at a time.  Again, looking at the big picture but knocking down steps one at a time.  Domino is a game of skill, and knocking over a bunch of dominoes is fun but it takes a lot of patience and a steady hand.  It takes a long time to set up a bunch of dominoes, and it only takes a little while to knock them over.  Kind of like life isn’t it.  A lot of planning and effort goes into something that can be lot’s of fun even if only for a short time.  So is all that planning and effort worth it?  Of course it is… but you can not short-circuit the process.  You can not knock the dominoes if you are only half way done.  Even if you knock them over by accident, to reach the big picture you will have to start over.  Sometimes our plans fail and sometimes we fall short.  Sometime we have to start over, but just like dominoes; when you finally get it done it is worth it.  Can you be patient and have a steady hand, not knocking over the dominoes before their time; all the while keeping you eye on the big picture?

Again, Big Dream, Big Picture, can you reach your goals one domino at a time?  Can you keep a steady hand and not knock down the dominoes before you get everything set up?  If you make a mistake, are you willing to start over?  Are you willing to take a long time to plan and set up all those dominoes for a very short amount of time having fun?  Will it be enough?  Can you find satisfaction after all of the effort you put in to setting up all those dominoes?  If the answer is “Yes” then get started?

Darts and Dominoes each require that you do two things; keep you eye on the big picture, but also to do things one step at a time.  Can you do this?  Can you do things one step at a time while keeping you eye on the big picture?  This is what it takes to chase your dreams.  Keep your eye on the Big Picture, but also break things down to one step at a time.

Deliver Big:

Big Dreams, Big Visions, Big Plans are all great things, but for any of those things to matter people need to Deliver Big also.  Welcome to 60 Seconds Of Motivational Mojo where I try to inspire people to chase their dreams.  See I am trying to chase my dreams.  The thing I have found out this far is if you want to catch the Big Dream you have to Deliver Big.

What do I mean by Deliver Big?  Have you every watched a Car Race?  It really doesn’t matter if it is Drag Racing, NASCAR or Indy Car, have you ever seen a Car running way out in front and then all of a sudden Smoke and Fire start shooting out of the Car?  Race car fans know what I am talking about, the driver blows the engine before they cross the finish line?  A lot of preparation went into that car before the race, they did almost everything right, they were out in front of the race, but they did not finish first.  They did not deliver big.

Yes, you must have a Big Dream, A Big Vision and a Big Plan; and yes you must put a lot of time and energy into chasing the Big Dream, but when the time comes you must Deliver Big.  Lots of times when ever my wife and I try to plan a fundraiser, I go to the planning meetings with the Big Dream.  I lay out the Big Plan and then I step back and listen to what people say.  I listen and I watch.  You see there are different kinds of people who will step forward.  The ones who have the Big Dream and Big Plan and are really excited up front, but then they do not understand that Big Dreams take time, they rush in and the minute things do not go their way; they fade fast.  There are also the people who say they are willing to help, but they just don’t have any time.  They can not stick to any kind of schedule, they show up once or twice; but not a consistent basis when you need them the most.  Some people work very hard but say very little and they rarely take the lead.  Then there are people who break things down to goals and timelines and make sure they are consistently ahead of schedule on 9 out of 10 things they sign up to do.   These are the people who will more than likely deliver big when the time comes.

How to deliver big:  Every dream needs to be broken down into steps.  Every series of steps needs a goal and a deadline.  Every set of goals and deadlines needs a champion to make sure the steps are getting completed and the goal is reached on time.  Delivering Big means reaching the goal ahead of schedule, Delivering Big means saving time and money and still reaching the goal.  Delivering Big is winning the race by mile instead of an inch.

Now there are a lot of people who talk big.  Now big talk is OK as long as you can back it up.  There are people who want to walk big, but they really don’t know how.  Being able to identify who wants to walk big is a good thing, try to mentor them.  If they will accept you as a mentor, you will both learn from the experience.  If they will not accept you as a mentor you will still learn from the experience.  Good mentors teach people what to do before things go wrong.  Good mentors look out for the people they are teaching but still allow them room to grow.  Good mentors also teach people how to deliver on their promises.

The game winning shot.  The gaming winning play, that clutch moment when everything is on the line and you deliver big.  Winners want those moments so they prepare for them.  Good coaches learn to identify who is working a little harder and a little smarter and put their team in a position to win.  You can not plan for everything, but you can make sure you are not stretched so thin that you can not deliver when the time comes.  Racing out in front is great until that engine blows up and you can not finish the race.  A good coach a good mentor and a good leader knows when the team is being stretched thin.  A good leader knows when to prepare and when to let up a little to make sure the team can finish strong.  Delivering Big means Finishing Strong.

So you have the Big Dream, You have the Big Plan, now you need people you can plug-in and count on to deliver.  Some people are not going to be interested in your dreams and plans, don’t let that stop you.  Some people are going to talk a Big game in the beginning, now you must watch closely.  Who is able to not only talk big, but break things down into what needs to get done?  Challenge them to give you a goal and a deadline that they can reach.  Do not let people push things off on others, will they run with their idea?  If they give you a time-table, check back with them half way through and see if there is any progress.  Some people talk big, people who deliver ahead of schedule deliver big when the time comes.  Break things down to small steps to make sure things are still on track.

Now some people will remain quite, encourage them.  Some will step forward and others will not, again; don’t let that stop you.  Do your best to mentor those who step forward and encourage those who have not, but do not wait for anyone.  Keep moving forward. You see coaching and training are based on group settings; mentoring is more a one on one setting.  Learn the difference between coaching, training and mentoring.  The coach and trainer can not do everything.  They need the team to deliver on the field.  Delivering Big means you can count on the whole team to step up when their time to shine comes.  A good coach, a good trainer and god mentor gets people ready before their time comes.  Delivering big does not happen by accident, it happens because you take the time to think things through and prepare ahead of schedule.

Winning everything all the time is the dream season of every coach.  The reality is to be successful you want to win most of the games most of the time.  This is what Delivering Big is all about.  Honestly assess where you are and how you can continue to improve in the areas you are weak and even improve the areas you are strong when time permits.  Learn to recruit, train, coach and mentor in all areas and all phases.  Learn to supply a vision big enough to reach the dream, and then break that vision down into steps, goals and deadlines.  Have people in place for each task and train them to work ahead of schedule.  Track people’s progress and help them if they start to fall behind, but you can not be everywhere all the time for everybody.  People need to be able to consistently show up and deliver along the way.  Delivering Big means you get off to a good start and you stay in the game so you are in place to Win Big at the end.  Don’t get out in front only to blow-up the engine before the finish.  Be able to get near the front and finish strong in the end. Deliver Big!

I want to bang on the drum all day.

I don’t want to work; I want to bang on the drum all day.  Todd Rundgren

This is my continuing story of being a drummer, and trying to be a leader even though it does not always seem like a drummer would be a leader.  Or how I am a drummer and how I can serve and follow and how that impacts leadership.

I play the drums in a Praise Band.  No I am not a lead singer or even a lead instrument.  I am a guy who has been in and out of a lot of bands playing various instruments and various styles of music.  I have been playing the drums lately and it is a lot of fun.  I actually don’t want to work; I want to bang on the drum all day

Are we the best musicians?  No, but we are having fun, and we are serving others.  A lot of the music we play have more parts or instruments than we have people in our band.  We have a keyboard player who sings, a guitar player, a bass player and I am on the drums.  Some of the songs we play have multiple guitar and keyboard parts.  We have to scale things down because we do not have enough people to cover all the parts.

I have one message when we play.  I tell everyone to play with confidence.  You do not have to try to cover a lot of parts, but you must be confident in the parts you are playing.  I listen to some of the songs we play and the drummers are full-time musicians who are playing at a very high level of musicianship.  I am a Bass Player who is playing the drums part-time, a couple of times a week if I am lucky.  I may only get to play a couple of times a month if my day job gets in the way.  I don’t want to work; I want to bang on the drum all day

I can not play at the level of the drummers who are on the recordings we are copying, but I can play based on my own experience.  My experience tells me to keep it simple, play with confidence and have fun.  When a musician is having fun, people can tell.  It rubs off on the audience.  When a musician is playing with confidence, people can tell.  You can see it and hear it in the performance.  When a musician is playing with confidence the audience can feel it in the performance.  The best way to be confident and have fun is to stick to the basics.

I often find myself playing basic drum beats.  I keep basic patterns but I switch the combinations of what drums and cymbals I am using.  I keep this simple, but I play with power.  I call it my Big Lazy Rock Drummer imitation.  Sometimes when I play I miss a beat or miss hitting a cymbal.  I make a mistake, but it makes me laugh.  It makes me laugh because I am having fun.  I do not have to be drinking or taking anything to have fun.  I am having fun because I am making music and I can tell other people can feel the performance.  It makes me laugh because I wonder what it is like to be on a big stage playing for a big crowd.  I don’t want to work; I want to bang on the drum all day

In my own mind I am one of the Top Ten Bass Players in the world.  In my own mind I am the greatest Non-Famous Bass Player you have never heard about in a magazine or have never seen on television.  I am not the world’s greatest drummer.  I am a bass player playing drums who is having fun.  I am having fun and playing with confidence and it rubs off on the people around me.  I miss playing the bass guitar, and people tell me they miss me when I am not able to pay the drums.  They miss the feeling that a simple, confident and fun performance brings to the table.  A good drummer keeps a good foundation not matter how simple or complicated the parts they are playing.  A good leader can stick to the basics and keep things simple and make sure everyone is confident in their part.

The best leaders in my mind are servant leaders.  The best leaders prepare others to take the lead.  The best leaders can follow others.  The best leaders provide a solid foundation and know how to keep things simple and fun.  This is my approach to playing the drums.  I want to be a better leader.  I want to be a better musician.  I know there are more and better drummers out there.  I hope I can help teach others and I hope other drummers will come forward so I can switch to guitar or bass or keyboards and help add more parts to our music.  I hope more drummers will come forward so nothing is missing if I can not be there one week because of work.  Until then, I don’t want to work; I want to bang on the drum all day!

The Alpha Optimist

I am the Alpha Optimist, let the games begin.


What makes me think that I can be the Alpha Optimist?  Somebody has to do it.  You have to want to do it.  You have to want to serve as Champion of the Optimists.  You have to want to be the Apex Optimist.  You see Optimism is a choice, it is a choice I was challenged to make; it is a challenge I have accepted.  It is a mountain I am scaling.  I am the Alpha Optimist, let the games begin.


Read this with a smile, otherwise you will not be able to see what I am saying.  Again I say read this with a smile; find a way to laugh along.  Otherwise you will miss it.  I can not state this enough for the record, you will not see it, if you do not smile while you read this, so read this with a smile.  I am the Alpha Optimist, the Leader of the Optimist Pack.  Maybe the Optimist Pack has not recognized my skills yet, but they will soon enough.  You see someone has to do it.  Someone has to carry the torch, and that someone is me.  You too can run with me in the Optimist Pack, You can be a Beacon of Hope.  You have to run the race to qualify.  Try to be the most positive person you can be.  Dream the biggest dreams.


What does it take to be an Optimist?  You have to believe you can make the world a better place.  You have to believe that good things do not happen by chance, but we help them along.  You have to run the race.  Start with paying it forward.  Be the person who leaves a penny at the corner store.  Be the person who gives their spare change in the fundraising cans at the gas station.  Be the person who tips better when you go out to eat.  Every little bit counts.  You see I cam giving you tips because I am the Alpha Optimist.  I am not the least bit worried about losing my title.  I am self-proclaimed.  But I can help you become more of an Optimist.


Remember to smile when you read this or you will miss the point.  I am the Apex Optimist.  So I am giving you another tip.  To make the world a better place, you have to get involved; Volunteer at a Local Church or Charity.  Lend a helping hand at an after school program.  You can make a difference.  See I am challenging you to make a difference, because I challenge myself to make a difference.  You can do it.  It is not hard, you just have to start.


I am the Big Dream Hunter, and I am leading a Safari.  You can come along.  Be the one who says “We can do it!” and mean it!  Be the one who will challenge Pessimists and Realists to a Verbal Duel.  Can you win the argument and leave everyone laughing and thinking twice?  Can you sharpen your saw against the most negative and complacent people around?  I can, that is what makes me the Champion of the Optimists.  I never back down from the chance to prove a pessimist wrong.  I never back down from the challenge of making a realist dream.  That is what it takes!  I am the Alpha Optimist, the Apex Predator of Realists and Pessimist.  Yes those camps shudder to think I may be tracking them.  Making them rethink their positions.


Don’t be afraid, it won’t hurt.  You will learn to love it.  Love the fact that you can dream big and make the world a better place.  Love the fact that you do not have to give into pity parties and doom and gloom.  The sun will rise in the East tomorrow just like it did today.  You can roll with my team, you can ride with us.  We are the Dreamers of the Big Dream; the Hunters of the Big Prize.  We will change the World.  The Trumpets will sound.  Did you remember to smile while reading this?  If you did not smile, you can not see it.  Put a smile one your face and start over.


I am the Alpha Optimist, let the games begin.

Underdogs still have to hunt.

We love seeing the underdog win.  We love it when the little guy finally beats the big guy.  Come on, countless movies, TV shows, Songs, Plays have been written about it.  Let’s not kid ourselves.  Now, the point of this post is not just to root for the underdog.  The point of this post is not to be afraid of being the underdog.  The point of this post is that being the underdog is more than just showing up.  The underdogs still have to hunt.

Showing up is half the battle.  I blog, I post, I write, I type because I believe in the underdogs.  I am an underdog, and to all my fellow underdogs; I say dream the big dream.  Dream the big dream and showing up is half the battle.  Underdogs have to show up, but to win the battle; underdogs have to be ready to hunt.  Have you ever heard the saying “that dog won’t hunt?”  Well underdogs need the attitude of “If I don’t hunt I don’t eat.”  We see it a lot in sports.  Underdog teams play sacrificial lamb for the big dogs for an easy pay-day.  That is not hunting, that is laying down for money.  Who roots for the underdog to just put up a good fight?

We root for underdogs to win, but underdogs must have the attitude; if they don’t hunt, they don’t eat.  There is nothing wrong with losing if you have given it everything you have to give.  I am not saying it is easy being the underdog, no I am saying it is hard; all the more reason why the underdog has to be ready to give their best.  Do you want to be remembered as the little engine that could, or the little engine that almost could?

If I don’t hunt, I don’t eat.  I am not a big dog; I am still trying to fight the good fight.  I don’t want to be known as your favorite blogger who never made it, or almost made it.  I want to be known as your favorite blogger who motivated you to get up and chase your dreams because I was chasing my dreams.  If I want to catch my dreams, I have to hunt.  If I don’t show up for work, I don’t get paid; if I don’t get paid, I don’t eat.  Underdogs must have they attitude that if they don’t hunt, they go hungry.

“That dog won’t hunt” is an expression to describe an idea or company that looks good on paper, but does not work.  Investors use it when they are expecting a company to grow and prosper and it does not work out.  That dog won’t hunt is used to describe, companies, business, teams, people and ideas that just don’t work out.  Underdogs have to hunt.  They have to stay hungry.  Never cheer an Underdog that just wants to show up and get paid.  Pro Wrestling used the term jobbers, guys who we paid to make the big stars look good.  Jobbers do not hunt.  In boxing they called it “taking a dive,” guys who got paid to lose.  No one wants to root for a jobber, or someone who is ready to take a dive do they?

We love rooting for the underdog.  I love rooting for the underdog.  I never bet on sports for that reason.  I am a fan of sports.  I love it when the underdog wins.  It gives hope to us all.  That is why I want to see the underdog put up a fight.  I want to know that the same fight lives in me.  I want to believe that the same fight lives in you.  The underdog can’t just show up.  The underdog has to hunt!

Use your give or lose your gift.

I am sure we have heard it before.  Use it or lose it.  Maybe people have said in a negative way.  I am trying to say it in a positive way.  I don’t make the rules.  I am just telling you what I have learned.  I am just telling you what I believe.  I am just telling you what I have lived.  Use your gift or lose your gift.

I want to believe that writing is a gift.  I want to believe I have a gift of gab.  I want to believe that I have a gift of Motivation and Inspiration.  All I am trying to do with this Blog is to convince people to learn the truth and chase their dreams.  I have been blogging for almost two years now.  Yes, I want to believe that enough blogging may lead to writing a book one day.  I want to believe if I read enough, and write enough and join enough conversations; that I will learn and grow and apply what I learn to my every day life.  This blog is like an open diary.  Lot’s of the things I post are things my wife and I have lived.

The act of blogging, of writing of posting and pasting links has taught me a lot in the past eighteen months or so.  One of the major things I have learned is how much more I have to learn.  I have that I can become a better writer and a better typist and a better manager of my time.  I have learned that I have to keep an open mind, but I also have to stand up for what I believe; and before I expect anyone else to do something, I have to expect myself to do it.  If I want someone else to cherish their gift, I have to cherish mine.  If I want someone else to chase their dream, I have to chase mine.  If I want someone else to use their gift to chase their dream, I have to use my gift to chase my dream.  I blog, and I volunteer and I try to help organize; I use my gift.

If you don’t use a machine it will get old and rusty.  If we do not use our gifts we can get rusty.  We can get out of practice.  We can begin to lose our gift.  We can also begin to lose sight of our dreams.  If we are not moving forward we in truth are slowly moving backwards.  We are surrounded by people who are not living their dreams, in truth we are surrounded by people who have given up on their dreams.  If we stop moving forward, if we stop chasing our dreams, if we stop using or gifts; we will listen more and more to people who have given up.  We will hear more doom and gloom.  We will start losing what we should be using.  Do you remember the good old days?  Do you believe you are past your prime?  Do you think you will never have the things you dream of having?  Then you will not use your gift, you will fall out of practice.  You will get rusty.

Use your gift or lose your gift.  Be the best that you can be at what ever you want to be doing.  Get around others who are using gifts that compliment your gift.  Teach others how to use their gifts, if their gifts compliment yours.  Be the person who says “yes we can” instead of “no we can’t.”  You have to use your gift or you may lose you gift.

How do I know?  I know because I do.  I know because I am doing.  I know because I am learning.  I know because I want to believe that I am improving.  Because of my blogging, I am typing more and I am typing faster.  Because of blogging my spelling and grammar have improved.  Because of blogging I am reading more and making fewer mistakes when I write and type.  Because of blogging I expect more of myself.  Because of blogging I am more convinced than ever that positive words and paying forward positive vibes can make a difference.

Use your gift or lose your gift.  I hope everyone out their will continue to chase their dreams.  I hope anyone who has fallen down will get up and dust themselves off and try again.  I hope everyone out there will use their gift!