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Why the easy way out is the hardest and worse option.

Don’t take the easy way out.  If your life is hard you must change.  Do not give in to the “stay the same” game.  Every time when confronted with the easy way out, you will find it is the worse option and it is the hardest way in the end.  WordPress readers, lend me your eyes and your imagination for a moment.   The easy way out is a trap.  I will attempt to show why the easy way out is the hardest and worse option.

Imagine for a moment you are confronted with a situation.  You can either take one of two choices, the easy way or the hard way out.  Whenever possible do not pick the easy way out.  Before you choose, stop for a moment and realize there are actually three choices; the easy way, the hard way and the smart way.  See who ever is giving you the choice is saving the best option for them self.  Don’t be fooled.  Look at all the facts and ask a few more questions.  The best way is not always the most apparent choice.

The easy way out is a trap.  You can’t learn and grow by doing things the easy way.  You have to learn what the value of a hard days work is… you also have to learn how to work smart.  Most people will try to take the easy way, and nothing will ever change for them.  No things will slowly get worse.  The easy way out is a crowded road with no reward.  You will sink deeper and deeper into debt.  Quick and easy never leads to quick or easy.  In the end, the easy way out is the worse option.

The hard road is a road less traveled   You will learn much more about your self and what you are made of when you travel the hard road, the road less traveled.  Now that being said; don’t be fool hardy.  Stay on a safe path.

The best option is the smart option. You see, if given a choice between the easy way and the hard way, the easy way is a trap.  The hard way is a challenge, and the smart way is invisible.  Maybe you should ask a few more questions and check the facts before you make your choice.

Why do people want things to stay the same?  Listen, time changes all things.  So you better get used to change.  Things and people come and go.  Jobs, bosses, opportunities are always coming and going.  Times are changing.  Technology is evolving and you have to be able to ask the right questions.  The smart way is the best way, but the hard way proves to be better than the easy way.  If you take the easy way, you learn nothing, you do not change and you get left behind.  If you take the hard way, you will learn, you will be rewarded and you will be able to catch up.  But if you wait, and ask the right questions and learn the right lessons, you can learn that knowledge and truth will become apparent in time.  You will then know when to work hard and when to work smart and when to wait.  You will learn and grow and you can make the changes it takes to be successful.

The easy way is the worse way.  Have you ever noticed how people how complain the most, never seem to want to do the work.  They want things to stay the same, and they want someone else to do the work.  Listen, things are going to change over time, everything does.  You have to work hard enough to just keep up with the times.  Don’t you want to get ahead?  Well, you may have to work a little harder, and learn a few things along the way.  The easy way, the hard way and the smart way; the hard way can lead to the smart way, the easy way never does.

Learn to work hard, and then learn to work smart.  Working smart is knowing how to face your fears, it is learning from those who have put their time in and mastered what you are chasing.  Chase your dreams, they don’t chase you.  People who work smart seem lucky, but it is because they learned the hard lessons first.  People who take the easy way out, never learn anything; then when times change, they get left behind.  Don’t get left behind.  Learn to ask the right questions.  Ask the extra questions before you make your choice.

If the only choices you have is the easy way out, or the hard way; say, I am waiting for a better way.  If there is a third option you will find out soon enough.  See it all for what it is worth. If you can’t ask an extra question or two, can you really trust the person giving you the options?

Maybe this all seemed better in my head before I started typing this, or maybe my intended meaning is coming through.  Learn that you have more than one or two options before you make your choice.  When presented with the easy way and the hard way; look for third option, the best way.  Ask extra questions.  Get extra answers.  Take a minute to find out the truth.  If everyone seems to be going one way, ask yourself; is that the way you want to go.  Are you just going with the flow?  It may seem hard to blaze your own trail, but that might be the best thing for you.


Success comes down to three choices.

If you want to be successful, you basically have to make up your mind.  See you have three choices; work hard, work smart or both.  You may think I am over simplifying things.  I am not.  I am telling you this may be the hardest choice you have to make, but then you will see how easy it is to be successful.  Success comes down to three choices, but you have to make the choice.

We can make this really complicated, but there is an old cliché; Keep It Simple Simon.  Success can be based on some very good ideas like rocket science but not all success is rocket science.  There was a time you could sell pet rocks and bottled water and make a fortune.  There is still a fortune in bottled water.  So I am not going to make this a complicated to do list; no to be successful you have three choices.  Make up your mind to either work hard, work smart or both.

No matter what your idea is, you can find success; but it will not happen without any effort.  If you have a simple idea, or good idea, a great idea or a super scientific breakthrough, it will take work.  How much work it will take comes down to you and the idea you choose to pursue.  Unless you are born rich, you have to work to make things happen in your life.  Once you realize this you will realize your choices.

Work Hard.  Working hard is a key to success, but it does not guarantee success.  I think everyone needs to know how much work goes into a hard days work.  If you want to open a business, grow a garden, tend to a farm, tend to a shop or spend all day counting money in a bank; you have to know how much work goes into a hard days work.  You have to know when you are working hard, and if the people who work with you and for you are working hard.  Learn what it means to work hard.  Know an honest days work when you see one.  And also know when the people you are working with are working hard and doing a good job.  There is a saying that a hard day’s work is its own reward; but there is nothing wrong with thanking and rewarding a hard day’s work.  But first you have to know what makes a hard day’s work.

Work Smart.  If you know how to work hard, if you know the value of a hard day’s work; than you will know that it is better to work smarter than harder.  There are some many 24 hours in a day, and 7 days in a week.  Everyone needs rest, everyone needs a break.  If you can find a way to get more done in a day and have more time to take a break; then you are working smarter.  If you have people around you working hard, they will appreciate it if you show them a better way to get things done.  Again, work hard, work smart and reward a hard day’s work.

If you want to know how to work hard, get around people who are working hard.  If you want to know how to work smart, get around smart people who know how to work hard.  See this leads to the third choice, both.  Real success can be measured by people working harder and working smarter and quite naturally people working together.  To find the best way to get things done, surround yourself with people who work hard and people who work smart.  Let both of them rub off on you.  Thank the people who work hard, and the people who work smart and share their ideas.  Sharing the wealth is working harder and smarter.

I said I would keep this simple.  I can not find a more simple way to explain my position.  Now you can shoot holes in this post all you want.  Or you can put my theory to the test.  I am sure if you learn the value of working hard and working smart you will find success.  Success comes down to three simple choices.  Work hard, work smart or both. You and I both know what happens if you do nothing at all.