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Learn from everything but focus on the good.

Learn from everything but focus on the good.

The world is full of good and bad.  Learn from everything but focus on the good.  The world is full of darkness and light, learn from everything but spread light.  The world is full of choices, good news and bad news.  Choose to spread good news.

It is simple really, change your focus.  It will not change the world over night, but it will change what you are learning.  What you are learning can change what you are doing.  What you are doing can change your circumstances.  What you are doing and what you are teaching others can lead to success or failure.  If you are successful you may not change the whole world, but it can change your world.

It starts with leaning and where your focus lies.  What you focus on affects what you will learn, what you will say, what you hear, what you do.  Learn from everything but focus on the good.  Spread good news, spread truth, spread light and teach others from what you have learned.  Focus on success and not failure.  Be the person you want others to be like.  Be like the person you want to be.  You are not your circumstance, you are what you learn and what you do and what you teach others.  Learn from everything but focus on the good.

Spread good news.  Spread truth.  Spread light.  Focus on the good and teach others from what you have learned.

Spread the word, the sun is shining yet again today.

Spread the word, the sun is shining yet again today.  The sky is not falling.  You can make today your day!  Every day is a new shot at greatness.  What are you going to do with it?


Maybe today where you are the clouds are grey or the storms clouds are swirling, but remember the sun is still there behind those clouds.  Hold on, today can still be your day.  Survive and then thrive.


Spread the word, the sun is shining yet again today.  What are you going to do with your today?  Will you take your shot at greatness?  Will you only take one shot?  Or will you take a shot every day?  Every day is a new day, make it count!

sun over ocean

The sky is not falling, the sky is not falling!  The Sky Is Not Falling!  Spread the news.  Spread the good news!  Spread the great news.  The sun is still shining yet again today.  Take just a minute to stop and marvel at the power of the sun every day!  Every day, every day; spread good news every day!

sun over mountain

Every day is a new shot at greatness.  What are you going to do with it?  Be bold and be grateful for your boldness.  Use your talent and be grateful for your talent.  Learn something new and be grateful for your capacity to learn.  Be grateful and be great today!  Today and tomorrow and every day; Be Great and Be Grateful!


Spread the word, the sun is shining yet again today.

Let good news rain

April Showers bring May Flowers.

Let good news rain.

Let Good News Reign!

Let’s plant the seeds that bring the harvest

Let good news rain.

Let Good News Reign!


Let’s whistle while we work

And let’s work together

Let’s teach each other

In every weather


Let good news rain

Let Good News Reign!


Let’s thank the God that brings the harvest.

Let good news rain

Let’s God News Reign

Let’s thank the God that brings no sorrow

Let good news rain

Let’s God News Reign


Let’s shine the light of truth

And train up all the youth

And do the things we say were going to do

Let’s stop the double talk

And all the crooked walk

Let’s make a better world for me and you


April Showers bring May Flowers.

Let good news rain.

Let Good News Reign!

Let’s thank the God that brings the harvest

Let good news rain.

Let Good News Reign!

Horn of Plenty

Bad news hates Good News:

Bad news hates Good News:

Good News 01

They are polar opposites. They are mortal enemies. For this reason people who live on and love bad news will attack those who spread Good News. Will you let that stop you? Will you? Bad News is ruthless so those who spread Good News must be Relentless. Those who spread Good News have to endure the storms of bad news! Don’t let the attack of negative minds, words and deeds stop you. Spread Good News Every Day, Every Day!


The fight between Good News and Bad News is like the fight between Light and darkness. It is like the fight between Truth and lies. Bad news hates Good News. People who spread doom and gloom will attack those who spread Hope and Faith. Will you let that stop you? People who spread lies will spread lies about people who tell the Truth to cover their tracks. Will you let that stop you? People who are not happy with their life will do all they can to keep you from being Happy About Your Life. Will you let that stop you? Spread Good News Every Day, Every Day!

Good News 02

Stop for a minute and think about it. People who cannot be happy for you are probably not happy with themselves. Will you let that stop You from being Happy? Bad news hates Good News, because Good News brings Hope with it. Will you bring Hope to those who do not have Hope? Will you let bad news stop you from spreading Good News? No matter how much you do, you will not be able to solve all the world’s problems, you will not be able to help everybody; so will you let that stop you. The only thing you can really do for anyone is help them to think for themselves. Will you do that even if you face a million to one odds? Will you be the One Person that people can count on to always find One Good Thing to hold one to Every Day, Every Day!

Good News 03

Bad news hates Good News. Don’t stop the messenger because you don’t like the message. Bad news is like an addiction. Bad news feeds on doom, gloom, fear, darkness and lies. Do you think those who profit from doom and gloom will like you for spreading Good News? Am I wrong? Have you watched the news? How much Good News makes the daily news? No one will give you an award for driving to and from work and running errands a thousand times, but the news will cover the car accident, the fire, the robbery. The daily news covers crime, sports and the weather at the top and bottom of every hour all day long. Try Spreading Good News for a change. Try today; Every Day, Every Day!

Good News 04

Bad news hates Good News! Will you let that stop you? Spread Good News Every Day, Every Day!

Four years of blogging?

Four years of blogging?

Four years of spreading good news and trying to give quality advice, the kind of advice that I will follow. Four years of trying to build, from the ground up a motivational network of people who will encourage each other. Four years.

And what has it got me? A book deal: No, not yet. Any television n time: No, not yet. A movie deal with options on a sequel: No, not yet. So why do we do this again. Why do I do this again, blog in hopes of finding an audience?

I do this because I believe in seed time and harvest. My harvest may not have come in yet, but I plant seeds of good news and I water by trying and trying again, and encouraging others to try. I get peace of mind in knowing that I am trying to make things better by spreading good news instead of gossip. And I get to learn because I learn by doing, studying and mentoring others who are just getting started. I get to learn by talking to other people who are also blogging or speaking or networking and trying to help others. I learn because it is not enough for me to just blog, I want to make a difference by volunteering hands on so I go and help out when I can.   I want to make a difference so I invite others to join me when I can.

I could tell you that it is raining outside and my car won’t start; but I choose to tell you that no matter what you are going through to hold on, the sun will rise tomorrow.   I choose good news over bad. I choose the lesson over the pity party. I choose to want to make a difference instead of placing blame. I choose to keep blogging.

Four years of blogging and each year I reach more people. If only one person a day finds something I blog worthwhile, then maybe I can reach 365 people a year. If in 4 years 1000 people have found something worthwhile to hold onto from my quest to spread good news, then it is worth it.

No book deal, yet. No television interviews, yet. No movie options, yet. But in 2016 I hope to get out and speak more, I hope I can help produce some motivational and professional networking workshops. I also hope to help find 100 jobs for 100 people. I also hope I can volunteer once a month and invite others to join me. Four years of blogging and it has been worth it.

Thank you for tuning in. See you on the other side.

Good things take time.

Good things take time.

You can’t rush quality. You can’t rush craftsmanship. You can’t rush art. Good things come through a series of inspiration, experimentation, training and time. Some people work hard, some people work smart. Talented people make work seem like fun. This is all part of the process. The process of figuring out what is worth doing and what is a waste of time. Anyway, good things take time. Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, let me explain.

Year after year it seems Professional Athletes make more and more money to do things that started out as games that people played to have fun, pass the time and maybe get a little exercise. Kids play the games for fun. Parents teach the games to their children. Again, people play to have fun and maybe get a little exercise. Great players seem to make the game look easy. Just because they make it look easy does not mean they did not practice long hours to become great at it. The fact they make it look easy almost guarantees they practiced long hours to become great. The great players probably had fun while they were practicing, but they still put their time in to get great. Good things take time.

Nobody looks at Fine Wine and says, wow let me pay money for sour grape juice. No, people look at fine wine and say it was careful aged to perfection. I am sure if you go to any vineyard, the wine makers will tell you how much care was taken in growing the grapes, picking only the best grapes, and carefully extracting the grape juice and the type of woods that were used to store the grape juice until it became the finely crafted wine you are about to taste and pay your hard earned money to enjoy. The best wine is not thrown together overnight in a random manner. No, if you want the best you have to wait for the perfect time for each step in the process. Good things take time.

I have spent many hours of my life making music and entertaining others. It did not matter to me what instrument I was playing or what style of music that I was a part of performing; it did not matter if I was performing solo or as part of a group. All the mattered is that the music sounded good to me, and hopefully good to whomever was listening. Lots of hours were spent practicing the drums, or the bass or the guitar. Lots of time was spent behind a keyboard of a synthesizer or a computer to make the music sound just right. Even if I liked it, sometimes other people did not like it. Sometimes I did not like it and other people did. Either way, it just did not happen. It took time. Time spent practicing, time experimenting and time chasing inspiration that is not always caught. Not every song or performance worked out. But when they did, in that moment, it felt like magic.   Good things take time.

Take the time to get good. People who have never heard of you may think it comes naturally to you. Some if it does. Some of it is a gift. Respect the gift enough to be thankful and practice. Experiment and have fun until you get good. Experiment and have fun until it comes naturally. Experiment and have fun until you make it look easy. Take the time to get good. Good things take time.

Airplanes, Airports and Airlines:

Airplanes, Airports and Airlines:

Which one are you? Which one do you see yourself as? Have you thought about your Personal Brand, your Profession and your Professional Approach? It is great to see yourself as any one of these three entities; I challenge you to see why you should think about yourself as all three.

Air Travel has changed the speed of Business like no other form of travel. Do you see yourself as an Airplane, free to fly on a moment’s notice? Do you see yourself as an Airport, with an endless stream of Airplanes Coming and going to your Destination? Or do you see yourself as an Airline, sending many planes to many locations while you manage the logistics to make meet the people’s demands. Depending on where you are in your personal and professional life, I can see where it would be easy to identify with one of these items.

Airplanes are like worker bees, they carry goods and services from source to destination, from the company store or office to the hands of the customer. Depending on the size of your workload, you may see yourself as anything from a Single Propeller Plane to a Jumbo Jet Liner. Now the thing about being or having an airplane is you need a place to take off from and a place to land. Unless you just want to fly around in circles, Airplanes need Airports. The more Airports that are available to you, the more choices you have and the more chances you have to succeed.

Airports are like stores or business owners.   Good and Services come and go, and hopefully you do enough volume to keep the lights on. The more volume you want to do, the bigger the airport you need. The Bigger the Plane, the Bigger the Airport needs to be and the bigger the runway also. The more planes you want to land, the more runways you need. See how this works. Airplanes need Airports and Airports need Airplanes. Worker Bees need Stores and Offices, and Business Owners need Worker Bees. Again, where do you see yourself?

Airlines are like large companies operating on a national or international level. They need lots of Airplanes (worker bees) and lots of Airports (stores and offices) to keep their business alive. Most Airlines do business with many Airports and Airplanes. Just like most Airports do business with more than one Airline and many Airplanes, Large companies have many stores, many vendors and also have many workers. Now the thing that some people do not realize, is that an Airplane can be in partnership with only one Airline, or may provide support services to Multiple Airlines.

Again, how do you see yourself? Each of us may aspire to different things and different levels of freedom. I say to be a success do not limit your point of view. See how you could fit in to each role, and maybe try each role on for size in a limited basis. Do you want to be an Airplane or worker bee? Do you want to be an Airport i.e. a Store Owner or A Manager in an Office? Do you want to be an Airline or Executive at a Large Company? Can you see yourself in each role? What goods and services would you provide? Will you Intern, or Volunteer or work nights and weekends? What path will you choose to build your Brand or your Business?

Can you see yourself as an Airplane? Can you see yourself as an Airport? Can you see yourself as an Airline? Each one needs the other to be successful. Where do you fit in? What good or service do you provide? Where are your customers? Where are your vendors? How do you bring you goods or services to market? Can you provide the best possible service at the best possible price and still be on time?    Spread your wings and fly! Airplanes, Airports and Airlines: Which one are you?

The Importance of Hope:

The Importance of Hope:

Have you heard it all before? Do you agree? Without hope all is lost. I am starting to believe this more and more. As I look back over my life, I think the one thing that has kept me going through all the ups and downs is hope. Hope coupled with faith means all things are possible. Action coupled with Hope and Faith increases the odds of the impossible actually happening. So at the end of the day, every day, every lesson seems to be to continue to have hope no matter what is going on around you. Everyday reminds me of the importance of hope.

So sometimes I wonder if I am the worst team builder of all time. Almost everything I have started came to an end. Almost every team I have ever built has folded. And yet here I am, still believing that I can reach my dreams if I can just become a better leader. I still have hope. Each lesson in life has taught me to maintain hope for a better tomorrow. That and maybe I could have done better in my team building if I was a better leader. So I take another chance, present another idea, share another vision and try yet again to build a team to bring the vision closer to reality.

So what have I done well, and what have I done wrong? I think I have always tried to make sure everyone had a voice, that everyone’s opinion mattered. I think maybe I was always rooting for the underdog and the outsider and the loner because I could relate to them. And what could I have done better? Maybe I could have used a more gentle touch, maybe I was a little too brute force and a little too arrogant in my approach. Maybe my biggest mistake is thinking that people will actually stand up for themselves. Sometimes I have believed that when people say they want to do something, it meant they would actually follow through.

So I live and I learn and I still have faith and hope. I have seen many people follow the lie they want to hear over the truth that they do not want to hear. I have seen people time and time again say they want to do something and then do absolutely nothing to follow-up on it. So here I am believing that if you can just find the right group of people who are searching for the truth and will stand up for what they believe in that you can be successful.   I want to be a part of that success. I still have hope that I can be a part of that success.

Does my faith get tested? Absolutely it does. Which seems to get me even more convinced that good things are right around the corner. I ask myself one bottom line question. Why learn to stand up for what is right and do things the right way if there is no pay off? Why don’t we just devolve into a state of anarchy and chaos? I think it is because no matter how bad things may seem, there is good out there that is stronger and holding this entire world we live in together. I believe there is a greater good that keeps us from coming apart at the seams. Maybe that greater good is hope, maybe that greater good is faith in the truth.

So all of my failures have taught me to get up and try again. And all of the times I have won, no matter how fleeting they may seem, keep me believing. So if I can believe, you can also. All it takes is hope. I believe there is a truth that is good and pure; it only takes faith. My life has taught me that we all need to have hope in something. We all need something to believe in. I believe in hope against all hope.

It all sounds so good in my head. It all seems so clear in my mind’s eye. I only hope it comes through clearly for you. I have hope for you even if you don’t have hope for yourself.

Sound Decisions:

From good to better to best:  Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  Today is another day of reflection.  I have been taking time to try to learn, trying to teach.  I try to learn from doing, then I try to teach what I am learning, and then I try to learn from what I am teaching.  I am trying to learn to live the advice I give.  This means you have to try to follow your dreams, learn from those who are doing; you have to learn to do and then teach what you are doing.  Today I want to talk about how to go from good to better to best.  Give me a minute.

I have been playing in a Praise Band.  I have been playing the Bass Guitar and the Drums.  I have spent my time trying to make sure everyone is heard.  I try to make sure that we are putting our best foot forward.  For a couple of weeks, I have taken a step back to regroup and recharge.  I have struggled to figure out what my next move should be; there has been many people saying what we should do to improve the overall sound of the sound system.  I have taken a moment to listen.

My place in the band, I feel was appreciated most by the other musicians.  I tried to make sure that everyone was being heard, but I was hearing from the stage, a much different position than what you hear from the crowd.  The last couple of weeks I have listened from the crowd and not everyone is being heard.  I know what is missing, but it seems that others are someone oblivious to what they are seeing versus what they are hearing.  When I see someone playing the guitar but I cannot hear them, there is a disconnect in my mind.  I am asking myself if I am better off learning how the sound men operate the sound-system?  I am asking myself if I should walk a mile in their shoes first?  The answer is obvious, isn’t it?  The challenge is not so obvious.  The desire to play, the discipline to step back and volunteer to learn; it may take a little while longer, but the lesson is greater.   I don’t want to settle for good.  I am not sure things are getting better if people are playing and not being heard.  So I how can I help make things better without coming off like a know it all.

Have you noticed in the movies how things go from normal to bad, and then from bad to worse.  As you learn more and more about each character the action seems to escalate.  Each passing moment can bring more tension, more suspense, more drama, more action and more destruction.  Things get so bad that at the movies climax, they can’t get any worse.  When everything is said and done, most times the movie do not even show things back to normal, just the elimination of the threat.  Things going from worse to bad may be better but it does not mean things are good, or even back to normal.

We get bored with normal.  We accept normal as good not fully understanding that is does not take much effort to make things better, we only need to learn.  It is not about working harder it is about learning to work smarter.  When people do not know what they are missing they never miss it.  If things could be better, but all you know is bad and worse, you accept bad and worse as normal.  You accept bad as better than worse so you think that it is good, or good enough.

We live in a world where people connect $300 Headphones to MP3 players that have sound that has been compressed to save file size and computer memory.  This compression robs the sound of what it should be.  I noticed how clean and crisp cymbals should sound while playing the drums.  I noticed how much a 12 string guitar can shimmer over the sound of a 6 string guitar while standing between guitar players.  I learned that most people cannot tell the difference between a good bass player and a great bass player and no bass coming out of the system at all by playing the bass.  I have also learned that most people never hear these subtle things because the sound system has not been tuned and mixed properly.  If you never are taught how good things can be, you never miss what you have never learned.

Can I help out more by not playing but spending time learning what everyone else is going through?  Being the sound man is a thankless job.  When everything goes well no one notices.  But when things go bad, when people cannot hear the person speaking or if microphones begin to squeal and howl, then people wonder why the sound is so bad.  I have heard people say what needs to be done, but none of them have volunteered to do what needs to be done.  You cannot drive a car from the back seat or from the side of a track.  If you want to drive the car you have to get behind the wheel.  I am at that place where I believe it is time for me to see if I can learn from those who are doing, improve what they are doing and teach them how to notice the little things they have been missing.

Good to better to best means learn by studying, learn by doing; study what you are doing, then teach what you are doing so others can learn.  This is a time for me to reflect to step back from the stage and into the background.  This is a time for me to practice what I am preaching.  This is a time for me to live the advice I give.  I am trying to make sound decisions; I hope others will do the same.  You appreciate what you have when things go from bad to worse; but can you learn to appreciate what you have and take things from normal, to good, to better.  Can you learn by doing and then teach what you have learned?  Can I do what I am asking others to do?  Can I make sound decisions?  Can I make a difference in the background instead of trying to run out front?  I sure hope I can.

Not being as bad as the worst is not much of an excuse.

Have you heard it said before? Someone in their feeble attempt to defend their bad behavior will say something to the effect of “Well at least I am not a bad as so and so.” Or “What about so and so, they are even worse.” Explain to me how being better than the worst example makes you good? I am trying to be funny and serious at the same time. I am trying to deal with something that is very negative without going negative myself.

“Well at least it not as bad as…” this is almost always the beginning of a lame excuse. Maybe people have suffered for so long they just want to not seem like they have given up, even though they have basically given up. “It could always be worse…” Isn’t that another one? I only have one question that begs and honest answer; “Did you do your best?” If the answer is “Yes” then there is no need for an excuse. If the answer is “No” then I guess any excuse will do.

Think about Automobile Racing. It is ok for the new team that can barely put together enough a budget to qualify for a race to come in last and learn as much as possible from the experience. But, what about the team that has a wealth of experience and even more financing? If they make all the wrong choices and come in next to last, are they ok with saying “At least were not last?” Do we say these things to lessen the sting of the blow so we can sleep better at night?

So another great excuse; “We had the most fun!” Ok, I can go with you on this one, under certain circumstances. If you know you are out matched and you just want to have a good time I can understand, as long as you are doing your best. I know a bunch of amateur Hockey Players who love to play in tournaments together. They put together a team and played in a tournament that was way out of their league. The other teams where younger, faster and played at higher levels than this friendly bunch of amateurs who knew each other from their day jobs. They played to win and had fun losing. I guess I get that, to a point. It is OK to make the best of a bad situation.

I am also saying that this can be a slippery slope for those of us who can do better, but we just don’t try hard enough. I know that I cannot do some things I did when I was younger. A Forty Something aged person cannot take the same risks as a Thirty Something. A Forty Something cannot bounce back as fast as a Twenty Something. But you can still play it smart and do your best. You can still be successful with having adjusted goals. I am still getting over how bad Brazil was overwhelmed on their own soil during the 2014 World Cup. How do you explain it to their fans? Was one player really that important to what they were doing? They did not respond by saying, “We were not as bad as so and so…” They responded by saying the result was un-acceptable, we should have prepared better. At the highest levels you must always be learning and striving to get better.

So why is Ok for those in the middle to think it is OK to not be as bad as those behind them? I try not to be envious of others. I don’t know enough about what they have been through or how they got where they are now. I can only keep track of what I did to get to where I am, and what I can learn to do better the next time. This is why I say, “Not as Bad as…” is a trap. Don’t fall in it. The key take away from every situation is “We did our best and this is what we learned.” Win, lose or draw; fun or no fun, do your best and learn from the situation. Not as bad as so and so, just does not work for me.