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Four years of blogging?

Four years of blogging?

Four years of spreading good news and trying to give quality advice, the kind of advice that I will follow. Four years of trying to build, from the ground up a motivational network of people who will encourage each other. Four years.

And what has it got me? A book deal: No, not yet. Any television n time: No, not yet. A movie deal with options on a sequel: No, not yet. So why do we do this again. Why do I do this again, blog in hopes of finding an audience?

I do this because I believe in seed time and harvest. My harvest may not have come in yet, but I plant seeds of good news and I water by trying and trying again, and encouraging others to try. I get peace of mind in knowing that I am trying to make things better by spreading good news instead of gossip. And I get to learn because I learn by doing, studying and mentoring others who are just getting started. I get to learn by talking to other people who are also blogging or speaking or networking and trying to help others. I learn because it is not enough for me to just blog, I want to make a difference by volunteering hands on so I go and help out when I can.   I want to make a difference so I invite others to join me when I can.

I could tell you that it is raining outside and my car won’t start; but I choose to tell you that no matter what you are going through to hold on, the sun will rise tomorrow.   I choose good news over bad. I choose the lesson over the pity party. I choose to want to make a difference instead of placing blame. I choose to keep blogging.

Four years of blogging and each year I reach more people. If only one person a day finds something I blog worthwhile, then maybe I can reach 365 people a year. If in 4 years 1000 people have found something worthwhile to hold onto from my quest to spread good news, then it is worth it.

No book deal, yet. No television interviews, yet. No movie options, yet. But in 2016 I hope to get out and speak more, I hope I can help produce some motivational and professional networking workshops. I also hope to help find 100 jobs for 100 people. I also hope I can volunteer once a month and invite others to join me. Four years of blogging and it has been worth it.

Thank you for tuning in. See you on the other side.


The reason I keep blogging.

The reason I keep blogging.

Most of the things I post in my blog are not new information.  Maybe it is just my perspective that is different.  I am more than likely not telling you something you have never heard or seen before, maybe it is just something you need to hear or see again with a new take on it.  The things I am telling you are to do what right for the sake of doing what is right.  I am telling you to believe in yourself and to believe that you can make a difference.  I am telling you to learn by doing.

The reason I keep blogging is because I believe these things to be true not only for you but for me.  I believe that I have to keep looking for a new take on the same things I have heard before.  I believe that I have to do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing.  I believe that I am supposed to believe in myself and believe that I can make a difference.

If I tell you to have faith, I must have faith.  If want to motivate others, I have to stay motivated.  If I believe that good work is it own reward, I have to do good work.  If I believe in seed time in harvest then I must sow seed.  I continue to blog because I have to motivate myself as much as I try to motivate anyone else.  The reason I keep blogging is because I believe in what I am blogging.

So what am I saying?  What comes around goes around?  As you sow so shall you reap?  Believe in something more than yourself?  Do the right thing?  Build a team, work together?  These are the things I blog.  I believe them to be true.  And by saying them over and over again, I am learning how to become a better team builder and a better leader.  It is not enough to shout to the heavens or stand in the forest and yell at the trees; the point is to make a difference and help others make a difference.  The point is to create and maintain a blog that will actually create change in the world that I live in, in my community and in the communities that this blog reaches.

We sit here and say that we are all connected and we all are Six Degrees of Separation from each other.  So what are we doing to make the world a better place?  If I ask it of others, I have to first ask it of myself.  Blogging, mentoring, coaching and training are all things I try to do in my personal and professional lives.  At home or on the job, I have to try to keep learning by studying and by doing and by coaching others.  So I blog to keep myself motivated and to believe I can motivate others.  This motivation will hopeful bring change into my life and to the lives of those who read this blog.

All I can tell you is to stay at it.  All I can tell myself is to stay at it.  So my promise to you is that I will stay at it.  One day, one week, one post at a time; I will stay at it.

The 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Top 40 Countdown.

The 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Top 40 Countdown.

Over 3 years of Blogging; To celebrate 400 Posts I have decided to do a Top 40 Countdown.  The Top 40 most viewed Mojo Posts.  I have tried time and time again to figure this blogging out.  I have not been able to just post and get a ton of view because of keywords or phrases.  I have also taken a look at the amount of spam that is automatically blocked by WordPress, still I can find no patterns.  The people have spoken, these are the posts the people have viewed the most:

40 Help me, help you. 0.57%
39 Good, Fast and Cheap; Pick Two! 0.58%
38 Seven Easy Steps to Success: Dream, Ponder, Speak, Act, Practice, Improve, Succeed 0.60%
37 You can lead a leader to leadership but you can’t make them lead. 0.62%
36 7H15 7R4N5M15510N 15 C0M1N6 70 Y0U, 3NC0D3D. 0.66%
35 I am thankful everyday. 0.66%
34 Set my course to North by North East. 0.67%
33 I will not host your pity party. 0.74%
32 Honest Arrogance versus False Humility. 0.79%
31 The Five E-s of Leadership: 0.80%
30 My Super Secret Mystic Magic Formula for Success: 0.86%
29 Today is my day. 0.89%
28 Stop trying to carry the load of others all by yourself. 0.90%
27 PR4C71C3 M4K35 H4RD 7H1N65 345Y. 0.90%
26 Fear, Excuses, Faith and Results: 0.95%
25 Maximum Muscle Madness – The Road Warrior Workout: 0.98%
24 To be the best, learn from the best. 1.10%
23 Fight the battle with the confidence that you have already won! 1.13%
22 The truth that hurts versus the lie you want to hear. 1.22%
21 If you don’t do it, someone else will. 1.32%
20 The world is not fair, deal with it! 1.57%
19 The Seven Sigma Levels of Leadership: 1.75%
18 Lots of little things add up to big things. 1.82%
17 If no one has called you crazy, you are not trying hard enough. 1.90%
16 Thank you for being patient with me. 1.97%
15 The more connected we are, the more disconnected we become. 2.14%
14 Don’t let your mistakes define your future. 2.30%
13 We all love seeing the Underdog Win. 2.35%
12 Runners Log – June 14th 2012 2.46%
11 Maximum Awesomeness! 2.48%
10 Birds of a feather flock together. 2.58%
9 I am not proud of my failure, I am proud of trying again. 2.89%
8 T.R.U.S.T: 2.91%
7 Confidence, Determination and Will Power: 3.67%
6 Why the easy way out is the hardest and worse option. 4.71%
5 The Selfless Leader: 5.05%
4 Life is like a rollercoaster. The question is which hill do we tackle first? 5.56%
3 Why Teamwork sometimes doesn’t work. 5.68%
2 Maximum Muscle Madness 10.35%
1 Standing up for what you believe in is the right thing to do. 18.92%

So thank you for being a part of 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo:

Refresh your connections.

Sometimes after a while, I notice my links from my WordPress Blog to Facebook or LinkedIn or Google are broken.  Sometimes I receive a notice to repair my connections.  Depending on what computer system, operating system and web browser combination I am using at the time, this can be an easy or difficult process. So without getting overly technically “cyberiffic” let me say that is a good practice to refresh our connections.  So today’s topic is refresh your connections.

“Cyberiffic” is a new term I have coined a hybrid of terrific performance in cyberspace.  Now we can move on.  Refresh your connections.  This is more than just linking one webpage to another webpage.  This is a challenge to actually try to connect with people.  Instead of a mass spam hello, why not a personal message for each of your links?  Instead of a text message, why not a telephone call?  Instead of an e-mail, why not a postcard?  Instead of a Web chat or video conference, why not a face-to-face sit-down over lunch or coffee?

Refresh your connections.  I am going to challenge myself to volunteer at different community service organizations once a month and invite as many people as possible to join me.  I am going to try to connect with people once a month for sit down conversations, workshops and public speaking events.  I am going to try to film them and share them with as many people as possible.  I want to make real connections with real people and share these connections with the world.

Refresh your connections.  You can do this also, you can invite people to do more than just show off, promote a party or be a voyeur into other people’s lives.  You too can use social media to create real world results.  That is kind of the point of 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo and the Point of Light Network.  Creating real world results, all you have to do is refresh your connections.  Take an extra minute to make a personal connection instead of a mass spam induced grab for attention.

Repair your connections.  You may have to take a minute to get back in touch with someone and rehash something where you could not find agreement.  You may have to let time heal an old wound.  In the past I have held grudges and hurt people.  Am I sorry, yes I truly am; but we need to find a way to keep moving forward.  Sometimes you have to realize there are some things you can fix and some things you can’t and keep moving forward.  It is not about holding each other back, it is about not blocking someone from finding their own way if they do not want to go your way.  Am I good at repairing connections?  No, but I can try.  Am I good at refreshing connections, maybe and that is even easier.  They both start the same way, reaching out with a simple hello.  If you have wronged someone, say you are sorry and admit what you have done.  If you can work it out, work it out.  If you can not agree, then it is better to leave it alone than to keep stirring the pot.

Refresh your connections.  Try to make a real personal connection.  Take an extra minute and let people know how they are special in your life and tell them about their unique gift or talent.  If you are going to be friends, be friends who look out for and appreciate each other.  This is more than just who has the most links, it is about who can make quality connections.

Again, I am going to invite people to come along with my a couple of times a month to volunteer and to have some face to face conversations.  You can do it also, or you can do your own thing your own way.  Just find a way to refresh your connections!

Two Years of Blogging.

Two years of Blogging.  It goes quick, and it goes slowly.  Two years of 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  So many words typed and so many typos.  Thank you for sticking with me.  If it made sense to you then I did something right.  If it did not make sense, back to the drawing board.  No not really.  If it did not make sense to you, maybe it wasn’t supposed to make sense to you.

This blog, 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo was never meant to be perfect and it never will be perfect.  It is not written to a formula.  I do not have proof readers and editors.  Maybe it is just meant to be what it is… it is my stream of consciousness and my observation on this life we are passing through.  I am learning by doing and I hope you will do the same.  If I had all the answers I would be a best-selling author by now.  I am looking for answers and sharing my thoughts along the way.

I am convinced that each of us have a gift.  I believe each of us have a talent that we did not earn, it was given to us.  We can argue over where the gift came from, I say if came from God.   I think the best way to honor you gift is to practice your talent, get around people with whom you can find common ground and let your talent show.  Let your light shine.  Put yourself on display in a positive way, where you are hurting no one and helping those around you.

So I blog, and I work and I try to learn and mentor and coach others.  I try to have a positive impact when doing the things I love.  It seems I drive the people I love crazy, but it is because I am convinced even when those around me are not.  Give it a try, spread good news and tell people to chase the big dream.  Some people will call you crazy.  Some will call you a dreamer (which is a compliment.)  Others may talk behind your back (ask yourself if you really want friends like that?)  Some people will actually be happy for you, and some may actually help you live your dream (those are your real friends.)

Who am I anyway, I am just some guy on the internet trying to spread good news.  Pretty much a few times a week for the last two years I have posted on this blog.  It went fast, but it was also a grind.  Sometimes I would get ten posts ahead, other times like lately I have struggled to post once a week.  Time flies when you are having fun and life will get in your way.  You may not get paid a dime to chase your dreams; will you let all those things stop you or will you learn by doing?

Two years of blogging and I am still at it.  I haven’t been paid a dime to chase my dreams, but I will still chase them.  And I will ask you to chase your dreams.  It is what I do.  Hopefully that if anything has gotten through, that has gotten through.  Maybe that is all I was ever supposed to do, all typos aside.  If you can’t get past a typo here and there you are really missing the point.

I live to blog and one day I will blog to live.

I live to blog and one day I will blog to live.


I have blogged about Leadership:  The Five E-s of Leadership:

I have blogged about making a stand:  Standing up for what you believe in is the right thing to do.

I have blogged about finding a new job:  How to find your dream job?


I live to blog and one day I will blog to live.  I believe you should be chasing you dreams, and this blog is part of me chasing my dream.  I keep trying to get better.  What are you trying to get better at doing?


I have blogged about Life:  Life is like a rollercoaster. The question is which hill do we tackle first?

I have blogged about putting others first:  The Selfless Leader:

I have blogged about working as a team:  Why Teamwork sometimes doesn’t work.


I live to blog and one day I will blog to live.  I have to keep on digging, keep on pushing, keep on swimming; I have to keep on keeping on and so do you.  So I blog and hope that one day it will connect.


I have blogged about struggles:  F.A.C.E. adversity:

I have blogged about fitness:  Maximum Muscle Madness

I have even blogged about why it is O.K. to be called crazy:  If no one has called you crazy, you are not trying hard enough.


I live to blog and one day I will blog to live.  So what is there to fear.  I type what I think, I speak what I think, I try to live what I think and learn from doing.  So by doing, I am learning and learning fuels more blogging.  It is all one big circle.  Maintaining an online diary of my thoughts and I invite you along for the ride.


I guess this is my point:  Do what you love.


I live to blog and one day I will blog to live.

Thank you for being patient with me.

Thank you Word Press Readers, Thank you News Herald Readers, Thank you to those on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google; I want to say thank you for being patient with me.

Thank you for looking past my typos and seeing my meaning behind my mistakes.  I have heard we live in a Universe built on Laws of Intention.  I think I have made my Intentions clear.  Chase your dreams and learn by doing.  Get off the couch and go after making your dream a reality.  Use your talents and find your purpose.  This blog is part of me finding my purpose.  This blog is part of me using my talents.  This blog is part of me chasing my dreams.  This blog is me learning by doing.

Spell check only catches so many mistakes.  Word Press Proof Reader only catches so many mistakes.  Some still slip by, I do not have an editor or fact checker.  It is just me, my stream of conscious, my shooting from the hip; and then my learning how to check and double-check my own work.  Thank you for being patient with me.

I blog about chasing dreams, I blog about leadership, I blog about checking the facts and finding out the truth for yourself; each post is a double-edged sword.  Each post is a challenge for me to be who I say I am.  I don’t work out enough, I still lose my temper and my wife hears this stuff everyday.  If I am blogging what I believe, than the people closest to me will hear it the most.  Lot’s of the things I have posted are things my wife and I are trying to do, and changes we are trying to make in our everyday lives.

Thanks again for being patient with me.  Hundreds of posts, thousands of views, so many links, shares and connections and I am still learning and growing one post at a time.  I am still finding my voice.  I am still finding my style.  Yes, my book deal will be here any minute now.  Then I will make my rounds on the talk show circuit, maybe become a in demand public speaker, or maybe I will just be some guy shooting his thoughts into cyberspace and breaking through the static one person at a time.  Either way it works for me, as long as I continue to grow and as long as I continue to find my voice.

Thank you again, for being patient with me.  I will keep at it.

I still have not figured out this blogging thing.

Sure I have made a bunch of posts to this blog.  I have tried to track my hits.  I have tried to nudge them along, but for the most part it does it own thing.  I guess it means I have to be faithful to the spirit of 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  Try to get people to find out the truth for themselves and maybe get up off the couch and chase their dreams. 

OK, my dream is to be a new breed of Slacker Rock Star Motivator who tells you that you can chase your dreams, search for truth, search for purpose and use your talents in your pursuit of happiness.  I am not trying to flaunt a bunch of degrees or big words, I try to use a down to earth approach to reaching for the stars.  I try to use the dry humor of irony to search for the truth.  I try to let people know that only their actions can change their lives.  Yes, I believe that God is the beacon, but we have to get up, dust ourselves off and chase our dreams.  No one can do it for us, which means I can not do it for you and you can not do it for me.

I still have not really figured out this blog thing though.  I just type, I upload posts.  I see things, I make things up, I try to give examples without dropping names.  I am not saying I can appeal to 100% of the people out there.  Heck I am more than happy with 1%.  Not the 1% who are getting all the press lately.  Nope I think that only maybe on a good day 10% of the people out there will agree with me, and then out of those 10% – only 10% will actually do anything.  That gives me 10% of 10% or 1%.  I think if 1% of people will get up and chase their dreams then my work here is done, or has it only started?  Do I abandon ship after we reach our first harbor?  For now I row the boat.

I don’t want to post things in pursuit of popularity; I am in pursuit of truth.  Why is telling people to chase their dreams not the most popular topic out there?  Why is telling people to find out the truth for themselves not the most popular blog out there?  Should I tell people to give up on their dreams and believe lies?  Is it because I tell people they have to figure it out for themselves and then get around people who have common goals and work as a team?  I can’t figure this blogging thing out.

In my mind, I would think that telling people to find out the truth for themselves, find their purpose and use their talents to chase their dreams should spread like wildfire throughout the blogging sphere.  It should be like lightning in the interconnected network we call the internet.  That is why I still have not figured it out.  Is it my suit, should I dress better.  Is it my tone?  Should I be nicer?  I have not figured this blogging thing out.  I just blog, I type, I ponder, I observe, I strive to find something positive to take away from everyday.  And everyone thinks I am a crazy dreamer who will never amount to anything.  Except everyone is a dreamer, the question is do they remember their dreams?  Do they chase their dreams or have they given up and want me to give up also.  They don’t want to be reminded of the dreams they had when they were a kid.  Is it wrong for me to wake up those dreams hidden inside of you?  Is it wrong for me to tell you, you can still chase those dreams?

Yeah, I think if 10 people will work together they can change the world.  So I am looking for my 9 common goal, common ground, crazy dreamer friends who want to change the world.  And I think you should be looking for your 9 common goal, common ground, crazy dreamer friends who want to change the world.  This is why I will say again, “I have not figured this blogging thing out yet.”  But when I do, when I break through, watch out.  We are going to make some noise, we are going to make a difference, we are going to work together setting people free to chase their dreams and we are going to change the world.  I just got to figure this blogging thing out.

So I will continue to type, to post, to blog, to hope, to nudge it along and try to figure it out with out selling out.  Maybe if I had a nicer suit, a rich father, a better sense of humor.  Let’s be honest, none of that stuff matters.  I am going to blog anyway.  I am going to keep chipping away.  Maybe one of you out there will do the same.  Chase your dreams; I will keep typing either way.

Ride the Lighting!

Thanks to the internet, we are all able to speak our minds pretty freely.  Good, bad or indifferent.  Yes, there is still a lot of power in traditional media outlets, but social media is picking up steam.  Now, everyone can post their thoughts on the fly.  We can all ride the light, ride the lighting and believe one day that sparks will fly from our fingers.

Remember as a kid we used to play the game where you take your shoes off, rub your socks on the carpet, and then shock someone? Sparks flying from your fingers!  Then more and more people would do it, and it would stop working.  We used up all the spare charge in the carpet.  That is what the first person did, they gathered up all the static electricity in the carpet, built up a charge, and then let it loose on the next person.  Then the next person did it, and people began to notice.  Sparks were flying; we were all trying to ride the lighting.

Blogging is a way for us to let out our point of view, and maybe build a following with like-minded people.  Blogging let’s the little guy, and the big guy build and expand an audience; and maybe take them a little deeper, a little farther into a perspective, into a point of view.  The internet makes it possible, social media is picking up steam.  Every post is like rubbing your socks on the carpet, hoping to find some static electricity; hoping to build up a charge.  Each post is like hoping sparks will fly from your fingers, like hoping sparks will fly from my fingers.  Ride the Lighting.

As we grow older, some of us will choose to study electricity.  I did, I got a degree, and debt from a B.S.E.E.  I should have been free and clear, but at the time I did not build up enough charge.  I did not respect the opportunity I had been given.  Can’t go back, have to move forward; I have to learn from my mistakes and let the charge build up. 

What is the power of honest thinking?  What is the power of opening your self up and letting others peak in?  What is the power in telling people to find the truth for themselves, and chase their dreams?  I am hoping to create a spark, hoping someone else will see what I do and maybe build up a charge.  I am hoping people will notice and start doing it also.  I am hoping we can work together to spread a positive message of hope and teamwork and leadership.  I am hoping I can build up enough charge where sparks will fly from my fingers.  I am hoping more and more people will ride the light and see the beacon of hope that is 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, and then pay it forward.

I am hoping more people will ride the lighting.  Listen, I know that only God can make lighting fly from his fingers.  Everything else is the magic of science taught to us from guys like Nikola Tesla and Michael Faraday and Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Alva Edison.

The stay positive challenge:

It’s simple; find something positive to say every day, no matter what happens to you.  No matter what you are going through, find something positive to say, write or blog.  Everyday pay forward one positive thing; something as simple as saying; “What is the word of the day?”

No matter what you are going through, find something positive.  Really, it is simple to write it, it is simple to blog it, it is simple to say it; doing it is hard.  Doing it is hard until it gets easy.  Actually it starts easy and then gets hard, and then it gets easy again.  Because this blog is about motivation, the last thing I want to do is generate a pity party for myself; but I can say I have been through a roller coaster of ups and downs, and still I try to find something positive to take from everyday, and I try to find something positive to pay forward. 

60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo started as a Daily Video Blog, and was hard to keep finding ways to film and edit myself on a cheap camera shooting from the hip.  It morphed into a thought of the day group on LinkedIn and a Facebook Page.  It then became a WordPress Blog, and I am happy to say the Mojo has been picked up by a community blogging circle.  Through it all, a year and a half of trying to pay positive thought forward into cyberspace on average of five times per week; I have been able to find lot’s of inspiration, and I have had my share of let downs.  My family has seen me lose every bit of my cool in anger, and still I keep trying to say; “Things will get better if you keep at it.”

It is that simple and it is that hard.  Say it everyday.  Things will get better!  Keep saying it; and say it to someone, anyone who will listen.  E-mail it, blog it, film it and post it to your social media of choice.  Things will get better, if we all get together and try to make it better.  There is more than enough doom and gloom, isn’t there?  We have to make it better.  We have to try.  I just refuse to give up.  No matter what I go through, I have to believe there is a brighter day out there for those who refuse to quit.  Persistence Pays Off!

So I have a duty to everyone who has said, “Hey I like this 60 Second dose of Motivational Mojo,” and I have a challenge for everyone out there.  Pay it forward.  Never give up.  Find something positive to take away from every day.  It will be easy, and then it will get hard, but then it will get easy again.  No matter what you are going through, never settle for second best!