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Relax, recharge, refresh and rejuvenate

Relax, recharge, refresh and rejuvenate:  It is ok to take a day for recreation and re-creation, but then take a moment to give thanks for those who made our freedoms possible.

Give thanks that you are free, and then think twice about surpassing others freedoms.

Think twice about our holidays, and those who have served and sacrificed to protect them.

We all have to sacrifice to make a safe world where we can be free.  Life is not easy for most.  For most people life is painful.  The only way it gets better is if we work together.

Relax, recharge, refresh, and rejuvenate:  Then get back to work.  Get back to spreading the good news and helping others.  This world is what we make it.  This world has been ruled by might makes right and the rich make the rules.  History has been written by the winners, not the whiners.  What will history say about you?  Did you help others win or did you help others whine?

I am thankful that I am free to express my thoughts.  I am thankful that I am free to use my talents.  I am thankful that I can help others even if I can not help as many or as much as I would like.

I am recharged and ready to get back to work.  Get up and make your future the best it can be.  Help others become successful and you will become successful.  Make the world better for everyone and you will be rewarded with a better world for you.


Hospital, Hotel or Home:

Hospital, Hotel or Home:

Where would your rather be, in the nicest hospital, in an ok hotel or at home? I say to you home is where the heart is, hotels are ok for getaways but I would never choose the hospital unless my life literally depended on it. Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo. You may wonder why I am writing this blog post. I say, never treat a Hospital like it is a Hotel and never treat a Hotel like it is Home.

Home is where the heart is: Even though you may get tired of the same old routine. Over the long haul there is no place like home. I have spent my share of nights in hotels traveling for work, or taking a short getaway; but there is no place like home. I try to avoid treating hotels like home. Hotels are a place to stay when I travel for work, but I usually can’t wait to get back home. I sleep better at home than on the road. Hotels are great for short getaways but they are not home.

Hospitals are great in a matter of life and death. I have been in some nice hospitals to visit relatives, but I have never been comfortable there no matter how nice they were. I hope I never have to stay long in hospital again. I stayed overnight once or twice as a kid; but as an adult I have never had to stay over-night in a hospital. Again, I have seen some very nice hospitals, but I would never aspire to treat a hospital like a hotel. Hospitals are a place to get healed and then get home. Hotels are great for a getaway, but again never treat a hotel like home either.

Home may seem like a nothing special when you go their everyday, but after a few days away; you will long to get back there. I have been on the road for work a few days to a couple of weeks at a time. I have woken up in the middle of the night not knowing where I was at the time. After a while it just kind of grinds on you, being away from home. Home may not seem like anything special day in and day out, but you will miss it when you have gone away for a while.

Never treat a Hospital like a Hotel and never treat a Hotel like Home. Give each the respect they deserve. Go to a Hospital to get healed. Go to a Hotel to Recharge, but remember Home is the place where you will feel safe and secure over the long haul. Home is where the heart is, put your heart into your home!

Winners practice to win.

Winning takes practice. You can do it.  Don’t worry; I would not bring this up if I did not think you had it in you.  Winning takes practice, so practice to win!

This is 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I am here to convince you to chase your dreams.  I am also here to convince you, that you can catch your dreams.  So what good would it do for me not to tell you what it takes to win?  I believe winning takes practice.  So practice to win.  Practice the way winners practice.  Practice the fundamentals.  Balance in a little time for fun.  Study your opponent if you have one.  Know your strengths and your weakness.  Formulate a plan, practice your plan.  Be ready for things to change.  Be ready to win, so practice to win

Arrogance comes from a false belief that you are prepared to win.  Confidence comes from the reality that you are prepared to win.  The first step is to practice the fundamentals of whatever it is you are doing.  It can be athletics, it can be business, or it can be art or science.  Study the fundamentals.  Have you ever heard the term “Standing on the shoulders of giants?”  This means learning from those who have come before you.  This allows you to see farther.  You have elevated your knowledge, and hopefully you have elevated your skills.  You have to practice to win.

Winning requires planning and planning requires you study yourself, your team and your opponent.  I some cases you opponent may be fear, fear of public speaking or performing in front of a crowd.  So you have to practice to win.  If you have never performed or played in front of a large crowd, schedule an open scrimmage or an open rehearsal.  Invite people to watch.  You may learn your fear is unfounded.  Confidence comes from proper preparation.

Winning takes time, and winning takes work.  Schedule a little time for fun.  Having fun and being able to relax in the heat of battle is something that you learn to do.  It may seem like it comes natural to some.  Yes, some people feed off the energy that crowds and intense situations create, but learning to perform on the edge without going over the edge takes experience, experience that comes from winning practice.  This is a form of practice that winners teach to each other.  So if you can’t figure out what I am going to say next; here it is, practice to win!

Let say you want to give a winning presentation or performance in a play or at a concert; practice the performance.  Do a dry run through or dress rehearsals until everyone is comfortable and confident.  Are you nervous in front of a crowd?  Practice out in public, open up a practice to the public; or at the very least the family, friends and co-workers of those who are going to be out in front.    Some major sports teams have open scrimmages to get their new members ready for the up coming season; winning teams and winning traditions know how to teach people how to win.  Winning teams and winning traditions practice to win.  Study your competition and take notes.  Study the successes of those who came before you.

Now all that being said, all the study in the world will not help you if you can not be flexible.  Times change, people change, accidents happen; nothing will ever go perfectly as planned, and if it does it is extremely rare.  Account for things to go wrong, and be able to recover.  This is all the more reason why people must learn to have fun and stay loose during practice sessions.  Winners know how to stay relaxed while on edge; winners know how to not go over board when things go wrong.  It means that everyone is ready to step up when called upon.  Winners practice how to win.  Don’t let your practice get stale, shake things up to account for changing plans or missing pieces.  Learn how to win when things go wrong.  To win you have to account for ever-changing times and conditions so practice to win!

You can do it.  You just have to put your time in.  Get around winners and step up your game.  Step up your skills, study the fundamentals, and learn how to stay relaxed when the pressure kicks up.  Be ready to step up when called upon, and make sure the people around you are ready to step up also.  Winners practice how to win!