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My Recovery Workout Plan

My Recovery Workout Plan

16 Ounce Curls. No this is not what some people think. These are actual One Pound Soft Weights that are strapped around you wrist. 16 ounce curls and 16 ounce shadow boxing while I walk. It is all part of my Recovery Workout Plan.

As you may or not know if you have been following 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, I have blogged about different Fitness Routines I have dreamed up and followed over time. Life continues to throw its curve balls at me and I continue to respond with new and improved ways to rise to the challenge. So I have basically Three Levels of Power Walking with or without Ankle Weights. When I use the Five Pound Ankle Weights, I walk very deliberately at a Slow Pace. When I use the Two and a Half Pound Weights I walk at a Medium Pace. I walk briskly when I do not wear ankle weights, but I will wear compression braces to protect my knees. I also use Five Pound, Three Pound or One Pound Soft Weights to work my arms while I walk. The Five Pound Weights may not seem like much, but when you do sets of 20 or 30 reps over and over without setting down the weights your arms and shoulders never get a rest. 100’s of reps of a Five Pound Weight begin to Add Up. Same goes for the Three Pound Weights. Using the One Pound Weight is more for keeping the muscles warmed up than building or toning, but these recovery workouts are also important.

Stock Fitness Clipart 01When I wear the One Pound Weights around my wrists, I also use wrist bands to keep the weights secure. I walk at a brisk pace, and I shadow box and do 16 ounce curls. People have told me I look like a boxer. No, I have never boxed so I guess I might as well workout like a retired boxer just trying to stay in shape. Honestly the One Pounds weights do not challenge me physically anywhere near like the Three and Five Pounds Weights do, but they challenge me mentally. It is a game you play in your own mind to keep going, to keep getting stronger and faster, to recover from your last workout with the heavier weights.

So I challenge my own mind. Shadow box 50 or 100 reps, curl 100 reps, walk briskly but stay in control. Does not seem like much when you start down the block and around the corner, my calves hurt a little from the day before but not a problem. Simple enough, but I have three miles to go. Shadow Box, then curls again and again, keep moving briskly; keep walking at a steady pace. First Mile Down, starting to feel it a little more in my calves, but I am warming up to this chilly weather.

Keep moving and keep an eye out for stray dogs while I am listening to my workout mix. Also keep an eye on the traffic and other people who are out walking and biking. Two Miles down, my arms do not hurt from the 16 ounces curls, but I seem to lose count when I throw my shadow punches, I have to count them out 10, 20, 30, 40 and then 50. I have to play games in my own mind; I have to keep myself honest. Keep the pace, stay just above the pace that breaks a sweat, keep my arms moving, that extra pound on each wrist makes a difference after hundreds and hundreds of repetitions.

Stock Fitness Clipart 03Turn the last corner and head for home. My legs are a little tired. My iFit reminds me I have put in 10,000 steps for the day. My throat is dry; I can’t wait for that Gatorade when I get home. Three miles down and just have to stay on the pace. No giving up. Keep those arms moving 50 to 100 curls then 50 Shadow Box Punches; the curls are easy but I really have to count out those punches to get to 50. I am not a boxer, I don’t even play one on television or in the movies; but I may as well fight the good fight in my mind to stay at some kind of fitness level that works for me.

Every time I do my Shadow Box Power walks, I have to keep nudging up the pace. My legs are getting stronger, my knees are getting stronger and the weather is getting colder; nothing combats the cold like a brisk pace and a “Just Do It” attitude. One day I will have my “Joseph Luellen Fitness 4 Life Work-Out Video Series” ready to go, but for now it is just me against the sunset and the chilly fall wind. As I make it back home it is time for the cool down Gatorade, get cleaned up and have some dinner.

Stock Fitness Clipart 02Here I am working out with One Pound Soft Wrist Weights, 16 ounces curls and shadow boxing while I power walk to some high energy tunes, does life get any better? Yes, it does. One day I will live the life I have been dreaming of; until them I will keep fighting and be ready to take my mountain. 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, out!

My Workout Plan by the Numbers

My Workout Plan by the Numbers

My workouts have changed over time. When I was in College, it was all about lifting heavy weights and building as much muscle as I could. As we get older things like time, energy and recovering from injury become more and more of a factor. Sooner or later those nagging little pains add up, hey “No pain no gain?” Right!

OK, so my workout has to answer this question. How much can I get done while power walking to rebuild my knees? How much workout can I pack into those laps around my apartment building or my roughly 3 mile power walks or can I even sneak a workout into my daily work routine. The answer is yes, now let me dive into the numbers and compare the way I used to work out (The Gym Membership Workout) to the way I work out now (The Recovery Plan)


When I work out in a fully stocked gym, I usually do the standards, Bench Press, Lat-Pull Down, Military Press, Squats and Leg Curls, Bicep Curls and Tricep Pushdowns. Let’s look close at the Bench Press – This is one of the classic, go heavy or go home moves the younger me would chase. I would try to lift 225 Pounds – Ten Times. This would give you a total Lift of 2250 Pounds right? 225 Times 10. Now the funny thing about the bench Press, I could do 135 Pounds close to Thirty Times. This would be total lift of 4050 pounds, this is close to double the total weight. Now don’t kid yourself, lifting 135 pounds 30 times does not feel the same as 225 pounds 10 times. The heavier you go the stronger you will get and the more muscle you will build, and the more you increase your chance of getting hurt.

Now fast forward a few years, now a days I would much rather lift 135 Pounds 30 times, but I can’t do that while I am power walking. No, when I walk I carry 5 pound, 3 pound or 1 pound soft weights. I do not Bench Press, I Shadow Box in a similar motion. Now I may do 500 to 1000 reps of 5 pounds; or 2000 or 3000 reps of 3 pounds. This gives me total workouts of 2500, 5000, 6000 and 9000 pounds. I am not trying to tell you these workouts feel the same as working out in a gym with hundreds of pounds of weights. Not even close. But if you continue to push and push you can burn your muscle out and be very sore the next day. It is not the same pain, it is a different kind of pain; different pain, different gain.

Shadow Box

When I used to work out in the fully blown gyms, people called higher repetition sets, getting cut. This is kind of true and kind of false. Muscle definition is a combination of working out and watching your diet.  You can get muscle definition and muscle size by doing lots and lots of low weight high repetition sets. Still have to watch the diet though.

Now, I have posted that I use 5 Pound and 2.5 Pound Ankle Weights. I shoot for 5000 Steps while wearing the ankle weights. This would mean 25000 pounds of extra pounds lifting while power walking. That does not mean I can go in the gym and leg press 500 pounds, no I would probably lift 100 pounds as many times as I could. Again, Lighter Weights and Higher Reps is a safer workout. I used to have a workout called the century sets, 100 repetition sets of light weights, 10, 15, 20 pound dumbbells or 50 pound barbells. Chasing the heaviest weights possible is a young man’s game. Avoiding injury and recovering from nagging aches and pains is a not so young man’s game. Fitness for life!

Power Walk

So when you combine 5000 steps and 1000 lifts into a single power walk workout I may do a total lifting workout in the neighborhood of 30,000 to 50,000 pounds. Hundreds if not thousands of reps with light soft weights; maybe it is not impressive by the bodybuilder workout magazine standards, but I know how much it hurts the next day. Total Body Pain equals Total Fitness Gain. Life is a marathon in my case, and I want to be renewed like the eagles every day. That is the promise I am chasing. To be well kept into my golden years.

There is no shame in my game. I run through sets of 20 curls, overhead lifts and shadow box punches with 5 or 3 pounds weights while walking 5000 or more steps with 5 pound or 2.5 pound ankle weights; the less weight, the more reps. I go until I can’t go anymore. Do I lose count of how many times I lift? Yes, I just work through the progressions. Do I lose count of how many steps I take? No, that is what my iFit is for!

Thank you for seeing my intentions:

Thank you for seeing past my typos. I do not have a proof reader or an editor. I just blog my thoughts, save them as drafts and sometimes I come back and re-read them before publishing them. My intention is to create a steady stream of positive observations and provide the kind of advice that I can live by. I hope to be able to motivate people to chase their dreams. I told myself that if I only motivated one person it would be enough; even if that one person was only me.

So here I am three years later, still making typos. Still catching some of them when I spell check, catching some when I proof read my drafts and hit “Publish:” and catching some after they have been published and I look back on them even years later. But it is not the typos or the amount of views and reposts and forwards, it is then intention: Get up and chase your dreams and learn by doing and get around people you can trust who are heading in the same direction that you want to go. That is what keeps me typing, that is what keeps me posting, that is what keeps me learning about myself by examining my thoughts and observations.

So I am not rich or famous but I have been viewed in over 100 countries around the world. I have a bunch of posts that have crossed the magic 100 view-point, I have found that some post have be viewed over a 1000 times and some of my favorite post have one been viewed once, (that was probably me looking at my own post) But if just one person finds some inspiration then it is all worth it.

Thanks again for seeing what I mean to say even if I am not so effective and elegant at saying it. Maybe my vocabulary is not as large as some other bloggers. Maybe my Social Media Reach is not as vast, but I am still here plugging away. No money comes in from this site, no charge to view it either. You know what they say about free advice anyway. So my only reward is to try to give the advice that I try to live. That is the only real reward anyway; to be true to your-self, so I have to be true to myself.

So thank you again. I cannot say thank you enough. I have probably learned more than I have taught, but I try to speak from the heart. If I have wronged you or offended you I am sorry.  If I can help make the world a better place, then this was all worth it. So get out there and chases your dreams, but do your homework, look before you leap and learn from your mistakes. One day it will all make sense, one day this blog will be polished to near perfection. Until then thank you for seeing my intention.

Today is your day.

Today is your day.

Declare it. Look in the mirror and say it!

“Today is my day.”

Did you do it? Did you wake up and declare it? Did you say it like you meant it or did you just say it?

Today is your day. It starts with you and how you will face today. Will you do one thing different and will you learn one thing new? Will you face the day with the belief that you can make a difference?

Let’s try it again, look in the mirror and declare today is your day.

“Today is my day!”

As you can see, I don’t use capital letters to shout at you when I blog. If it is not worth saying, don’t say it. But if it worth saying, it is worth believing. Today is your day. Make today matter. Make it count. Believe in the power of your day, today. Have you heard of “Another Day, Another Dollar?” Have you heard of “Same Stuff, Different Day?” Have you heard of “Same Old Same Old?” Choose not to believe it! Change your today! Change today! Today is your day. Say it with me.

“Today is my day!!!”

Your story matters! Make it count.

Your story matters! Make it count.

Your story, no matter what you are going through; matters! You have the power to inspire, you have to power to make a connection with someone who may be going through something similar. Make your story count.

It is very simple, tell your story. Write it down, post it on-line. Your story will matter to people who are in a similar situation or what to accomplish things similar to what to have accomplished. Telling your story matters. It also matters that you make it count.

Make your story count. Try to inspire. Challenge others to make things better than they are now. Challenge yourself to make things better and make a positive impact in the lives of others. This is how your story will count! The things we post online have the potential to live forever. The things we post online have the potential to spread like wild-fire. The things we post on-line have the potential to connect from anywhere from one person to literally millions of people. What message will you send?

Will your message be what you had for dinner last night? Will you praise those who have helped you or will you punish those who did you wrong? Will you tell truth or lies? Will you try to be a positive or negative impact? Or will you only try to draw attention or pity to yourself? You have control over what you post and how you present it. You have the power to make your story matter and make your story count.

It is simple, just start. It is simple, tell your story. It is simple, learn as you go. It is simple, try to be an inspiration for others. It is simple, make your story matter. It is simple, make your story count!

I am my Brother’s Keeper

 I am my Brother’s Keeper


Today, the less I say the better.


Today I let Pictures and Videos do the talking for me.


No matter what your situation is, you can still help others.




My Super Secret Mystic Magic Formula for Success:

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  Today I am going to impart to you my super secret mystic magic formula for success.  Now I am going to tell you that I have studied ancient text and conversed and debated with scholars.  I am going to tell you that I have studied many cultures and many hours, days, weeks and months deep in meditation in remote and secluded locations.  Yes, I am going to freely share to you the wisdom of the ages.  Are you ready for my Super Secret Mystic Magic Formula for Success?

Step one in the reveal is that the Formula for Success is not magic.  No it basically has a series of steps that have been proven to work.  I will tell you those steps, but I have to come clean, there is no magic involved.  Ok, Step one is to connect with your life long dream.  It is easy if you let it be easy.  It is hard because life has programmed it to be hard.  What did you dream of doing when you were a kid and had no idea what a job was?  What did you want to do all your life, before you ever worked for a living?  This is more than likely your life long dream, you just forgot it.  Now, before you say it is too late for you to live your dream and you want to go back to watching your dream on television or in a movie; try to at least get around people who are living your dream and ask them how you can help out.  It may mean volunteering or earning less than you are earn now, but this is something you may be able to do in your spare time. Recap: Step One, connect with your life long dream.

Step two in the reveal of my Super Secret Mystic Magic Formula for Success is that it is not mystic.  I am not going to dress up in some crazy robes, or light a bunch of candles and act like I am coming out of a deep trance.  I will try to put this as plain and simple as possible.  You are going to have to allow yourself to take a look at where you are, where you want to go, and learn from people who already made the change in their life that you are looking to make in your life.  You are going to have to find a mentor.  You mentor needs to be someone you can trust, some one you admire and someone who agrees to meet with you on regular basis of at least once a month.  See that is not mystic, it is just sound advice.  Be careful when you pick your mentor.  Do not fall for a scam artist.  You need to be able to see for yourself, what is going on.  Only pick someone you can fully trust, to many people fall for get rich quick scams.

Step three in the reveal of my Super Secret Mystic Magic Formula for Success is that it is not a secret.  Everyone walks around talking about living the dream, but it is not a secret.  It is really well-known that you have to apply your talent to chasing your dream.  Unless you dreamed about working in a factory, than working in a factory only helps you reach your financial goals, but it may rob you of the spare time to reach your dream.  Same thing applies to working in a restaurant, or in an office.  If you are basically working in a system where you are trading your time for money, you will more than likely be short of both time and money.  To live your dream, you have to spend at the very least your spare time chasing your dream.  You need to work in and build a system that will help your reach your goals not just pay your bills.

So what have we learned so far about my Super Secret Mystic Magic Formula for Success?  First it is not magic; You have to connect with your life long dream.  Second it is not mystic; you have to carefully choose a Mentor you can trust.  Third it is not a secret; you have to work in or build a system that will help you reach your goals.  So what else is left?  Well the formula is not super either.  You don’t need Super Powers, Super Size or Super Strength; you only need the courage to try.  You are going to face some challenges.  You are going to fight some battles.  You are going to win some and you are going to lose some; but will you get up dust yourself off and keep trying?

Now I kind of wish my Super Secret Mystic Magic Formula for Success for was Super, Secret, Mystic, and Magic; but it is only a Formula for Success.  Does it really need to be anything more than that?  Why can’t it just be a Formula for Success?  In truth I really can’t even take credit for all of this stuff.  It goes back hundreds if not thousands of years.  If you were not born to a rich, famous or powerful family; you are going to have to do it for yourself.  Get around people who are successful in areas you want to become successful and learn from them.  It sounds kind of bland doesn’t it?  Remember, get around people you can trust, not people who are trying to scam you.  It is really just that simple.  No smoke, no mirrors, no magic, no super heroes; just the plain and simple truth.

That’s all I have you today: My Super Secret Mystic Magic Formula for Success.  I will try again in a couple of days.  Until then I will just keep hacking away at my Proven Formula for Success.

My smiles are real.

My smiles are real.

I have never learned to fake a smile.  My smiles are real.  When I laugh it is because I mean it.  If I smile it is real.  I have not learned to fake it.  Most of my smiles come from making my family smile.  I wish I could solve all the world’s problems, but I can’t.  So if I can make my wife smile, it makes me happy.

My smiles are real.  I think it is important for you to know if you can trust a smile.  I do not smile in anyone’s face and then stab them in the back.  I do not smile to impress people or sell anything.  I smile because I am happy.  I smile because I find something funny.  My smiles are real.

I have never learned to fake a smile.  My smiles are real.

I choose to harness the power of my words.

All boats rise with the tide!  So if I could harness the power of the moon to raise the tides I would.   So I choose to harness the power of my words.  I choose to learn from those who have inspired me and attempt to inspire others.  That if we work together we can all win together.  Let’s raise the tide.

If I could harness the power of the sun, I would.  Renewable energy is a real thing now.  Solar Energy can help lower your energy footprint.  So right know I am trying to spread the word, that we can and we will make a difference.  Can my words help renew your spirit.  Can my words give you renewed energy that you can still live your dreams.  Well the sun will shine whether or not I harness its power, and I will continue to try to inspire with my words.

Do my words have any real power?  How can I measure it?  Currently I can not measure the power of my words, but I can measure the power of my actions.  I have to try to live be the words I transmit.  I have to try to practice what I preach.  I preach teamwork and leadership and chasing dreams, so I sure hope I am living those things.  I hope I am living what I am saying, what I am blogging.  If I believe my words can inspire others, I have to start with myself.

Other wise it is all just blowing wind.  The answer is blowing in the wind.  So I would hope I am trying to find the answer, and I also hope that you are trying to find the answer.  The answer to your plan, the answer to your goals, you see this is the answer to chasing your dreams.  I would hope that I am chasing my dreams and inspiring you to chase your dreams.  I am not trying to tell you what your dream should be, I am telling you to look for the answers.  They say success leaves clues, so search the wind at the very least.  Then maybe listen to those whispers in the wind and get around people who have answers to the questions you are asking.  The proof is in the pudding.  No Pudding, no answers.

Where there is smoke there is fire, so look for the smoke.  Find the source of the smoke and ask yourself if the same fire burns inside of you.  Don’t fall for a smoke screen.  Find out what is really going on, find out for yourself.  No one can do it for you, just like you can’t do it for me.  I have to see it.  I have to believe it.  I have to teach it, preach it and live it.  Chase your dreams.  I have to chase my dreams to convince you that you can chase your dreams.

My words have no power if I am not building my self based on the power of my words.  If I could harness the power of the Sun and the Moon and the Wind imagine the impact I could have on this earth.  So I choose to harness the power of my words and imagine the power I can have on my own life.  I believe that you can do the same.  Harness the power of your words, and build yourself up on them.

There is a fire that still burns.

The proverbial fire in your belly.  It is a real thing.  There is a fire in each of ours bellies.  There is a purpose each of us is here to fulfill.  Each of us has it, but like any fire, if you don’t attend to it, it can burn out. 

The Steam Engine, it powers trains and factories.  Take a fire, boil some water and harness the power that is unleashed.  We have that same type of fire inside of us.  All of us were born with it.  As babies, we learned to crawl, and we learned to walk and then run; our parents could not stop us, the fire inside of us was too great.  All along the way we fed the fire and continued to learn and grow.  Some fires may burn brighter than others; either way there is a balance of fuel and oxygen that needs to be applied to keep that fire burning.  Get that?  A fire needs a balance of fuel and oxygen.  Life tends to choke off our fuel and our oxygen, Life will try to snuff out your fire, if you let it.

There is a fire that still burns in my belly.  I still have a purpose to fulfill.  I feed my fire with a steady diet of fuel and oxygen?  Do you?  Do you take your family, your friends, your job or your hobbies for granted?  Balance, remember, balance; to understand your purpose, you have to understand responsibility.  You have to understand you are responsible to your family, and you are responsible to yourself.  You have to understand that God has given you a gift and a purpose.  God has given you a collection of talents and a purpose.  If you do not respect your gifts, and your talents, and your responsibilities you will have no understanding of how to tend to your fire.  

Steam Engines need a balance, not enough fire, no steam; no steam, no power.  Too much fire, too much steam and pressure; too much steam and pressure can destroy your engine.  Remember they called the people who ran the trains, engineers.  If you do not understand responsibility; your fire can burn out of control and destroy you.  Understand the balance, fuel, oxygen, fire, steam, pressure, responsibility.  I still have a fire in my belly, and I have to tend to it everyday.

You have to respect and hone your talents; and you have to give yourself an outlet.  You have to understand your purpose and your responsibilities.  You have to tend to your fire; you have to keep it burning and keep it under control.  You have to harness the power of your fire and not let it destroy you.  I have to do the same thing.  No Fuel, No Oxygen leads to No Fire.  No Fire, No Steam and No Steam mean No Power.  You have to harness the power of your fire, and so do I.  I have a fire that still burns inside of me.  Part of my purpose is to try to restart your fire!