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Not Just Another Monday

Hello, today is Monday.  Though you may read this on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

Today is Monday, but it is not just another Monday.  This Monday is today and today I make up my mind to do something special, no matter what the world throws at me.  Now you can do the same thing today, if you are reading this on a Monday, but if you are reading this on a Tuesady or Wednesday, you can still make up your mind to do something speical today!

The only thing you have to do to do something speical today is be the best you that only you can be.  Even if it is Thursday or Friday.  Seems like everyone want to save the best version of themself for Friday or Saturday or Sunday, but why not be the best you can be on a Monday also.

Today is Monday.  Make it a Super Happy Fun Day.  Make every Monday – Super Happy Funday and the rest of the week is easy.  Don’t make this just another Monday.  Do something great today!

Today is not just another Monday.  Make it something special!  Be the best you that you can be today!



Let’s make Monday, Super Happy Fun Day!

Let’s make Monday, Super Happy Fun Day!

Monday, Monday.  Monday gets a bad rap.  I say let’s make Monday, Super Happy Fun Day; and the Nay Sayers say “Yeah Right.”  I know this an uphill battle, but why not try?  So if I am going to try to spread good news, why not start with Monday?

Why not make Monday; Fun Day? Yeah Right, All the Nay Sayers can say nay!  I say hey let’s attack Monday and get the week off to a great start!  Some people see Monday as the first day of the new work week, so I say take the week by storm.  Let’s make Monday Fun Day!  That does not mean we have no worries, it means if someone gives us bad news we will keep on keeping on and keep working until we find good news.  If I hear 100 pieces of information in a day and 99 are bad, then at least I have 1 piece of good news to hold on to.

Fun Day Monday, Yeah Right; why not try?  Why have Fun when it can be Super Fun?  Super Fun Day on Monday, Yeah Right.  Why just be a Hero when you can be a Super Hero?  So if we are going to make Monday Fun Day it might as well be Super Fun Day.  Let the Nay Sayers say “Yeah Right.”  There will always be someone trying to rain on your parade.  So believe me when I say that if I try to stick up for Monday, someone else will stand against me.  Not a lot of fans of Monday out there.  If you worked in a Service Industry and had to work Wednesday through Sunday, Monday would be the start of your weekend:  Kind of a tough sell but it is a start.

If Monday is going to be Fun Day it might as well as be Super Fun Day; “Yeah Right!”  Are you still not a believer?  That is O.K.  I am not saying I have nothing to worry about, I am saying worry does not help you find an answer.  I am saying focus on the good news instead of the bad news.  Do not worry for the sake of worry.  Find an answer and be Happy.  Be Happy you have hope; Be Happy that there may be help out there, but you won’t find it by doom and gloom.  So if we are going to make Monday Fun, it might as well be Super Happy Fun.  Let’s make Monday, Super Happy Fun Day, “Yeah Right.”

Let the Nay Sayers Say Nay.  We can be O.K.  We can be alright.  We can start the week off right.  Monday, Monday Super Happy Fun Day; it does not mean everything is perfect, it just means you are not going to let it get you down.  Think about the Rain.  The Rain gets a bad reputation on a nice summer day; but if you are a farmer and there is a drought, you pray for rain.  So it is all a matter of perspective.  Get a ton done on Monday Super Happy Fun Day.  It won’t be easy.  Monday does not have a lot of fans.

So if you are going to dream, dream big.  Why not tackle the day that most people like the least and change the way everyone thinks..  Get things done on Super Happy Fund Day.  Monday is the new Fun Day.  Yeah Right.  Yeah Right!