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There is no such thing as perfect, and there is no such thing as good enough either.

There is no such thing as perfect, and there is no such thing as good enough either.

            Everyone will agree that no one is perfect.  Some may even agree that nothing is perfect, except for God in heaven.  (Side note – we can’t even agree on God!)  That being said, we are sometimes all too ready to say “Good enough” and pat ourselves on the back at the end of the day.  But is “Good Enough” really Good Enough?  Yes here comes another cliché, “Aren’t we supposed to constantly strive to get better?

            I have been up on stage and in front of crowds a lot of times, and no matter how well I did, I never felt like I couldn’t do better.  As time passes, the Great Performances fade and the Mistakes stay with me, all the while I want that next shot at it.  I want that next chance to nail it.  Maybe this is a personality flaw, maybe I should give myself a break and start saying I did my best, it was “Good enough” but was it? 

            Executives work long hard hours to take steer companies, but they still rely on the efforts of the rank and file.  Professional Athletes and Famous Entertainers live in a hyper inflated pay scale where being twice as good get you ten times more money than the next guy.  The rest of us, the ones in the middle, we can be twice as long and work twice as hard and at the end of the day not much changes.  We are left to change ourselves, we have to take the bull by the horns so to speak and say “No” to “Go0d enough” and look for “Better” and then “Best.”  We have to put ourselves in the best position for ourselves and our families. 

           This is not meant to be negative; no I mean to be very positive when I say this… Settling for “Good enough” is a trap.  The real answer is to always strive for Better!  Better performance from yourself first and then better will start to rub off on those around you.  You will begin to look for the best position you can put yourself in, and the best way you can help those around you to make things better for everyone involved.

            There is no such thing as perfect, and there is no such thing as good enough either.

Enjoy the Ride!

Here yea, here yea.
Yes the day has arrived. 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo has entered into the Blogsphere. I would like to thank WordPress for being the #1 rated Blog site, so it made my choice easy.
So here I am Joseph Luellen typing my first stream of consciousness that will become my first official blog. So late to the game some may say, but for me the time feels right. OK enough, what you ask is 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo as if the title does not say it all. 60 Seconds, my elevator motivator pitch average time limit.
I truly believe that if I can help one person get off the couch and start chasing their dreams that I will continue to chase my dreams. I will spout and spew all the clichés and hopefully add my own insights to the equation.
It is easy, if you only want the very least that life has to offer, than do nothing. If you want more do more. If you want the best, well do your best. Act, Reflect, Adjust, React, Refocus, Pro-Act and sooner or later things will start coming your way.
So who am I to preach motivation to the masses? In a nutshell I am a guy who has tried to learn from his many mistakes, and not give up. So not giving up is pretty much the key to this whole ball of wax. That and learning from your mistakes… So, don’t give up and learn from your mistakes and maybe challenge yourself to find one positive thing to take away from each day.
Joseph Luellen
60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo
Enjoy the Ride!