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So who am I to be giving Motivational Tips?

So who am I to be giving Motivational Tips?

I am not famous. I am not rich. I am not born of royalty. I have not won any elected offices or been appointed to nay powerful posts. I am not a Chairmen or a CEO (Yet) of any major company. I am just some guy who has never stooped dreaming, and dreaming big I might add.

Depending on who you talk to you will hear I am a great guy, or I am a jerk. I am a loud mouthed know it all, or I am a guy who studies hard and asks lots of questions. Did I always study hard? “No!” I spent way too much time waiting for things to happen; when I found out you have to make things happen. The world does not wait for us. So I stopped waiting around; but I never stopped dreaming and dreaming big I might add.

So I started to read more books on Leadership, and read more about the Bible, and looked at myself, and stopped waiting around. I got more involved with volunteering and finished my degree, and went to church more. All those things being said, I still made plenty of mistakes. I screwed up every relationship I was in, and I could have been a better leader in many cases. All in all though, I never stopped dreaming, and dreaming big I may add.

So throughout my life and my career I noticed that the better the leadership around me, the better I seemed to perform. And the more I connected with those around me, the better I seemed to respond. And the more you challenge people, the more you seem to make them mad at you, unless they really want to be challenged, “Which is rare.” So really all you can do is tell the truth, and hope people will listen; and challenge yourself to set a better example for people to follow. Also, never stop dreaming, and dream big I may add.

So who am I to give leadership advice? Who am I to try to motivate the masses? I am the little shot who is going to keep shooting. I am some guy who has failed as much or more than I have triumphed. I am the guy who will read a lot and checks the facts before shooting my mouth off. And I am the guy who never stopped dreaming, and dreaming big I may add.

In short, this is the point of my blog.

Finding something positive to say everyday:

Sounds easy but give it a try.  The world around you seems to be getting more and more negative, but be the person to find one positive thing to say everyday.  Try writing it down.  In short this is the point of my blog, my pursuit of finding something positive to say on a daily basis. 

Yes it sound cliché, if I can help one person get through a bad day, then it is all worth it.  You know what?  It really is worth it.  Misery loves company and I find myself giving misery the company it is looking for from time to time.  Before the conversation is over, try to interject a positive thought, a positive idea.  “Everything will be OK” is a start but it is not enough.  Keep at it, face your fears, learn something new, roll with the punches… trust me, the more you do it, the more you go positive, the easier it becomes.

Then it gets harder, it gets harder not to sound like a walking, talking, superficial uncaring self-help clone.  And if that is what you turn into, the world is better for having you saying something positive instead of telling people there is no hope.  There is always hope, there is always an answer.  It may not be easy or easily apparent, but the answer for pretty much every situation is out there waiting to be found.

So give it a try, every day… find one positive thing to take away from everyday.  Find one positive thing to say everyday.  Then write it down, in a journal, on a calendar, heck open up a note pad program and log it or e-mail it to yourself.  If you are brave, start paying it forward to your friends. 

In short, this is the point of my blog.

It all starts with a dream.

It all starts with a dream.

How many speeches, monologues, songs, movies are based on the dreamer, the dream, the chase of the dream, the struggle, the breakthrough and the realization of the dream? From Sinatra “To Dream the Impossible Dream” to John Lennon “You may say I’m a Dreamer” to Motley Crue “You know I’m a Dreamer” in songs to pretty much every Family film every made it starts with a dream.

Now the funny thing about dreams is they are hard to reach, and most of your family and friends will not support you when you chase your dream. They will tell you to “Wake Up” or “Get a Life” or they will flat out tell you “Your Dreaming!” Isn’t that what reaching for the brass ring is all about? Dreaming and dare I say Dreaming Big.

Now if that Dream was too easy to reach, it really isn’t much of a Dream. Be ready to take the criticism of your family and friends, and then dust yourself off and get around some people who can help you hone your talent and get you in line to chase your dream! You may have to get faster, stronger, smarter or better at a few skills; or you may just have to be flat out lucky. But, last time I checked dreams don’t chase people. Nope, people have to chase dreams.

Find Positive People who will tell you “You can do it”

Find Experienced People who can show you “How to do it!”

Work your fingers to the bone to learn “How to do it over and over again!”

Work you Brain to the verge of a migraine to learn “How to do it better!”

Get yourself in the right places to be seen “Doing it to death!”

But most of all, get up and get started. When it is all said and done, will you be able to look back and say, “I gave it all I had to give” or will you say “I always wanted too…?”

Enjoy the Ride!

Here yea, here yea.
Yes the day has arrived. 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo has entered into the Blogsphere. I would like to thank WordPress for being the #1 rated Blog site, so it made my choice easy.
So here I am Joseph Luellen typing my first stream of consciousness that will become my first official blog. So late to the game some may say, but for me the time feels right. OK enough, what you ask is 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo as if the title does not say it all. 60 Seconds, my elevator motivator pitch average time limit.
I truly believe that if I can help one person get off the couch and start chasing their dreams that I will continue to chase my dreams. I will spout and spew all the clichés and hopefully add my own insights to the equation.
It is easy, if you only want the very least that life has to offer, than do nothing. If you want more do more. If you want the best, well do your best. Act, Reflect, Adjust, React, Refocus, Pro-Act and sooner or later things will start coming your way.
So who am I to preach motivation to the masses? In a nutshell I am a guy who has tried to learn from his many mistakes, and not give up. So not giving up is pretty much the key to this whole ball of wax. That and learning from your mistakes… So, don’t give up and learn from your mistakes and maybe challenge yourself to find one positive thing to take away from each day.
Joseph Luellen
60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo
Enjoy the Ride!