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Leadership V.I.E.W.-P.A.C. for Success:

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  Leadership V.I.E.W.-P.A.C. for Success:  Sounds like some kind of Political Machine doesn’t it?  Well if you have been reading my post on a regular basis, you would see I try to stay politically neutral.  Let’s get back to this new acronym.  V.I.E.W.-P.A.C. stands for Vision, Ideas, Energy, Workload, Pain, Accolades and Compensation.  Leadership V.I.E.W.-P.A.C. for Success means a Leader has to try to balance and share each of these items.

A Leader must strive to balance and share Vision, Ideas, Energy, Workload, Pain, Accolades and Compensation to be successful.  Now some people, some managers and some leaders get these concepts out of balance.  It is my belief that you should try to balance them as honestly and fairly as possible.  Let’s take a closer look.

A Leader should strive to share the overall Vision.  The Leader should take a balanced approach to sharing the Vision.  How would you like it if you were following a Leader who was only sharing the Vision with a select few people, and leaving others in the dark or out of the loop?  To be fair, a Leader should try to make the Vision, Plain and Simple and available to all.  Everyone should know the direction they are heading and if they choose to follow.  This may be the easy step to understand.  A Leader should take a balanced approach to sharing the Vision or Mission of their team.

A Leader should strive to share their Ideas and the Leader should also strive to allow others to share their Ideas.  This is a two-way street.  Everyone has ideas, opinions, points of view and a voice.  Everyone should be able to give input.  Everyone should be able to see how they fit into the overall Vision of the team.  A Leader should encourage everyone’s input and find the balance between everyone’s Ideas and the Vision.  This does not mean to change your Vision based on Popularity or Political Pressure.  No, this is just the opposite.  This is why a Leader should be open and honest, but in the end they still must lead.  The Leader has to find a way to balance everyone’s input while staying focused on the Overall Vision.  Again, this should be easy to understand.

A Leader should strive to share their Energy and balance the Energy of the Team.  A Leader can not do it all, and a Leader should do more than just give inspiration speeches.  A Leader has to roll up their sleeves and put the Energy into making the Vision and the Ideas a reality.  A sure sign of a bad Leader is one that barks orders or never lends a hand when the going gets tough.  A Good Leader should be one of the first to help push the car or pull the rope when the going gets tough.  A Good Leader sets the best possible example.  This should also be pretty easy to understand.

A Leader should strive to share and balance the workload.  Again, a Leader can not do everything all the time.  A Leader can not even do most things most of the times.  A Leader has to realize why every person on the team matters.  The best if not the only way to do that is to share and balance the workload.  It is not fair for some people to be working hard all the time, while others seem to only do the bare minimum if anything at all.  If every member of the team is important, everyone should pull their fair share.  A Leader gives everyone a chance to excel why maintaining a balance that everyone can respect.  A Good Leader does not play favorites while the team suffers.  A Good Leader maintains a fair balance of the workload and pitches in wherever they can help even things out.  Maybe this is not so easy to see, but maybe it is not so hard to see either.

A Leader must strive to share and balance the Pain.  Pain, no one wants to hear those words.  Everyone wants to believe that Leadership and Teamwork are all cushy and comfortable.  If you want to be Successful as a Team and as a Leader there will be some pain involved.  There are growing pains while you learn to be a team.  You will win some and you will lose some.  You may have to work or practice long hours.  You may have to ask people to do extra to get over the top.  A Good Leader does not heap all the pain on a select few while others seem to skate.  A Good Leader is striving for Balance, Balance, and more Balance.  If as a Good Leader, you have been open, honest and balanced about the Vision, The Ideas, The Energy and the Workload, than you should not find it hard to figure out why you need to balance the painful times when they arise.

A Leader must strive to balance and share the Accolades that come with success.  It is amazing what people will do to get credit for the things they have accomplished.  It is more amazing what people will do to take credit for what someone else has accomplished.  Ever want to change the energy in a room.  Break out a camera and see how much people’s personality’s change.  So people love to have their pictures taken, others will run for cover.  This is only one small window into what I am trying to explain.  Everyone knows someone who tells exaggerated stories.  Everyone knows someone who talks about how they never get credit for they work they perform.  Now a Good Leader can not solve all of these problems, but they can share and balance out the credit with their team.  Too much credit can lead to ego problems, too little credit can lead to moral problems.  If this is too much to ask, go back and start at the beginning.  If it is still too hard to handle the second time around, either I have it all wrong or you do.

Ok, so as a Leader you have shared and balanced your Vision, Ideas, Energy, Workload, Pain and Accolades of both the Successes and Failures of your team.  Now it is time to make sure you are taken a balanced approach to sharing the Compensation.  I believe that a lot of companies pay their Executives too much and people in the middle and bottom too little.  I truly believe there is more than enough wealth to go around.  The only way to prove it is to Lead successful teams and share the wealth.  For me it is more than words, it is a life’s mission.  Now I have given you a chance to reread and leave this post.  Now you are stuck with it.  I believe a Good Leader who has shared everything up until this point should not stop now.  Share the Compensation when the team earns it.  Take a balanced approach.  I have seen Incentive Bonus given out to freely in good times and then taken away in tough times.  People felt cheated when they lost bonuses they never really earned and were never really explained to them.  Balance and Share all the way around up to and including the compensation.

No Leadership V.I.E.W.-P.A.C. for Success is not a Political Movement, it is a 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Movement.  Leadership V.I.E.W.-P.A.C. for Success is a new acronym, a new motivational phrase for the readers of this blog.  Now like most of my beliefs, theories and or posts; I will tell you to think for yourself.  I will also tell you that unless I can get out and prove this you will have to take it on faith.  You can choose to follow or choose to ignore.  Either way I believe a Good Leader must strive to share and balance their Vision, Ideas, Energy, Workload, Pain, Accolades and Compensation with their team.

Share your way to success.

Want to know a super secret way to be successful?  How about a not so secrete way?  How about a way that is so obvious it seems too simple to be true?  Ok, here it is… if you want to be successful; share.  Share your way to success.

Step One!  Don’t not jump in and throw your money at anything, keep it in your pocket until you get to the end.  Share your way to success, but do not share your wealth just yet.  Please read all the way through this, take this one step at a time.  Step One.  Keep your money in your pocket.

Ok, this is supposed to be share your way to success, and the first thing I tell you to do is keep your money in your pocket.  So what do you share?  That leads us to Step Two, Share your dreams.  It is ok to tell people your dreams, but keep your money in your pocket.  Why do I tell you this, because I do not want you to get taken advantage of, I want you to learn who has similar dreams to your dream.  Do not fall victim to a scam by declaring your dream and then parting with your money.  Just declare and share your dream.  Now some people may laugh at you, some people may ignore you and some people may praise you; the real question is who will help you?  Who will give you sound advice?  Who will practice with you? Who will introduce you to people who can help you?  Step One: keep your money in your pocket.  Step Two: share your dream and find out who will actually help you get in touch with people who can really help you.

Step Three:  Once you know who you can trust with your dreams, Share your ideas.  Again, keep your money in your pocket.  Know if people will not help you with the very basics, getting you in touch with people who can help you chase your dream, they do not need to know your ideas.  Do not be afraid of stating you dreams to everyone, but only tell your ideas to people you can trust.  How do you know if you can trust someone?  Deep down inside there is a little voice that tells you when things seem right and things seem wrong.  This little voice should also tell you when you are trying to force things and when things seem too good to be true.  Trust takes time, do not rush into trusting people with your ideas; make sure they are who they say they are before you trust them.  If people say they will help you and they follow through, trust them with a little more information; but again keep your money in your pocket!

Now, as you learn more and more about the people who are helping you chase your dream, you will notice they have a similar dream or will fit into your dream based on some kind of common ground.  It is OK for people who trust each other and have similar dreams to work together.  It is not ok to be taken advantage of by scam artists.  So, again keep your money in your pocket and follow up on your plans.  Now you will notice there are three kinds of people in the world, givers, takers and give & takers.  Life is give and take.   Success is give and take.  Do not surround your self with givers or takers.  Givers can be victims; takers are just that they take.  People who understand give & take understand how important it is to work together.  Share your ideas with people who will work with you, not just take from you or play the victim.  Share your ideas with people who will work with you and once again, keep your money in your pocket.

Step One:  Keep your money in your pocket.  Step Two:  Share your Dreams and find out who you can trust, but keep your money in your pocket.  Step Three:  Share your ideas with people you can trust, but remember to keep your money in your pocket.  Step Four:  Share your time and learn to work together without throwing a bunch of money at your idea.  Now do you see why I continued to say keep your money in your pocket?  Find people who will work together before money is on the line.  Listen money changes everything, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.  Learn to work together and work out your ideas before the money starts going out or coming in.  Work out all the details before people start putting money on the table.  Learn who you can trust and learn who you can work with as a team!

Step Five:  Agree on how to divide up the money before you put any money in and before you start making any money.  Again, money changes everything, so it is better to have a detailed plan on what to do about and with the money before it starts flowing in and out of your pocket.  No one wants to invest in a scam.  No one likes getting taken advantage of be a scam artist.  Take your time.  Share your dreams, your ideas and you time with your team and find out who you can trust.  Work out the details on how the money is going to work.  Make sure there is balance when the money begins to flow.  Are you equal partners?  Do everything you can to make things fair and equal for everyone.  Surround yourself with people who think and act the same.

Step Six:  Share the wealth.  When you start making money; share it with those people who have helped you along the way.  Listen, no one get’s there alone, and no one gets anywhere by taking advantage of people.  So set a great example for others to follow.  Once you have a strong team around you and you start reaching your goals, share the wealth.  Don’t throw you money in too early, but don’t be stingy when things start to work.  Be the person who everyone wants to do business with and people will work hard for you.

Share you way to success.  Remember you can not and should not throw your money in early.  Share your Dreams and find out who will help you and who you can trust.  Share your ideas with people who actually help you.  Remember keep your money in you pocket and listen to that inner voice.  Do not chase wild ideas or things that seem too good to be true.  Get the facts.  Share your time and learn to work together as a team before you take any money out of your pocket.  You will thank me one day.  Work out the details of how to split up the money before the money flows in or out.  When the money starts to flow, share the wealth with those who have earned it.  It is great to set something aside for charity and random acts of kindness, but you are trying to build something.  Work out the money details and then share with those who are putting in the time and effort.

Watch out for greed.

Money changes everything:  Cyndi Lauper sang this song in the 1980’s.  I tell people they should do what they love and then figure out the money part.  You still have to figure out the money part.  I have found myself watching what I would like to call my “Greed” movies.  I want to be able to do great things one day, hopefully one day soon without getting greedy.  I watch these movies as a warning of how terribly wrong things can go when greed goes unchecked.


Wall Street:  The classic 1980’s movie about money and power and greed.  How many people ran around saying “Greed is Good” because of this movie?  Well greed left unchecked is not so good.  So how do you become successful without becoming greedy?  I guess this is why I am watching these movies, so I can know exactly what to watch out for, or a least know the stereotypes.


Glengarry Glen Ross:  A film from the 1990’s based on a play from the 1960’s.  Real Estate deals and Greed running wild, it looks like greed plays in any decade.  So I take away it is not good to set up winner take all systems.  Maybe we should work a little harder to share the wealth?

Boiler Room

Boiler Room:  Welcome to the year 2000 and our old enemy greed is still at play.  What happens when a bunch of fans of the movie “Wall Street” set up a company pushing fake stocks and bonds?

The Joneses

The Joneses:  The year is now 2009 and what if we were all being duped into trying to keep up with a Fictional Family that is being paid to Stealth Market us products we can afford?


Too Big To Fail:  A 2009 book, a 2010 movie, a phrase and a reality all rolled into one.  So many of us got caught up in this and so many of us got burned.  But a select view came out bigger and better than ever.  Does is make you scratch you head?  If we only knew then what we know now:

Money Never Sleeps

Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps:  Can people get over their greed?  Can they be redeemed?  Is there hope for us all?  Against the backdrop chronicled in “Too Big To Fail” we find a man even greedier than “Gordon Gekko.”  We also learn that greed never sleeps, so how can we do something great and still sleep at night?

Margin Call

Margin Call:  A 2011 Film that creates a Fictional Nameless Day in the life of the company that started the market Turmoil that rings so true in “Too Big To Fail.”  Is there a moral to the story?  Is there in answer in all of this?  I certain hope so.  Greed is not a victim less crime.

If you take the time to watch any or all of these movies, I can only hand you one piece of advice.  Greed will slowly sneak up on you.  It will slowly try to convince you that it is OK to have way, way, way more than you need.  Now, I am telling you to try to do something good, try to do something great.  Try to leave a lasting legacy.  I am not asking you to take a vow of poverty, but I am asking you to watch out for greed.  Do not be motivated by the wealth that you can hoard, be motivated by the good that you can do if you share the wealth and create the best possible system for everyone involved.  Can we do something great and still share the wealth?  I am honestly trying with all my might.