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David vs Goliath

David vs Goliath

We all have heard the story haven’t we? David and Goliath!  The famous story of how a shepherd boy took on a giant and won.  The story of the underdog winning against all odds.  This story has inspired countless people to face their fears.

Now I do not want to take one ounce away from this story, I would love to see people face their fears; this post is for me as much as for anyone. However, before David defeated Goliath, David had the courage to face a Lion and a Bear on separate occasions.  Before David was brave in battle, David was brave while tending sheep.  Now many of us want to be known as mighty conquerors; but will we put that same faith and bravery in the small jobs?  Before David could protect his fellow citizens, David was protecting his Fathers flock.

Will you be brave in the little things that will prepare you for the big things? How many of us would go out of way to save one sheep from a Lion or a Bear?  How many of us will put our trust in God to train us up for the big job (facing Goliath) while doing the little job that no one wants (tending to sheep?)  How many of us will even acknowledge that we believe in God and need God to show us the way?

Yeah, we all want to be known as giant killers, but will we listen to the inner voice that tries to guide us day in and out to get ready for battle? David said no to the armor and advice of the “Brave” warriors who would not face Goliath.  David relied on the skill and knowledge that God gave him while tending sheep.  Will you be loyal in the small things so you can be ready to face the big things when the times comes?

Will you be ready to face your Goliath? Do not rush it.  Spend your time being brave while tending to the sheep!

I live to blog and one day I will blog to live.

I live to blog and one day I will blog to live.


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I live to blog and one day I will blog to live.  I believe you should be chasing you dreams, and this blog is part of me chasing my dream.  I keep trying to get better.  What are you trying to get better at doing?


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I live to blog and one day I will blog to live.  I have to keep on digging, keep on pushing, keep on swimming; I have to keep on keeping on and so do you.  So I blog and hope that one day it will connect.


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I live to blog and one day I will blog to live.  So what is there to fear.  I type what I think, I speak what I think, I try to live what I think and learn from doing.  So by doing, I am learning and learning fuels more blogging.  It is all one big circle.  Maintaining an online diary of my thoughts and I invite you along for the ride.


I guess this is my point:  Do what you love.


I live to blog and one day I will blog to live.