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How much do you believe in what you do?

How much do you believe in what you do?

Welcome to Impact – 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo. In truth, I started this blog to motivate myself. I wanted to see if I could find something, anything good to say once or twice a week. This blog started as an online Motivational diary and as a step in my quest to become a Motivational Speaker.

The Beacon of Hope Challenge was a quote of the day challenge I promoted on LinkedIn and also started an Impact Group there. The Point of Light Network grew out of the Beacon of Hope Challenge. A bunch of people who were leaving daily good news posts wanted to get together and host a Motivational Workshop. We were spread out all across North America so we settled on Milwaukee Wisconsin for a weekend planning session. So like any startup we planned for the Big Dream. Now years later I have learned from the reality. Good things take time.


How much do you believe in what you do?

I have not given up the dream. No, I have only become more driven to see it become reality. But I have also learned from the mistake of thinking that everything will fall into place because we just hope for it to fall into place. Every idea, every post, every word spoken requires action. If people will not chase their own ideas, then others will not just do it for them. Not without a lot of money or authority behind it that is to say. So I live and I learn and I dream on.

How much do I believe I can make a difference without throwing a bunch of money at a problem? I want to see it bad enough to keep blogging and posting and searching for people who will work together, not because they are paid to or forced to; but work together because they want to work together. So here I am, on quest to find 100 jobs for 100 people and to spread the word about getting involved at places like Food Banks and Homeless Shelters. I am looking to bring together Bloggers, Speakers, Volunteers, Recruiters and HR Reps to pull off the trifecta. Motivational Workshops, Career Fairs and Volunteer Drives all rolled into one. This will take time, but good things take time. I am in no hurry.

Everything is possible

How much do you believe in what you do?

I was in a hurry once, and I learned from it. It will happen when it is supposed to happen; now I am supposed to keep pushing for it to happen and asking for help.  So I ask for your help. Join us On LinkedIn: & Facebook. Post good news and share your story. Invite people to join you when you volunteer. Give back to your community!


How much do you believe in what you do? Do you do it for the money? Do you do it so that others can learn and grow from what you do? Do believe enough to stay at it as it ebbs and flows, shrinks and grows, appears to be broken and needs fixing? I do. I am still here. I am still blogging and I am still asking people to pay it forward without worrying about where the money will come from. Pay it forward in kind words and kind deeds. Work together and volunteer for charity. I am not asking anyone to put themselves in harm’s way or believe they have to invest in a system to get rich quick. I believe it because I can see it, even if others don’t see it yet.

How much do you believe in what you do?


How to find the job you want! The Three Types of Jobs in your career.

How to find the job you want! The Three Types of Jobs in your career.

Are you looking for a job? Have you found a job and you are not happy? Are you looking for a Career? Most of us will change jobs to make more money, or because the job we had has been transitioned or lost due to the ups and downs of the economy. We will search the want ads and the jobs boards and interview any number of times as a working adult. While you are looking for a job you need to realize there are really only three types of jobs in your career; the job you have, the job you need and your dream job.

dream-job-nowThe Job you have.

Do you have a job? If not, then you need to find any job. Stop looking for your dream job. We live in a “What have you done for me lately” society. The job you need right now may not be the job you want, more on that later; If you do not have a job, take any job you can find that does not put your life in danger or have you doing anything illegal or immoral.

The job you have right now is the foundation of your career. The job you have right now will supply some kind of income to make living possible. It may not be the job you want, but it will at least give you something to put on your resume and also give you some kind of reference. The job you have may not be your dream job, but it is a start. If you are not working, find a job; any job.

BeatlesMost of us when looking for a job are looking for the job we want. We should be looking for the job we need. Let’s say I want to be the Guitar Player for the Beatles Reunion Tour. Well unless Paul and Ringo decide to tour together, I am barking up the wrong tree. Also, if I am not known as the Preeminent Second Coming of George or John, why would they hire me for the job? Sometimes the job we want does not exist. Other times the job we want is a real stretch to say the least. Now let’s say that I am a really good Beatles Songs Session Player, I may have to start or settle for playing in a Beatles Tribute Band. Now if I am not working as a musician, I need to start, get a gig, any gig and get my name out there. If I do not have a job, the job I need is any job. If I have a job, say as a plumber, then the job I need is a steady gig as a musician.

The job you have pays the bills and gives you a chance at the job you need. The job you need gives you the experience to be ready for the job you want. Let’s say I want to own a bank. I may have to take a job as a bank teller, and then try to get a job as a bank manager, so I can be in line to open a bank one day. Say I want to be President of the United States. Unless my name is very well known, I may have to start out running for the local school board or working on another person’s campaign. Once I get the a job any job, then the job I need may be running for a higher position like city council or becoming a campaign manager. First I need a job, any job. If I have a job; then I need to look for a job that will give me the experience to be in line for the job I want.

volunteerSometimes you are next in the line for your dream job. Then the job you have is the job you need. This is the time that life is pretty good. People may offer you jobs that you don’t want while you are waiting for a shot at the job you do want. Keep your focus. The job you need gives you experience for the job you want.

Sometimes the job you have will not get you in line for the job you want or even the job you need. This is a great time to volunteer nights or weekends in a place where you can get the experience you need and build a network of references. If you try to volunteer at a place and they don’t want your help, move on to the next place. Someone out there is looking for what you can bring to the table, it may not be the first place you call or walk into.

Do you have a job? If yes then the job you need is the one that will get you more experience. If you do not have a job, then the job you need is any job that does not break the law or comprise your morals and principals. Are you in line for the job you want? If yes, then do a great job at the job you have. Help others be good at their job. Be the go to person that makes things better for everyone. If you are not in line for the job you want, expand your search. Do you need to go back to school, or attend some workshops? Can you volunteer somewhere to get the skills you need to be considered for the job you want?

WorkshopDo you have the job you want? How will you know? You will know because you like what you are doing and you can get ahead of your bills. You will know because you are helping others be successful and you can control your destiny. You will know because other job offers do not appeal to you. This is also true when you are working at the job you need. You will feel needed and appreciated and you will feel like you are growing and learning. You will feel ready and able to take the next job, your dream job when called upon; and the people around you will feel like you are the right choice for your dream job when it comes open. When you are really on top of your game, someone may create a position just for you, or you may start your own business doing what you always dreamed of doing.

If Paul and Ringo called me up and needed a guitar player, I would ask them for a list of songs and jam all night to be ready to go first thing tomorrow. It would be a little late to not know how to play the guitar or not even have one to play. So the real question is how do I get on that short list?

Looking for a jobSo let’s recap. If you do not have a job; take any job that you kind find and build up your references. Volunteer while you are searching, network and someone may help you find that first job. If you have a job but you need more experience; volunteer somewhere or attend classes or workshops to gain the experience you need for the job you want. Find the job you need that will put you in line for the job you want. Don’t’ take it for granted. Be thankful for each day you are given and make the most of it.

How to rank your day:

Never Give Up 3How to rank your day:

1: Did you wake up this morning?

                Give yourself 1 Point if you are still alive!

2: Did you wake up in a room that had a ceiling and four walls?

                Give yourself 1 Point if you had basic shelter

3: Are you able to eat today?

                Give yourself 1 Point and start planning for tomorrow.

4: Were you able to wash yourself / bath today.

                Give yourself 1 point if you were able, no discounting if you choose not to partake.

5: Do you have something to do today?

                Give yourself 1 point if you have anything on your to do list.

6: Do you have someone you can talk to if you need advice?

                Give yourself 1 point; you are not alone, even if it means calling a 1-800 number for help.

7: Is your life currently in immediate danger?

                If not:  Give yourself 1 point; you have today and a good chance at tomorrow.

8: Can you think for yourself?

                Give yourself 1 point; you have options

9: Can you communicate with others?

                Give yourself 1 point; you have even more options

10: Are you thankful for what you have?

                Give yourself 1 point; and never compare yourself to others!

OK, time for our scoring!

Never Give Up 1

8 to 10 Points: Given this perspective, things are not so bad.

You have options!  Now it is up to you to make the most of them.

5 to 7 points: You are still in the game.

Take it one day and one step at a time!

3 to 4 points: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We all need help from time to time.

Be thankful for any help you receive and keep at it, tomorrow is a new day.

1 to 2 points: Hang in there.

Find a place where you can get a fresh start, you have today!  Every day we are given is a gift.

Never Give Up 2Every day is a Gift! Make the most of your today and be thankful for everything you receive. Wake up thankful tomorrow for another day and another chance. No matter what you are going through, someone else out there has been through it. You can get through it also!

Never Give Up 4

How to find your dream job:

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo. I am on a mission. I am on a mission to find my dream job. So, I offer up to you my formula for how to find your dream job. Now you may say, this guy is crazy, how can he tell me how to do something he is trying to do? Well, I am opening up my plan to you. How I am going about finding my dream job. I will detail some things I have done correctly and some things I could have done better. How to find your dream job:

Step One: Figure out it is that you really want to do with your life. The sooner you figure this out, the sooner you will find your dream job. I can pretty much say this, because out of all the people I have talked to who are “Living the dream” as they called it figured this out at the beginning of their careers.

Step Two: Take any legal job you can find. Now, the only way to know your dream job when it comes along is to have a frame of reference. If you have figured out what you want to do with your life, take any job you can get that is in the field you want to go into. If you have not figure out what you want to do, take any legal job you can find. You may have to figure out what you don’t want to do to help you figure out what you really want to do. Now notice I said “Legal Job,” I will never encourage you to do something illegal or that is a scam.

Step Three: Figure out if you really want to be the boss. If you do, you should start your own side business. Not everyone is cut out to be the boss so it is better to not risk your main source of income until you know for sure that you want to run the show. If you can’t start something on the side and grow it, you more than likely do not have what it takes anyway. This is not a bad thing; you might take over someone else’s business one day.

Step Four: Contact as many recruiters as possible and listen to each and every one of them. Do this until you find a short list of recruiters who seem to know how to match what you are saying with what you mean. You will find out that they will help update your resume and guide your career, because they make money from helping you find a new job.

Step Five: Find a Better Job. This means you will have to update your resume and prepare for job interviews. The best way to find a new job is to already have a job. We live in a “What have you done for me lately society. “ When you are looking for a new job, you will want to put your best foot forward. The key to excelling at your current job and to find a better job is to always put your best foot forward.

Step Six: Figure out when a job you are being offered is no better than the job you already have. This is a very important step. You might take a job and find out that you made big mistake. Again, this will help you figure out what you really want to be doing.

Step Seven: Network, network, network with friends and recruiters and people who work at companies where you think you want to work. Get to know them and listen to their stories. Not just the good or the bad, but the good and the bad. This will help you find the leads before others find out about them.

Step Eight: Always, always, always keep your resume current: Update you resume every six months and post it to as many job search boards as possible. This has to be your standard practice.

Step Nine: Remember LinkedIn is not Facebook. LinkedIn is where you keep track of all your Professional Contacts and put you best foot forward. LinkedIn is where you network with other Professionals not where you talk about what you did last weekend or what you are going to do next weekend. Do you want to be the first person on people’s minds when that new job is being talked about?

Step Ten: Repeat Steps One and Four!

Step Eleven: Review this list every 90 days! Looking for a job needs to be something you are always the doing. The closer you get to your dream job, the more offers you will find yourself turning down. Focus on the things that are working in your job search and do not be distracted by people who are full of sour grapes.

How to identify different types of leadership:

Managers, Supervisors, Directors and Executives are all consider Leadership by the companies and corporations where they work.  Leadership styles can vary based on the personality, history and belief system of the leader in question.  Helping you identify the style of leadership you are following can help you understand if you will be able to adapt and excel in your current situation.

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I don’t know everything, but I am convinced of what I know.  I have been in Leadership Situations and I have messed up more than once.  I tried to learn from my mistakes and my number one mistake is not being a better leader in situations from my past.  So again, I have studied different leadership topics and served under my share of management.  So let me break down the types of managers and supervisors you may encounter and maybe how you can deal with them.

I am going to do my best to explain (5) Five types of Leaders you may encounter.

1:  The “Dog Eat Dog” Leader

2:  The “Because I Said So” Leader.

3:  The “You should Know it” Leader

4:  The “Let’s Work Together” Leader

5:  The “Let’s Be the Best” Leader

Have you ever had to work for someone who did everything they could to make themselves look good or to make others look bad?  Have you ever worked with or for someone who had no problem bending and breaking the rules to win?  These are “Dog Eat Dog” Leaders.  They believe that if you are not cheating, someone is cheating you.  These are the worst Leaders and maybe the most common types of Leaders.  They are your typical movie villains, the lowest of the low.  So why do these types of Mangers seem to survive and thrive?  Money, the simple answer is greed.  You will move up and make more and more money while you are hiding your true nature.  You will cheat to win, and if you win you get rewarded; until you get caught cheating.  If you get caught cheating you will blame everyone but yourself until you lose everything.  So if you find yourself working for someone who cheats to win, do your best to stay on the straight and narrow and keep records of everything you do.  Keep proof that you are open and honest and do not be one of the ones who are cheating to win.  “Dog Eat Dog” Leaders don’t last, they move on.  Don’t be trapped in the house of cards they create for themselves.  If they are always blaming others when you meet them, sooner or later they will blame you to save themselves.

Have you ever worked for a Manager who only knew one way to do things, their way?  Regardless of what the rules say if you ask them the why and how of the instructions they give it, it comes down to “Because I Said So!”  Do this, “because I said so!”  Do it this way, “because I said so!”  This is all wrong, “because I said so!”  So how do you deal with this type of Leadership?  Always double-check the facts.  Maybe suggest another way but don’t push it.  If you do you may hear, “You fired because I said so.”  So always keep a good record of what you are doing and what you are learning.    Because I said so Leadership is not open to new ideas.  Sooner or later times will change, so be the one who can change with the times.

Have you ever asked a Manger or a Supervisor a question and their answer is “You should know that?”  They do not seem to teach you how to do things the right way, they seem to wait for you to do something wrong and then say “You should know that!”  These are Self-Starters who became very good at the things they do, but we never so good at teaching others.  They expect others to be able to dive in and learn for themselves.  “You should know that” Mangers and Leaders do not always create a learning environment.  Sometimes they are more worried about who gets that High Score than if the Team wins or loses.  Stay focused and learn as much as you can as fast as you can.  If you are a Self-Starter you will like this environment.  Be careful though, because the minute you miss something you will hear those magic words “You should have known that!”

Remember you favorite teacher in school, they one who helped you learn things for yourself?  Well not every Manager or Supervisor will be like your favorite teacher, but they are out there.  Some Leaders, the better leaders learn that it is better to work and learn as a team than to work as a collection of individuals.  Ever worked in a place where there were no Superstars, but everyone seemed to be happy?  Ever worked for a boss that was not afraid to show you how to do something and then let you go to work for yourself.  Ever worked for a boss who did not play favorites and tried to pair up everyone and let them learn together?  These are the “Let’s Work Together Leaders!”  They seem to make the best coaches and teachers.

Every now and then if you are lucky, you will get to work for someone who seems to be able to read a crowd and get everyone excited about things to come.  Every now and then you get to work for someone who seems to be able to make time speed up or slow down at their will.  If you are lucky, you will be able to work with a Leader who seems to be on a mission to bring out the best in everyone for the greater good.  These are the kind of leaders who make you believe you can find a cure for cancer or end world hunger.  These are the types of people who every politician claims to be very few people really become.  The “Let’s Be the Best” Leaders bring out the best in everyone.  They create a learning environment and they give everyone a chance to excel.  They don’t play favorites, but they are constantly coaching and mentoring.  They also seem to be surrounded by a strong network of coaches and mentors.  They rarely take credit or place blame, but seem to be constantly trying to find the best answer and new ways of doing things.  When you are lucky enough to be around this type of leader, learn as much as you possibly can learn.  This is the type of Leader you want to be one day!

Let’s recap how to identify different types of leadership:  If you are working with a “Dog Eat Dog Leader” watch your back and cover your tracks!  If you are working with a “Because I said so Leader” do the best you can but never push it.  If you are working with a “You Should Know That” Leader, keep a copy of the company standards and practices close at hand and learn as much as you can as fast as you can!  When working with a “Let’s Work Together” Leader, get involved and share as much as you can for the good of the team.  When working with a “Let’s Be the Best” Leader learn as much as you can because this is as good as it gets!

How do you know you are on the right path?

What does it take?  How do you know you are on the right path?

I guess it takes faith.

I guess it takes patience.

I guess it takes understanding.

I guess it takes love.

I guess it takes truth.

So I am seeking truth.  I am seeking not only knowledge but wisdom.  I am learning how to love on a less conditional level.  I am not well enough equipped to love unconditionally, but I can be happy for people as long as their pleasure is not the cause of my pain.  I try not to be the cause of others pain.

I am trying to be a better listener and I am trying to understand where others are coming from.  I am trying to look at things from more angles and more perspectives.  Some things I still do not understand though.  If you say you love someone, would you and should you not do everything you can for them?  It takes patience so it seems.

I am not the best with patience.  I am trying though.  I am trying to believe in something bigger than myself.  I am trying to believe in something bigger than you and me.  I believe in the power of us.  I believe that everyone working together can get a lot more done than everyone working separately.  So let us work together.  I think that is what God wants us to do anyway.

So the right path is the best path for everyone.  The right path is that path that makes things better for everyone.  The right path harms none.  The right path is grounded in patience, understanding, love and truth.  So it takes truth, it takes love, it takes understanding and it takes patience and faith.

I guess that is what it takes.

How to find your dream job?

Are you working your dream job?  If so you can stop reading.  If not, what do you have to lose by reading this post?  I hope to explain to you quickly and clearly, how to find your dream job.

How to find your dream job?  Never stop looking.  Have I found my dream job yet?  The easy answer is “No,” but the only slightly harder answer is “I am getting closer everyday.”  Why, because I am always looking.  Sometimes you find out the job you have is not so bad, but you have to keep looking.

There are four types of Job Searches.  Not Looking, Passively Looking, Actively Looking and Aggressively Looking. If you are Aggressively Looking you are constantly looking at Job Boards, E-mailing, Calling and Taking Every last interview you can find.  You will take the next job offered to you.  You will not find your dream job this way; you are looking for your next job, not your dream job.  If you are Actively Looking you set aside designated times once a day, week or month and you are looking for leads and following up on the leads that show promise.  You may actually turn down an interview because you can tell the job is not a good fit, but you will more than likely go on more interviews than you turn down.  If you are Not Looking, then you are Not Really Trying.  You may say you are looking for a job, but if you have not posted your updated resume to a jobs board, have not e-mailed or called your short list of recruiters, or have not been on an interview in the past month or so; than you may tell your friends you are looking, but your are not really looking.  The best way to find your dream job is to always be Passively Looking for a job.

What do I mean by Passively Looking for a Job?  It means that you update and upload you resume to job boards on a regular basis of every 90 days or 6 months.  You add in you latest accomplishments and network with people on and off-line on a consistent basis.  You get a steady stream of leads, but you know what you are looking for; and may turn down 90% of the leads you get, because they are not a better fit than the position you currently hold.  You more than likely are happy at your current job but you are looking for your dream job.

So let’s do a quick recap of types of job searches:  Aggressively Looking, Actively Looking, Passively Looking and Not Looking.  People who are Aggressively Looking; more than likely do not like the job they hold or are out of work all together.  Aggressive Job seekers will take the first job offered to them, but they may come off as overly anxious or desperate.  That means they may settle for far less than they are worth.  People who are Actively Looking for a job may already have a job, but they know the need a change.  They may be working at a business that is going under, or have a contract that is running out.  They may be graduating school soon and then need to get out and get working at a new position.  Now Active Job Seekers want to feel like the job they find will put them on solid ground, they may agree to work a job they do not like for more money; but they will have to trade something like long hours or travel.  There is nothing wrong with being an active job seeker, but you have to ask are you just taking the job for the sake of taking the job?

Now people who say they are looking, but are not actively updating and posting their resumes and are not talking to recruiters, well they may believe they will find the job they are looking for through word of mouth.  This approach only works if you are around people who are doing what you want to be doing, and will put in a good word for you when they hear of a job.  The problem with this method is, most people will want the job for themselves, and you will get the left over leads.  That is if there are any left over leads.

So read this paragraph very closely.  The best way to find your dream job is to always be Passively Looking for your Dream Job.  Update your Resume every Three to Six Months with your latest Career Accomplishments.  Maintain a good Social Network with Recruiters and HR personnel.  This can be a mixture of Online and Offline networking, but stay in the mix.  You want to be fresh on the minds of the people who are looking to fill the job that you are seeking.  Make sure your resume and your online profile clearly state what your dream job is, and how you are grooming yourself to fit that job.  Also, find a couple people who are doing what you want to be doing and work with them in your spare time, or put in a little extra time.  A meeting once a month or so over lunch to talk about the things you would like to be doing can work wonders to getting you qualified and ready to move into that position.  You have to make up your mind that you will be ready to take your dream job, when it comes available.  If you are operating fully in Passive Job Search Mode, you will find yourself turning down leads if they are not a better fit for you than your current job.  You will also take more positive energy into the interviews you do pursue.  Be very careful and state very clearly, you are happy with your current job, but you may be a better fit somewhere else; or that you are ready to take on more responsibility.  You have to believe that your dream job is out there, and you will be ready for it when it comes available.

How to find you dream job.  Never stop looking.  Update your resume every three to six months.  Post it on jobs boards.  Maintain a good network of recruiters and HR personnel, and have regular meetings with your mentors even if it is once a month over lunch.  Never allow yourself to become desperate for a job.  You will find what you are looking for, but you have to be looking.

The Backup Singer.


What do Luther Vandross, Jon Secada and Ke$ha all have in common?  Even though they sing different styles of music from different eras to different audiences; they all started as backup singers before they stepped out on their own.  Today here at 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, I will look at this a little closer.  I will dig a little deeper.  And hopefully in the end I will motivate you to allow yourself to be in the background before you step out on your own.

Learning the ropes; a lot of different careers can be nerve-racking, exciting and very competitive all at the same time.  This would be true of being a singer.  Everyone sings; few do it well.  Even the most mediocre singers can dream of being stars, but few will ever get there regardless of how much talent they possess.  Few can argue the impact of Luther Vandross, Jon Secada or even Ke$ha, but many can argue who had more talent.  For this post talent is not the point, the point is that each of these singers sang backup for other artists before they were given a chance to go solo in the big time.  David Bowie, Flo-Rida, Gloria Estafan or Britney Spears are names that most people have heard of because they each have a string of hits to choose from.  Ke$ha, Jon Secada and Luther Vandross each sang backup for one or more of these artists.


David Bowie is one of the most recognizable singers in Rock and Roll history.  Not many people know that Luther Vandross sang back up for David Bowie during the Blue Eyed Soul Phase of his career.  I would venture to guess that most Luther Vandross fans are not big David Bowie Fans or vice versa.  Again, this is not the point.  The point is Luther Vandross was able to take on a role of a backup singer for a Rock and Roll Artist while he was trying to make a name for himself as a R-N-B, Soul and Jazz Singer.  Singing backup for a major artist like David Bowie meant Luther Vandross could begin to make a name for himself among Producers, Managers, Agents and Promoters in a very competitive field of that is the music business.


Fans of Jon Secada are more than likely fans of Gloria Estefan.  They both sang Latin Infused Pop called the Miami Sound in the 1980s.  Jon Secada agreed to sing back up for Gloria Estafan, and she in turned agreed to help mentor him and launch is solo career.  Though Jon Secada may have only had a hit or two, he was still able to learn the ropes from his mentor. He was also able to get a lot farther, faster than if he would have tried to go out on his own. He was able to build her career outside of being a backup singer, just as Luther Vandross and Jon Secada were able to make a name for himself.  In the music business, like many businesses; you can benefit from who you know.  Jon Secada is another example of someone who was able to build their name while being a back ground performer for someone else.


Ke$ha is a current trending pop star.  Before she had any hits of her own, she sang backup and duets with Britney Spears and Flo Rida.  Now she has a string of hits of her own.  She was able to go from being almost unknown to being featured performer on Television for New Years Eve Broadcasts.  Why, because she was able to not just perform in the background but to make a name for herself while working with other artists.

Now before I go any farther let me stress, Luther Vandross, Jon Secada and Ke$ha made names form themselves, but when they stepped out on their own; their were not coping their mentors.  They were showcasing their talents and their styles.  It is ok to learn the ropes working in the background, but when your time; you have to use your talents, not just copy the work of others.  These artists were waiting for their chance to step out and shine.

What do Phil Collins, Martin Gore, and Bernard Sumner all have in common?  Each of them was able to step up when key members of the groups they were in left.


Phil Collins took over the lead vocal duties for Genesis when Peter Gabriel left the group.


Martin Gore took over the song writing duties for Depeche Mode when Vince Clark left the group.


Bernard Sumner stepped up to when the lead singer of Joy Division committed suicide; the group moved forward forming New Order.

In each case the groups became even more popular after the people working in the background came forward and kept things moving.  Yes, these may be more extreme case, but sometimes working in the background gives you the chance to learn the ropes and hone your skills so you can be able to take over if you are called on.

Working in the background may give you the experience you need to be the leader you want to become.  Learn while you are working in the back ground.  Ask questions.  Accept coaching and mentoring.  Put yourself in the place to make a name for yourself.  Don’t take people or the chances you are given for granted while working in the background.  Your time could be right around the corner.

Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly!

How to go from Toddler to Titan!

We have all been there, but we all haven’t got there.  We all have an Inner Titan inside of us.  I think we were all destined for greatness, but some of us have lost sight of it.  Here at 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, it is my job to get you back on track.  Don’t be afraid, you can do it.  Forget about the people who have told you to give up on your dreams.  Follow with me on this one.

From Toddler to Titan: Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly!

Remember when you first learned how to walk?  I don’t, I was pretty young at the time.  But I have watched little babies.  I have seen them when they are just a day old, and they are just getting used to moving and stretching and eating and sleeping.  After a while they learn to roll over and use those arms and legs to crawl around.  It gets them where they want to go.  It doesn’t take them long to figure it out.  Give a newborn six months and they will be crawling everywhere.  Well we forget when we learn something new we have to learn how to crawl first.  We don’t take the first six months to learn; we just want to run, before we learn to walk or even crawl.  When learning something new, take a few months and get steady with it before you think you are ready to conquer the world.  It is OK to have a coach or mentor guide you in the beginning; just make sure it is someone you can trust.

Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly!  How to go from Toddler to Titan!

Learning to walk.  OK, I told you I was pretty young when I learned how to walk, but I do remember learning to ride a bike for the first time.  I had training wheels.  And I got the whole bike thing down pretty quick; then my parents took the training wheels off.  I fell a bunch of times, and had a few bumps and bruises, but I wanted to learn how to ride that bike.  Well the same thing happens to those toddlers that I watched when they learn to walk.  They hold on to someone’s hand, and then they learn to stand and take a few steps.  They fall and they get back up.  What happens to us when we get older?  We lose the ability to get back up when we fall down.  Does our ego keep us from admitting we are learning something new, and we just need to get back up?  When you are learning something new, give your self a chance to learn how to crawl, and then learn how to walk.  You may fall down a couple of times, but get back up and get back at it.  Learn to walk, before you run!

How to go from Toddler to Titan!  Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly!

It does not take a newborn baby long before they are running back and forward.  Most babies are running before their second birthday.  Now most of us, when we learn something new, some of us want to run before we learn how to walk even crawl.  Some of us give up because we fall down a few times.  And some of us, some of us take the time to learn how to run.  Running is a great thing, if we take the time to learn how do it properly.  For the longest time, running was the fastest way for humans to travel; then we learned how to ride horses and ride bikes and use all kinds of marvelous machines to transport us around.  Still, running is still one of the easiest and cheapest forms of exercise, and every now and then; it is the only best option to get us where we need to go.  Learn to run properly.  Build up your endurance, don’t try to do too much too soon and then give up because you haven’t conquered the world in your first six months.

Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly!  From Toddler to Titan:

OK, you have been at it for a couple of years now.  Well you did not get your driver’s license until you were sixteen years old.  Just because you can’t drive the car, doesn’t mean you can’t ride in it, and learn as much about it as possible though.  If you want to be a race car driver, you should learn from race car drivers.  Same thing goes with flying an Airplane or a Rocket ship.  Learn from the people who know what they are doing.  It may be hard to fly a plane or travel to the moon if you are afraid of heights.  The day will come when you will have to face your fears.  You want to be a Titan?  You want to conquer the world?  Do you think the world is going to make it easy for you?  When toddlers want something they are determined.  They struggle and the cry out, and they learn to point and talk and communicate what they want; but bottom line they are determined to get what they want.  This is why parents have to watch their children closely.  When we get older, we give up on what we want.  What happened?  OK, you can whine and cry, but you will only get the crumbs that way.  To be a Titan, you have to face your fears and still be determined to breakthrough.  You have to be determined to learn how to fly.

How to go from Toddler to Titan!  Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly!

Winners Teach Winners How To Win.

They say “Birds of a Feather Flock Together.”  They say “Practice makes perfect.”  They even say “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”  Well I am here to say “Winners teach winners how to win!”  That may sound like double talk.  That may sound obvious; if you stick around I will break it down for you.  Winners teach winners how to win!

Ok, let me start by saying “Everyone is a Winner.”  Or should I say everyone has the potential to be a winner.  In sports it is easy to see who wins and who loses, you just look at the finale score.  And the coach and players on the losing team, well they say; we did our best we are still winners.  That is true; except for some teams have a knack for winning more than other teams.  Some teams consistently deliver championships and are considered dynasties.  Some coaches seem to win everywhere they coach and are considered guru’s.  So we are all winners, but some people have a skill at helping winners win more often.  Winners Teach Winners How To Win.

If “Birds of a feather flock together,” than people who want to win more often will begin to migrate to teams that seem to win more often.  Let’s say you want to play Professional American Football, you notice the certain college teams seem to win more often and put more players in the professional ranks.  You also notice that certain coaches seem to win more championships and crank out more professional football players.  So I believe you would be pretty excited if you got to play for a coach at a college that had a proven track record of winning.  Colleges like Notre Dame, University of Michigan, University of Texas, Southern California and Alabama have traditions that last for One Hundred Years or more.  They seem to be able to take their pick of the best players from High Schools all a crossed the United States, and even find athletes all over the world.  They look for Winners who increase there chances of winning and then teach them how to win.

If “Practice makes perfect,” and you wanted to become the next great soccer star (Football outside of the U.S.)  Would you not love the chance to practice with an Elite Soccer Academy or Football Club at an early age?  You would get a chance to practice the best techniques as taught by the best coaches and also see the best athletes in action.  These soccer clubs would also want to see you become the next great player for their team because they want to win.  Winning leaves clues.  Winners Teach Winners how to Win.

OK, forget about sports.  Let’s say I want to learn how to play the guitar. Do you think I would take my guitar to a school for plumbers?  Do you think I would take my guitar to a school for tax accountants?  Or do you think I would take my guitar around the best guitar players I could find and do the things they do?  When in Rome do as the Romans.  Now I am not talking about all the things that a great guitar player may do to ruin their career.  I am talking about all the things the great guitar players do that made them great in the first place.  I would watch how the setup and tune their equipment.  I would watch what exercises they use to warm up.  How they play the chords they play and which scales they practice, and what techniques they practice.  When in Rome, do as the Swiss do?  That does not make sense does it?  Then if you want to learn how to win, you have to surround yourself with winners and learn from them.

Good coaches will spot that you are ready to work hard and the will teach you how to win. Good coaches place the best players on the best teams to give the teams the best chance to win.  Good coaches also know that other teams adjust, sometimes players get hurt and sometimes players have a bad game; so they have back up plans and back up players ready to go when called upon.  Good coaches teach every player to be ready, willing and able to step up when called upon.  Good coaches know the importance of teaching winners how to win.  Most coaches are measured by a winning track record.  Winners teach winners how to win.

Great players know the importance of being on a great team.  Or should I say most great players know the importance of being on a great team.  Some players think they are so great they don’t need to practice or do not need to help their teammates learn how to win.  Most of these players do not win championships or at least not on a consistent basis.  Great player’s who know the value of being on a great team, and teach the players around them to be the best that they can be… Birds of a feather practice perfectly while together in Rome!  (That could be the title of a book!)  Great Teams are made up of Great Coaches and Great Players who work together and learn from each other how to win, and teach those around them how to win so they can continue to win on a consistent basis.  Winners Teach Winners How To Win!