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Just do it.

Start today.

One small step at a time.

Just do it.

Start today.  One small step at a time.  Take five minutes and double check the facts.

Just do it.

Take 15 minutes to practice or meditate or pray on it.

Start today.

Take five minutes to double check the facts.  Look at both sides of the story.

Just do it.

Set aside 15 minutes a day or an hour a week, but stick to it.

Start today.  One step at a time and then build on it.

Just do it.

Start today.

One small step at a time.

Take five minutes and double check the facts, look at both sides of the story.

Build on it, 15 minutes a day and then add a little at a time.

Just do it

Start today



Perception versus Reality:

Perception is not Reality. I have heard many Leaders say that Perception is Reality and I understand why they say it. But a Leader cannot afford to teach something that is not true and then fall victim to their own false teachings. So here at 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, I am forced to take that other view. I am here to shake up the status quo. Let me state it again. I understand why some Leaders say Perception is Reality, but I am here to say that Perception is False Reality. Stick around and let me explain.

Perception versus Reality:

Perception is what people think they see. It is how something appears to be even if they are not quite what they appear. Perception can be based on someone’s mood, state of mind, and prejudgment. Reality is Reality. Let’s use a Movie as an example. If you do not know a Movie was made that appeared to be a News Report; you may perceive the Movie to be true. Now imagine someone replaced your window with a Movie Screen that looked so real that you thought you were looking out a window. From your perspective, it would appear to be true until you tried to open the window and found out it was a movie screen. Reality is real, perception is a false reality. Perceptions can change, reality does not change. This is a very simple example, I know; but this is why a Leader should always challenge people to find out the reality and not make decisions based on perception.

Perception versus Reality:

Are you familiar with the term “Keeping up Appearances?” Have you know people who are really nice to you depending on who is around, and then will not give you the time of day when it is just you and them one on one? Have you ever know someone who makes it look like they are working very hard when the boss is around, but is the first one to slack off when the boss is not around? Have you ever seen some work really hard and then others take credit for their ideas? Every office and factory has the stories. Gossip, rumors and appearances are all based on Perception. Shouldn’t a Leader want to know the truth or should they play into the hands of those who are feeding their Perceptions? Have you ever been burned by the buddy system?

Perception versus Reality:

Why do we call it “Reality Television” when it should be called “Perception Television?” Let me ask you a question, “Do people behave the same when they see they are on camera?” The answer is no, some people pose for the camera and some people run from it. Some people crave attention and some people hide from attention. So imagine if you went to the mall and had two or three security guards, two cameramen, a lighting crew and a boom microphone following you around everywhere you went. To the people at the shopping mall, you would appear to be famous, even if you are not; even if it was all staged. So how much have you heard about “Perception Television” being Reality? Are you trying to “Survive” or “Keep Up?”

Perception versus Reality:

The reason a Leader should not say “Perception is Reality” is because this allows people to appear to do one thing while they really intend to do something else. A Leader should say “Live the Reality” or “Be the Reality” or “Make Reality the Perception.” I say this because we should all be striving to do our best and our best effort is what should show through. People need to find out the facts before passing judgment on any circumstance or performance. A True Leader should understand this; Perception can be based on Lies, while Reality is based on the Truth. Seek the truth and find the facts to learn the reality of any situation. Make Reality the Perception!

Be the Real Deal

This is 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I am here to challenge you.  I am here to ask you to stand up for what you believe.  I am not telling you what to believe.  Today I am challenging you to be the Real Deal.

Be the Real Deal.  If you really believe in something stand up for it.  If you are going to stand up for something, get your facts straight and be an inspiration to others.  State the facts; tell the truth and make a stand for what you believe!  That is what it takes to be the Real Deal!  Have I messed up in the past?  Yes, that is how I know what being the Real Deal is all about!

The first step in being the Real Deal is stating the facts.  So to do this you must get your facts straight.  To be the Real Deal you cannot send people off chasing rumors!  You need to know the difference between people who are telling lies, people who are just guessing and people who are speaking with real information or based on solid experience.  We live in a day and time when it is easy to get both sides of the story with just a simple search of the internet.  If you are dealing with two people who do not get along, listen to both sides of the story.  Then put them both in the same room and see who stands by their story.  Then ask around a little bit before you make up your mind.  Just because someone is popular does not make them right or wrong.  Same goes for the unpopular person.  Usually the truth cuts both ways not just one side or the other.  If you are the Real Deal, you would not want to fall for a scam or lead others into a bad situation.  Do what you can to find out the facts before you make up your mind.  Usually people will have data or information to verify their story not just rumors and accusations.

Be the Real Deal, tell the truth!  Step two in being the Real Deal is telling the truth!  Once you know the facts, you should make up your mind and stand for the truth.  Stand up for what is right.  This is not just saying it, I mean standing up for what you believe in; even if means you have to admit you were wrong or you screwed up.  If you messed up, fix it.  If you believe in something stand up for it.  Standing up for the truth is not only the right thing to do.  Standing up for the truth can be its own reward.  A lot of time, when the dust settles; the ones who stand up for the truth win in the end.  Don’t fall for the quick fix, the fast money or the fool’s gold.  Check your facts and stand up for the truth.

Stand up for what you believe.  Being the Real Deal means your story does not change based on who is in the room or what direction the wind is blowing.  I know a lot of people, and I mean a lot of people who will say one thing and then do another when you are not looking.  They may think they are slick, but they are not the Real Deal.  It is hard to make a line in the sand without getting your hands dirty at least once.  Standing up for what you believe may mean you may lose a few friends.  That is the price of being the Real Deal.  It means your story does not change based on what you think is popular with the people who are in front of you at the time.  Being the Real Deal means you keep your facts straight, you stand on the truth and your story does not change.  Being the Real Deal means you may have to make a stand with your back against the wall.  Might does not make right, the Real Deal believes the Truth is what makes you right!

Be the Real Deal!  Get your facts straight.  Be the Real Deal, tell the truth!  Be the Real Deal and stand up for what you believe!

Punch Drunk Life:

Don’t you want to live the best life you can?  Don’t you want the most for your thoughts and efforts?  The only thing I have found equal about this life is that life will try to beat you up.  Life will try to beat you down.  We are all like boxers, like pugilist.  We have to face life head on and do the best we can.  Life is not fair, so we have to make up our minds that we can win at the game of life and do it fairly.  Don’t give into a Punch Drunk Life.

Boxers, Fighters and Athletes in Contact Sports can suffer from Concussions.  You can see the daze that happens to a fighter before they are knocked out.  If a fighter gets knocked out enough times it can cause permanent brain damage.  This is not a pretty sight, to see a once strong and proud champion barely able to speak or collect their thoughts.  The punches life throws are not always physical.  Sometimes we do have to endure physical hardships, but most of the time life beats us down with a barrage of bad news.  Gossip spreads like wild-fire; bad news is the first thing that people talk about most of the time.  Don’t be like most people most of the time.  Fight back by spreading good news.

Life can beat you down if you let it.  You must keep hitting back.  Don’t fight fire with fire.  Don’t combat bad news with bad news, spread good news.  The more you accept bad news, the more you surround yourself with people who spread gossip, the more your chances of getting punch drunk by life.  Spread good news, spread facts and become drunk on the new wine of the spirit.  Now I am not saying get drunk on alcohol or get high on drugs.  I am saying get high on life.

Life is a boxing match and a chess match all rolled into one.  Do not let bad news beat you up.  Beat down bad news by spreading good news and facts and search for the truth.  Again, don’t get punch drunk by life, get fired up in the spirit and fight back.  Good boxers know when to defend, to block and dodge getting hit.  Be like that with bad news.  If someone is gossiping, check the facts.  If someone is spreading bad news, counter punch with good news.  If someone brings a problem, help them find a solution.

You see fighters do not wait around to get knocked out.  They train themselves to know when to attack and when to defend.  Listen, you have your whole life to figure this out; don’t’ wait until you have been knocked out by life one time too many.  Pick and choose your battles wisely and know it is better to avoid a fight than to get knocked out one more time.  Work your way up from the small battles to the big battles.  Pick a sparring partner and practice.  Challenge your self and your circle of friends to find facts, spread good news, make plans and find answers.  You will find out that life is better when you find common ground and common direction.

Play to win at life by putting out the fires of gossip, lies and bad news; with facts, truth and good news.  Fire can not fight water.  Fire can not spread without oxygen.  Stop letting bad news beat you down, plant seeds of good news and hope everywhere you go.  Do not live a punch drunk life.  Get drunk in the spirit of good news.

Why the easy way out is the hardest and worse option.

Don’t take the easy way out.  If your life is hard you must change.  Do not give in to the “stay the same” game.  Every time when confronted with the easy way out, you will find it is the worse option and it is the hardest way in the end.  WordPress readers, lend me your eyes and your imagination for a moment.   The easy way out is a trap.  I will attempt to show why the easy way out is the hardest and worse option.

Imagine for a moment you are confronted with a situation.  You can either take one of two choices, the easy way or the hard way out.  Whenever possible do not pick the easy way out.  Before you choose, stop for a moment and realize there are actually three choices; the easy way, the hard way and the smart way.  See who ever is giving you the choice is saving the best option for them self.  Don’t be fooled.  Look at all the facts and ask a few more questions.  The best way is not always the most apparent choice.

The easy way out is a trap.  You can’t learn and grow by doing things the easy way.  You have to learn what the value of a hard days work is… you also have to learn how to work smart.  Most people will try to take the easy way, and nothing will ever change for them.  No things will slowly get worse.  The easy way out is a crowded road with no reward.  You will sink deeper and deeper into debt.  Quick and easy never leads to quick or easy.  In the end, the easy way out is the worse option.

The hard road is a road less traveled   You will learn much more about your self and what you are made of when you travel the hard road, the road less traveled.  Now that being said; don’t be fool hardy.  Stay on a safe path.

The best option is the smart option. You see, if given a choice between the easy way and the hard way, the easy way is a trap.  The hard way is a challenge, and the smart way is invisible.  Maybe you should ask a few more questions and check the facts before you make your choice.

Why do people want things to stay the same?  Listen, time changes all things.  So you better get used to change.  Things and people come and go.  Jobs, bosses, opportunities are always coming and going.  Times are changing.  Technology is evolving and you have to be able to ask the right questions.  The smart way is the best way, but the hard way proves to be better than the easy way.  If you take the easy way, you learn nothing, you do not change and you get left behind.  If you take the hard way, you will learn, you will be rewarded and you will be able to catch up.  But if you wait, and ask the right questions and learn the right lessons, you can learn that knowledge and truth will become apparent in time.  You will then know when to work hard and when to work smart and when to wait.  You will learn and grow and you can make the changes it takes to be successful.

The easy way is the worse way.  Have you ever noticed how people how complain the most, never seem to want to do the work.  They want things to stay the same, and they want someone else to do the work.  Listen, things are going to change over time, everything does.  You have to work hard enough to just keep up with the times.  Don’t you want to get ahead?  Well, you may have to work a little harder, and learn a few things along the way.  The easy way, the hard way and the smart way; the hard way can lead to the smart way, the easy way never does.

Learn to work hard, and then learn to work smart.  Working smart is knowing how to face your fears, it is learning from those who have put their time in and mastered what you are chasing.  Chase your dreams, they don’t chase you.  People who work smart seem lucky, but it is because they learned the hard lessons first.  People who take the easy way out, never learn anything; then when times change, they get left behind.  Don’t get left behind.  Learn to ask the right questions.  Ask the extra questions before you make your choice.

If the only choices you have is the easy way out, or the hard way; say, I am waiting for a better way.  If there is a third option you will find out soon enough.  See it all for what it is worth. If you can’t ask an extra question or two, can you really trust the person giving you the options?

Maybe this all seemed better in my head before I started typing this, or maybe my intended meaning is coming through.  Learn that you have more than one or two options before you make your choice.  When presented with the easy way and the hard way; look for third option, the best way.  Ask extra questions.  Get extra answers.  Take a minute to find out the truth.  If everyone seems to be going one way, ask yourself; is that the way you want to go.  Are you just going with the flow?  It may seem hard to blaze your own trail, but that might be the best thing for you.

D.C.E. – Double Check Everything.

Do you want your dreams to become reality?  Do you want to reach the goals you have set for yourself or your organization?  Do you want to be able the trust the people around you?  Then remember to D.C.E. – Double Check Everything.

We live in the information age.  Information moves faster than ever.  So why is it that people do not take a minute to double-check things?  So here again making a stand for checking the facts.  So let’s break it down.  Before you can D.C.E. – Double Check Everything you have to C.E. – Check Everything.  Be a C.E.O. – Check Everything Officer.  Now notice I did not say you have to do everything, and I did not say to micro manage everything.  I said Check Everything.  Just check to make sure it got done.

Now, before you can become a C.E.O. – Check Everything Officer, you have to plan, you have to study, you have to set goals.  Do you have a plan?  Have you sat down and set goals?  You have to do these things, or else you are basically going to be changing your tune every time the wind and weather changes.  How can you know that your life, or your job, or your organization is on course; if you have not plotted a course?

D.C.E. – Double Check Everything.  Do you believe in Santa Claus?  Well even Santa Claus made a list and checked it twice before he came to town.  Shouldn’t you?  Shouldn’t you find out who is naughty and who is nice before you do business with someone or count on them to deliver on their promises?  I am not trying to be hard on people, but ask your friends what they would do different if they knew then what they know now.  Take the time to Double Check the facts, call around, check on search engines.  Success leaves clues and successful companies and successful people have track records they are proud to put on display.  People who have too much to hide, or no track record at all might not be the people to trust with you life savings or your life long dreams.

I challenge everyone to keep learning and keep growing.  For that to happen, we all need new information.  Again we live in the information age.  We have books, magazines, computers, the internet, and smart phones.  We should be reading, we should be studying, we should be searching, we should be verifying.  It is easier than ever to call around, and find out things before we act on the new information.  Plan – Yes!  Schedule – Yes, Set Goals – Yes, Check – Yes, Double Check – Yes, Yes!  D.C.E. – Double Check Everything.

Now let me restate for the record.  You do not have to do everything, but you should double-check to make sure things are getting done.  You do not have to know everything, but you can double-check the facts to make search everything adds up.  You do not have to come up with all the ideas, but double-check to make sure the ideas fit the plan and you have the right combination of people, time and resources to make the idea a reality.  You don’t have to be a tyrant and you do not have to micromanage everything, but you do have to be the C.E.O. – Check Everything Officer.  D.C.E. – Double Check Everything.

The struggle to find balance:

It seems like some much has been said and done to drive wedges between people lately.  We have all heard the quote about the house divided will fall. We have all heard about United We Stand, and have we not heard Divide and Conquer?  So why is so much money being spent to divide people and their opinions?  Why is as much more or better yet even more money being spent on trying to find common ground?  Well here at 60 seconds of Motivational Mojo, I don’t have a lot of money to spend, but if I can have a minute of your time; I will try to help you find balance.

Any and every story can be spun a million different ways.  So how do you know what to believe?  I think that deep down inside each of us have an inner voice that knows right from wrong, the question is do we listen?  Now I also think that people will pull at you heart-strings, and again I ask; do we listen?  Finding balance is about trying to do the best with the time and resources that you have at your disposal.  So first and foremost always try to find out the facts about both sides of every story.

OK, this post is a rambling mess, so how can I tell you how to find balance?  Easy, you have to figure out who you are, you have to figure out what your dreams are; and you have to figure out your purpose.  I am not here to tell you want to do.  I only ask that you would search for greatest good and least harm to others.  That being said, you have to listen to your head and your heart; but always, always, always double-check the facts and both sides of the story.  How long does it take to search things out these days.  You can be pretty much anyplace and anywhere as long as you have a smart phone or a web connection.  Take 15 minutes to double-check the facts.

The second step to finding balance is to make up you mind what it is you are trying to do with your life?  It is very hard to get where you are going if you do not know where you want to go or where you are right now.  You have to know who you are, where you are and where you want to go.  Then you can make a map and check your compass and break down how you are going to get there.  Check the facts, listen to both sides of the story, and figure out what you want it life.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Step three to finding balance is to budget your time.  Be realistic.  There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week.  Most of us spend a lot of time doing things we don’t like to do, to make the money so we can do the things we want to do.  So it starts with you bills and then moves into your hobbies.  Now, why not spend at least an hour a day, or a few hours a week getting better at the things you want to be doing with your life.  For every 40 hours you work at your day job, why not spend 4 hours a week trying to turn you hobby into a second source of income?

Step four to finding balance, Communication.  It should be a two-way street.  It is hard to find balance if you are not communicating well with others.  It is even harder to find balance if you are lying to yourself.  Do you have a journey or logbook?  Do you write down your goals and dreams?  Do people understand who you are and what you are all about?  Do you let people know what lines are in bounds and what lines they should not cross?  Do people walk all over you or do people help you?  It is easier to find balance when people respect each others boundaries.

So how do we bring people together instead of pulling them apart?  Common Goals, Common Ground, Open Communication and Respect for each others boundaries.  You will never find balance in your life if you let people pull you in a million different directions.  You will never find where you are and where you want to go until you are true to yourself.  And you will never figure out if you are on the right path unless you are checking both sides of the facts against your own personal compass.  You have to find balance inside and then apply it to your life.  Take 15 minutes a day to check the facts and make sure you are on track!

Set my course to North by North East.

Faith, Facts, Fear and Foolishness:

Set my course to North by North East.  Let’s start by looking at a compass!  North is Up, East is to the Right of North, West is to the Left of North, and South is Down.

Now let replace North with Faith, replace East with Facts, replace West with Foolishness, and replace South with Fear.

Set my course to North by North East.  You see Faith and Fear are Opposites.  Either you are guided by Faith or guided by Fear.  Facts and Foolishness are opposites also.  You are either guided by the Facts or you are guided by Foolishness.  Plot my course to North by North East.  I strive to be guided by Faith and the Facts.

I believe Faith coupled with Facts is a course headed for Abundant Life.  I believe Facts coupled with Fear is a road to Debt.  I believe Faith Coupled with Foolishness is a Path to Disaster.  Lastly I believe that Fear coupled with Foolishness is a path to Death and Destruction.  Set my course to North by North East.

It is my hope for you, that you will be guided by Faith and Facts.  I hope to see all of us Live a Life More Abundant.

Take 15 minutes to check the facts.

We live in an age where information flows faster than ever, in some areas.  If you have a smart phone or a tablet or a laptop or a notebook computer and an internet connection; you have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.  So the question I have is why do people still believe rumors without double checking the facts?  Why do politicians still spin the truth and sometimes out right lie when people can check both sides of the story in a matter of minutes?  Is it because people do not double-check the facts?  Is it because people will not take 15 minutes to look at both sides of the story?

It is so easy to search out any story or rumor you hear about.  Even if you do not have a computer, you can go to the library and use one there.  If you do not have an internet connection, you can go to most coffee houses and check things while having a coffee, tea or juice with a dough nut or a bagel.  I have seen many a lunch meeting and study group while I have posted to this blog.  So I ask again, why not take 15 minutes to double-check the facts and look at both sides of the story.

I don’t think you should take my word for it.  See, you are already on the internet if you are ready this blog.  It is so easy to use a search engine; the challenge is to look at both sides of the story.  Again, I ask; why do politicians lie to people or at the very least spin the facts?  The reason is because they think that most of us will not take the time to look at both sides of the story.  What do I have to gain by telling you to look at both sides of the story, double-check the facts and make up your own mind?  I am not saying, follow me and I will show you honor.  I am not saying vote for me and I will make the world a better place.  I am saying keep and open mind, double check the facts, look at both sides of the story and make up your own mind.

If you live in a place in the world where the internet is open be very glad.  Be glad because you can still double-check the facts.  There are places where the internet is filtered and censored.  Be glad that you still have a chance at making up your own mind.  See sometimes people hear one side of the story and very strong powers of persuasion get you to act now.  Gee, I never tell you to act now.  I tell you to look at both sides of the story, check the facts, and sleep on it.  Make up your mind after you have found out the best possible information covering both sides of the story, not matter what the story.

Take a minute and ask your self this question.  How many things in your life would you change if you knew then what you know now?  How may times have you leaped before you looked?  How many times did you believe someone and they turned out to be wrong?  Now could you have made a better choice if you would have just taken a minute to double-check both sides of the story and see which side added up?  I have nothing to gain by telling you to find out the truth for yourself.  So why do I do it?  Could this lead to a book deal one day?  I mean I would like to be a great motivator, so is telling people to double-check the facts enough?  I think it is enough.  I think it is a challenge.

We live in the information age and dancing cats get millions of hits on the internet.  Don’t you want anything more out of life?  Wouldn’t you like to know if there are natural cures for what ever ails you?  Wouldn’t you like to know which people are telling the truth about issues that can affect your future?  Do you take a minute to check both sides of the story or do you just go with the flow?  I challenge myself to challenge you.  I have nothing to gain, except for standing up for what I believe in, but I try to check both sides of the story first.

A Solid Foundation:

A Solid Foundation:

Chase your dreams; “Yes.” I can not say it enough, “Chase your dreams!” And I also can not say enough to, “Have a solid foundation!”

The bible makes it clear in Matthew 7:25 “And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.” When you are out chasing your dreams you will face obstacles, so when the storms of life arise you want and need your foundation to be on solid ground. So what is this “Solid Ground?” Truth, Facts, Reliable Information, Proper Planning, Trustworthy Connections, Fruitful Relationships and Real Friendships.

OK you don’t believe the Bible, Show me a Skyscraper built on Sand, and not a Rock Solid Foundation. Not there, and if it is there, it will not be there long. Back to the Bible; Matthew 7:26-27 “…a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.” No foundation and when the storms of life arise, all the work you put in will come crashing down.

I say again, “Chase your dreams, but have a solid foundation.” Get your facts straight, find out the truth about where you are heading, plan ahead for the best and worse cases, make sure you connect with people who can and will “actually” do what they “say” they can do, search for win / win scenarios and not scams, and make sure the people you are around respect you and you respect them. I could go into depth about each of these and one day I will; I challenge you to check for yourself.

Sometimes the obstacles of life seem like Skyscrapers, so then what? Well I have not seen a man made building that a jet plane can’t fly over. Your dream has to be able to leap over the hurdles that are going to be put in your way; but remember, an airplane needs a runway to take off from and land on. The bigger the plane, the longer the runway; It is just the way it works. It doesn’t matter if your dream is to build a skyscraper or fly over them; start with a solid foundation!

So again I say, chase your dreams, but make sure your have the truth as your compass and a solid foundation to build on!