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My Recovery Workout Plan

My Recovery Workout Plan

16 Ounce Curls. No this is not what some people think. These are actual One Pound Soft Weights that are strapped around you wrist. 16 ounce curls and 16 ounce shadow boxing while I walk. It is all part of my Recovery Workout Plan.

As you may or not know if you have been following 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, I have blogged about different Fitness Routines I have dreamed up and followed over time. Life continues to throw its curve balls at me and I continue to respond with new and improved ways to rise to the challenge. So I have basically Three Levels of Power Walking with or without Ankle Weights. When I use the Five Pound Ankle Weights, I walk very deliberately at a Slow Pace. When I use the Two and a Half Pound Weights I walk at a Medium Pace. I walk briskly when I do not wear ankle weights, but I will wear compression braces to protect my knees. I also use Five Pound, Three Pound or One Pound Soft Weights to work my arms while I walk. The Five Pound Weights may not seem like much, but when you do sets of 20 or 30 reps over and over without setting down the weights your arms and shoulders never get a rest. 100’s of reps of a Five Pound Weight begin to Add Up. Same goes for the Three Pound Weights. Using the One Pound Weight is more for keeping the muscles warmed up than building or toning, but these recovery workouts are also important.

Stock Fitness Clipart 01When I wear the One Pound Weights around my wrists, I also use wrist bands to keep the weights secure. I walk at a brisk pace, and I shadow box and do 16 ounce curls. People have told me I look like a boxer. No, I have never boxed so I guess I might as well workout like a retired boxer just trying to stay in shape. Honestly the One Pounds weights do not challenge me physically anywhere near like the Three and Five Pounds Weights do, but they challenge me mentally. It is a game you play in your own mind to keep going, to keep getting stronger and faster, to recover from your last workout with the heavier weights.

So I challenge my own mind. Shadow box 50 or 100 reps, curl 100 reps, walk briskly but stay in control. Does not seem like much when you start down the block and around the corner, my calves hurt a little from the day before but not a problem. Simple enough, but I have three miles to go. Shadow Box, then curls again and again, keep moving briskly; keep walking at a steady pace. First Mile Down, starting to feel it a little more in my calves, but I am warming up to this chilly weather.

Keep moving and keep an eye out for stray dogs while I am listening to my workout mix. Also keep an eye on the traffic and other people who are out walking and biking. Two Miles down, my arms do not hurt from the 16 ounces curls, but I seem to lose count when I throw my shadow punches, I have to count them out 10, 20, 30, 40 and then 50. I have to play games in my own mind; I have to keep myself honest. Keep the pace, stay just above the pace that breaks a sweat, keep my arms moving, that extra pound on each wrist makes a difference after hundreds and hundreds of repetitions.

Stock Fitness Clipart 03Turn the last corner and head for home. My legs are a little tired. My iFit reminds me I have put in 10,000 steps for the day. My throat is dry; I can’t wait for that Gatorade when I get home. Three miles down and just have to stay on the pace. No giving up. Keep those arms moving 50 to 100 curls then 50 Shadow Box Punches; the curls are easy but I really have to count out those punches to get to 50. I am not a boxer, I don’t even play one on television or in the movies; but I may as well fight the good fight in my mind to stay at some kind of fitness level that works for me.

Every time I do my Shadow Box Power walks, I have to keep nudging up the pace. My legs are getting stronger, my knees are getting stronger and the weather is getting colder; nothing combats the cold like a brisk pace and a “Just Do It” attitude. One day I will have my “Joseph Luellen Fitness 4 Life Work-Out Video Series” ready to go, but for now it is just me against the sunset and the chilly fall wind. As I make it back home it is time for the cool down Gatorade, get cleaned up and have some dinner.

Stock Fitness Clipart 02Here I am working out with One Pound Soft Wrist Weights, 16 ounces curls and shadow boxing while I power walk to some high energy tunes, does life get any better? Yes, it does. One day I will live the life I have been dreaming of; until them I will keep fighting and be ready to take my mountain. 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, out!

Your B.E.S.T. Workout Routine

Welcome to the New Year.  Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  Are you ready for your best workout routine?  What about your B.E.S.T. Workout Routine?  As you may have noticed B.E.S.T. is an acronym, but for what?  B.E.S.T. stands for Burst, Endurance, Strength and Technique.  So your B.E.S.T. Workout Routine is actually a series of Four Separate Workouts; Burst Workouts, Endurance Workouts, Strength Workouts and Technique Workouts.

Burst Workouts are Short High Intensity Workouts.  Endurance Workouts are Long Low Intensity Workouts.  Strength Workouts are workouts that steadily Increase in Intensity and Technique Workouts maintain a Constant Comfortable Intensity while paying attention to each and every detail of your workout.  Notice I did not mention what type of exercises you would be doing in your workout routines i.e. swimming, biking, running, calisthenics or lifting weights; The B.E.S.T. Workout Routine works for every type of Exercise.

Now before you dive off the deep end, I have to explain the order that it takes to build your B.E.S.T. Workout Routine.  You might assume you do Burst Workouts, then Endurance, then Strength and then Technique; you would be wrong.  The order is very important.  1st and foremost, which ever type of exercise routine choose, focus on Technique before you do anything else.  If you are a beginner spend at least two weeks to a month on Technique.  If you have been working out your whole life, take an easy day and play close attention to your Technique.  Your Technique must become your second nature.  Pay attention to your form and your range of motion throughout each exercise.  Remember keep a Comfortable Intensity but pay very close attention to your technique until it becomes second nature.  Think about it until you know exactly what feels right and what feels wrong without thinking about it.

So Step One of your B.E.S.T. Workout is Technique!

B.E.S.T. Workout Routine – Step Two; Burst Workouts!  Lately Burst Workouts are a Fitness Rage.  Maximum Results in the least amount of time.  That is fine and great, but once people reach their fitness goals, they stop doing the Burst Workouts.  Also Short High Intensity Workouts can lead to injury if you are not careful.  Burst Workout are very popular right now, but I say be very careful when doing a Burst Workout.  Lately I have been challenging myself to do two very simple and very basic Burst exercises; One Set of Push-ups and One Set of Deep Knee Bends every morning or throughout the day.  I try not to have a pre-set number in mind, just crank out a set of as many as I can when the mood strikes me.  Every now and then I take a day off.  Burst Workouts are great when you do not have a lot of time.  If you like to run do a sprint or run up a flight of stairs.  You can change any workout into a Burst Workout; just do a Short – High Intensity Routine, but pay attention to your Form and Technique.

Step Two of your B.E.S.T. Workout can be the Burst Workout!

Notice how I said Step Two can be the Burst Workout?  In all honesty, after you get your Technique down, I think the most important workout to master next is the Endurance Workout.  I know that I put Burst Workouts Second, but you will learn that everyone is different.  Burst workouts are very popular, so are Strength Workouts; more on both of those later.  Endurance Workouts are Long Low Intensity Workouts.  If you lift weights, they are the long high repetition sets.  If you like to run, they are the long runs.  If you like to swim or bike or hike or do any sport; these are the long days where you sweat it out.  These are the workouts that really get down deep in your mind.  Remember, I said these are the type of workouts you should master, but you should not do them all the time.  Endurance workouts depend on your fitness level, your body type and the type of sport or exercise you are doing.  They are different for everyone; that is why they are so tough to master.  If you we to get hurt and go to Physical Therapy, they will work on Technique First and then lots of Reps at Low Intensity; they will up your Endurance.

Step Two of your B.E.S.T. Workout should be the Endurance Workout!

Strength Workouts, everyone wants to grow up to be big and strong, right?  Wrong.  Growing up to be big and strong is relative to each person.  I will never be taller than Six Foot, so compared to someone who is Six Foot Five, how big will I be?  So we can all get bigger and stronger, if we do the right kind of workout, but we should not try to compare ourselves to someone else.  Most of us will never be as big and strong as the people we see on the cover of the fitness and bodybuilding magazines, but that does not mean we cannot be in the best shape and the highest fitness level of our life.  A strength workout should consist of a good warm-up with steadily increasing intensity until we hit the most weight we can work-out with safely.  Notice, notice, notice I said the most weight we can work out with safely.  If you normally do sets of 10, it is safe to do a set of five with more weight.  At the end of a Strength Workout you should finish with a Medium Set with Your Best Technique.  I am not going to encourage you to shoot for the most weight you can lift one time, this is not a safe way to work out.  I say a Strength Workout should cut your normal amount of reps in half i.e. from 20 to 10, or from 10 to 5.  You may not be able to work out as long as a Technique or Endurance Workout, but you should be able to work out longer than your Burst Workout.

Let me give you a few examples of certain exercises and the different workouts.

Let’s say you want a Stronger Chest.  A Technique Workout may be Bench Press – Sets of 20 at a Low or Medium Weight.  A Burst Workout may be One Set of Push-ups as many as you can do.  An Endurance Workout may be Bench Press – Sets of 30 to 50 with Low Weights until you cannot do any more.  Each set you may decrease the weight but increase the reps.  A Strength Workout may be One Set of 10 Bench Presses with a Medium to Heavy Weight and on the next Set you increase the Weight and drop amount of reps to 5.  At the End of a Strength Workout you should then do a Medium Weight with a Set of 10 reps to cool your muscles back down.

Let’s say you are into Cardio and love to run.  A Technique Workout is a nice steady pace where you pay close attention to your running stride.  A Burst Workout may be a set of quick sprints, or running up stairs or doing a set of deep knee bends as many as possible.  A Strength Workout may be pushing or pulling a sled or doing Leg Presses or Working out with Weights.  An Endurance Workout may be going for a jog or run at a slower pace but over a longer than normal distance.  It is a little different for each person, based on their fitness level and the sport they choose.

So how do you put it all together for your B.E.S.T. Workout?  Well, there are an endless number of paths, but I will give you three examples.  Path A will be the person who does not have a lot of time, but wants to get in better shape.  Path B will be the person who wants to be bigger, stronger and faster.  Path C will be for that person who wants to lose weight or have a lot of stamina.

B.E.S.T. Workout Path A:

If you do not have a lot of time, but you want to get into great shape:  Step One – Spend Two Weeks to One Month on your Technique.  Take it easy and make sure great form is second nature to whatever exercise you choose.  Step Two – After a month start adding in Burst Workouts into your workout routine.  Do one Burst Workout for every Technique Workout.  After another Month add in One Strength and One Endurance Workout into your Routine.  It may go something like this.  T-B-T-S-T-B-T-E:  Take a day off for every two or three days you work out.  If you do not have a lot of time, you cannot afford to get injured; Technique is and should always be your best friend!

B.E.S.T. Workout Path B:

You want to be Bigger, Stronger and Faster than everyone else right?  Well I cannot guarantee you will be Bigger, Stronger and Faster than everyone else, but I can get you Bigger, Stronger and Faster than you are right now.  Step One – Spend Two Weeks To a Month on your Technique.  Make sure that Great Form is your best friend.  Remember, one injury will set you back a month or more.  Once your Technique is Near Perfect start with this Rotation S-B-T-S-E-T; did notice the pattern?  Do a Strength Workout and then a Burst Workout, then take an easy day and work on your Technique.  Do a Strength Workout and then an Endurance Workout, then take another easy day and work on your Technique.  You will find that you need rest days to recover.  It is ok to schedule rest and recovery days, but not weeks and months if you get my meaning.  If you want to be bigger, stronger and faster you will push yourself to the limit.  Without good Technique you greatly increase the chance of injury.  Always work out safely.

B.E.S.T. Workout Path C:

You want to be lean and mean; you want to be an Endurance Machine?  Good for you, try the following pattern.  Step One – Spend Two Weeks To a Month on your Technique.  Each workout starts with paying attention to your Technique.  Now the Endurance Pattern is easy to figure out.  T-B-E-T-S-E – Work on your Technique and then do a Burst Workout, recover and then do an Endurance Workout.  Then Work on your Technique and then do a Strength Workout, recover and then do an Endurance Workout.  Remember this is a serious mental challenge to boost your Endurance.  Never underestimate the importance of rest and recovery days.  It takes as long as it takes, there are no short cuts.  Again, injury will set you back so make sure your Technique is as close to perfect as you can get it.

So do you get it?  Your B.E.S.T. Workout is 100% up to you.  Each one of us is different, and there are endless combinations of Burst, Endurance, Strength and Technique Workouts and Exercises.  The most important thing is keeping you head together and paying close attention to your Technique.  Everything else will fall into place.

Finding your gear!

To day I am going to do something rare.  Today I am going to try to combine Fitness Advice and Leadership Advice.  Let me know if I fall flat on my face.  Let me know if my meaning does not get through to you.  Ok, today’s topic is “Finding your gear!”

Finding your gear, today I am fresh off the exercise bike and had a pretty good workout this morning.  Today I am inspired to tell you how I find my gear and hopefully how you can find your gear.  Not everyone likes to exercise, some of us do it because we like to, some of us do it because we need to, and some of us do it because we have to; exercise can help save or lengthen your life.  Now I like to ride bicycles, and I like to ride exercise bikes.  I like to put on my headphones, listen to music, have a bottle of water and pedal until I run out of energy or run out of time.

With any exercise program you should take it easy when you get started.  The same thing goes with any leadership program.  You should take it easy from the start.  In exercise your body needs to get used to a new routine.  In leadership your team needs to get used to your routine.  So take it easy when you start.  If you over work your muscles when you exercise you will get sore and maybe even give up.  In leadership, if you over work your team, they make get sore with you and some may even give up.  Be careful in the beginning.  Settle into your new routine.

Bicycles have gears, some are made so you can move fast on flat land, some are made so you can still pedal when climbing hills or riding into the wind.  You have to use the easy gears to tackle the big hills or ride against the wind.  Leaders should also use easy gears when they have to tackle big hills.  You have to push people, but you can not push them until they break.  Sometimes it is better to ease off and encourage.  Everyone is different and will use different gears based on their skill level.

You will have to find your gear.  Exercise bikes have different programs and different levels to help you simulate the feel of a real bicycle.  Don’t be fooled, it is not the same.  This is also true for leadership; you can not simulate leadership and fool people who have experience.  Leaders must know when to do team building exercises and training exercises before trying to lead people into the heat of battle.  This takes practice, and I will attempt to explain to you how I find my gear when on an exercise bike.  I will also try to let you know how I think it applies to leadership.

Finding your endurance gear:  The first thing you have to do is find the correct frame of mind.  On an endurance ride, you must be in it for the long haul.  You can not go crazy riding fast and expending all your energy and then run out of gas half way through your ride.  You must learn to pace yourself.  This means start slowly in a low gear that is easy to pedal.  One an exercise bike this may mean starting at level zero or level one.  Do not pedal fast, pedal at a nice steady pace where you are never short of breath.  For a leader, this means teaching your team something easy, something fun.  You must build a good solid foundation.  It may even seem boring at first, but it will become a challenge, see how long you can ride, see how far you can go without trying to play beat the clock.

Finding your speed gear:  Again, you have to find the correct frame of mind!  Start out in the easy gear or the lowest level program on your exercise bike.  Now pedal at a nice steady pace.  Every 60 seconds go up one level or one gear.  Pedal for another 60 seconds and go up another level.  Do not try to pedal super fast in the low gears, keep a steady pace at each level.  It will take more strength and more energy as you move up each level.  This is not a long haul exercise; it will become a challenge very quickly.  At the lower levels you will feel strong, as you move up through the levels it will start to challenge you.  You will find a level where even though you give it all you have in you, you can not keep a steady pace.  You will find a gear that will break you, then back down one level; back down one level and see if you can still ride strong and steady.  The gear that is one below your break point is your speed gear, this not the gear you ride in for a long time, this is when you need to go fast.  This is a leadership lesson; you can not be in your speed gear for a long time.  You may not break, but you will break your team.

Now remember two things, when you are riding for endurance stay in the lower gears, and see how long you can go.  When you are riding for speed, find the gear where you can ride strong and steady but not break down.  You will get stronger over time, one ride at a time, but you can not do it all in one day.  Pick one or the other, one day ride for endurance, another day ride for speed, and some days you will need to just rest.  This is also true as a leader.  When you are doing team building exercises; long exercises should be easy and fun, intense exercises need to be kept short.  Let people know what they are in for before hand and schedule breaks to let people recover.

Finding your grind gear:  This is the gear you will need on long flat rides!  This is when you want to cover the most ground in the quickest time.  Before you attempt this, you should be comfortable riding for endurance and riding for speed.  Your grind gear is usually one or two gears lower than your speed gear.  This is the gear where it takes an effort to maintain your pace, but you can ride at this pace for a long time.  This is not a comfort ride; you are riding for your best time.  The real trick to this gear is you will need a day to rest when you are done.  You will push yourself to your limit without breaking.  You can not know what gear this is until you know your limits, your speed gear and your endurance gear and how far you are able to ride.  The same goes for a team leader.  You have to test people at different levels before you can put them in a grind it out situation.  This is why some sports teams practice twice a day to get ready for an upcoming season.  You must know your limits before you put your team in grind it out mode.  And as a leader, you have to tell them what they are in for and set the best example you can.  If your team trusts you, they will follow you.  If they don’t you will look around and your team will be gone.

Finding your climbing gear:  This is the gear you need to get over a big hill!  This is a tricky gear to find.  The best riders are tested on hills.  You have to be able to pedal in an easy gear for a long time and a strong and steady pace.  This is not a sprint or race gear; but because you are climbing a hill, it will feel like more of a challenge than flat-out race.  The best riders in the world are made and broken on big mountain climbs.  The best leaders are made or broken in the field of battle.  A leader needs a strong team.  A leader needs to set a good pace without losing their team.  This is why it is so important to build trust and endurance early.  People will not follow you into a fire fight unless they can trust that you actually care about them not just yourself.

So what does bike riding have to do with leadership?  Well, at the highest professional levels, bike riders work as a team.  They put their leader in a position to win, and the leader shares the prize money with their team mates.  The team leader may not be the fastest rider or the best climber on the team, but they will have the best combination of skills to handle whatever is required for that given race or series of races.  The world’s greatest bike races can take over two weeks to complete.  The strongest team is the team that puts together the best series of races without breaking.  The leader of the team can not break, and they also can not break their team.  It takes a combination of skills to win and the teams that can best balance strength with speed and endurance are usually in a position to win in the end.  Same goes for leaders.  The leaders who can balance their team’s speed, strength and endurance without breaking them apart are usually in a position to win in the end.  When you win, share the wealth with your team.  Be leery about taking all the credit and all the wealth for yourself.

So how do you find your gear on your bike?  You practice, you train, you push yourself at a steady pace working through the different gears.  You find that gear that is comfortable and you go past it.  You find that gear you feel strong in and you go past it.  You find that gear that breaks you and hang on as long as you can.  You then back down and build up your endurance.  After you have built more endurance you push your self to your limits again.  In practice in controlled settings, you get your self ready for battle.

So how do you find your gear as a leader?  You practice, you train, you push yourself to set a great example for your team and you encourage your team along the way without breaking them.  You let them know what they are in for so they will trust you when it is time for battle.  Win as a team, and lose as a team; but first and foremost, let your team know your really care about them.  They will be the ones who put you in place to win.

F.A.C.E. adversity:

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I try to observe and learn from my life experiences, from the books I have read, the movies I have watched and the things I have heard others say.  So today, I add a new acronym to the list.  How to F.A.C.E. adversity:  Faith, Action, Commitment and Endurance.  F.A.C.E. adversity:

Adversity: an unfortunate event or incident

If you try to do anything substantial in life you will face adversity.  Even if you do not do anything you can still face adversity.  The difference is those who try to do something substantial will have to face adversity and rise above it, those who choose to do nothing will do nothing.  They will just take what ever life gives them.  I challenge you to rise above adversity; F.A.C.E. adversity with Faith, Action, Commitment and Endurance.

Faith: Confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.

Action: The state or process of acting or doing

Commitment:  The state of being bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action

Endurance:  The act, quality, or power of withstanding hardship or stress

Do I need to say anything else?  Sometimes these things are just that plain and simple.  I will continue if that is what you need.  If you are convinced, than be convinced; if you are convinced that I am crazy, I would love to hear why.  I will continue to explain my position.

Adversity:  A state of hardship or affliction; misfortune.  See how misfortune is part of the definition of adversity.  Bad luck is part of life.  Now if you just want to complain about your luck or the hand that life has dealt you, than I can not help you.  But if you want to try to make a difference in your own life and the life of others around you; keep listening.  The first step to F.A.C.E. adversity is Faith.  You must have a confident belief in something that will change your circumstances.  Notice, truth and value and trustworthiness are parts of the definition of faith.  Don’t fall for lies and scams.  Do your homework, check the facts; but please, for God’s sake have faith in something bigger than yourself.

F.A.C.E. adversity: Add Action to your Faith.  Action – The state or process of acting or doing.  Do something!  Can I make it any simpler?  If your answer to adversity is to sit around and complain; then I can not help you, yet again.  You must act on your faith, or how much faith do you really have?

F.A.C.E. adversity:  Commitment – The state of being bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action.  If you have and you are acting on your faith, you have to be bound to this course of action.  Again, have you done your homework?  Do you know the truth?  Do you value what you are doing?  Do others value what you are doing?  Life is going to throw hardship and affliction at you, because that is just the way of the world.  Are you ready to deal with the fact that no matter what you do, no matter how many good things you do, no matter how many good times you create; there will be bad times, bad luck and hard times?  Are you bound emotionally and intellectually to your course of action?  Have you thought this through, and are you tough enough to deal with the roadblocks that people will put in your way?  Commit to your faith and commit to your actions: F.A.C.E. adversity!

Endurance:  The act, quality, or power of withstanding hardship or stress.  This one should be a give me.  This one should be very easy to understand if you have been paying attention.  F.A.C.E. adversity equals withstanding hardship or stress.  If you have faith, you have put your faith into action and you have committed to that action on an emotional and intellectual level, then you should be able to endure what ever life throws at you.  Endurance is power, endurance is a quality, know this and you will be able to F.A.C.E. adversity!

F.A.C.E. adversity:  Have confident belief in the truth and value the state or process of acting or doing. Become bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action and have the power to withstand hardship or stress!  F.A.C.E. adversity with Faith, Action, Commitment and Endurance:

Aces High!


Aces High!  A.C.E. – Attitude, Confidence and Energy!  Are you an A.C.E?  Do you want to be?  Well here we are again at 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo with another Acronym and another thread to try to motivate everyone who reads them.


Aces are the highest value card in the deck.  Aces aim high.  Aces are called on when no one else can do the job.  Aces tackle the toughest problems.  If you want to be an A.C.E. you must have the Attitude, the Confidence and the Energy.


To be an A.C.E. starts with your Attitude.  Do you want to be the best?  It starts with your attitude.  The attitude of an Ace is to be the best.  Being the best is a decision.  You have to believe that it is possible for you to be the best that you can be.  You have to believe that your best can make a difference.  You have to believe that you can be around the best and become the best that you can be.  It is about your attitude.  You want to be an A.C.E.?  Then you must have a winning attitude.


First comes Attitude, then comes Confidence.  Do you know the difference between arrogance and confidence???  I do, because I have been called arrogant plenty of times.  Arrogance is when you talk bigger than you can walk.  Confidence is when you put in the time and practice, practice, and practice some more.  Aces have to be confident.  Arrogance means you make big promises and you do not deliver.  Confidence is when you know your limits and operate inside of them.  Aces must be confident.  Arrogance is all talk while confidence is quite cool.  It is a fine line.  Yeah, I walk both sides of that line.  It starts with your attitude; you must have the attitude of a winner.  But you can’t come off as Arrogant, you want to been known as Confident.  It is better to deliver on your promises, and keep the trash talk to yourself.  Aces need Attitude and Confidence and also need Energy.


Energy; it starts with Attitude, Second is Confidence, but it all comes down to Energy.  Being an Ace means you are in it for the long haul.  Being an Ace means when no one else will step up, you will.  Being an Ace means when all hope is lost, you still have hope.  Being an Ace takes endurance and endurance takes energy.  The world turns Twenty Four Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week.  The Internet Never Sleeps.  I have worked at companies that are basically running round the clock.  I have worked in situations where every minute counts.  Sometimes I had the energy and sometimes I did not have the energy.  When my Attitude, and My Confidence and My Energy were in alignment, good things usually happened.  When they were not bad things happened.  Energy is easy when your attitude and confidence are lined up.  Energy is easy when you believe in what you are doing.  But you still need the endurance to run the race.  Pace yourself!


Aces aim high.  Aces want to be the best.  Aces understand that Attitude, Confidence and Energy all have to be aligned.  Aces believe they can make a difference.  Aces want to be the best!  Be an Ace!

How to F.E.E.L like a Winner!

Focus, Energy, Endurance, and Leadership:  Do you have what it takes to F.E.E.L. like a winner?  Do you want to know how to F.E.E.L. like a Winner!  Sure you do, or you would have stopped reading by know.  F.E.E.L. like a Winner!  Focus your mind, apply your Energy, increase your Endurance, and expand your Leadership!

Let’s get started.  To be a winner, to be the best, to become better at whatever you choose to do; the first thing you have to do is Focus your mind to the task at hand.  I could tell you I want to become an N.B.A. Superstar.  At first glance, you would say gee Joe you started a little late.  So maybe I just want to get really good a playing Basketball, N.B.A or No N.B.A; I am going to have to learn and study the game.  I am going to have to practice, and maybe get some coaching from some people who have played the game. 

Now I will tell you that I my own opinion I am the Best Bass Player that never made it to the big time.  How did I become a Self Proclaimed Great Bass Player?  I saved my money, bought a Bass Guitar and played it until my fingers bled – literally.  I studied music, I practiced, practiced, practiced to get better, stronger and faster.  I focused on what other Bass Players were doing and what they were not doing.  I wanted to be better than any Bass Player in my neck of the woods.  So I focused on what it would take to be as good as the people who were considered the best.  I focused my mind on the task at hand.

The next thing I did was apply my energy to practice, practice, and practice some more.  Do you think I am kidding?  When I started I got blisters on my fingers until I toughened up the skin.  I had to learn to put a lot of energy into not only learning the songs, but playing the songs and developing the muscles in my fingers and arms to play, and play better and faster.  Then I had to learn to play sitting down and standing up, hour after hour of energy applied to practice.  Focus and Energy, Focus and Energy, Practice, Practice, and more Practice!

The next Step is Endurance!  So I keep leading you along don’t I?  Focus, Energy, Endurance; yes Endurance is the third step.  Not too many people just want to see someone solo on the Bass Guitar.  You have to join a band, you have to focus on what songs you are going to play and take the time and spend the energy to set up all your equipment and practice, and maybe play some shows.  Focus, Energy, and you have to Endure all the things you have to go through to get shows, build a fan base, and hopefully showcase your talent.  You have to have Endurance to be a Winner.  A big part of being a winner is being able to outlast your competition.  Focus, Energy, and Endurance are needed when times are lean, so you can learn how to win.

If I have to explain the importance of Leadership to winning, I will.  Leadership, coaching, mentoring are vital to getting better at what you do, being a good team player and figuring out a plan that plays to strengths and covers weaknesses.  Not to many musicians are going to want to join a band so the Bass player can show off all day.  Most musicians are going to want to join a band because they like the music, or that jams all the way round, or is fun to be in, or is making money and drawing decent crowds.  Every band needs a Leader to really explain the vision and set an example that the rest of the band will follow.  It is the same with any sport, or any business or any team of any kind.  Winning rarely happens purely by accident. 

Winning happens because of Focus, Energy, Endurance and Leadership.  If you want to F.E.E.L. like a Winner; you must Focus your mind, apply your Energy, increase your Endurance and expand your Leadership so that everyone around you wins!