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54 Weeks from now

54 Weeks from now.

Happy New Year.  Happy Holidays.  Merry Christmas.  All of those things.  As I sit here on New Year’s Day, I am reminded of my state of mind for the last few weeks.  As much as people like to celebrate where they have been and start a new, I find myself thinking 54 weeks ahead.  When Christmas and New Years roll around I as much as I am grateful for all that I have been through in the past year, I am also looking ahead to where I want to be next Christmas and Next New Years.

I am very thankful for all the oppourtunites I have been given and all the people I have met.  I am thnkful that I am able to keep learning and growing and pushing myself to get better at the things I enjoy doing.  I am more enthused and more optimistic than ever.  I wake up everyday knowing that the sky is the limit.  Thank God for good news, so I choose to spread good news.

Where do I want to be next year?  I want to keep moving forward.  I want to have produced 4 motivational workshops that are also fundraisers and volunteer drives for local charities.  I also hope to help others encourge and motivate and reach as many people as possible together.  I think that if we can learn to work together we can move mountains.  But it will be one brick at a time, so I reach out to people one at a time to spread good news and help others through coaching and mentoring.

Every Christmas and New Years I want to be one step closer to my goals, but I also find myself thinking 54 weeks ahead to the next Christmas and the next New Years.  Where do you want to be next year?  What goals have you set for yourself.  Dream big!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

2017 is a blank page. It is a clear slate.  It is a New Year, a New Hope, and another New Beginning for those who are willing to let it. Let it be new.  Treat every day as a New Beginning.

Everyday of 2017 I wish for you to have hope. Everyday.  Don’t wait for New Year’s Eve, start today.

Tell someone you love them and mean it. Call someone up and listen to them.  Encourage someone.  Teach a kid something new.  Do no harm.  Be honest and set a good example.

We can all start new in 2017 and we can start new every day. We do not have to wait for the New Year, start now.

Not Just Another Monday

Hello, today is Monday.  Though you may read this on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

Today is Monday, but it is not just another Monday.  This Monday is today and today I make up my mind to do something special, no matter what the world throws at me.  Now you can do the same thing today, if you are reading this on a Monday, but if you are reading this on a Tuesady or Wednesday, you can still make up your mind to do something speical today!

The only thing you have to do to do something speical today is be the best you that only you can be.  Even if it is Thursday or Friday.  Seems like everyone want to save the best version of themself for Friday or Saturday or Sunday, but why not be the best you can be on a Monday also.

Today is Monday.  Make it a Super Happy Fun Day.  Make every Monday – Super Happy Funday and the rest of the week is easy.  Don’t make this just another Monday.  Do something great today!

Today is not just another Monday.  Make it something special!  Be the best you that you can be today!


Let’s make Monday, Super Happy Fun Day!

Let’s make Monday, Super Happy Fun Day!

Monday, Monday.  Monday gets a bad rap.  I say let’s make Monday, Super Happy Fun Day; and the Nay Sayers say “Yeah Right.”  I know this an uphill battle, but why not try?  So if I am going to try to spread good news, why not start with Monday?

Why not make Monday; Fun Day? Yeah Right, All the Nay Sayers can say nay!  I say hey let’s attack Monday and get the week off to a great start!  Some people see Monday as the first day of the new work week, so I say take the week by storm.  Let’s make Monday Fun Day!  That does not mean we have no worries, it means if someone gives us bad news we will keep on keeping on and keep working until we find good news.  If I hear 100 pieces of information in a day and 99 are bad, then at least I have 1 piece of good news to hold on to.

Fun Day Monday, Yeah Right; why not try?  Why have Fun when it can be Super Fun?  Super Fun Day on Monday, Yeah Right.  Why just be a Hero when you can be a Super Hero?  So if we are going to make Monday Fun Day it might as well be Super Fun Day.  Let the Nay Sayers say “Yeah Right.”  There will always be someone trying to rain on your parade.  So believe me when I say that if I try to stick up for Monday, someone else will stand against me.  Not a lot of fans of Monday out there.  If you worked in a Service Industry and had to work Wednesday through Sunday, Monday would be the start of your weekend:  Kind of a tough sell but it is a start.

If Monday is going to be Fun Day it might as well as be Super Fun Day; “Yeah Right!”  Are you still not a believer?  That is O.K.  I am not saying I have nothing to worry about, I am saying worry does not help you find an answer.  I am saying focus on the good news instead of the bad news.  Do not worry for the sake of worry.  Find an answer and be Happy.  Be Happy you have hope; Be Happy that there may be help out there, but you won’t find it by doom and gloom.  So if we are going to make Monday Fun, it might as well be Super Happy Fun.  Let’s make Monday, Super Happy Fun Day, “Yeah Right.”

Let the Nay Sayers Say Nay.  We can be O.K.  We can be alright.  We can start the week off right.  Monday, Monday Super Happy Fun Day; it does not mean everything is perfect, it just means you are not going to let it get you down.  Think about the Rain.  The Rain gets a bad reputation on a nice summer day; but if you are a farmer and there is a drought, you pray for rain.  So it is all a matter of perspective.  Get a ton done on Monday Super Happy Fun Day.  It won’t be easy.  Monday does not have a lot of fans.

So if you are going to dream, dream big.  Why not tackle the day that most people like the least and change the way everyone thinks..  Get things done on Super Happy Fund Day.  Monday is the new Fun Day.  Yeah Right.  Yeah Right!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


2016, here we are.

So for the New Post for the New Year, I will try to keep it short and sweet.

You have to believe you are made to do something great.

Remember “The Little Engine” that could. “I think I can, I think I can.”

The Little Engine

Well that is the attitude you need. Convince yourself and then your actions convince others. Don’t just stop at “I think I can.” Do the work so you can say, “I know I can.”

You have to believe you are made to do something great.

Leaf Cutter Ant

Do you remember the song “High Hopes?”

Just what makes that little old ant
Think he’ll move that rubber tree plant
Anyone knows an ant, can’t
Move a rubber tree plant

But he’s got high hopes, he’s got high hopes
He’s got high apple pie, in the sky hopes

So any time your gettin’ low
‘Stead of lettin’ go
Just remember that ant
Oops there goes another rubber tree plant


Happy New Year!


You have to believe you are made to do something great.

What are you doing next New Year’s Eve?

Happy New Year! Happy 2015, or 2016 or whenever you will read this post, I say Happy New Year. I sit here on the Eve of another Year, not reflecting but looking forward. Not look forward to next year, but where will I be the year after that? I used to not look forward. I used to just live in the now. Now I ask not what are you doing New Year’s Eve, but I ask “What are you doing next New Year’s Eve?”

Every year that I have asked this to myself, I have never got it right. I have not been one of those people who can plan out my steps and then live those steps. Life happens; life gets in my way and changes things in ways that I could never predict. But still I hope that I am tending toward the things that matter most to me. I hope to keep learning and keep having faith and keep trying to give back and make a difference. I would like to be a part of something that will live on after I am gone. A system that will live and on and help others help each other.

So I ask not what are you doing New Year’s Eve? In this case for me it would be like asking what are you doing tonight? I ask “What are you doing next New Year’s Eve?” What are you building this year that will pay off next year? What are you doing to build something that is sustainable and bigger than yourself and will help others? Those are the questions I ask myself, so those are the questions I will ask you or ask in general.  I don’t think you are reading this post by accident. I think you were meant to read this post.

This Christmas I did my best to give to others and help others. I was able to mop the floor at a homeless shelter and give out little bags of treats my wife put together. I was able to play guitar and sing songs of hope with two of my friends. This Christmas I was able to do little things that mean a lot to me if it means nothing else to anyone else. I know that I tried. That is enough for me. It is enough, but it is no enough. I want to do more. I want to show others that if we work together we can accomplish more than we can do alone, and we can accomplish more than we have ever dreamed. It has been easy to find people who agree, it has been hard to find people who will do the work.

So I will keep trying. I will keep blogging. I will keep inviting others to join me when I volunteer. I will continue to ask others if they want to be a part of something bigger and better than the life we are living now. I hope to build a system that will help make a difference; one person at a time. Giving back and serving the community first. Working as a team and developing leaders based on sweat equity. Doing more with less and thinking of others before ourselves. Not what are you doing New Year’s Eve, but What are you doing next New Year’s Eve!

Some of my favorite Holiday Songs / Videos

1:  Do they know it’s Christmas:

Do they know it’s Christmas:  This Instant Classic from a British All Star Group for Charity is still one of my favorite Holiday Songs.

2:  We Three Kings:

Speaking of Super-groups: This Jazz Super-Group of Miles Davis, David Sanborn, Larry Carlton and Paul Shaffer even had a quick cameo in the “Scrooged Moive”  Who can argue the amount of talent on this track.

3:  Frosty the Snowman:

Usually with the Cocteau Twins there is no hope of understanding what the lead singer is saying.  This Dreamy Alternative Pop is your once chance.

4:  Christmas Time is Here:

Even though this is a cartoon, this is a very lounge-y feeling classic.

5:  The Grinch Song:

Sorry, I have a thing for these cartoon classics.  Maybe this one stretches it a bit, but it isn’t Christmas without the Grinch and Scrooge.

6:  Peace on Earth / Little Drummer Boy

David Bowie and Bing Crosby, it doesn’t get any better does it?

7:  Last Christmas

Wham was about to split up, but not before dropping this Holiday Favorite.

8:  All I want for Christmas:

Say what you want about Mariah Carey, this one is as good as it gets.

9:  Happy Xmas / War is Over

John Lennon, enough said.

10:  Wonderful Christmas Time

Can’t have John without Paul

11:  This Christmas

I quickly find myself running out of room.  I could go on and on, but I think I am going to leave you with this one.

Deal with reality.

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo. Give me please just a minute of your time to try to brighten your day. I know that life is not always the way we want it to be. Life is not fair, so we are left to deal with reality. You can do it. I can do it; in the end we have to do it. In the end we have to deal with reality.

Let’s say there are three versions of the life we lead. There is the life we want, the life we believe we can have and the life lead day in and day out. So what drives us? We all have a dream don’t we? More than hitting the lottery, if you could write you own life story, what would you write? The live you wish you had is what motivates you to chase your dreams. The life you believe you can have is where you think you will more than likely end up. Then there is the reality of your day to day life. The closer you can get those three visions to line up, the happier you will be. That is what I believe.

So, I ask you again. What is your dream life? If you could write it down on paper, what would you write? Now, I ask you this question. Do you think that the life you wish you have is possible? If the answer is yes, you are more than likely doing something every day to get closer to that life. If the answer is no, no you do not believe your dream life is possible; then you are still doing something, you are doing something to get you close to the life you believe you can have. If you truly believe you will hit the lottery you will buy lottery tickets; if you do not believe you will hit the lottery, you won’t buy lottery tickets. It is that simple. In the end you will do the things you believe you can get done, not the things you wish you can get done. Do you see where I am heading? Finding balance between your wishes, your beliefs and your reality are very important.

Why do people give up? Why do people seem to self-destruct?  I believe it is when people feel like they do not deserve anything better or more than what they already have. What they wish for is so far out of sight and what they believe is less than what they can really accomplish. This is a total loss of hope. Again, this is why I believe there is a need for balance in what you are wishing for, what you believe and your reality. Yes it all sounds so simple, and really it is just that simple.

It is easy to want the best in life. Advertisement agencies develop campaigns every day that you deserve the best. It doesn’t matter if it is fast food or luxury cars. You deserve the best. The only question is do you believe it? I am not talking about the angry customer who wants something for nothing. I am talking about the person who is happy with their life and their choices. Are you happy with your choices? Do you believe that you deserve the best? If so, it will be easier for you to deal with your reality.

We all have to deal with reality, but that does not mean we cannot change our reality. If it is possible then it is possible for us to be a part of it. If it is probable, then it is more than likely that we will try, at least once. So there is your possibility which might not happen; your probability, which will more than likely happen and your reality which is happening now. Things change because you apply your energy to change them. Either you change things or things will change you. If you do nothing, than slowly but surely life will pass you by and time will rob you not only of your dreams, but also of the things that you could have had. Time will rob you of your possibilities and your probabilities if you let it.

Now, people can also rob you of your dreams. People can be very negative and take away not only what is possible for you, but also take away what is probable for you. Let’s say you want to be a Singer but you are working at a deli. So maybe you are in line for a promotion at the deli, and maybe there is a tryout for a talent show. Negative people will convince not to try for either. They will tell you that you are dreaming and you need to know your place. Negative people have lost hope of their dream so they do not want to see you reach your dream. So not only will they kill your dream, that talent show tryout; they will kill your promotion at the deli also. You are the one who in the end will have to deal with the reality, either you tried or you let someone else talk you out of trying.

Deal with your reality. Believe in your dreams. Make sure the life you want and the life you believe you can have line up with your reality. Do not let negative people crush your dreams to the point where you no longer want to even try for the life you want. Make sure the life you believe you can have is better than the life you are already living. Bad things happen when you feel like you do not deserve the best in life.

Happy Renew Year!

Yes, I know you are thinking do I mean Happy New Year?  Yes and No, but No; I mean Happy Renew Year.  Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I have a slightly different take on things.  So today and every day of 2014 make it your Renew Year!

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day bring resolutions where we make promises to ourselves to change.  Well with Renew Year you have a chance to renew yourself.  You can make up your own mind what you want to work on and then work on it.  If you slip and fall, get back up and start over.  Renew Year.  It is not a one shot deal, stay at it until you break through and reach your goals!

Happy Renew Year.  Recharge, Refresh, Reboot, Restart, Renew!  What ever it takes, take a minute and think it over.  If you need to take a weekend to recharge, then do it.  If you need to refresh your perspective, then do it.  If you need a day to reboot your thinking, then do it.  If you need to restart to reach your goals, then do it!  Renew yourself this year.

Feel good about your efforts!  Feel good about your goals!  Fell good about yourself as long as you are trying.  And if you fail, get back up and try again.  Feel good about yourself as long as you are willing to try!

Happy Renew Year.  Take a minute and give yourself one thing you always wanted to do and work toward doing it.  Do it this year.  Take steps this year.  Make a choice this year.  Do something different this year.  One day at a time, one step at a time, one thing at a time; do it this year.

Happy Renew Year!

If no one has called you crazy, you are not trying hard enough.

Hello to all of my friends.  How are you today?  I hope this post finds you well.  I hope you are up and out and chasing your dreams, and teaming with people who are heading in the same direction you are headed, and you have found a mentor and have challenged yourself to coach others.  I hope you are doing all these things and more.  I hope you are finding success.  But I have to ask, has anyone said to you, point-blank; “You are crazy?”  If not, then maybe you are getting a little comfortable.  If no one has called you crazy, you are not trying hard enough.

Remember, 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is here to encourage you.  We are here to tell you; “Yes you can!”  We are here in the hopes that you will not let a little resistance keep you from living your dreams.  So, if you are challenging yourself, and if you are dreaming big; someone, somewhere will say that you are crazy.  It is because they are not chasing their dreams.  It is because they are not thinking the same way you are thinking.  You see, life wants you to fit into a neat little package.  Life wants you to be like everyone else.  Life wants you to forget about your dreams and be normal.  Chasing your dreams to normal people seems crazy.  If no one has called you crazy, you are not trying hard enough.

I won’t call you crazy.  I will say, if you can take your dreams and break them down into to goals, and track your progress, and get around people headed in the same direction as you than you are right on point.  I will say that I am happy for you, because I am.  I am happy for you.  If people are not happy that you are chasing your dreams, they may actually be a little jealous of you.  Let them be jealous.  I say give them something to be jealous about.  Reach your dreams and don’t apologize, thank the people who helped you.  Reach your dreams and then help others reach their dreams.  Help others reach their dreams while you are chasing your dreams.  Sounds crazy doesn’t it.  Well; if no one has called you crazy, you are not trying hard enough.

If you have made it this far into this post, it is almost like singing a song.  If no one has called you crazy, you are not trying hard enough.  Do not let someone rob you of your dream because they have given up on theirs.  I wish people would be happy for you.  I hope people could be happy for you.  I know that people should be happy for you; but chances are they won’t.  Don’t let that stop you.

If no one has called you crazy, you are not trying hard enough.  Listen, no two people agree on everything.  Everyone has their opinions.  I can’t think of any one thing that everyone agrees upon.  Why would everyone agree with you about your dream?  If you are trying to get everyone to agree with you and make everyone happy, you will never be able to make yourself happy.  Shouldn’t people be happy for you, as long as you are not hurting them?  If your dream involves hurting people, this is not the kind of blog you should be reading.

So I hope that your dream does not involve stomping on someone else’s dreams.  I hope your dream is completely innocent in nature.  Then from there, I say chase that dream.  I say, go find happiness.  I say, go be happy.  But I also say; if no one has called you crazy, you are not trying hard enough.