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I have seen my future and I was running.

I have seen my future and I was running.

RunningWelcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  This is my pay forward good news motivational blog. I am not a famous author or athlete and I have not made millions of dollars yet. But one day, one day; alas lest I get side tracked, let me get to the point. I have seen my future and I was running.

I have seen my future and I was running. It was a good thing; I was not running from Zombies or from Cops and Robbers or for my life. I was running for the fun of it. I was running for the health of it. I was running and had some weighted soft gloves on, throwing punches like a prize fighter training for a title bout. It was a picture clear in my head.

shadow-boxingLately I have been power walking with 5 lbs. ankle weights, and I have been wearing 2.5 lbs. ankle weights when I walk at work and while shopping. I used to do leg extensions and leg curls with the ankle weights.  I have been rehabbing my knees for the past 10 months. I would wear compression knee braces every day to get to and from work. I never missed a day. I have been growing stronger as I go. I have seen my future and I was running.

I have not run for a while. I would jog, lumber, and trudge to stay in shape. I also started using 3 lbs. and 5 lbs. soft dumb bells as I would cross train. I always have my trusty MP3 player and headphones. Yes, I want to lose a few pounds and stay young. Then I blew out one knee on an exercise bike, and made it worse on a treadmill. (Note, I have nothing against exercise bikes and treadmills, I just over did it.) Then I blew out another knee being stupid. (Note to self, control your anger and stress levels.) So here I am walking in pain with two bum knees with a choice to make. Get up or give in. No pain no gain, so pain train here I come. I have seen my future and I was running.

Never missed a day of work and never took any pain killers; I drive my wife crazy because I have to be on the second day of a headache before I will take an aspirin. (Note, I am not telling anyone to stop taking their meds it is just my thing.) So I would do my best to hide my limp and every now and then people would ask me if I was ok?  I would stretch, power walk, and I would draw inspiration from people who were not letting injuries or physical challenge hold them back. I have seen my future and I was running.

Many times I have been told that I that I look like a rich (or formerly rich) famous (or infamous) boxer but I have never been a boxer, or famous, or rich with money (I feel I have a rich and rewarding life though regardless of my bills); but I feel like riches and fame are still on the table, but I need a story worth telling. So I am convinced that I can get stronger as I get older and that I can get myself in better physical condition then I was last year or the year before I blew out my knees. I have seen my future and I was running.

CalebI like the story of Caleb: Joshua 14. I will take my mountain one day. Maybe I will not be fully healed and restored in a minute or an hour or a day, but I will be thankful every day and I will continue to work and get stronger until I take my mountain. I will be debt free and have the abundance of the promise, and I will be fully healed and fully restored in due season. (Now I am not sorry I went all Biblical on you.) I have seen my future and I was running. I was running and shadow boxing with soft weighted gloves on. So know in good faith, I am shopping for soft weighted gloves, and I am out their power walking almost everyday day. I will take my mountain!