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Reaching the world, one click at a time:

Reaching the world, one click at a time:

60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo has reached 110 countries so far this year alone.

Do you have something worth saying?  Do you?  Do you feel like it is impossible to make a difference?  Now I have one final question.  Have you tried?

Changing the word is not easy, but it is simple.  First and foremost you must have something to say.  Then you must have something worth doing.  Even with those things, the world will not change.  You then have to spread the word and do the work.  Even then the world may not change, but at least you have tried.

I started blogging a few years ago.  I blogged and I kept it quite.  I waited for people to find me.  Guess what, nothing happened.  Then I started inviting and challenging others to do one simple thing, spread good news. Slowly but surely I started connecting and linking with people who felt the same way.  Did we agree on everything?  No; but we agreed on one simple thing, to spread good news.  Did everyone stay?  No; some people came and went and did their own thing.  Did that stop me?  No; I vowed that if I could just reach one person it would be worth it.  I am reaching people one click at a time.  On LinkedIn and on Facebook and thanks to search engines and linking to the News Herald Blog Section in my town; I am reaching people one click at a time.

So has the world changed?  I am not sure if I have helped or not; I may not be able to change the world, but maybe I can get through to one or two people here and there and set an example that no matter what I am going through, I can find one good thing to say every day.  At least once a week or so I can take an hour and write in my blog and post it for people to find.  Find something good about every day and share it.  Invite others to do the same.  Maybe the world can change on click at a time.

So here we are in 2016 and 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is reaching 110 Countries around the world.  One mouse-click at a time; Yes believe it or not, I have logged as few as one click this year in some countries.  Maybe that is just a random mistake?  Who knows?  Well over 36 countries have logged 10 clicks or more.  Maybe it is just one person per country checking in once a month.  That is more than enough for me.  And 8 countries have logged 100 clicks or more in 2016.  Hey maybe it is all just spam robot web crawler clicks, all I can do is keep trying and keep inviting others to spread good news.

Thank you to everyone, everywhere who has found 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I vow to keep at it.  One day, one week, one month and one click at a time.  Reaching the world, one click at a time; 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo has reached 110 countries so far this year alone.  Thank you again and again and again.

Joseph Luellen III

Founder – 60 Seconds Of Motivational Mojo

Co-Founder – the Point Of Light Network

Today is your day.

Today is your day.

Declare it. Look in the mirror and say it!

“Today is my day.”

Did you do it? Did you wake up and declare it? Did you say it like you meant it or did you just say it?

Today is your day. It starts with you and how you will face today. Will you do one thing different and will you learn one thing new? Will you face the day with the belief that you can make a difference?

Let’s try it again, look in the mirror and declare today is your day.

“Today is my day!”

As you can see, I don’t use capital letters to shout at you when I blog. If it is not worth saying, don’t say it. But if it worth saying, it is worth believing. Today is your day. Make today matter. Make it count. Believe in the power of your day, today. Have you heard of “Another Day, Another Dollar?” Have you heard of “Same Stuff, Different Day?” Have you heard of “Same Old Same Old?” Choose not to believe it! Change your today! Change today! Today is your day. Say it with me.

“Today is my day!!!”

I am the kind of person who:

I am the kind of person who leaves a penny at the counter in the little dish.  You can be that kind of person also.  All you have to do is leave a penny.

I am the kind of person who puts my spare change in the charity jars.  Maybe a dollar here and a dollar there won’t make much of a difference, but it doesn’t hurt to try.  One day I hope to do more, but in the mean time I will do what I can.

I am the kind of person who likes to volunteer one day a month to help feed the homeless.  I also like to volunteer at food banks and soup kitchens.  My wife and I also like to organize and host charity fundraisers and try to get people to come together and work as a team.  Why not, even if we can only make things a little better we are still making things better than they were before we got there.  You can be that kind of person also.

I am the kind of person who likes to leave a good tip when ever we go out to eat.  Why not be the person that appreciates other people who are working hard for the money they make?  Why not be the person that people like to see coming?  Why not be that regular customer that people want to wait on?

I am the kind of person who believes in something bigger than myself.  I have faith, I believe in trying to be a part of something that will live on after I am gone.  You can be that person also; it just takes faith and hope that you can make a difference.  You can be that person also.

Leave a penny.  Donate your spare change.  Volunteer once a month.  Be a good tipper.  Have Faith.  Believe in something bigger than yourself.  Be that kind of person.  I am that kind of person.

Worrying will never solve your problems.

Hello again, Welcome, or better yet welcome back.  Are you the kind of person who seems to worry more than everyone else?  I hope you are not the kind of person who worries about things and then never does anything about them.  Worrying will never solve your problems.  Either what ever you are worrying about has to be important enough to act on, or you should stop worrying because there is nothing you can do about it anyway.

Have you heard of the Serenity Prayer?  “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”  I may not be the biggest fan of this prayer, but I will say; it has helped a lot of people, maybe it can help you. See I believe in Courage and Wisdom, I just have tough time accepting things without at least trying to make a difference.  I am not good at just accepting things the way they are without question.

Now I am not telling you to walk around doubting things.  I am trying to get you to stop worrying about things.  Either you do your best or stop worrying.  If you will not bother to try to make things better and learn from your mistakes, than why worry?  If you are surrounded by people who refuse to try to make things better or learn from their mistakes, why do you worry?  You either accept them for who they are and stop worrying; or surround yourself with different people.  Worrying will never solve your problems.

There is a famous Einstein quote about the definition of insanity.  I have heard it so many times I have come to not like it any more.  I like the other quote about the same level of thinking that caused a problem will not solve the problem.  If you are not willing to think things through and get up and act on what ever is bothering you, then why worry?  Why not say a prayer and let it go?

I am not telling you to never worry; I am telling you that worrying will not solve your problems.  Worry may lead you to take a second look at something, but again why worry if you will not act on it?  If you can’t change what ever you are worrying about, why worry?  Why not say a prayer and move on?

Let’s test my theory with an extremely basic example.  Let’s say I am the kind of person who loves sunshine, hates rain and I am afraid of the moon.  Now, I can get up everyday when the sun is shining and by happy, let rain make me sad, and then hide under the covers every time I see the moon.  What good is that doing me?  Now, maybe I like the sun because I like being out doors and hate the rain because I can’t go outside.  Maybe it is time for me to find a new hobby I can do while it is raining, but I can not stop rain from falling can I?  I can move to a climate that has less rain, but I can not stop rain or change the weather where I live.  Now how about the moon light?  In this example moon light scares me.  So maybe I can study about the moon and find out where my fear comes from, or I can say a prayer for the moon not to hurt me and get on with my life.  It will be impossible to find a place on earth where I can hide from the moon.  I will have to accept the fact that Sunshine, Moonlight and Rain drops are all part of life on earth, but I can also act on my emotions and fears.  I can control a certain part of how I react to sunny days, rainy days and the moon at night.  I must have the courage to learn and act on my emotions, not just sit around and worry.

Now listen, I have a lot of faith.  I have a lot of faith in God.  But, I am not the kind of person who sits around and says, “It is all in God’s hands.”  This may seem like a paradox, it is all in God’s hands in the end, but God has given us a say so in our lives also.  We have choices we can make.  We do not have to put ourselves in bad, risky or dangerous situations time and time again; and then either worry all the time, or just sit back and say it is in God’s hands.  I hope you understand the point I am trying to make.

Let me put it this way.  If I lived near a Volcano that is active; I can either act like the volcano will never erupt again, or prepare for the volcano to erupt, or prepare to leave the area.  Again, sitting around worrying about the volcano erupting will not change anything.  The volcano will smoke and it will erupt based on things that none of us can control.  Either we prepare and do the best we can, or we pray and accept whatever answer we receive.  Worrying will never solve your problems.

So in conclusion, I will give you this much.  A little bit of worry is o.k. if it shines the light on a problem and you will either accept it or act on it.  But worry for the sake of worrying will not change anything.  Worrying will never solve your problems.  Either you get up and act, or say a prayer and accept things for what they are worth.

The Pessimist, the Realist and the Optimist:

The Pessimist says “What difference does it make?”  The Realist says “How much difference does it make?”  The Optimist says “It will make a difference?”

So the Optimist hopefully will not give in and give up.  See it is my belief that pessimists have no vision and realists have given up on what ever vision they used to have, so it is vitally important that the optimist gets around other optimists.  It is very important that an optimist does not lose their vision.

The Pessimist says “It does not make a difference.”  The Realist says “It does not make much of a difference.”    The Optimist says “It does make a difference.”

So hopefully the Optimist will get around other Optimists and work with and learn from them.  See it is very dangerous to be an untrained Optimist around a bunch of Pessimists or so-called Realists.  They will drown you out, and you may begin to sound like them.  If you begin to sound like them, you may begin to think like them.  If you begin to think like them, you may begin to lose your vision.  It is a sad day indeed when an Optimist begins to lose their vision.  Therefore I pray that you do not lose your vision.

The Pessimist says “I can never make a difference.”  The Realist says “I can not make much of a difference.”    The Optimist says “I can make a difference.”

So I hope and pray they that all the Optimists out there will listen closely and surround themselves with other Optimists.  And listen, work and learn because talk is cheap and action speaks louder than words.  So let you actions speak loudly, and teach your vision and follow your dreams; and train others to follow their dreams. You have to believe you can make a difference.

The Pessimist says “Life Stinks.”  The Realist says “Things will not change.”    The Optimist says “Life is Great!”

So believe that a great life is out there, and chase after it.  Believe you can have it; believe that you can make a difference.  Surround yourself with people who are looking for win – win scenarios, and are not trying to set anyone up for failure.  Surround yourself with people who believe we are better off together.  Surround yourself with people who want to make the world a better place.

Listen very closely to what the people around you say.  Figure out who are pessimists, who are realist and who are optimists.  Don’t give in to the people who want to destroy your vision and kill your dreams.  Get around dreams others who are actually doing something.  Get around people who want to make a difference.  Get around people who are making a difference.

The best time to get better is when things are going good.

If things are going good for you I am happy for you.  When things are going good is not a time to get complacent.  You can always make things better.  The best time to make things better is when things are going good.  Call it 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Doublespeak or read on and find out what I mean.

Most people have heard the axiom, “If it isn’t broke than don’t fix it.”  That is not what I am talking about; I am not talking about making good things bad, I am saying make good things better.  When things are going good you do not need a complete overhaul, just a tweak here or there can make all the difference.  People have a habit of waiting until they are in a rut, or things are going bad before they make a change in their life.  When things are going good, you have the time and resources to make small changes for the better without the pressure that comes during bad times.

How many people do you know who change jobs because things are going bad for them?  When things are bad you will take the first thing offered to you, just to make a change.  When things are going good, you can take your time before you make a job change; you can pick and choose from the best offers.  The same thing goes with your investments.  When times are tough you will make financial decisions based on desperation; when things are good you can take your time, compare deals and still have a safety net in place.  I am not talking about jumping on deals that seem too good to be true.  I am talking about taking the time to double-check the facts and take the time to make wise decisions.  The best time to get better is when things are going good.

Let’s say you always wanted to take a class, to find a mentor or to become a mentor.  When times are good, you may have more spare time and money.  When times are tight you may not have extra money.  If you are working long hours, than you may not have spare time.  The best time to get better is when things are going good.  When things are going good, you will not be under extra pressure.  You do not have to completely start over, you can double-check your plan and make small corrections.

The Princeton Learning Principal says companies should use the 70/20/10 Rule.  Seventy Percent of their resources should be applied to their core business, Twenty Percent to projects related to their core business, and Ten Percent on non-core business.  People should apply the same rule to their Professional and Recreation life.  Seventy Percent of your time should be spent on your Day Job, your main income.  Twenty Percent of your time should be spent on things related to your Profession; Continuing Education, Professional Organizations and Networking.  Ten Percent of your time should be spent trying to figure out what your next move could be, should be or maybe will be if you are lucky and well prepared.  When things are going good you are a lot less stressed out, but you should not let yourself settle for less than you could achieve if you keep striving to get better.  You may have a good job.  If you keep getting better you may get promoted to a great job.  That is hard to do when you are working tons of overtime or if you have fallen into a rut and have not even noticed.

I have heard it said before that the Good Life is the Enemy of the Great Life.  Google it:  You will get lots of links and references.  When things are going good, reach for better; when things are going better, reach for best.  The best time to get better is when things are going good.  Again, how many times have you heard people say, “My Job stinks and I need to make a change?”  People say the same thing with their “Life” or “fill in the blank.”  Now think about the people who say “Things are going great and will only get better.”  Do you think they wait until times get tough to make a change, or do you think they plan for the best and prepare for the worst?  When things are bad they do not have to change because they prepared for it.  When they make a change, they make a change for the better.  I could give you a bunch of quotes, but I would rather you find out for yourself.

Put me to the test.  Stand back and watch the people around you for a little while, or just think back.  Do people usually make good moves or bad moves when they are desperate?  Do people usually make good moves or bad moves, when they have time to double-check, learn, practice and have a safety net if things don’t work out?  The best time to get better is when times are good.  Don’t just take my word for it, test it for yourself.

It only takes 10 people to change the world.

Give me 10 people and I can change the world!  Challenge me on this one.  Prove it, you say to me.  Prove it, I say to myself.  I am convinced it only takes 10 people to change the world.  I am looking for those 10 people. 

10 people, it sounds so easy to say, really it is easy to say.  I will say it again.  It only takes 10 people to change the world.  The hard part is finding the right 10 people.  You will find throwing together a collection of 10 people at random will usually lead to chaos.  It takes 10 people, pulling together, and showing real determination to change the world; but I am convinced it can be done.  So I will outline the evolution of finding, filtering and developing a team of 10 people to change the world.

OK, first you have to find 10 people who are like-minded.  You have to find 10 people who have at least one thing in common.  They could be fans of the same sports team, movie, book, or whatever.  A real simple beginning would be to start a fan club.  I am not sure where you intend to go from there, maybe a concert or convention; I doubt you will change the world by starting a fan club, but for this example it is a start.  You have started something and found 10 like-minded people.

Now let’s say you actually have a goal in mind, like you want to clean up a park, you will have to find 10 people who will help you clean up a park.  So if you are starting from scratch; you have to make up your mind that if no one else will help you, you will do it yourself.  To that end I would tell you, go clean up a park, then try to find 10 people to help you the next time you clean the park.  Which means you have to find 1 person who will help you clean a park before you can get to 10 people.  You have to find at least 1 person who not only agrees with you but will help you clean the park.  Let’s call this person your Executive Assistant, Your Lieutenant, You Protégé, you get the picture.  Now that you have found at least 1 person, give them something to do; either go clean the park again, or set a goal that together you will find more people who want to help clean the park.  You have to set a goal to build your team, and you have to set a goal for your team to accomplish regardless of the size.  Goal Number One – Build a Team of 10 People.  Goal Number Two – Clean the Park Again.

Now let’s say you have your Right Hand person in place, and you have built a team of 10 people and you go to clean a park and anywhere from 5 to 9 of the people show up, and you clean the park.  The next question is can you get them to clean the park again.  There are 2 lessons to be learned here.  Lesson One – There will always be No Shows.  Lesson Two – Some people will show up once or twice, but not everyone will be in it for the long haul.  I used to work at a factory that would schedule for 30% absenteeism.  These were people who were getting paid to be there, and on any given day 30% of them would not show up.  That does not include people who are fired or quit.  So Goal Number Three is to maintain a Clean Park.  Do you have 10 People who will continue to clean the park; or are you dealing with a bunch One Hit Wonders!?!

OK, so now you have a Team of 10 Like-Minded and Dedicated people and you have your Right Hand Person who is Your Executive Assistant, Your Lieutenant, You Protégé.  Now you have to train your Right Hand Person to lead the team in your absence.  Remember, when the cats away, the mice will play.  Goal Number Four – Continuity of Leadership.  Will your team of 10 who are willing to follow you be willing to follow your right hand person or is it someone else in the pack.  Give people a chance to lead small groups and see how they do, split them up into two teams of 5 and see who evolves as leaders.  So now can you take a day off from the Team and the Park still gets cleaned?

OK, so now you have a Team of 10 Like Minded and Dedicated People who can still perform the task at hand in your absence.  Now can you clean 2 or 3 parks at the same time?  Can you take 2 or 3 people from the original group of 10 and have them be in charge of building satellite teams of 10 to clean 3, 4 or even 5 parks on the same day?  The Lesson Here – Duplication of Leadership and Developing a System to Clean Parks:   Can you set a goal where now not only are you maintaining a Clean a Park or 5 Clean Parks. You are also developing a System to Clean a Park, and Training up Leaders to Build Teams and Accomplish Tasks in your absence.

So now, you have 10 people who are Like Minded, Dedicated, Trainers and Leaders.  They have built satellite teams and are performing task in multiple locations.  You are now leading a Team of 10 that are leading 5 or 10 teams of 10!  You are developing a system that is Maintaining 10 Clean Parks; and it al started with you cleaning a park all by yourself, then finding a right hand person, then building a team, and developing leadership within your team, and the creating and duplicating a system.  Now can each of the people in your circle of 10 leaders, maintain a network of 10 teams?  I said the hardest part is finding the right 10 people didn’t I?  If you have the right 10 People who are working together not just to maintain a system, but to build and grow a network of team builders and leaders; you will go from cleaning 1 park by yourself, to building a network of people who can clean 100 parks in the same day.  This is the kind of system that can change a city, a county or possibility a region of a state. 

So if you can do this, what would the next goal be???  To continue to add layers and develop leaders based on a system that is proven to work.  If you have gone from cleaning 1 park by yourself, to building a team of 10 people to clean a park, to training up leaders and developing a system to clean 10 parks in 1 day, and those 10 leaders can then duplicate the system to be able to manage 10 teams each – so now you are cleaning 100 parks in a day; then cleaning 1000 parks in a day is simply the next natural progression is it not?  Is it not the next logical level?  If it is a proven system that is simple and it works, why would you choose to stop growing the system?  Why make it harder than necessary?  I am going to say it again “10 people can change the world!”  The hard part is finding the right 10 people.

So if you have built a network based on a proven system, and can train and duplicate leadership, and you are capable of cleaning 1000 parks in a day.  Can you now take your Top Circle of 10 around the country if not around the world; and teach more and more people, and build more and more teams?  Certainly you can?  10 people can change the world!  I am looking for 10 people!

The more I change the more I stay the same.

I am not the same person I was when I was a kid, or 10 years ago, or 10 months ago.  Sometimes I wonder if I am the same person I was 10 days ago, I know I am constantly changing.  Hopefully, I am growing, learning and getting better at what I do.  Hopefully I am an agent of positive change; hopefully I am helping make the world a better place.  But I can’t help to stop and reflect and try to connect the dots from my past to my present and give direction to my future.  I see myself still dreaming of the things I dreamed about when I was a kid, only in a different context.  The more I change, it seems the more I stay the same.

 I dreamed of being a Rock Star when I was a kid; travelling from city to city making music.  I had no real concept of working for a living.  Now that I have to work for a living, I spend my days dreaming of travelling from city to city making music.  And now that I have a concept of money and leadership, and teambuilding and teamwork; I dream of raising millions of dollars for charity and helping clean up and rebuild neighborhoods everywhere I go.  The more I change, it seems the more I stay the same.

 I spent many hours as a kid playing makeshift drum sets out of boxes from my toys and games.  My parents bought me a toy drum kit when I got a little older and a played it into the ground.  I dreamed of being in a band and touring the world.  Now I spent many hours trying to build makeshift teams of people who will work together, co-promote each other, expand each others businesses and try to help others along the way by volunteering and doing fund raisers.  The dreams change a little, they shift around, but basically they stay the same.

 As I grew older, my parent told I could not play the drums or join marching band.  I played the French Horn in orchestra, but my real dream was to be in a Rock Band.  I saved my money and bought a Bass Guitar, because everyone was a “Wanna Be Guitar Player” and Drums we out of the question.  Everyone told me to go to college, and give up on my dreams.  I played that Bass until my figures had blisters and then I played some more.  I developed thick skin.  Now people tell me to go to work and stop wasting my time, but I have thick skin.  I still want to be a Rock Star, maybe a Rock Star Engineer.

So what is wrong with wanting to organize charity fundraisers and blow them up into charity festivals, and travel the world leaving a positive impact on communities and maybe making some music along the way?  I think I am a visionary, and I am working on the Leader part of the deal.  It seems I stay the same throughout all the changes.

 Bass Guitar, I was no a Bass Player but I had not amp.  But I played that Bass like there was no tomorrow, and I borrowed amps until I could afford to by one.  Then I was a Bass Player with an Amp and no car, so I bummed rides to practice and I booked as many shows for any band I was in as I could.  And when I could I would jam some guitar, or drums or keyboards; I would play anything that made noise, and try to turn it into music, though some would still call it noise.  I was making a lot of noise.  So here I am years later, still making noise, trying to make music, trying to sing a song and get other to sing along.  The more I change, it seems the more I stay the same.

 So when people ask me what I want to do with my life, it is easy.  I want to be a Rock Star, not the tragic Rock Star figure with the sad ending, or the burned out past his prime holding on to fame Rock Star, no I want to be the Rock Star who helps others become Rock Stars.  I want to be the Leader who helps others become Leaders.  I want to be the Dreamer who helps others chase their Dreams.  I want to be a Team-builder who helps build teams of people who will co-promote each other, and raise money for charity, and make work seem like play, and have fun along the way, all the while living a lasting positive impact on every place we stop. 

I want to be a Rock Star; it seems the more I stay the same the more things change.

15 minutes a day to change your life.

15 minutes.  I know you have more important things to do.  You are too busy to find 15 minutes to change your life.  But, 15 minutes a day is all it takes.  Think about 15 minutes of serious exercise can make all the difference under the sun.  It does not take a Super Wonder DVD Workout.  Put on your shoes and go jogging for 15 minutes a day.  A lot of us could run for an honest 5 or 10 minutes, let alone 15 minutes. 

15 minutes of non-distracted reading on a subject you want to learn more about, and in a year or two, you could hold your own with experts in almost any field.  I am talking about 15 focused minutes on any given subject.  15 minutes a day on any hobby, be it cooking, music, any sport, pretty much anything.  I am talking about 15 focused minutes.  It is fun to just goof around from time to time, but if you give your self 15 minutes where you really submerse yourself.  Give it everything you got.

 15 minutes of perfect practice everyday makes perfect.  Want a better golf score?  15 minutes of intent filled, focused practice.  You will get better, if you are serious.  Want to find a new job?  15 minutes a day.  15 minutes of e-mails and phone calls.  See where most people go wrong is they go for some crazy flurry of activity and then expect everything to change overnight.  No 15 minutes everyday, and slowly but surely things will change, habits will form and new routines will be created.  You will get better if you really want to get better. 

15 minutes a day can change your life, unless of course you have something better to do.

Runners Log – Dec 1st 2011

Last night, I got home from work; got permission from my wife to go buy an extra pair of running shoes, one for outdoors in the rain and snow, and one pair for when we hit the gym.  Luckily I caught a “But One get One for a Dollar Sale,” and got home a changed and went for an after dinner run.

My how much things change.  I was out there looking like a  Strong Safety or Linebacker of a football team, but running like a Defensive Linemen who got cut for showing up to camp out of shape.  My lungs we burning in 30 seconds, my body was aching in the first minute.  I had a choice to make, give up or keep going.

I was just out for a run around our apartment complex.  I used to run, I used to jog; now I trot, I trudge, I lumber, I rumble, bumble and stumble… but I kept going.  I jogged a lap, I walked a lap and I found I was feeling better because I stayed out there in the cold, my body was slowly adjusting. Run a lap, walk a lap, run two laps, walk a lap; you get the picture.

I hit the gym on a regular basis, and I circuit train at what I think is a pretty intense level.  I also hit the treadmill and the stationary bikes on a regular basis when I travel for work, but nothing and I mean nothing is like getting out doors and running, in the cold.

I made up my mind not to wait to New Years to get out and get back in shape for a couple of reasons:

1:  Why wait to change when you know you want to change?

2:  It will only get colder as we get deeper into the winter.

3:  I will only be more frustrated the longer I wait, and time is not waiting for me.

So I went for a run a few weeks ago and it opened my eyes to how much things have changed since my college days.  Yeah I hung around my college a good ten years, working there when I was not taking classes until I finally got me degree, and man was I in shape, by my own standards.  I am no where close to my college days, or ten years after college.  I used to work on my feet more; and I used to be out DJ’ing on the weekends, even more time on my feet, loading and unloading lots of speakers and lights.

Now, I am less stressed out, but I am hungry.  The mind is welling, the heart is willing, but the body is a little more stubborn.  Nothing is like getting out and running, jogging or walking in the cold, in the rain, in the wind.  So instead of waiting for the holidays to be over, I am challenging myself to change now.  Last week I hit the Treadmill on Thanksgiving, got out and ran in the wind the day after, and hit the gym pretty hard on Saturday and Sunday… Change now.  Monday and Tuesday came and I had too many excuses before and after work, Wednesday, it was time to make up my mind, eliminate the excuses or give into the them.  I could feel it slipping away, so instead I went out and did something about it.

Yeah, I got a long journey ahead, but I will take it one step at a time, one day at a time, one mile at a time.  The mind is willing, the heart is willing; the body is able, it just needs to be pushed a little.