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Are you working S.M.A.R.T.?

Are you Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets?  Are you working S.M.A.R.T. for short?  Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo where new Acronyms just kind of come to me.  Maybe it is all the just the same old stuff over and over.  So I hope I am picking worthwhile topics.  Are you S.M.A.R.T.?  I think all of us can be, we just have to try.  S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

So the first thing we need is a Target, a Goal, a Dream or a Vision.  What is your Vision?  What is your Dream?  What are your Goals to help you reach your Target?  Some people have a simple goal to keep learning.  That makes them appear smart.  You have to define your own target.  You have to be in touch with your own dream.  We all have dreams; some of us just stop listening.  Start listening to your dreams again and set some goals no matter how small they may seem, to help you reach your target.

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Now if you have a Target, you need a Strategy to help hit you target.  Your Strategy is your Big Picture Plan.  It is the Executive Overview.  It is the view from the Airplane as you fly over a city.  Imagine you are a Hotshot who has a chance to pitch investors on your plan.  Can you convince them from the time you get on the elevator on the ground floor before the elevator reaches the top floor where they will go into a meeting and decide if they will give you a shot?  This is your elevator pitch.  What is your plan and simple Strategy that will make your vision a reality?

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Now if you have a Target and a Strategy, your next step is to break down the Methods needed to fit all the pieces together.  Let’s say your Strategy is to field the Biggest, Strongest and Fastest Football Team to Win as many games as possible and make the proverbial playoffs.  What methods will you use to make the Big, Bigger?  What methods will you use to make the Strong, Stronger?  What methods will you use to make the Fast, Faster?  See your Strategy is your Plan.  Your Methods are the Plans within the Plan.  It is all the little steps that will make the big steps possible.   Will you make the Big Stronger and the Strong Faster?  How will you do these things?  What methods will you use and teach others so that the Big Plan comes together?

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

As you are putting you methods in place to align with you overall strategy, you must stay alert of the ever change conditions of your surroundings.  What if your star players get hurt?  What if your competition tries to foil your plans?  Can the blind lead the blind?  No, you must stay alert to your surroundings and change and alter your methods so that your overall strategy still works.  You target may not change, but you path to the target may change based on ever-changing conditions.  I should say most of the time the path to the target will change.  This is why it is very important to stay alert.  What worked yesterday, may not work today.  What works today, may not work tomorrow.   Stay Alert.

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Of all the topics I am have discussed this far, Reaching is maybe the most important.  If you are not reaching for your target, what good is having a target?  If you are not reaching for your target, what good is having a Strategy?  If you are not reaching for your target, why invest so much time breaking down your methods?  If you are not reaching for your target, why are you staying so alert?  Reaching for your Target is what brings it all together.  The effort you put in will directly affect the results you get out.  Smart work is still work.  There is no reason to work hard if you will not stay on target, but being on target is still work.  It still takes effort, you must, must, must reach for your goals.

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Are you S.M.A.R.T.?  Anyone can do it really.  If you have to boil it down to the simplest example, stay alert and keep reaching for your dreams.  That is basically all it takes.  Everyone can do it.  You can do it.  Work S.M.A.R.T. Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!


Simple does not mean easy.

Do you have a nice simple dream?  Do you have a simple little project you want to undertake?  Do you have that thing you have always wanted to get done?  The best way to get started is to get started, but do not confuse simple with easy.  Simple does not mean easy.  A simple idea does not mean you get a free pass to snap your fingers and wait for magic to happen.  Simple means simple; but if living your dream was easy everyone would do it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you to make this complicated just to make this complicated.  Anything worth doing is worth doing well and to the best of your ability.  You can keep your ideas simple, but do not mistake that with meaning they will be easy to attain.  Most of the time you still need to be able to build on your dreams, you need to build on your goals and you need to build on your talents.  You may have to get around people who have done the things you want to do and reached the goals you want to reach.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help even though you may have a simple idea.

You see simple and easy are not the same thing.  Surfing the Internet is easy.  Creating the internet was very complicated.  Also the first versions of the internet and web service and computer hardware and web browsers were complicated.  It took a long time for the internet to become as simple as going to any coffee-house and logging into the “Facebook” or checking “Twitter.”  Simple does not mean easy.  The first mistake people make in thinking simple means easy is not respecting all the work it takes to make things look easy.

Exercising and lifting weights is simple.  Becoming a champion athlete is hard.  Playing guitar is simple, but learning to play a guitar well is hard.  Basic Electronics are simple.  Coming up with a new invention is hard.  Simple means simple, but to get good at something it still takes practice and patience and persistence.  It will get easier over time, but it does not mean it will be easy all the time.

Lots of times the people who make things look easy have practiced and planned and rehearsed until it seemed easy to the untrained eye.  Case in point, the most basic simple idea is getting people to work together.  Now, is that easy?  Have you tried?  Getting people to work together can be very rewarding, but it is not always an easy thing to do.  Again, have you tried it?  People sometimes have a tendency to make things harder than necessary.  Sometime people complicate things for any number of reasons.  Sometimes people make things complicated just to prove themselves right.

One of the basic ways to keep things simple is to just keep things simple.  Do not make things more complicated than they need to become.  Find one thing that people can agree on and give it a try.  Keep it simple.  Keep it basic.  Staying on track and reaching your goals is hard enough.  Why make things harder than needed?  Just remember, simple does not guarantee things will be easy.

What is my point?  Don’t think that because your idea may be simple that it will be easy.  Also don’t make things complicated, just keep things simple.  Give your ideas and dreams the respect they deserve and if they are worth it, they are worth working towards.  If your ideas, goals and dreams are worth doing, it is worth it to keep learning and practicing and getting better to reach your goals.  Keep them simple, but do not assume they will be easy.

To be a Leader you need to be going somewhere.

Do you know where you are going?  Do you want to be a Leader?  These are two of the many questions you have to answer to become a Leader.  First and foremost to be a Leader you have to be going somewhere.

Now this may seem to be an over simplification of what it takes to be a Leader.  Of course it is an over simplification. These are just the first two questions you have to ask yourself before you can even dream of being a Leader.  Do you want to be a Leader?  If the answer is “Yes” then you have to be going somewhere.  Are you going somewhere?  If the answer is “Yes” then you have to ask yourself if you want to be a Leader.

Again, seems simple doesn’t it.  I know some people who have a full head of steam, and they were going places.  The thing about them is they did not want to be Leader.  They know where they want to go, but they are perfectly happy being loners or doing things on their own terms.  Then there are people who want to be Leaders, but they are not going anywhere.  This to me is a very frustrating place to be; because you see, people who want to be Leaders but don’t know where they are going do not want to see you get where you are going.

This post is not going to answer all of the questions a Leader will have to answer.  No, this post is just to state a simple fact.  To be a Leader you need to be going somewhere.  See if you are just running around in circles, people will notice.  They may even ask you, “Where are you going?”  You may or may not have answer, and the answer may or may not be true.  Some people may just follow you. They may ask you “Where you are going,” or ask if you need help.  Do you have an honest answer?  Sooner or later, if you are just running around in circles, people will not follow you any longer.  To be a Leader you need to be going somewhere.

Where am I going with all of this?  Good question.  I know some people who are incredibly driven, but they are not Leaders.  They do not explain where they are going to the people around them.  I know some people who want to be Leaders, but they really don’t have a plan worth signing up to follow.  They usually spend a lot of time throwing stones at other people’s lives.  If you have somewhere you are going, and can see the value of working as a team, then maybe just maybe you have want it takes to be a Leader.

Now there are many more items on the list.  You have to be able to explain where you are going and why, if you want people to follow you.  You may have to challenge people to step up their game to keep up with you.  You may have to slow down a minute so you do not tear the team apart.  You may have to teach people how they fit into where you are going, but it is all worth.  Bottom line though, to be a Leader you have to be going somewhere.

Again, this post is not about all the things it takes to be a Leader.  No, it is just to state the simple fact, you have to get up and do something to merit being a Leader.  You can not just be running around in circles yelling “Follow me!”  After a while, people will get tired of spending a lot of energy to get no where.  There needs to be a plan, there needs to be a goal, and there needs to be a purpose.  If people are going to follow you, they deserve to know where you are going.  If you want to be a Leader, you need to be going somewhere.

Decide to be GREAT!

Yes it is that simple.  You just decide to be GREAT.  Now you can shake your head and stop reading or you can let me break it down for you.  This is 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo so I guess I have to explain myself.  Now you don’t have to believe me, but why would you want me to be wrong?  I say all you have to do is decide to be GREAT – Goal, Reach, Exceed, Adjust, Teach!

Decide to be Great – Step One: Set a Goal.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Set a Goal, write it down and put it somewhere you will see it every day.  If you want to be great you must have a goal.  It can be something simple, read 15 minutes a day, practice and hour a day, learn to play a song on guitar, learn to hit 10 free throws in a row; bottom line set the goal.

Decide to be Great – Step Two: Reach your goal.  It may take practice.  It will take practice.  Are you willing to take the time?  Are you willing to admit you may have to learn a few things?  Are you willing to admit you might need help?  The second step of being GREAT is reaching your goal.

Decide to be Great – Step Three: Exceed your goal.  Let’s say you are in sales and you want to sell ten more computers a month.  If you set the goal and you reach you goal, you may still have time on the clock, you may still have days left in the month.  If you reach your goal early do you just stop?  No, exceed your goal.  Reach you goal and keep going!  Greatness is right around the corner, just keep at it!

Decide to be Great – Step Four: Adjust your goal.  To go from good to great you have to continue to get better.  After you set a goal and reach it, now adjust it.  Make it so you have to stretch a little.   You may have to continue to practice and continue to get better, but it will be worth it.  Don’t settle at good, or better, keep at it until you are GREAT!

Decide to be Great – Step Five:  Teach what you have learned.  Sounds simple yet again.  Set you goals, get better with practice, exceed and adjust your goal, and then teach what you have learned along the way.  You may have to read, practice and take a mentor.  Once you get good, better and become great, teach it to others.  You will continue to learn and grow, if you allow yourself to work with others and help them lean and grow.  Be GREAT, and then teach others to be GREAT!

Once you have done these five steps, you have Mastered Level One of Being GREAT – Goals, Reach, Exceed, Adjust, Teach.  Now how do you get to Level Two?  A simple adjustment to the Acronym is all that is required.  Level Two:  GREAT – Goal, Repeat, Exceed, Adjust, Transfer.  Level Two of being great is just a small change.  Set New Goals, Repeat your success, Exceed and Adjust your Goals, and the Transfer your success to others.  This is more than just being a High Level performer and Teaching others.  This is more about being surround by a great team  Set team goals as well as personal goals.  Help others reach their goals.  Level Two of being GREAT – Set Goals, Repeat, Exceed, Adjust, Transfer to Team.

So how many levels of being great are there?  Well for this thread let’s say Three.

Level One of being GREAT – Goals, Reach, Exceed, Adjust, Teach.

Level Two of being GREAT – Goal, Repeat, Exceed, Adjust, Transfer to Team.

Level Three of being GREAT – Goal, Reproduce, Exceed, Adjust, Transcend.

Level Three of being GREAT is not only making sure that others around you are performing at a High level, it is setting up a system that transcends the current system.  Let’s say you are a Top Performing Team, does your team break through and exceed the current standards, and set new standards?  If you are Teaching others, and Repeating and Reproducing and Exceeding your goals; there will come a time when others will start to adopt your team’s best practices.  Change the game, transcend the game.  It is bigger than you and your team!  Decide to be GREAT!

Little shots, keep shooting!

“Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting.” Have you heard the quote by Christopher Morley? I am a little shot, and this blog is one of my attempts to keep shooting. Reading this blog, you find out I am a guy who is a work in progress. All of us are works in progress. A lot of us are “Little Shots” and sadly, some of us have stopped shooting.

I blog to become a better writer, I blog to become a better motivator & leader; and I blog to challenge myself to stay convinced and connected to dream chasing. My blog is a written diary of me chasing my dreams and hopefully challenging others to chase their dreams. You may find a typo here and there. I may make an example that leaves you scratching your head. You may laugh at first, but hopefully a point or two will stick. I may repeat some things over and over, all in an attempt to make a point. Either way, I keep shooting.

So imagine for a second you want to become really good a throwing darts. So you practice for a while, and you get pretty good. Then after a while it kind of fades and you stop playing darts. You just don’t have the time or it just doesn’t matter as much anymore; or you peaked out and never won any tournaments or trophies. You just stop throwing darts. You just stop shooting.

Now let’s say for a second, I change-up the rules. I say, become the best dart thrower that you can, but only take one shot a day and you can only aim for the bulls-eye. Those are the new rules, you can only throw one dart a day, and you can only aim at the bulls-eye. Maybe you walk up, you throw your dart half heartedly, and you really don’t care where it hits. Or maybe you really take your time, you think about your throw. You take a deep breath and you close your eyes and visualize your best dart throw ever. You start a habit, a routine before you throw that one dart a day. Either way, keep throwing your dart. Throw one dart everyday. Keep shooting.

Of course throwing one dart a day is a metaphor for doing one thing a day that brings you closer to your goal or your dream. Each post is a dart throw for me. To try to maintain an attitude that no matter what I am going through, I will keep telling people to keep shooting; to take their shot. One day, you may hit that bulls-eye when it counts. “Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting.”

So I am a little shot. I never dreamed of being a little shot, I am not going to settle on being a little shot, and neither should you. Whatever you do, keep shooting. Take a deep breath, and see yourself perfecting your shot, once a day, every day until you can hit the bulls-eye every time! Keep shooting!

It’s Leap Day. Jump for Joy. Take a Leap of Faith!

It is leap day! Take a leap.

Take a leap of faith, it is leap day. Stretch your dreams to the limit. Think big, this day only happens once every four years. Take a minute to daydream; this is an extra day is it not?

It’s a leap year; I am writing this on leap day, today is my inspiration! You may not read this until tomorrow, or next week or next month but the message stays the same. Take a leap of faith. It’s leap year, follow the Big Dream. Be like a Big Dream Hunter. Figure out where your dream lives, track it, bait it, and catch it. Catch the Big Dream!

You have to see it in your own mind and know in your heart it is right. Then break it down into chunks, daily goals, weekly goal, and monthly goals and give your self time to relax every now and then. Celebrate the little victories and they will add up to a big break through!

It’s Leap Day. Jump for Joy. Take a Leap of Faith!