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Will you allow yourself to be coached?

Do you have something that you love to do and what to get better at it? Will you admit to yourself that you have something missing that you need to learn?  Will you take active steps to find a mentor?

Many years ago, I set out to become a better DJ. I was a freelance DJ doing parties and a few wedding here and there.  I was not able to grow my freelance business through word of mouth.  I did not chase gigs.  I figured if I were good, word would get out.  I was stuck in a never-ending cycle of low paying and low quality gigs.  Keeping up all the equipment was not cheap and decent paying gigs were few and far between.  I swallowed my pride after reading a few books on leadership and looked for a booking agent.

I called a bunch of DJ services and one got back to me in 24 hours; this was the place I wanted to join. The other guys, if you can’t be bothered to call me back in a timely manner, even if it is just to leave a message, well you won’t be my first choice.  After two interviews and an audition gig, I was told to upgrade my equipment.  After spending thousands of dollars on new equipment and doing a second audition gig I was handed a full calendar of bookings after my second week with the company.  Did I have to swallow my pride?  Yes!  Did I have to take notes after each gig?  Yes and that was the reason I was giving a full slate of bookings.  The owner told me pointblank; you did everything I asked you to do.

I had to learn to take coaching input and get better because of it.

Now many years later I have been getting out and doing some public speaking. Trying to motivate others and help people find jobs by volunteering and paying it forward to others.  Would I like to be a full time public speaker one day?  Well I would like the option.  Now because I have helped others find jobs, I have been very fortunate to keep my career moving forward.  Now I am in a position where I am expected to give presentations as part of my job function.  In prepping for presentations, I have been coached and mentored by others in the company.  I have had to swallow my pride yet again, and it has made me better because of it.

Sometimes being coached and mentored is not an easy process. The goal is to get better, so you may have to admit where you are weak.

Now read these lines very carefully. Do not compromise your morals, principals or ethics to be coached.  Sometimes people are put into comprising situations because of money, power or fame.  Do not be one of them.  In each case where I was being coached it was a win / win situation for both parties.  I got a better job, extra money or a better career path and not by selling myself or getting taken advantage of in the process.  Never get caught up in the hype or promise by shady characters.

Coaching and mentoring should be an open and honest process not something that is conducted in the shadows or behind closed doors. Allow yourself to be coached, allow yourself to be mentored; but do not become a target and be baited into a bad situation.

So listen to the inner voice. Allow yourself to become better at what you do.

When less is more:

When less is more:

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I have been blogging since 2011.  It is now the start of 2017 and I have came off my best two years of views.  The years seem to build on one another.  In the beginning my goal was to blog everyday as much as possible.  The last two years, I have to fight to find the time to post on a regular basis.  But the views continue to grow.  I am building on my past and I am thankful for everyone who has taken time out to check in with 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.

I do not have editors or writing coaches.  I blog my thoughts and how I am feeling and try to encourage others to tell their stories also.  What have I learned along the way?  Sometimes we try to do too much.  Sometimes we try to overdo it.  Sometimes we get in such a hurry to put down a foundation and start building on it we do not let it set.  Sometimes we forget that slow and steady wins the race.

This blog has grown into part of a Motivational Network.  I have joined together with liked minded people across the internet on LinkedIn and Facebook and we are using social media to spread good news and to encourage others.  We have worked very hard to grow and we have lost some people along the way.  The first impression is to try to do more.  More posting, more calls more encouragement, then today I look back and see that you have to sometimes slow down and let things take root.  It takes time for people to come around and you have to make space so others can grow.

Sometimes we want to do too much.  Sometimes we have to do a little less and help coach and mentor others so there is room for them to do more.  Sometimes less is more.

Thank you for readying this post.  Share your story!

The reason I keep blogging.

The reason I keep blogging.

Most of the things I post in my blog are not new information.  Maybe it is just my perspective that is different.  I am more than likely not telling you something you have never heard or seen before, maybe it is just something you need to hear or see again with a new take on it.  The things I am telling you are to do what right for the sake of doing what is right.  I am telling you to believe in yourself and to believe that you can make a difference.  I am telling you to learn by doing.

The reason I keep blogging is because I believe these things to be true not only for you but for me.  I believe that I have to keep looking for a new take on the same things I have heard before.  I believe that I have to do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing.  I believe that I am supposed to believe in myself and believe that I can make a difference.

If I tell you to have faith, I must have faith.  If want to motivate others, I have to stay motivated.  If I believe that good work is it own reward, I have to do good work.  If I believe in seed time in harvest then I must sow seed.  I continue to blog because I have to motivate myself as much as I try to motivate anyone else.  The reason I keep blogging is because I believe in what I am blogging.

So what am I saying?  What comes around goes around?  As you sow so shall you reap?  Believe in something more than yourself?  Do the right thing?  Build a team, work together?  These are the things I blog.  I believe them to be true.  And by saying them over and over again, I am learning how to become a better team builder and a better leader.  It is not enough to shout to the heavens or stand in the forest and yell at the trees; the point is to make a difference and help others make a difference.  The point is to create and maintain a blog that will actually create change in the world that I live in, in my community and in the communities that this blog reaches.

We sit here and say that we are all connected and we all are Six Degrees of Separation from each other.  So what are we doing to make the world a better place?  If I ask it of others, I have to first ask it of myself.  Blogging, mentoring, coaching and training are all things I try to do in my personal and professional lives.  At home or on the job, I have to try to keep learning by studying and by doing and by coaching others.  So I blog to keep myself motivated and to believe I can motivate others.  This motivation will hopeful bring change into my life and to the lives of those who read this blog.

All I can tell you is to stay at it.  All I can tell myself is to stay at it.  So my promise to you is that I will stay at it.  One day, one week, one post at a time; I will stay at it.

Would have, Could have and Should have:

Would have, Could have and Should have:

How many times have you heard these before? How many times have you said these before? I would have, I could have, I should have; are they just excuses for what we wanted to do or needed to do but were maybe too afraid or too distracted or just too busy? These words are a trap, they maybe make us feel better for a little while, but nothing changes; we did not do the thing we wanted to do or even worse, we did not do the thing we needed to do.

Stop saying I would have, stop saying I could have and stop saying I should have; start saying I will, and then actually make time to try. It is better to say I tried and failed than to not try. It is even better to say I tried and failed and here is what I learned than to once again not try. It is better to say I tried, I failed, here is what I learned and I will try again than to not try.

Stop saying “Would have” “Could have” and “Should have” they are a trap to make you feel better about doing nothing new or different. If you do not try you will not learn. Start saying I will study, learn, try and learn more by doing. Find the time.

You could have, you should have; these words are piercing when they come from others. No one likes being told what they could have or should have done. How about Try this, or Try that? Why not offer positive advice and take away the negative overtures. You cannot do things for others, they have to learn for themselves. But you can be part of their learning experience through mentoring and coaching. Giving people suggestions is tough; you have to find the way they need to hear it to receive it. Could have and should have are too after the fact. Let’s try this and let’s try that are a more easily received and are before the fact. Time hunts us all, but as long as we are alive we have time. We have time to try something new. Study Learn, Try Learn More and Mentor to learn even more.

We could have, we should have stings a little less, but they are not as strong as we can and we will. We can and we will mean that we are in this together. Are you ready to Mentor, Coach and Team with someone for more than just your success? Are you ready to Try and Fail as a Team or are you only a Team when you Win? I am still looking for the magic formula. I have tried and failed at many things, I have tried and succeed at others. I am trying to learn from my failures and teach others my successes; again, I am still looking how to be a good mentor and a good coach and make sure I am lending a helping hand as often as I can.

Would have, Could have and Should have are weak compared to This is how you do it! Telling people to do something is not often received well, showing people how to do something is always better. Showing people, hands on mentoring and coaching is a win – win situation for everyone involved. The person being coached learns something new and the person coaching learns from another perspective. It may take a little more time than the “do it myself” approach, it may take a little more time in the beginning, but when two people can work together; they can get a lot more done than if they are working separately. Teamwork does not happen by accident, it happens because someone took the time to build the team in the first place. You see teamwork gets a bad reputation when people do not see the efforts of the mentors and coaching in a way they can understand.

Here is how you do it, let’s do this together, try this and I will you help you the best I can; these words are so much stronger than would have, could have and should have. We can and we will, I can and I will mean your will try again. It is ok to try and fail, but it is not ok to not try and it is even worse to not learn. Study, learn, try and learn more and then succeed; “Would have” “Could have” and “Should have” do not lead to success. Here let me help you, Let’s try this, We can and We will are the way to find the success you are looking for! I can and I will, you can and you will, we can and we will; Let’s try this together!

So much to teach, so much to learn:

So I have been on a mission.  I am on a mission to learn to become a better leader.  I am also on a mission to become a better teacher.  I am on a mission to become a better servant.  Yes, I want to become a good coach, mentor, and instructor.  I basically want to learn.  I want to learn to become better at everything I do.  I have learned that teaching is learning.  I have also learned that you can learn Mastery which involves Teaching, Coaching and Mentoring.  So I am trying to do those things so I can master the things I want to be very good at doing.

People can learn by doing, and you can learn more be listening to experts and you can learn even more by coaching and sharing.  So I have done all I can to help others.  I have spent a lot of time on stage performing.  I have learned a lot about mixing sound, but I never took the time to be a sound man for someone else.  So for the past month, I have asked myself, can I set aside my ego and make sure everyone else can be heard?  Can I make sure the best possible sound is coming out of the sound system?  Can I help make everyone else and learn in the process?

So what I have learned.  People are more receptive to your teaching if you are receptive to learning from them.  So I began by having people teach me what they know first.  I have also learned that I have a lot to learn.  So you have to open yourself up to learning.  This may sound crazy, but you must admit that you have things you need to learn.  So simple and yet so hard; this may seem really basic, but it is still true.  I have also learned that coaching, mentoring and teaching is basically sharing.  Sharing is most effective when it is a two-way street.

Most people do not pay attention when things sound good, but they look around when things so bad.  By learning what others were doing behind the soundboard while running the sound system made it easier for me to compare notes and show the next person.  So once I learned what others were doing, I learned that some of the things I thought I knew we just not true.  It is better to know for sure than to think you know.  So always confirm what it is you think you know.  I have also learned that sometimes it is better to get out-of-the-way and let others do what they need to do than to hover over them and make things harder to get done.  This is a great big metaphor for making space for people.  This is also a lesson I was able to teach while running sound.  If everyone is fighting for the same space not everyone is getting heard.  Learning how to make space for everyone makes everything better.

Sometimes the best way to be a leader is to be a better servant.  I believe in learning by doing, by listening to experts; and then by coaching, mentoring and teaching others.  In my quest to learn to become a better leader, I have learned that I have more to learn.  For all the things we have made better, there are still lots of things we need to figure out.  I guess that is the final lesson of mastery; there is always more to learn and there is always more to teach.

Think, Learn, Grow and Know.

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  This is where I ponder my observations and give the only advice that I think is worth it; the kind of advice that I aspire to follow.  So today’s Topic:  Think, Learn, Grow and Know.

Ever watched someone dunk a basketball?  I have seen it many times.  Usually when someone learns to dunk a basketball they started when they were young, playing on courts with baskets at heights lower than in the Professional leagues.  They run, they jump and they shoot.  They practice, they think about dunking, they learn the game, they study the game and they grow over time.  The lucky ones who grow tall enough and the harder working ones who continue to jump and jump and jump until they develop the power, the ones who never give up; those are the ones who one day dunk that basketball.  They think about it, they learn about it and they grow.  I have never dunked a basketball, it was never something I spent a lot of time trying to do; but those who have know first-hand what it feels like to dunk a basketball.

So maybe you do not want to dunk a basketball, maybe you have a different dream.  The first step is to think about it.  But I warn you thinking about it is only the first step.  The next step is to learn about it.  This is a very important step.  Sometimes people think they know something and they never double-check the facts.  Once you think about something it is important to learn more aboout it.  Find out the facts.

I always dreamed about being a musician.  I would dream about it and think about what I would do if I bought a Drum Set, or a Guitar or a Bass Guitar.  I saved my money and I bought a Bass Guitar.  I learned to play on a Small Scale Bass.  I learned and as I got better I played with Bands where we would practice.  We could not play all that well, we had to grow as musicians to get better.  We had to think about what we wanted to play, we had to learn the songs separately and then grow together to be able to play the song as a band.  Some songs worked and some didn’t.  We had to think, learn and grow before we knew what worked.  To really know something you need to think about it, learn about it, and then grow into it.

Lots of kids have dreamed about being Professional Athletes and Professional Entertainers but not everyone knows what it feels like to make it to the big time.  I have never made it to the big time, but I have done pretty well on the smaller scale.  Once you have played on stage with a few different bands, you know more than the people who never got out and tried.  Dreaming about it and thinking about it are not enough.  You have to learn about it and grow into to it to really know something.

I am here to tell you that your dreams are possible.  I am here to tell you to take these four simple steps.  Think, Learn, Grow and Know.  To really know something, these are the steps you have to take.  I have been blogging for three years now.  Three years of learning by doing.  Three years of thinking about what I wanted to type and post.  Three years of losing posts that I thought about but did not get a chance to type in because I was busy doing other things.  I learned that sometimes you just have to take notes and make a list of possible blog titles.  I learned you have to make the time to type in what you are thinking about.  I learned that I had to grow as an Author.  So I am learning and growing each time that I post to my blog.  I think about it, learn about it, and I have grown into blogging; so now I know what it takes to post on a regular basis.  I still have more to learn, I still have more growing to do; but to truly know something, I must put my time in.

Think, Learn, Grow and Know.  So I have spent a great deal of my life either making music or DJ’ing.  I have spent a lot of my life in front of a crowd.  I have also spent a lot of time working out, learning and growing.  We are at our best when we think, we learn and we allow ourselves to grow into what we want to become.  We have to grow to truly know the things we want to learn.  I have learned that to continue to grow there are things I need to teach others.  I have heard the famous quote, if you can’t explain something in simple terms you don’t know it well enough.  I have learned that teaching, coaching and mentoring help your knowledge grow deeper.  Teaching others means you have to relate to people on many different levels.  People learn in different ways.  The best way to teach is to listen to the questions and feedback that your students are giving you.  The best way to coach and mentor is to set a good example, demonstrate and then watch and listen to those you are coaching.  The way to teach is to keep learning.  The best way to teach is to keep growing.

Think, Learn, Grow and Know!  I have watched many people dunk a basketball.  I have thought about it and I have learned about it, but I have never done it.  I do not know what it is like to dunk a basketball.  I have played many different instruments and many styles of music.  I had to think about them, learn about each instrument and style of music; and I had to grow as a musician.  To really know what it took to play them and to know what it feels like to play onstage in front of people; I had to think and learn and grow.

I think this is inside all of us.  I believe that all of us can learn and grow.  This is why I am learning to be a better leader, coach and mentor.  I can learn and grow by helping others learn and grow.  I can know more by helping others know more.  That is what leadership is all about, serving others so they can know for themselves.  Think, Learn, Grow and Know!

From Loner to Leader:

From Loner to Leader:

Can you really make the jump from a Loner to a Leader? Yes, you can; but not in one quick step. I have been a loner in the middle of a crowd my whole life. I have study, reflected on and challenged myself to become a better leader. I think anyone can make the transition; you may have to ask yourself a few questions and overcome a few hurdles; but let me say it again. You can go from Loner to Leader.

So I totally understand why people become and consider themselves “Loners.” Maybe you feel misunderstood? Maybe you feel like to do things right you need to do them yourself. Maybe you feel frustrated by everyone talking and no one acting so you are tired of waiting around and you go it alone. Either path can lead to becoming a loner. So “Why” you may ask; “Why then become a Leader?” The answer is simple. Teams get more done and birds of a feather flock together. Sooner or later if you are doing anything worthwhile, you will get noticed. If you want to increase your chance of success, increase your leadership skills.

Let me say this again; this does not happen in one quick step. Here are the steps I have discovered along the way. The first Step is to believe that you are doing something worthwhile. What you think matters. What you are doing matters. If you are not thinking or doing anything then even that matters. If you are not thinking; start. If you are not doing; start. Think and act upon the things that you believe are worthwhile. You may feel all alone in the beginning; this is OK, we all don’t think alike. Just get started and believe in what you are doing regardless if anyone helps you at this stage. I beg of you, do something positive. Don’t let life pass you by and all you are left with is sour grapes.

Step Two is to learn more about what you are doing. Search out information from experts. Scour the internet, go to the library, read a book, watch a “How to Program;” do what it takes to increase your knowledge of what you are doing! This is a very important step. You need to know when someone is snowing you, you need to know when someone is scamming you or promising you things they cannot deliver. This may have been one of the reasons you became a loner in the first place. Don’t be the person who talks without knowing; know what you are doing and what you are talking about.

Step Three is to get around people who are doing the things you are aspiring to do also. Learn from them and talk to them face to face. This is why Step One and Two are so important. You have to know that you are bringing your unique skill and style to the table and that you deserve a place at the table. You will become known for what you know and what you do. Do you better than anyone else can.

Step Four is to practice, practice and practice some more; both in a group and by yourself. Practice with the intention of continually getting better at what you do. Again, you must believe that what you are doing is worthwhile, and that you are good at what you do. You do not have to be perfect, you just have to be good and have your own style and your own ideas.

Step Five is to accept the fact that you need a mentor. This must be someone you can trust, and the best way to trust them is to know what you are doing and where you are going and to get around enough people so you know who is serious and who is just faking it. Find a mentor who is the real deal. Find someone you look up to and is not trying to feed you a line. This will help you grow even faster.

Step Six is to in turn mentor others. This is where you will really see why being a leader matters. You will get more done and you will learn more. Being a loner means it is harder to find new information and you have to learn by trial and error. Trial and error is an ok place to start in a safe environment, but you really want to excel, a strong team environment is the best place to learn and grow. Being a Leader inside of the group means you can help shape the vision and direction of the group and you can also help protect the group from people who are there to take advantage of others or to waste time.

Be the Real Deal. Know that what you are doing is worthwhile. Sometimes it seems like being a loner is the faster and easier way. It may seem like it at the start, but in the end; team work wins out. A strong team can carry a heavy load, can cover more ground and in the end will thrive. You can go from Loner to Leader; just follow the steps!

You can go from Loner to Leader!

Step One is to believe that you are doing something worthwhile.

Step Two is to learn more about what you are doing.

Step Three is to get around people who are doing the things you are aspiring to do also.

Step Four is to practice, practice and practice some more; both in a group and by yourself.

Step Five is to accept the fact that you need a mentor.

Step Six is to in turn mentor others.

From Loner to Leader:

Work together, Win together:

Work together, Win together:

It is just that simple.  I can tell you all the lines about teamwork, teamwork, teamwork; but what good will it do if you don’t believe them?  I can believe in teamwork and you can believe in teamwork; but if we don’t work together again, what good will it do?  I believe that getting people to work together is the key to success; but what good is it if we don’t actually work together?

Now I am not just saying this to say it.  I am saying it because I believe it.  I want you to think back on your life, and ask yourself; how much closer would you be to your goals if people helped you?  If people worked with you would you be better off?  Now ask yourself how many people you know who hate their jobs but work there for the money?  Do you think the people are working together or working against each other?  From top to bottom when people work together they are usually happier than when people work against each other.

Do I have scientific evidence?  Do I need to quote a bunch of surveys and studies?  I should not need too.  I am asking you to look back at your own experience.  When did you win and not have fun?  When did people work together and not get a lot done.  I think a lot of the things we suffer through in this life are people working against each other.  Am I wrong?  I ask myself, why do people spread lies about one another?  Why do people steal from each other?  Why do people kill each other?  This is the stuff that drags our society and communities down.  This downward spiral of wanting revenge against the people who have done you wrong results in more people working against each other.  It is so obvious and clear in the movies and on television.  So why do we fall into it in our day-to-day lives?

Listen, I have a very basic expectation for people who say they are my friends.  If you say you are going to do something, do it.  If you say you can help me than help me.  If I say I will help you, I will help you.  I believe it is this simple, work together win together.  I don’t run around saying teamwork, teamwork, teamwork.  I say things like Volunteer, Mentor, Coach and Train.  I say do the work and the team will build itself.

Many times I have seen the people who cry “Teamwork” the most are the ones who want to look good, or my say one thing and do another.  Work together and look out for each other and good things happen.  Look out for yourself and work against each other and bad things happen.  So I ask again, do you like the people you work around?  Do people work together or do they work against each other?

When people work together, what happens?  Usually morale is high and people help each other out.  They work a little harder and a little longer and they figure out how to work a little better.  People who work together seem to learn how to win more than then they lose.  People who work together seem to get it done.  Notice I am saying work as a team instead of teamwork.

So I believe it and the only thing left is to prove it.  Work as a team and you will win as a team.  Work against each other and you will fail.  Listen, be honest with yourself and you will see it clearly.  When people work together, they win together.



The First Class Upgrade:

All of us have dreamed about it.  Who hasn’t wondered about Limousines and Private Jets as their mode of transportation?  What would it be like to live like the Rich, the Famous and the Powerful for just one day even?  Today I was lucky enough to get the First Class Upgrade.

I know what it is like to not have a car, and to walk to work or ride a bicycle in the rain.  I know what it is like to work two jobs and drive a late-model car that is reliable but has no flash.  I know what is like to be broken down on the side of the road to and from job number one or job number two.  I know what it is like to ride the bus, and I know what it is like to fly back and forth on business trips.  No matter what way I travel I still see a world that needs hope.  No matter if by bus, plane or car I know there are people who are trying to better themselves and people who are down on their luck.  I know there are people who appreciate all that they have and people who don’t appreciate anything.  I know this exists on all levels; those who walk, those who bike, those who ride busses, those who drive and those who fly, even here in First Class.  I know that no matter where you are the world needs hope, and people should appreciate what they have and continue to strive to make things better.

Don’t just try to make things better for yourself by taking advantage of others.  No, I am talking about trying to make things better for everyone around you.  Spread Good News and the best advice possible.  Go the extra mile, volunteer, coach and mentor.  Be the best you can be no matter where you are at this moment in time.  Yes, the First Class Upgrade is nice, but my day-to-day life will not change because of it.  I will still go back to the same car, same family, same job and basically the same life.  That does not mean I will give up trying to better myself and help anyone who asks for my help. 

Yes, it would be nice to be able to afford First Class all the time, it would be even better to be able to take my loved ones on trips with the First Class Upgrade.  So the upgrade, though earned by many miles of flying coach does not make me feel entitled, but does leave me inspired.  Can I help make the world a better place, so that I can pamper the ones I love with First Class Upgrades?  The key to it is treating people in a First Class way no matter where you are at the time.  Pay things forward.  Leave a penny instead of taking a penny.  Give your spare change to that charity.  Volunteer once a month or more.  Coach, mentor and train others in areas that you are strong.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help in areas you are weak.  Always try to find ways to make things better than you found them.  Be the First Class Upgrade in someone else’s life.

Give yourself a chance to be great.

I want to be good at the things I do.  I want to be great at the things I love to do.  I have learned the most important lesson in life is to keep learning and do what you love.  I have to give myself a chance to be great at doing the things I love.  You have to do the same thing.  Welcome back to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  Today’s topic; Give yourself a chance to be great.

Think about something that comes naturally to you.  Think about something you were great at for as long as you can remember.  Now ask yourself a very basic question.  Could you make a living doing what comes naturally to you and be able to quit your day job?  For most of us the answer is No.  We need to work to pay the bills.  For some of us the answer is Yes.  If you are one of the people who can truly answer this question Yes, I would beg of you to get started, and come back and tell us your results.  For those of you who have answered the question No, stick around a while and see if I can motivate you to at least give yourself a chance to be great.

Most of us have a hobby we like to do or are good at doing.  I am taking a gamble on my hobbies.  I am betting on my self and the people who have chosen to travel in the same direction I have chosen.  I am betting that if I continue to pay things forward one day I will be rewarded.  I have read a few books here and there on success and leadership and a constant theme is following your bliss or your passion.  There is also a belief that leaders need a dream and a vision and need to break down that vision into steps, goals and deadlines.  I have bought into that belief.  I believe that if you can find common ground and a common vision among the people who are working with you, that your team can be successful.  The one sticking point a lot of people come up against is wanting too much too soon without giving themselves a chance to grow into the vision.

This post is not about goal setting, this post is about growing into greatness.  I am a firm believer in seed-time and harvest.  I think that if you plant a crop, and water and nurture that crop that weather permitting you will reap a harvest.  I can not control the weather, but I can control if I am planting seeds and watering and nurturing those seeds.  I believe that by tending to the crops of the seeds I have planted that I am learning how to become better at the things I have chosen to do.  I believe I am growing into the dreams and visions I have for myself and those who have chosen to team with me.  I believe I am giving myself a chance to be great.  I believe that you should do the same.  I believe that you should give yourself a chance to be great.

If everything comes easy, everyone will be great and great will become the new average.  Greatness comes in a combination of talent, practice, disciple, coaching, mentoring and reflection.  I think greatness comes to those who can resist celebrating good times in lieu of creating truly great times.  I think greatness takes time.  Just as you must plant seed, you must water and nurture the seed; and if you have sown into good ground and experience good weather you can expect a good harvest.  You have to put your time in to experience a good harvest.  The first step in becoming great is to realize you must continue to learn and grow into your vision and dream.  The seconds step is to realize you will need help along the way.  I can not control the weather, neither can you, but you can control the choices your make and the way that you build and serve the team that is working with you.  As a team you have to give yourself a chance to be great.

A great harvest will need a big field and a big field will require a lot of hands to work the field before, during and after the harvest.  The land must be prepared before you plant the seed.  The seeds must be watered and protected and the harvest must be collected.  The land then should be prepared for the winter months to get the most out of the next planting cycle.

Great big dreams also need many hands to accomplish.  Great dreams require great teams, and teams have to give them selves a chance to be great.  Great teams focus on common goals, they find out what their strengths and weaknesses are, they play to their strengths and improve on their weaknesses.  Great leaders know their strengths and weaknesses and improve them to better serve their team.  Great leaders learn that to better serve others is to better serve yourself and the dream you are chasing.  Leaders learn to grow into setting the best possible example and being a selfless servant leader.  Great leaders understand the areas they need to be mentored to improve and they mentor others in the areas they are strong.  Great leaders give their team a chance to be great.  The leader is not defined by their strengths, but the strength of the team.  The best way to strengthen a team is for the leader to put the success of the team ahead of their personal success.

Call me a crazy and call me a dreamer, but I believe may teams and leaders fail because they do not give themselves a chance to grow into greatness.  Some fall into temptation and greed and take shortcuts or become selfish.  In my mind greatness is attained by improving a sustainable system one season, one harvest at a time.  The leader can not control the weather, there may be lean years because of drought or flood, but over time good ground will yield a good harvest.  Knowing how to prepare for feast or famine is the mark of a wise leader.  Knowing to save the best of the harvest for planting the next season, and knowing never to bet it all on one season is something that great leaders learn.

The tides will rise and the tides will fall, but the best leaders know how to navigate in all kinds of weather.  This takes time to learn, it is easier to learn if you can draw on the experience of the leaders who have come before you.  It is easier to learn if you will see the vision through the eyes of the members of your team.  It is easier to learn if you give others a chance to be great.  If you want to give yourself a chance to be great, if you want to give your team a chance to be great, give others a chance to be great.

Not every shot take hits its mark; most of the time it is the team that is the most consistent across the board that wins.  Good coaches and good leaders give their team a chance to win.  Share your dream, your vision and your goals.  Listen to the wisdom of those who came before you.  Learn to help others improve on their weakness and in turn learn how to improve in areas where you are weak.  Give yourself and your team a chance to be great.