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54 Weeks from now

54 Weeks from now.

Happy New Year.  Happy Holidays.  Merry Christmas.  All of those things.  As I sit here on New Year’s Day, I am reminded of my state of mind for the last few weeks.  As much as people like to celebrate where they have been and start a new, I find myself thinking 54 weeks ahead.  When Christmas and New Years roll around I as much as I am grateful for all that I have been through in the past year, I am also looking ahead to where I want to be next Christmas and Next New Years.

I am very thankful for all the oppourtunites I have been given and all the people I have met.  I am thnkful that I am able to keep learning and growing and pushing myself to get better at the things I enjoy doing.  I am more enthused and more optimistic than ever.  I wake up everyday knowing that the sky is the limit.  Thank God for good news, so I choose to spread good news.

Where do I want to be next year?  I want to keep moving forward.  I want to have produced 4 motivational workshops that are also fundraisers and volunteer drives for local charities.  I also hope to help others encourge and motivate and reach as many people as possible together.  I think that if we can learn to work together we can move mountains.  But it will be one brick at a time, so I reach out to people one at a time to spread good news and help others through coaching and mentoring.

Every Christmas and New Years I want to be one step closer to my goals, but I also find myself thinking 54 weeks ahead to the next Christmas and the next New Years.  Where do you want to be next year?  What goals have you set for yourself.  Dream big!


My Recovery Workout Plan

My Recovery Workout Plan

16 Ounce Curls. No this is not what some people think. These are actual One Pound Soft Weights that are strapped around you wrist. 16 ounce curls and 16 ounce shadow boxing while I walk. It is all part of my Recovery Workout Plan.

As you may or not know if you have been following 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, I have blogged about different Fitness Routines I have dreamed up and followed over time. Life continues to throw its curve balls at me and I continue to respond with new and improved ways to rise to the challenge. So I have basically Three Levels of Power Walking with or without Ankle Weights. When I use the Five Pound Ankle Weights, I walk very deliberately at a Slow Pace. When I use the Two and a Half Pound Weights I walk at a Medium Pace. I walk briskly when I do not wear ankle weights, but I will wear compression braces to protect my knees. I also use Five Pound, Three Pound or One Pound Soft Weights to work my arms while I walk. The Five Pound Weights may not seem like much, but when you do sets of 20 or 30 reps over and over without setting down the weights your arms and shoulders never get a rest. 100’s of reps of a Five Pound Weight begin to Add Up. Same goes for the Three Pound Weights. Using the One Pound Weight is more for keeping the muscles warmed up than building or toning, but these recovery workouts are also important.

Stock Fitness Clipart 01When I wear the One Pound Weights around my wrists, I also use wrist bands to keep the weights secure. I walk at a brisk pace, and I shadow box and do 16 ounce curls. People have told me I look like a boxer. No, I have never boxed so I guess I might as well workout like a retired boxer just trying to stay in shape. Honestly the One Pounds weights do not challenge me physically anywhere near like the Three and Five Pounds Weights do, but they challenge me mentally. It is a game you play in your own mind to keep going, to keep getting stronger and faster, to recover from your last workout with the heavier weights.

So I challenge my own mind. Shadow box 50 or 100 reps, curl 100 reps, walk briskly but stay in control. Does not seem like much when you start down the block and around the corner, my calves hurt a little from the day before but not a problem. Simple enough, but I have three miles to go. Shadow Box, then curls again and again, keep moving briskly; keep walking at a steady pace. First Mile Down, starting to feel it a little more in my calves, but I am warming up to this chilly weather.

Keep moving and keep an eye out for stray dogs while I am listening to my workout mix. Also keep an eye on the traffic and other people who are out walking and biking. Two Miles down, my arms do not hurt from the 16 ounces curls, but I seem to lose count when I throw my shadow punches, I have to count them out 10, 20, 30, 40 and then 50. I have to play games in my own mind; I have to keep myself honest. Keep the pace, stay just above the pace that breaks a sweat, keep my arms moving, that extra pound on each wrist makes a difference after hundreds and hundreds of repetitions.

Stock Fitness Clipart 03Turn the last corner and head for home. My legs are a little tired. My iFit reminds me I have put in 10,000 steps for the day. My throat is dry; I can’t wait for that Gatorade when I get home. Three miles down and just have to stay on the pace. No giving up. Keep those arms moving 50 to 100 curls then 50 Shadow Box Punches; the curls are easy but I really have to count out those punches to get to 50. I am not a boxer, I don’t even play one on television or in the movies; but I may as well fight the good fight in my mind to stay at some kind of fitness level that works for me.

Every time I do my Shadow Box Power walks, I have to keep nudging up the pace. My legs are getting stronger, my knees are getting stronger and the weather is getting colder; nothing combats the cold like a brisk pace and a “Just Do It” attitude. One day I will have my “Joseph Luellen Fitness 4 Life Work-Out Video Series” ready to go, but for now it is just me against the sunset and the chilly fall wind. As I make it back home it is time for the cool down Gatorade, get cleaned up and have some dinner.

Stock Fitness Clipart 02Here I am working out with One Pound Soft Wrist Weights, 16 ounces curls and shadow boxing while I power walk to some high energy tunes, does life get any better? Yes, it does. One day I will live the life I have been dreaming of; until them I will keep fighting and be ready to take my mountain. 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, out!

Take your time, plan your work and read the manual.

Take your time, plan your work and read the manual.

Whenever I want to get something done, I take my time. I plan things out. And when all else fails, I read the manual. It is amazing how much you can learn, when you set aside your pride and admit that you don’t know everything. Now, if I read the manual and still don’t get it, then I ask for help; but that is another topic. For today: Take your time, plan your work and read the manual.

Welcome to 60 Seconds Of Motivational Mojo. I am here to entertain and enlighten you. I am here to make you laugh once and think twice. All of my advice is currently free, but you know what they say about free advice. Verify before you trust it. If I get good at giving advice it will no longer be free. I will be selling it to you not giving it to you. So, my only litmus test for advice is that I only try to give advice that I will follow, or give advice that I do follow. Basically I blog my own rules of thumb, so today I say: Read the manual.

I am going to let you in on a little secret. I do not know everything. I try to learn by doing. I am a guy who says, “Hey that is neat, let me try it.” So I try and sometimes I fail. So I try and sometimes I succeed. So I try and sometimes I scratch my head and things don’t make sense to me. So then, when all else fails, I break out the manual and read it. So really, I think maybe I should read the manual first and then give things a try. Hey, wait a minute. I am a man and real men do not read the manual, “Right?”

“Wrong,” Real Men read the manual. Take the time to know what you are trying to do before you do it. A well written manual can teach a lot. A poorly written manual can teach you what not to do. I have blogged about being an amateur musician and how I was going to try my hand at working with the people who run the sound system at the church I attend. I learned what the people who were running sound were doing first; I had them explain to me how they set up the sound system. Then I asked about the owner’s manual. I learned more about the system by reading the manual than by guessing what all the rows of knobs did. There is a difference between kind of knowing and know for sure. I kind of knew what everything did, but I read the manual to make sure.

The first week of helping out with the sound system I spent my time learning. By the second week, I was spending more time teaching. I was learning to teach and I was teaching to learn. Again this is another blog post, for now “Read the manual.” The first week I was behind the sound board, one side of the speaker system died. I did not know what happened, so I got out-of-the-way. Low and behold, the guy who was teaching me checked the manual I had left on the counter next to the mixing board and flipped a switch that solved the problem. When in trouble, “Stay Calm and Read the Manual.” By the second week, people we agreeing the system sounded better than it ever had before.  Not my words, I was going off what people were telling me.  We still have a way to go, but we are better off because we read the manual.

I was also working with some Music Production Software I have loaded on a laptop that I have not used as much as I should. I learned some basics and was playing around with some Low Budget Sound Controllers. I plugged them in and fiddled around a bit and could not get them to work with the Music Software. I asked myself a few times what I was doing wrong. Then I swallowed my pride and broke down and ran through the tutorials. That is a fancy way of saying I read the manuals. Things seemed to work a lot smoother when I took the time to read the directions. I also have found that I need to upgrade the laptop and maybe get the hard-drive scanned (Beware Free Drivers and Software Updates!)

Again, reading the manual was one of the keys to learning what I wanted to get done. Why are we so stubborn? Is it Pride and Ego and Arrogance? Are they not basically the same thing anyway? Don’t be afraid to ask an expert, but also don’t be afraid to read the manual. I have heard through the grapevine that some companies put new software techs on the help desk and give them a manual. They get paid to answer the phone, answer people’s questions and read the manual. How do you think they figure out who are going to be the next experts? It is the people who are quick studies on the help desk. So, I challenge you to become an expert, read the manual.

Learn by doing, learn by helping others and learn by reading the manual. I can admit it; when I really what to get things done, I keep the manual close. Now I can also admit that there are plenty of things I am not good at, manual or no manual. So, I ask for help, and sometimes I do just not understand the manual. So it is ok to ask an expert and it is ok to say you do not understand. It is not ok to not try; reading the manuals just makes thing easier. The best way to get everyone on the same page is to have a page that everyone can start from; usually that page is a good book. Some may call that book a manual. Anyway, I digress. Real Men take their time. Real Men plan their work. Real Men Read the Manual.

Are you working S.M.A.R.T.?

Are you Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets?  Are you working S.M.A.R.T. for short?  Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo where new Acronyms just kind of come to me.  Maybe it is all the just the same old stuff over and over.  So I hope I am picking worthwhile topics.  Are you S.M.A.R.T.?  I think all of us can be, we just have to try.  S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

So the first thing we need is a Target, a Goal, a Dream or a Vision.  What is your Vision?  What is your Dream?  What are your Goals to help you reach your Target?  Some people have a simple goal to keep learning.  That makes them appear smart.  You have to define your own target.  You have to be in touch with your own dream.  We all have dreams; some of us just stop listening.  Start listening to your dreams again and set some goals no matter how small they may seem, to help you reach your target.

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Now if you have a Target, you need a Strategy to help hit you target.  Your Strategy is your Big Picture Plan.  It is the Executive Overview.  It is the view from the Airplane as you fly over a city.  Imagine you are a Hotshot who has a chance to pitch investors on your plan.  Can you convince them from the time you get on the elevator on the ground floor before the elevator reaches the top floor where they will go into a meeting and decide if they will give you a shot?  This is your elevator pitch.  What is your plan and simple Strategy that will make your vision a reality?

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Now if you have a Target and a Strategy, your next step is to break down the Methods needed to fit all the pieces together.  Let’s say your Strategy is to field the Biggest, Strongest and Fastest Football Team to Win as many games as possible and make the proverbial playoffs.  What methods will you use to make the Big, Bigger?  What methods will you use to make the Strong, Stronger?  What methods will you use to make the Fast, Faster?  See your Strategy is your Plan.  Your Methods are the Plans within the Plan.  It is all the little steps that will make the big steps possible.   Will you make the Big Stronger and the Strong Faster?  How will you do these things?  What methods will you use and teach others so that the Big Plan comes together?

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

As you are putting you methods in place to align with you overall strategy, you must stay alert of the ever change conditions of your surroundings.  What if your star players get hurt?  What if your competition tries to foil your plans?  Can the blind lead the blind?  No, you must stay alert to your surroundings and change and alter your methods so that your overall strategy still works.  You target may not change, but you path to the target may change based on ever-changing conditions.  I should say most of the time the path to the target will change.  This is why it is very important to stay alert.  What worked yesterday, may not work today.  What works today, may not work tomorrow.   Stay Alert.

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Of all the topics I am have discussed this far, Reaching is maybe the most important.  If you are not reaching for your target, what good is having a target?  If you are not reaching for your target, what good is having a Strategy?  If you are not reaching for your target, why invest so much time breaking down your methods?  If you are not reaching for your target, why are you staying so alert?  Reaching for your Target is what brings it all together.  The effort you put in will directly affect the results you get out.  Smart work is still work.  There is no reason to work hard if you will not stay on target, but being on target is still work.  It still takes effort, you must, must, must reach for your goals.

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Are you S.M.A.R.T.?  Anyone can do it really.  If you have to boil it down to the simplest example, stay alert and keep reaching for your dreams.  That is basically all it takes.  Everyone can do it.  You can do it.  Work S.M.A.R.T. Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

3P and D or Pray, Prepare, Plan and Deal:

I am sure you have heard it said Pray for the Best and Prepare for the Worst.  Maybe you have, maybe you have not, maybe you can run a search and find out for yourself.  So trust me, I think you should pray for the best and prepare for the worst so you are covered either way things may go in your life.  Take every day as a gift and live your life to the fullest.  So I have taken this one step further.  I have come up with a very simple philosophy for work and for life.  3P and D or Pray, Prepare, Plan and Deal.

3P and D or Pray, Prepare, Plan and Deal.

Pray for the best.  Prepare for the worst.  Plan for both.  Deal with reality.  Simple to remember, effective if put into use.  Dangerous if ignored.  It is a simple wisdom and a simple truth for me.  Yes I will break it down for you, that is the 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo way.  Whenever you are planning an event or anticipating an outcome, pray for the best but prepare for the worst; that way if things go all wrong you can minimize your risk or losses.  Now let it be said, I do believe in the power of pray, so call me a realistic optimist.  Pray for the best and prepare for the worst.

3P and D or Pray, Prepare, Plan and Deal.

Now if you are going to pray and you are going to prepare, I think it is fairly obvious you should have a plan.  You should plan for both outcomes.  What are the best and worst things that can happen at each step of your plan and be ready for either outcome.  Some people call it contingency planning.  I call it proper planning. Let’s play a little game.  Let’s say you are going to play the lottery.  Most people plan for winning the lottery, but most people do not have a good plan.  So if you win, what is your plan; and if you don’t win, what is your plan?  Now I know that example is overly simple.

3P and D or Pray, Prepare, Plan and Deal.

Let’s break down a little more complicated, but still a very simple series of events that should be easy to understand; let’s look at the best and worst things that can happen on your way to work every day.  Let’s say your standard drive to work every day is 30 minutes.  If you like to be on time every day you would imagine that you need to leave thirty minutes before you need to report to work.   Now the best thing that can happen is that traffic is light and you get to work early.  What is the worst thing that can happen, well what if your car will not start?  Can you call a cab or get a ride from someone else or call in and take a day off?  What if you are out of flex days and vacation days?  Should give yourself and hour to get to work instead of thirty minutes so you have a time buffer if things go wrong?  What happens if run into bad weather or an accident, do you have a cell phone and a number to call so that you will not be in trouble before you get to work?  See normally we take something like going to work for granted; we do it so often it is rarely a problem. Still it does no hurt to pray for the best so that everything goes well on your commute, but prepare for the worst and check the traffic and weather and leave early most days.  We pray for the best, prepare for the worst and plan for both.

3P and D or Pray, Prepare, Plan and Deal.

So we pray for the best and prepare for the worst and plan for both.  So let’s face it, we really just deal with reality and adjust.  We do this so often that we don’t even notice that is what we do.  Some people have to be to work on time, every day to punch and punch out.  Now most of the time, we are given a certain amount of emergency time at work to deal with the things that seem to pop up out of the blue.  This seems to work out a lot better if we are in good graces with our supervision and management at work.  If we are known for showing up early and staying late, if something comes up out of the blue, our Managers are more likely to understand.  Remember this when you are planning things.  You can only plan for so many different things to go right or go wrong.  Most people do not believe that everything will go wrong, but for whatever reason, we believe we are going to hit that lucky lottery.  So let’s say you it the lottery, you may think that everything will be great; but more than likely a lot of your family and friends will expect you to share the wealth.  Can you really plan for all of those possible outcomes?  No, in reality you will deal with reality.  You will deal with the fact that you more than likely will not win the lottery, and if you do win; it will more than likely be a smaller prize, enough to pay a bill or go out to dinner or many take a mini-vacation.

3P and D or Pray, Prepare, Plan and Deal.

More than likely you will just deal with reality, so why worry about planning?  Well look back through this post; pray for the best, prepare for the worst, plan for both and deal with reality.  Most of us will plan out how we are going to get to work every day.  We will try to get there early, stay a little late and if something comes up we will have a little bit of a buffer to work within.  Most of us will deal with the emergency when it happens.  We will deal with the reality.  So all in all, it is good to plan.  It is good to pray for things to go well and appreciate the little things along the way.  All those little things will add up to big things which will give us more of a cushion when things go wrong.  It is usually pretty rare that everything goes wrong if we plan things out in advance.  So reality is easier to deal with if you have a plan in place.

3P and D or Pray for the best, Prepare for the worst, Plan for both and Deal with reality!

What is your game plan?

A lot of us can relate to sports and sporting events.  We love to see our favorite teams win.  We like to imagine what it would be like to be rich and famous and loved by the crowd.  We sometimes forget the countless hours of practice that went into that game being played.  We sometime forget about how much time was spent on training and coaching those athletes.  We also forget about all the planning that goes into this big sporting events.  At many levels people have a game plan that will go a long way in determining their success level.  Then after the event is over we go home to our daily life unchanged.

So today I ask you.  “What is your game plan?”  What are you going to do today to prepare for tomorrow?  What are you going to do to increase your chance of success?  Now listen, just like every sport is different and every sport requires different skill sets and training; we also require different game plans.  Depending on your dreams, your goals, where you are starting from and where you want to finish; we each require a different game plan.  Now there can be similarities in our game plans, but we all need a game plan.  We all need to look at where we are right now, and where we want to be tomorrow; and start making some sort of plan to get there.

Let’s start over.  We all understand that no Athlete just walks out their and becomes a professional without practice.  We understand the teams do not become successful without coaching and training.  We also understand that Stadiums and Arenas where Professional Sports are contested do not fall out of the sky.  Each of these things takes planning.  So again I ask, “What is your game plan?”

What are you doing today to give your self a better chance of winning tomorrow?  What are you practicing?  What books are you reading?  Who’s advice do you take at face value?  I have heard it said many times that failure to plan is planning to fail.  So what is your plan?

Now your plan may not be my plan.  Your plan may not include blogging or writing songs or speaking in public.  Your plan may be to open a restaurant or to start a construction company.  I only hope and pray that you have a plan.  Again, all of our plans will be different depending on our goals, our dreams, where we start and where we want to finish; but are plans can all have common elements.  Let me explain.

The 1st Step is to follow your dreams.  Figure out what makes you happy and try to build on it.  Hopefully your happiness does not cause harm to others.  If it does, maybe you should rethink your dream.  2nd Step is to try.  It is OK to fail at this stage, just try to find out where you fit in to your dream.  Carve out a little bit of time and get active.  3rd Step is to learn as much as you can from people who are successful at what you want to be doing.  This may require reading books, or listening to audio recordings or watching instructional videos.  It is your dream; learn the right way to chase it.  4th Step is to make up your mind to not give up on your dream.  Chip away a little at a time.  The 5th Step, get around people who are heading in the same direction you are heading.  There is strength in numbers.

You see the one thing we all have in common is that we all have to figure it out for ourselves.  No one can hand you your dream on a silver platter.  Yes, some of us can be born rich or born into fame, but for the rest of us; we can either watch others live out our dream or we can find out where we fit into our dream.

What is your game plan?

Dream It, Plan It, Live It!

It starts with a dream, a vision or that breakthrough moment.  Then it takes a plan, goal setting, it takes breaking things down to simple steps.  In the end it comes down to living it, doing it, making it happen.  Dream It, Plan It, Live It!

Everything sounds so easy once you write it down.  Everything sounds so easy when you are a critic of someone else’s words.  Either you believe or you don’t.  You get to choose; for me, my choice is made.  I am here at 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo to try to transfer the Mojo of Motivation to you in 60 Seconds or less.  Dream It, Plan It, Live It!  It is your choice.

OK, here we are again, at the beginning.  Do you have a dream?  The answer is yes you do.  Everyone has a dream, the only thing is if you will remember your dream and have the courage to admit it.  Everyone has a dream, the only difference is some people give up on their dreams, some people chase them and some people catch them.  I am in the chase stage, and I am not afraid to say it.  I have been broadcasting my belief on dreams for a while now.  A lot of people think I am crazy.  You know what that tells me about them?  It tells me they have given up on their dreams.  Some people are chasing their dreams, but they are hard to find.  Sorry to break it to you.  But I know first hand.  Others have caught and are living their dreams.  Those are the people whose books I read and stories I hear.  Those are the ideas I let bounce around in my head.  This blog is part of my dream.  This blog is part of my quest to inspire others to chase their dreams, and to find out what seems to rise above the static.  It starts with a dream.  You have to dream it, and then plan it and one day you might live it!

Plan It.  Having a dream is not enough.  You have to break it down into steps and then set goals for yourself.  You have to plan out how it is going to work.  Winning the lottery or winging it is not much of a plan.  It may work for a few and I mean a few.  Sad statistic and sad fact about the lottery is that 70% of lottery winners wind up broke.  So even if you hit the lottery you still need a plan.  So again I say, break it down into steps and set goals for yourself.  I am not telling you what dream to chase; I am telling you that you need a plan.  Dream It, Plan It, Live It.

Live It.  This may sound crazy but you have to Live Your Dream to Catch Your Dream.  That does not seem to make sense does it?  Ok, you have to live your plan before you catch your dream.  Does that sound better?  I have read many a book on business; I have sub-contracted and freelanced for people who have started their own businesses.  There is a very common theme that I have been told and learned.  You have to be all in 100% behind any business you start.    Unless you come out of the box with a substantial amount of money, you will have to do a lot of the early work.  I once had a guy tell me, you have to work it like your rent money is on the line.  Wise words for anyone who wants to start their own business.  You have to treat each day as if your rent money is on the line.  You have to work and live the plan to make your dreams come true.  Dream It, Plan It and then Live It!

Act as if!  Have you ever heard that before?  Act as if?  I have personally asked a bunch of people, what would they do if they had unlimited amounts of time and money.  This is usually what it takes for people to tell you their dream.  Take that dream, take what you would be doing, and start doing it now.  I am not talking about “Fake it till you make it”  Fake it means acting like someone else, I am talking about living your dream even if it is in small dosages.  If you say that you would travel, then travel.  Take day trips, explore your own neighborhood.  If you say you would help the poor, than help the poor.  Go volunteer one day a month or one afternoon a week.  Act as if.  Find out what it takes to live your dream full-time, from people who are doing the things you want to do.  Act as if!!!  Dream It, Plan It, Live It!

See first you have to admit you have a Dream!  All of us have a dream.  You can’t lie to yourself.  Second you must have the courage to plan out the steps it is going to take to reach your dream.  You may have to set aside your ego and admit you don’t have all the answers.  Then you have to Live It.  Set aside the time and then go all in during that time.  No excuses.  You must have the attitude that if you don’t do this, then you don’t pay your rent.  Your have to live it, even if it is only for a few hours a week, or one day out of the month.  You have to act as if!  Dream It, Plan It, and the Live It!

60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo – Out!

A Million Dollar Dream, a Billion Dollar Plan.

Can I take a moment of your time, and tell you that I want to be a part of making the world a better place.  I can I take a moment of your time to tell you that you can make the world a better place.  Can I take a moment of your time and tell you of my Million Dollar Dream and My Billion Dollar Plan?

I have a dream of raising Millions of Dollars for Charity.  I am a dream big kind of guy.  So why stop there?  A Million Dollars is not what it used to be.  So I am going to also tell you of my Billion Dollar Plan.  You see, deep down inside; I wish I was Santa Claus.  I wish I had the resources to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, give toys to deserving kids and also award scholarships and the hope of a college education to as many people as possible.  I have a dream and a plan, now either you believe or you don’t; but either way I hope to get there one day.

So my dream is that I can be a part of people coming together to promote for each other.  My dream is that I can be a part of people working together to volunteer in their community.  My dream is that I can be a part of raising money to help those who have been hit hard by hard times, and we can help get them back on their feet.

I am the guy who puts his spare change in the jars at the corner store to help out all the different causes.  I am the guy who has donated my time and talents to help raise money or make a difference.  I am the guy who challenges others to get involved also, not just throw money at a problem; see where the money is going.  Volunteer, tutor, coach or mentor; I have done these things and I challenge you to do the same.  I am not telling you what to do or where to go, I am just telling you to go and do.  You will make a difference.

So what is my Million Dollar Idea?  I believe we can be a part of getting people to come together and raise Millions of Dollars for Charity.  When you add up all the events I have been a part of, DJ’ing or Volunteering it has helped raise Millions for Charity.  Now my wife and I are helping Organize Fundraisers, and with the help of the people who have teamed with us we have raised Thousands of dollars so far.  More help and more events, and I am sure the number could approach a Million Dollars.  Again, I am a Big Dream kind of guy, why stop at a Million?

Why not a Billion Dollar Plan?  Yes, my plan is to one day be able to put together a Billion Dollar network.  A Billion Dollar Foundation to help clean up parks and provide safe places for kids to play.  A Billion Dollar Foundation that provides Tutoring Services to Kids in after school programs.  A Billion Dollar Foundation that awards Scholarships so people can continue their education after high school.  Yes, My Big Plan is a Billion Dollar Foundation that can be a Business Incubator and help solid ideas with Start-up Funding.  Yes, my plan is a Billion Dollar Plan to get people up and helping out with local charities.  A Billion Dollar Network, A Billion Dollar Foundation, A Billion Dollar Plan just means I can do more of the same things I have done on a smaller scale.  A Billion Dollar Plan means I can help make sure things are done the right way.

Or maybe it is all just a dream.  But if I can be a part of building a network of people who will work together, to promote each other, build teams to volunteer for local causes, provide motivation and leadership, and provide tutoring and scholarships for children, to help clean up neighborhoods and provide funding for local charities; what do I have to lose by trying?  Maybe we fall short; maybe we only raise Millions of dollars.  Maybe we only raise Thousands of dollars.  But what do I have to lose by trying.  What do I have to lose by Daring to Dream Big!  A Million Dollar Dream and a Billion Dollar Plan!

To be a Leader you need to be going somewhere.

Do you know where you are going?  Do you want to be a Leader?  These are two of the many questions you have to answer to become a Leader.  First and foremost to be a Leader you have to be going somewhere.

Now this may seem to be an over simplification of what it takes to be a Leader.  Of course it is an over simplification. These are just the first two questions you have to ask yourself before you can even dream of being a Leader.  Do you want to be a Leader?  If the answer is “Yes” then you have to be going somewhere.  Are you going somewhere?  If the answer is “Yes” then you have to ask yourself if you want to be a Leader.

Again, seems simple doesn’t it.  I know some people who have a full head of steam, and they were going places.  The thing about them is they did not want to be Leader.  They know where they want to go, but they are perfectly happy being loners or doing things on their own terms.  Then there are people who want to be Leaders, but they are not going anywhere.  This to me is a very frustrating place to be; because you see, people who want to be Leaders but don’t know where they are going do not want to see you get where you are going.

This post is not going to answer all of the questions a Leader will have to answer.  No, this post is just to state a simple fact.  To be a Leader you need to be going somewhere.  See if you are just running around in circles, people will notice.  They may even ask you, “Where are you going?”  You may or may not have answer, and the answer may or may not be true.  Some people may just follow you. They may ask you “Where you are going,” or ask if you need help.  Do you have an honest answer?  Sooner or later, if you are just running around in circles, people will not follow you any longer.  To be a Leader you need to be going somewhere.

Where am I going with all of this?  Good question.  I know some people who are incredibly driven, but they are not Leaders.  They do not explain where they are going to the people around them.  I know some people who want to be Leaders, but they really don’t have a plan worth signing up to follow.  They usually spend a lot of time throwing stones at other people’s lives.  If you have somewhere you are going, and can see the value of working as a team, then maybe just maybe you have want it takes to be a Leader.

Now there are many more items on the list.  You have to be able to explain where you are going and why, if you want people to follow you.  You may have to challenge people to step up their game to keep up with you.  You may have to slow down a minute so you do not tear the team apart.  You may have to teach people how they fit into where you are going, but it is all worth.  Bottom line though, to be a Leader you have to be going somewhere.

Again, this post is not about all the things it takes to be a Leader.  No, it is just to state the simple fact, you have to get up and do something to merit being a Leader.  You can not just be running around in circles yelling “Follow me!”  After a while, people will get tired of spending a lot of energy to get no where.  There needs to be a plan, there needs to be a goal, and there needs to be a purpose.  If people are going to follow you, they deserve to know where you are going.  If you want to be a Leader, you need to be going somewhere.

Plan for success!

Sometimes it is the most simple statements that are the most effective.  Plan for success; For success, plan!  Give me 60 Seconds of your time, give me 60 seconds to work my motivational mojo; and if you are not convinced, return to your life.

For success, plan!  Do you have a dream?  Do you have a vision?  Do you have written goals?  If the answer is no; then you have no plan.  Even if you do you have a dream and a vision and written goals, you may not have a plan.  Do you have written goals and detailed steps on how to reach each goal?  Plan for success!

It is just a few simple steps!  Find something you like to do.  Get a mentor.  Practice until you get good at it.  Break it down into a system.  Teach the system to others.  Learn from teaching others.  Grow the system and success will follow.  It is that simple.  If you don’t believe me, you don’t have to believe me.  But why not give it a try?  What do you have to lose?  Plan for success!

Find something you like to do:  You have a dream and a vision so I would imagine you have something you like to do.  It can be anything, you can be a gardener or an athlete or starting you own business.  What is it you want to do?  Have you thought about what you would do if it was successful?  There are two reasons to get a mentor, but the first step is to make up your mind that whatever you choose to do is something you actually like to do.  For success, plan!

Why do you need a mentor?  You can learn by trial and error, but if there are 100 things that can go wrong on your road to greatness does it not make sense to have some one point out 50 or 90 of those things, so that you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes that most rookies make?  Finding a mentor is easy, figure out what you want to do, get around people who are doing what you want to do, and as you strike up friendships accept the teaching of those who have success in the same areas you are heading.  They can tell you want to practice and want to look out avoid.  A good mentor can save you time and help you learn at a faster pace.  Plan for success!

Practice until you get good.  I have been blogging for a little over a year now, still no book deal, still have not gone viral, I am still working my day job; but the amount of people who follow my blog, and the daily and weekly views continue to trend upwards.  Does that mean I have nothing left to learn, of course not; I have been learning along the way.  Each post is practice, each post I how I get better.  So I would give you the same advice, practice until you get good.  For success, plan!

As you are getting better and better, break down what you are doing into a system.  Work with you mentor, check out a few different books.  Take some ideas, and give them a fresh coat of paint.  Put your own spin on systems that you have learned.  Break down what you are doing into steps and turn them into a system that you can teach others!  Plan for success!

Now, teach your system to other people.  This is where you should and will see growth.  This is what team work is all about.  There are many quotes on the subject.  Many hands make heavy loads light.  Team work makes the dream work.  The true power of breaking down a system and making it your own is to teach it to others.  Make sure it is a win – win system, and then teach it to others.  For success, plan!

As you are teaching the systems to others, you will continue to learn and grow.  Keep your lines of communication open.  Take input from the people you are teaching the system.  Help them become leaders and trainers inside of your system.  Just as you accepted the teachings of a mentor, mentor others and then turn them into mentors also.  If you keep your mind and ears open, you will continue to learn, and if you build up those around you, success will be right around the corner!  Plan for success!

Grow the system and success will follow.  If you have set up a win – win system and are building up others before you build yourself, success will follow.  Share the wealth and people will want to continue to be a part of your system.  If you are selfish, then the whole system can fall apart very quickly.  Take care of the people around you and they will be a major factor in your success.  Be a teaching servant leader to those you are mentoring, and they will serve and teach others as well.  This will help the system expand and grow into a win – win – win.  Plan for success!

Chase your dream, break it down into goals.  Follow your vision and practice until you are good at it.  Accept the teachings of a mentor, and turn what you learn into a system.  Teach the system to others, and learn from them as you mentor them.  Grow the system and turn the people you are mentoring into mentors in their own right.  Grow the system and success will be right around the corner.  Plan for success; For success, plan!