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Proactive Mentoring: Unleash the Leader in You!

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo:  How would you like to become better at something?  How would you like to leave a lasting impact?  It is really simple.  Proactive Mentoring will not only make the people around you better, but also make you a better leader.  What do I mean by Proactive Mentoring?  I will try to explain. Proactive Mentoring:  Unleash the leader in you!

First let’s define Proactive:  Acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty; anticipatory:

Now let’s define Mentoring:  To serve as a trusted counselor or teacher to (another person)

So it is really easy to put the two together: To serve as a trusted counselor or teacher to another person acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty; anticipatory:  This is Proactive Mentoring.  Now the reason I say this will unleash the leader in you is because when you teach others you will learn for yourself.  Now there is a difference between teaching someone and ordering someone to do something.  A wise teacher learns through the eyes of their students.  So if you are a trusted counselor and you are helping someone reach their goals, hopefully you will not tell them what to do, but you will show them what to do.  Hopefully you have common goals, otherwise why are you their mentor?  If you are acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty, it means you have experience, and you are trying to safely pass that experience to someone else.  You are not putting them in harms way, you are trying to show them how to avoid harms way.

Now, how can I cook up a good example for you to better understand?  Think about maintenance of your car.  Some people wait until things go wrong before they take their car to a mechanic, this is called reactive maintenance.  Something goes wrong and then you fix it.  Other people check things like their tires and their brakes on a regular basis, this is called Preventive Maintenance.  You check and fix things before something goes wrong.  Then there are people who take their car into the shop for every oil change and get their brakes done based on the number of miles they have driven if it needs fixing or not.  This is called Predictive Maintenance.  You use the known history of things that can go wrong and you fix problems before they happen.  This is the most Proactive Style of Maintenance.

Ok, let’s say you like to play the guitar and you want to play on stage.  It would be wise for you to get around people who have been on stage and ask them what they have been through, but pick your mentors carefully.  Now if you are a guitar player and someone came to you and asked you what you have been through, will you give them the best advice possible or will you ignore them and turn them away?  Would you help them get ready to perform on stage, practice with them and maybe even loan them the things they might need in case they break a string or break a cord that plugs into their equipment?  Will you mentor them through the problems you have experienced?  Maybe you are an established musician but you need to warm up act or a song writing partner.  Who better to choose from than people you have worked with in advance.  Maybe you work with your trainees at smaller shows and open microphone nights to get them ready for their big break.  Maybe if they make it big, they will help you out in return.  Who knows, but being a proactive mentor helps your chances.

Now how does this apply to leadership and to business?  Well if you are going to start your own business, do you want to know who you can trust so you can take some time off?  Do you want to know who you could put in charge of a second or third store as your business grows?  Why not teach someone how do deal with things that may go wrong before they go wrong.  You might learn from them in the process.  You may learn there are things you are good at and things the people you are working with are good at that they can teach you.

There is a big difference between being a mentor and being a boss.  Bosses like to give orders.  Mentors try to create a system where everyone can learn.  Servant Leadership is a great start, the Proactive Mentor is even better.  Servant Leaders think about others before they think about themselves.  A Proactive Mentor can leave things in well prepared hands.  It is great to be the magic that makes things happen, but it is even better to teach others the magic also.  Teaching others means you do not have to be all things at all times in all places.  This is how businesses grow.  This is how systems are developed.  This is how people learn.  By mentoring others and continuing to learn for them selves.

Unleash the leader in you.  Teach others how to do the things you do, and also continue to learn for yourself.  Be proactive and be trustworthy.  Be the type of person you would like to follow.  Be a Proactive Mentor and unleash the leader in you.

A Proactive Slacker: Why should you take my advice?

A Proactive Slacker:  Why should you take my advice?

 A Proactive Slacker, is that even possible?  I am a Proactive Slacker, more on that later.  Why should you take my advice?  You shouldn’t; you should cross reference everything I post and find out for yourself what advice you should follow. I am just some guy with a lot to say; who likes to be right and maybe has a point to prove.  Maybe this will all amount to next to nothing, or maybe I am destined for Late Night Infomercials or Day Time Talk, or maybe I can get one person to get up off the couch and chase their dreams; either way I post on.

 If you need more reasons to read my posts, randomly check out some of my older posts.  You should be able to find the answers you are looking for; I am just trying to be honest with myself.  You can call me a blow hard, know it all.  It won’t stop me posting, I can’t force you to read this stuff.  Anyway, let’s get back on track.  What the heck is a Pro-Active Slacker?  Do you think I sit down and plot out these posts or do you think I kind follow an inspired topic to see where it goes? 

 I am a slacker, who has a college degree… B.S.E.E. and I have stayed busy working two or three jobs for the past 20 years.  It took me wwwaaaayyyy to long to finish college cause I was too busy doing everything but going to class.  The reason I failed at things was lack of effort, and lack of focus.  It is that easy, and I believe the same goes for pretty much everyone.  Focus and Effort can get you pretty far in this life. 

 Read the Tipping Point if you get a minute:

Nice Preaching, but what is a Proactive Slacker?  Patience my apprentice, I am getting there. Have you heard of a Pareto Chart, click here:

So anyway, I say that 80% of your results can come from 20% of your effort.  And if you really want to slack off and waste time, the best way to do it is to be as Proactive as possible. 

OK, let’s say you have a mountain of work to get done.  The best way to get it done is to really take charge in the first two hours of the day.  Yeah, it may take a minute for this to sink in, but really think about it.  Take a can do attitude in the beginning of your day, and it is easier to maintain as the day goes on.

 Now you can be the kind of person who stresses out a lot, and guess what, I take that Pareto Chart and turn it around 80% of your Stress will only get you about 20% of your results, so why bother stressing out?  It will only rob your energy anyway.  So the bottom line is I try to find the most efficient and effective ways to get my work done so I have more spare energy and time to waste on what ever I want.  That is less time I will spend stressing about things that probably won’t make much of a difference anyway.

This whole concept may seem real confusing for those who are reading one of my posts for the first time.  So I would recommend you randomly click on any of my older posts and see if you can figure out what I am up too.  Do I strike you as the type of guy who wants to work the hardest?  Or do I strike you as the kind of guy who wants to get the most done while avoiding a heart-attack or stroke? 

 I hope you will take all of this with a grain of salt, two aspirin, a glass of water and a nap.  It may make more sense to you tomorrow anyway.  Yeah, that’s it, read this again tomorrow.  If you still don’t get it, check back next week, and read it once a week for the next two months.  If you still don’t get it, then feel free to stop reading my posts and write me off in any manner you see fit.  But, if you see me or hear of me being hailed as a guru of any sort, read this post again.