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What happens to us when we grow up?

What happens to us when we grow up?  When do we lose those childhood dreams?  When do we lose the drive and will to believe we can be heroes?  What happens to us when we grow up?

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I am here to challenge you to reach back and chase your childhood dreams.  I am here to challenge you to help motivate others to chase their dreams.  I am here to spread good news.  I am here to challenge you to spread good news also.

I have a bunch of nephews’ in-law.  One of them was born on my birthday / anniversary.  He had three little brothers.  All four of them are six years and under.  I get to see them on birthdays and holidays.  They all want to be super=heroes.  Except for the youngest one, he is too young to talk.  He just smiles at you, and blinks and grabs your hand; that is what infants do.  The six-year old loves to play and the four-year old wants to run and jump and cannot wait to be big; like his brother.  The two year old wants you to chase after him. They all want to be super-heroes, Spiderman, Batman, The Flash, The Green Arrow and of course they love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

What happens to us when we grow up?  When do we lose the will to be superheroes?  I like asking kids what they want to be when they grow up.  Then I tell them to get good grades and work together so they can be superheroes together.  Being a hero is easy.  Dream like a child and help other people chase their dreams.  I try to be the grown up that will give the kid that one piece of advice that will stick with them so they do not give up on their dreams.

As we get older, we are told to stay in school, keep quiet and don’t draw attention to ourselves.  We are told to follow the rules and grow up and get a job.  We are told to work hard but; we are basically helping someone who sits on top of it all reach their dream.  What about our dreams?  What about our goals?  What a about being a superhero?  What happens to us when we grow up?

Do you want to be the grownup that kills a kid’s dreams; or do you want to be the grownup that helps a kid reach their dreams?  I want to build a secret lab for superhero training.  I want to be the adult that tells kids to run faster and jump higher and look out for each other while looking out for cars in the street.  I want to help people reach their childhood dreams and spread good news.  What happens to us when we grow up?  What makes us want to kill each other’s dreams?

My life philosophy is simple.  Spread good news.  Challenge others to do the same.  That only advice worth giving is the advice that you are living.  Tap into those childhood dreams.  Help others reach their dreams.  Really, how hard is that?  What happens to us when we grow up?

Make It Happen:

Make It Happen:

Think it, speak it, act on it. Learn it, teach it, make it grow. This is how you make it happen. So many thoughts to try to type and upload to this blog; Welcome to 60 seconds of motivational mojo.

I have heard it said we are the some total of our actions. I have also heard it said that our thoughts become our words and our words become our actions. I have also heard it said that the same thinking that created a problem cannot solve the problem. So for us to change our circumstance we must first change our thinking. Think it, speak it, act on it.

So if our thoughts become our words and our words become our actions we have to protect our thinking. Positive thinking will create positive words and positive action. Negative thinking will create negative words and negative action. So if we want positive outcomes should we not create as mush positive action as possible? Should we not stay positive in our thinking and our actions and surround ourselves with positive people? Should we not change our words to reflect our thinking? Should we not challenge the words of others? Shouldn’t we engage people with positive words in our speaking and find out who agrees and who disagrees with our thinking? Think it, speak it, act on it.

So now it is not enough to just run around saying we will make things better. Ever heard talk is cheap? So if we are going to say it shouldn’t we at the very least try to do positive things? I often find it amazing that people will say, “There should be a law” or that “People should do the right thing” but then they do not vote or get involved. So want should you do? You should do the things you believe should get done. You should back your words with actions. If you feel that the schools are failing your children, maybe you should volunteer to tutor, or start a homework club with local families. Do you believe that kids need a safe place to play; then maybe you should clean up a local park? Don’t just think it, don’t just say it; act on it!

Think it, speak it, act on it. Learn it, teach it, make it grow. This is how you make it happen. So I am convinced enough to try to grow a system from scratch. I firmly believe that I can change my thinking and change my speaking and act on it by volunteering; but there is more to do. I have heard it said that if you want to be a success, create success in others. All these things that I am typing are things I had to learn. I had to search and open myself to answers. So, here I am trying to learn it for myself and then try to teach it to others. I am trying to teach the things I feel that I am good at and learn what others are good at doing. Learn by doing and learn by teaching. Learn it, teach it and make it grow.

So how do you make it grow? Create a system and teach it to as many people as possible. Create a system and learn from it. Create a system and act on it. Create a system and tell everyone about it. Create a system that you believe in based on your thoughts and dreams. Think it, speak it, act on it. Learn it, teach it, make it grow.

I am not telling you what to do or how to do it. I am telling you to try and learn from your efforts and teach what you learn to others. I am saying you can if you will try, learn and try again. I am saying you can if you will challenge your thinking and your speaking and your actions.   Think it, speak it, act on it. Learn it, teach it, make it grow.

Think, Learn, Grow and Know.

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  This is where I ponder my observations and give the only advice that I think is worth it; the kind of advice that I aspire to follow.  So today’s Topic:  Think, Learn, Grow and Know.

Ever watched someone dunk a basketball?  I have seen it many times.  Usually when someone learns to dunk a basketball they started when they were young, playing on courts with baskets at heights lower than in the Professional leagues.  They run, they jump and they shoot.  They practice, they think about dunking, they learn the game, they study the game and they grow over time.  The lucky ones who grow tall enough and the harder working ones who continue to jump and jump and jump until they develop the power, the ones who never give up; those are the ones who one day dunk that basketball.  They think about it, they learn about it and they grow.  I have never dunked a basketball, it was never something I spent a lot of time trying to do; but those who have know first-hand what it feels like to dunk a basketball.

So maybe you do not want to dunk a basketball, maybe you have a different dream.  The first step is to think about it.  But I warn you thinking about it is only the first step.  The next step is to learn about it.  This is a very important step.  Sometimes people think they know something and they never double-check the facts.  Once you think about something it is important to learn more aboout it.  Find out the facts.

I always dreamed about being a musician.  I would dream about it and think about what I would do if I bought a Drum Set, or a Guitar or a Bass Guitar.  I saved my money and I bought a Bass Guitar.  I learned to play on a Small Scale Bass.  I learned and as I got better I played with Bands where we would practice.  We could not play all that well, we had to grow as musicians to get better.  We had to think about what we wanted to play, we had to learn the songs separately and then grow together to be able to play the song as a band.  Some songs worked and some didn’t.  We had to think, learn and grow before we knew what worked.  To really know something you need to think about it, learn about it, and then grow into it.

Lots of kids have dreamed about being Professional Athletes and Professional Entertainers but not everyone knows what it feels like to make it to the big time.  I have never made it to the big time, but I have done pretty well on the smaller scale.  Once you have played on stage with a few different bands, you know more than the people who never got out and tried.  Dreaming about it and thinking about it are not enough.  You have to learn about it and grow into to it to really know something.

I am here to tell you that your dreams are possible.  I am here to tell you to take these four simple steps.  Think, Learn, Grow and Know.  To really know something, these are the steps you have to take.  I have been blogging for three years now.  Three years of learning by doing.  Three years of thinking about what I wanted to type and post.  Three years of losing posts that I thought about but did not get a chance to type in because I was busy doing other things.  I learned that sometimes you just have to take notes and make a list of possible blog titles.  I learned you have to make the time to type in what you are thinking about.  I learned that I had to grow as an Author.  So I am learning and growing each time that I post to my blog.  I think about it, learn about it, and I have grown into blogging; so now I know what it takes to post on a regular basis.  I still have more to learn, I still have more growing to do; but to truly know something, I must put my time in.

Think, Learn, Grow and Know.  So I have spent a great deal of my life either making music or DJ’ing.  I have spent a lot of my life in front of a crowd.  I have also spent a lot of time working out, learning and growing.  We are at our best when we think, we learn and we allow ourselves to grow into what we want to become.  We have to grow to truly know the things we want to learn.  I have learned that to continue to grow there are things I need to teach others.  I have heard the famous quote, if you can’t explain something in simple terms you don’t know it well enough.  I have learned that teaching, coaching and mentoring help your knowledge grow deeper.  Teaching others means you have to relate to people on many different levels.  People learn in different ways.  The best way to teach is to listen to the questions and feedback that your students are giving you.  The best way to coach and mentor is to set a good example, demonstrate and then watch and listen to those you are coaching.  The way to teach is to keep learning.  The best way to teach is to keep growing.

Think, Learn, Grow and Know!  I have watched many people dunk a basketball.  I have thought about it and I have learned about it, but I have never done it.  I do not know what it is like to dunk a basketball.  I have played many different instruments and many styles of music.  I had to think about them, learn about each instrument and style of music; and I had to grow as a musician.  To really know what it took to play them and to know what it feels like to play onstage in front of people; I had to think and learn and grow.

I think this is inside all of us.  I believe that all of us can learn and grow.  This is why I am learning to be a better leader, coach and mentor.  I can learn and grow by helping others learn and grow.  I can know more by helping others know more.  That is what leadership is all about, serving others so they can know for themselves.  Think, Learn, Grow and Know!

Proactive Mentoring: Unleash the Leader in You!

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo:  How would you like to become better at something?  How would you like to leave a lasting impact?  It is really simple.  Proactive Mentoring will not only make the people around you better, but also make you a better leader.  What do I mean by Proactive Mentoring?  I will try to explain. Proactive Mentoring:  Unleash the leader in you!

First let’s define Proactive:  Acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty; anticipatory:

Now let’s define Mentoring:  To serve as a trusted counselor or teacher to (another person)

So it is really easy to put the two together: To serve as a trusted counselor or teacher to another person acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty; anticipatory:  This is Proactive Mentoring.  Now the reason I say this will unleash the leader in you is because when you teach others you will learn for yourself.  Now there is a difference between teaching someone and ordering someone to do something.  A wise teacher learns through the eyes of their students.  So if you are a trusted counselor and you are helping someone reach their goals, hopefully you will not tell them what to do, but you will show them what to do.  Hopefully you have common goals, otherwise why are you their mentor?  If you are acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty, it means you have experience, and you are trying to safely pass that experience to someone else.  You are not putting them in harms way, you are trying to show them how to avoid harms way.

Now, how can I cook up a good example for you to better understand?  Think about maintenance of your car.  Some people wait until things go wrong before they take their car to a mechanic, this is called reactive maintenance.  Something goes wrong and then you fix it.  Other people check things like their tires and their brakes on a regular basis, this is called Preventive Maintenance.  You check and fix things before something goes wrong.  Then there are people who take their car into the shop for every oil change and get their brakes done based on the number of miles they have driven if it needs fixing or not.  This is called Predictive Maintenance.  You use the known history of things that can go wrong and you fix problems before they happen.  This is the most Proactive Style of Maintenance.

Ok, let’s say you like to play the guitar and you want to play on stage.  It would be wise for you to get around people who have been on stage and ask them what they have been through, but pick your mentors carefully.  Now if you are a guitar player and someone came to you and asked you what you have been through, will you give them the best advice possible or will you ignore them and turn them away?  Would you help them get ready to perform on stage, practice with them and maybe even loan them the things they might need in case they break a string or break a cord that plugs into their equipment?  Will you mentor them through the problems you have experienced?  Maybe you are an established musician but you need to warm up act or a song writing partner.  Who better to choose from than people you have worked with in advance.  Maybe you work with your trainees at smaller shows and open microphone nights to get them ready for their big break.  Maybe if they make it big, they will help you out in return.  Who knows, but being a proactive mentor helps your chances.

Now how does this apply to leadership and to business?  Well if you are going to start your own business, do you want to know who you can trust so you can take some time off?  Do you want to know who you could put in charge of a second or third store as your business grows?  Why not teach someone how do deal with things that may go wrong before they go wrong.  You might learn from them in the process.  You may learn there are things you are good at and things the people you are working with are good at that they can teach you.

There is a big difference between being a mentor and being a boss.  Bosses like to give orders.  Mentors try to create a system where everyone can learn.  Servant Leadership is a great start, the Proactive Mentor is even better.  Servant Leaders think about others before they think about themselves.  A Proactive Mentor can leave things in well prepared hands.  It is great to be the magic that makes things happen, but it is even better to teach others the magic also.  Teaching others means you do not have to be all things at all times in all places.  This is how businesses grow.  This is how systems are developed.  This is how people learn.  By mentoring others and continuing to learn for them selves.

Unleash the leader in you.  Teach others how to do the things you do, and also continue to learn for yourself.  Be proactive and be trustworthy.  Be the type of person you would like to follow.  Be a Proactive Mentor and unleash the leader in you.

Plan for success!

Sometimes it is the most simple statements that are the most effective.  Plan for success; For success, plan!  Give me 60 Seconds of your time, give me 60 seconds to work my motivational mojo; and if you are not convinced, return to your life.

For success, plan!  Do you have a dream?  Do you have a vision?  Do you have written goals?  If the answer is no; then you have no plan.  Even if you do you have a dream and a vision and written goals, you may not have a plan.  Do you have written goals and detailed steps on how to reach each goal?  Plan for success!

It is just a few simple steps!  Find something you like to do.  Get a mentor.  Practice until you get good at it.  Break it down into a system.  Teach the system to others.  Learn from teaching others.  Grow the system and success will follow.  It is that simple.  If you don’t believe me, you don’t have to believe me.  But why not give it a try?  What do you have to lose?  Plan for success!

Find something you like to do:  You have a dream and a vision so I would imagine you have something you like to do.  It can be anything, you can be a gardener or an athlete or starting you own business.  What is it you want to do?  Have you thought about what you would do if it was successful?  There are two reasons to get a mentor, but the first step is to make up your mind that whatever you choose to do is something you actually like to do.  For success, plan!

Why do you need a mentor?  You can learn by trial and error, but if there are 100 things that can go wrong on your road to greatness does it not make sense to have some one point out 50 or 90 of those things, so that you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes that most rookies make?  Finding a mentor is easy, figure out what you want to do, get around people who are doing what you want to do, and as you strike up friendships accept the teaching of those who have success in the same areas you are heading.  They can tell you want to practice and want to look out avoid.  A good mentor can save you time and help you learn at a faster pace.  Plan for success!

Practice until you get good.  I have been blogging for a little over a year now, still no book deal, still have not gone viral, I am still working my day job; but the amount of people who follow my blog, and the daily and weekly views continue to trend upwards.  Does that mean I have nothing left to learn, of course not; I have been learning along the way.  Each post is practice, each post I how I get better.  So I would give you the same advice, practice until you get good.  For success, plan!

As you are getting better and better, break down what you are doing into a system.  Work with you mentor, check out a few different books.  Take some ideas, and give them a fresh coat of paint.  Put your own spin on systems that you have learned.  Break down what you are doing into steps and turn them into a system that you can teach others!  Plan for success!

Now, teach your system to other people.  This is where you should and will see growth.  This is what team work is all about.  There are many quotes on the subject.  Many hands make heavy loads light.  Team work makes the dream work.  The true power of breaking down a system and making it your own is to teach it to others.  Make sure it is a win – win system, and then teach it to others.  For success, plan!

As you are teaching the systems to others, you will continue to learn and grow.  Keep your lines of communication open.  Take input from the people you are teaching the system.  Help them become leaders and trainers inside of your system.  Just as you accepted the teachings of a mentor, mentor others and then turn them into mentors also.  If you keep your mind and ears open, you will continue to learn, and if you build up those around you, success will be right around the corner!  Plan for success!

Grow the system and success will follow.  If you have set up a win – win system and are building up others before you build yourself, success will follow.  Share the wealth and people will want to continue to be a part of your system.  If you are selfish, then the whole system can fall apart very quickly.  Take care of the people around you and they will be a major factor in your success.  Be a teaching servant leader to those you are mentoring, and they will serve and teach others as well.  This will help the system expand and grow into a win – win – win.  Plan for success!

Chase your dream, break it down into goals.  Follow your vision and practice until you are good at it.  Accept the teachings of a mentor, and turn what you learn into a system.  Teach the system to others, and learn from them as you mentor them.  Grow the system and turn the people you are mentoring into mentors in their own right.  Grow the system and success will be right around the corner.  Plan for success; For success, plan!

I don’t want to be the smartest person in the room

I don’t want to be the smartest person in the room; I want to be the person who learns the most.

 I want to grow.  I want to learn.  If I am the smartest person in the room, why would I not find another room?  So you learn by doing, by coaching and being coached.  You learn by Formal Education, by mentoring and being mentored.  I have a lot to learn.  I know enough to know I don’t know it all. 

 I don’t want to be the smartest person in the room; I want to know that I know what I know.  I don’t have to know everything.  I just want to know more about how to make a batter life for my family and myself.  I want to know who to get better at my hobbies.  I want to know how to help people around me get better at what they do and have a better life for themselves.  I don’t need to be walled off in academia or buried in a lab.  I want action and interaction, and I want to see the fruits of my labor.

 I don’t want to be the smartest person in the room; the perceived know it all.  I want to be the helping hand that people feel comfortable working with, learning with and growing with; I want to be the go to guy.  I want to help people take care of there problems so they do not have to call me every second there is a mole hill in front of a mountain.

 I want to learn by doing, learning by being coached, and learn by coaching.  I want to learn by studying, learn by being mentored and being a mentor.  I want to be the dry sponge that is soaked in water, not the wet sponge drying out on the table.

 I don’t want to be the one how is see it all and is slowly dying, I wan to be the one who is hungry for more sunlight and is growing and living.  No I don’t want to be the smartest person in the room, I want to learn the most, and keep moving to new rooms.