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Learn from everything but focus on the good.

Learn from everything but focus on the good.

The world is full of good and bad.  Learn from everything but focus on the good.  The world is full of darkness and light, learn from everything but spread light.  The world is full of choices, good news and bad news.  Choose to spread good news.

It is simple really, change your focus.  It will not change the world over night, but it will change what you are learning.  What you are learning can change what you are doing.  What you are doing can change your circumstances.  What you are doing and what you are teaching others can lead to success or failure.  If you are successful you may not change the whole world, but it can change your world.

It starts with leaning and where your focus lies.  What you focus on affects what you will learn, what you will say, what you hear, what you do.  Learn from everything but focus on the good.  Spread good news, spread truth, spread light and teach others from what you have learned.  Focus on success and not failure.  Be the person you want others to be like.  Be like the person you want to be.  You are not your circumstance, you are what you learn and what you do and what you teach others.  Learn from everything but focus on the good.

Spread good news.  Spread truth.  Spread light.  Focus on the good and teach others from what you have learned.


Keep it Simple Simon

You can keep things plan and simple.

Yes you can.

Just tell the truth.

Treat others better than they treat you.

Treat others better than you would want to be treated.

Do your best, tell the truth.  Play hard, work hader.

Spend less than you make

Give more than you take.

Life get’s more complicated with every lie we tell.

Love God and others more than you love yourself.

Do the best you can for others, but do not let others take advantage or take you for granted.

You can keep things simple.

I starts with facing the simple truths.

Keep it Simple Simon


Reaching the world, one click at a time:

Reaching the world, one click at a time:

60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo has reached 110 countries so far this year alone.

Do you have something worth saying?  Do you?  Do you feel like it is impossible to make a difference?  Now I have one final question.  Have you tried?

Changing the word is not easy, but it is simple.  First and foremost you must have something to say.  Then you must have something worth doing.  Even with those things, the world will not change.  You then have to spread the word and do the work.  Even then the world may not change, but at least you have tried.

I started blogging a few years ago.  I blogged and I kept it quite.  I waited for people to find me.  Guess what, nothing happened.  Then I started inviting and challenging others to do one simple thing, spread good news. Slowly but surely I started connecting and linking with people who felt the same way.  Did we agree on everything?  No; but we agreed on one simple thing, to spread good news.  Did everyone stay?  No; some people came and went and did their own thing.  Did that stop me?  No; I vowed that if I could just reach one person it would be worth it.  I am reaching people one click at a time.  On LinkedIn and on Facebook and thanks to search engines and linking to the News Herald Blog Section in my town; I am reaching people one click at a time.

So has the world changed?  I am not sure if I have helped or not; I may not be able to change the world, but maybe I can get through to one or two people here and there and set an example that no matter what I am going through, I can find one good thing to say every day.  At least once a week or so I can take an hour and write in my blog and post it for people to find.  Find something good about every day and share it.  Invite others to do the same.  Maybe the world can change on click at a time.

So here we are in 2016 and 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is reaching 110 Countries around the world.  One mouse-click at a time; Yes believe it or not, I have logged as few as one click this year in some countries.  Maybe that is just a random mistake?  Who knows?  Well over 36 countries have logged 10 clicks or more.  Maybe it is just one person per country checking in once a month.  That is more than enough for me.  And 8 countries have logged 100 clicks or more in 2016.  Hey maybe it is all just spam robot web crawler clicks, all I can do is keep trying and keep inviting others to spread good news.

Thank you to everyone, everywhere who has found 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I vow to keep at it.  One day, one week, one month and one click at a time.  Reaching the world, one click at a time; 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo has reached 110 countries so far this year alone.  Thank you again and again and again.

Joseph Luellen III

Founder – 60 Seconds Of Motivational Mojo

Co-Founder – the Point Of Light Network

What I learned about Leadership by trying to become a Leader.

What I learned about Leadership by trying to become a Leader.

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, where I basically try to journal my thoughts and give the only advice I think that is worth following; which is if you say it, you should do it.  Don’t expect of others what you won’t do yourself.

OK, did you get that?  Don’t expect of others what you won’t do yourself.  If you did you can stop reading, but most of us would like to know more.  OK, here is more.

1:  It starts with a vision

2:  No one else is going to do it for you, get to work.

3:  Learn what it means to set up a model or prototype or a way to test your theory.

4:  Again, no one is going to do it for you.  Learn how to learn on the fly as you are testing out your idea.

5:  Learn to explain your idea to others, you can’t do this alone.

6:  Learn to learn from how others interpret your idea.  They may try to change it, steal it or do something totally different.  Is your message getting a crossed?

7:  Not everyone is going to agree with you, don’t let that stop you.

8:  No one is going to do it for you, but you still need help.

9:  If you lead and no one follows, you may have to rethink your leadership

Leadership is about a vision and then doing the work, then trying to get input from others about the vision and maybe getting some help.  If you get no feedback and you get no help, it may not be the vision; it may be your leadership style.  People who do not like their job or their boss will go to work the live long day because they are getting paid.  The Million Dollar Question is will people follow your lead before they expect to get paid?  Can you transfer the vision and connect with people all the while learning while you go and will people still follow you?

Seek to serve others and be real about what you are trying to do.  That is pretty much it.  Don’t expect of others what you won’t do yourself.  This is what I learned about Leadership by trying to become a Leader.

The Importance of Hope:

The Importance of Hope:

Have you heard it all before? Do you agree? Without hope all is lost. I am starting to believe this more and more. As I look back over my life, I think the one thing that has kept me going through all the ups and downs is hope. Hope coupled with faith means all things are possible. Action coupled with Hope and Faith increases the odds of the impossible actually happening. So at the end of the day, every day, every lesson seems to be to continue to have hope no matter what is going on around you. Everyday reminds me of the importance of hope.

So sometimes I wonder if I am the worst team builder of all time. Almost everything I have started came to an end. Almost every team I have ever built has folded. And yet here I am, still believing that I can reach my dreams if I can just become a better leader. I still have hope. Each lesson in life has taught me to maintain hope for a better tomorrow. That and maybe I could have done better in my team building if I was a better leader. So I take another chance, present another idea, share another vision and try yet again to build a team to bring the vision closer to reality.

So what have I done well, and what have I done wrong? I think I have always tried to make sure everyone had a voice, that everyone’s opinion mattered. I think maybe I was always rooting for the underdog and the outsider and the loner because I could relate to them. And what could I have done better? Maybe I could have used a more gentle touch, maybe I was a little too brute force and a little too arrogant in my approach. Maybe my biggest mistake is thinking that people will actually stand up for themselves. Sometimes I have believed that when people say they want to do something, it meant they would actually follow through.

So I live and I learn and I still have faith and hope. I have seen many people follow the lie they want to hear over the truth that they do not want to hear. I have seen people time and time again say they want to do something and then do absolutely nothing to follow-up on it. So here I am believing that if you can just find the right group of people who are searching for the truth and will stand up for what they believe in that you can be successful.   I want to be a part of that success. I still have hope that I can be a part of that success.

Does my faith get tested? Absolutely it does. Which seems to get me even more convinced that good things are right around the corner. I ask myself one bottom line question. Why learn to stand up for what is right and do things the right way if there is no pay off? Why don’t we just devolve into a state of anarchy and chaos? I think it is because no matter how bad things may seem, there is good out there that is stronger and holding this entire world we live in together. I believe there is a greater good that keeps us from coming apart at the seams. Maybe that greater good is hope, maybe that greater good is faith in the truth.

So all of my failures have taught me to get up and try again. And all of the times I have won, no matter how fleeting they may seem, keep me believing. So if I can believe, you can also. All it takes is hope. I believe there is a truth that is good and pure; it only takes faith. My life has taught me that we all need to have hope in something. We all need something to believe in. I believe in hope against all hope.

It all sounds so good in my head. It all seems so clear in my mind’s eye. I only hope it comes through clearly for you. I have hope for you even if you don’t have hope for yourself.

The Relentless pursuit of Truth:

The Relentless pursuit of Truth:

Evil is ruthless so Good must be relentless. Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, where I give the most best, most valuable free advice I can muster. I basically write about my thoughts, my life lessons and my studies of the teachings of those who have come before me.

It is not enough to walk around saying and thinking you are a good person because you are not as bad as the next person. I do believe that being incrementally better leads to exponential increases in your life, but that means you must aspire to be better. The pursuit of truth has to be a relentless pursuit, because those who will do you harm will ruthlessly conspire to hide the truth. One of evil’s greatest lies is that you should be rewarded for doing nothing. Evil’s greatest lie is that evil does not exist. No hell, then no need for heaven. No Devil, than no need for God. We are all equal, so why try to be any better than you are right now?

You were perfectly formed; I do believe this is true. But that does not mean you do not have a duty to do the best you can, whenever you can. Can you love a lie? What’s wrong with a little lie if it helps protect someone’s feelings? What is wrong with a little lie if it keeps me out of trouble? One lie leads to another and another and one more to cover up all the lies. Little lies spread like weeds until it is hard to tell what the truth is, even when the truth is plain as day.

The truth is; I have made plenty of mistakes in my life. There comes a time when you say enough is enough and all you want is some truth, some reality and some clarity; or you just continue to buy into all the lies and just go with the flow. Evil is ruthless so the pursuit of truth has to be relentless.

How much have we really changed over time? With all the technology in the world, with all the resources in the world, we still crave the same things; money, power, love, lust and lies. We still argue over if God is real, and is there a heaven. We know that war is wrong; yet we still fight them. We know that killing is wrong; but we still justify it. We know that lying is wrong; yet people still do it. Even when caught on camera, people will still deny what they have done. When do we say enough is enough?

So I look at little kids and I ask; when are they old enough to know the truth? I want to be that person who has always told the little kids to be good, thank God and do their best. Get their homework done and look out for their friends. I want to be the guy who will tell them the truth. I believe in Heaven and I believe in God and I believe that Love and Truth walk hand in hand. I know I have to make up for a lot of mistakes in my life, but I cannot go back and change time. I can only go forward and change my state of mind, and not redo what I have done wrong but stick to my pursuit of truth with my whole heart. Do you think the world has thrown open its arms to greet me when I make this stance? Well of course not. You can tell when people want nothing to do with the truth. You just have to open your eyes.

Do you think that because one person looks at their life and says, I know I can do better; everyone will stop lying and begin to tell the truth? If it were only that easy; why do we still have wars? Why do we still worship idols? It is easier for some to believe in witchcraft or superheroes or their own intelligence than to believe in God and believe that God is Love and Truth. God is not Love and Lies? No evil means no hell, and no hell means no heaven, and no heaven means no God. Would you fall for this? None of us are perfect, but that does not mean we should not be doing our best. The only good way to die is to know that you gave it your all in life. I will live the rest of my life convinced that God is at the center of our capacity to love and tell the truth. Our pursuit of truth must be relentless. Maybe I cannot prove an absolute truth just yet, but I will live the rest of my life believing in it and trying to find it.

The Relentless Pursuit of Truth:

Everything we think we know is based on faith.

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo. Welcome to another blog where I try to convince you to examine how you think and how you reach conclusions. Everything we think we know is based on faith. Everything you think you know is based on faith. Everything that I know is based on faith. The fact that you are reading this means you can read or translate English. So for me to even communicate this to you is based on my and your faith in the English language.

So let’s begin again. I had to learn English, how to speak it, read it and write it. English is the foundation of my learning. I have to put faith in my ability to comprehend in English to be able to continue to learn and possibly learn another language. English is the foundation for my learning. I have to take this on faith that anything I try to communicate is taken with the proper intentions.

So let’s talk about faith, and truth and reality. All of us are seeking something. Some of us, I hope are seeking more knowledge of the truth and reality. Know before we can argue if the truth is realitive or absolute; and if there is one reality or alternate realities we must have a common basis or language to communicate. If we are using the same language we place our faith in that language. If we are using different languages, we are putting our faith in those languages and their translations.

So we put our trust, we place our faith in the language that we speak and our ability to absorb and communicate knowledge. It does not matter if you believe in God, or Logic or Luck or any combination of the three; where you believe and what you believe is where you put your faith! Everything we think we know is based on faith. Everything that I think that I know is based on faith. Everything you think you know is based on faith.

I believe by faith that the truth is absolute. I believe by faith that there is one reality. I believe by faith there is a heaven and a hell. Everything I think I know is based on faith. I put my faith in English, and I put my faith in God and I put my faith in my ability to continue to learn and grow based on these things. Everything we think we know is based on faith!

We can argue this for hours and hours and days and days, but the foundation of our communication will still be based on our faith in our languages, and our ability to translate those languages. Everything that I type and post here can be dragged into a translator and translated into any number of languages in a matter of minutes. I have used this at work to translate Spanish and French to and from English on many occasions. It takes my faith in those languages and the common messages to get my work done. So I can work with people regardless of local customs and national beliefs, based on my faith in the information systems that are in place to make our lives easier. My ability to grow in my professional and personal life is based on faith. Everything I learn and everything I try to communicate, takes faith.

Wasn’t that easy to understand? Even if you don’t believe like I believe, we have a common faith in the Internet, English and any language that this can be translated into as the foundation of this post being read. Regardless if we agree, each of us has faith in something. Each of us believes in something. Everything we think we know is based on faith!

Perception versus Reality:

Perception is not Reality. I have heard many Leaders say that Perception is Reality and I understand why they say it. But a Leader cannot afford to teach something that is not true and then fall victim to their own false teachings. So here at 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, I am forced to take that other view. I am here to shake up the status quo. Let me state it again. I understand why some Leaders say Perception is Reality, but I am here to say that Perception is False Reality. Stick around and let me explain.

Perception versus Reality:

Perception is what people think they see. It is how something appears to be even if they are not quite what they appear. Perception can be based on someone’s mood, state of mind, and prejudgment. Reality is Reality. Let’s use a Movie as an example. If you do not know a Movie was made that appeared to be a News Report; you may perceive the Movie to be true. Now imagine someone replaced your window with a Movie Screen that looked so real that you thought you were looking out a window. From your perspective, it would appear to be true until you tried to open the window and found out it was a movie screen. Reality is real, perception is a false reality. Perceptions can change, reality does not change. This is a very simple example, I know; but this is why a Leader should always challenge people to find out the reality and not make decisions based on perception.

Perception versus Reality:

Are you familiar with the term “Keeping up Appearances?” Have you know people who are really nice to you depending on who is around, and then will not give you the time of day when it is just you and them one on one? Have you ever know someone who makes it look like they are working very hard when the boss is around, but is the first one to slack off when the boss is not around? Have you ever seen some work really hard and then others take credit for their ideas? Every office and factory has the stories. Gossip, rumors and appearances are all based on Perception. Shouldn’t a Leader want to know the truth or should they play into the hands of those who are feeding their Perceptions? Have you ever been burned by the buddy system?

Perception versus Reality:

Why do we call it “Reality Television” when it should be called “Perception Television?” Let me ask you a question, “Do people behave the same when they see they are on camera?” The answer is no, some people pose for the camera and some people run from it. Some people crave attention and some people hide from attention. So imagine if you went to the mall and had two or three security guards, two cameramen, a lighting crew and a boom microphone following you around everywhere you went. To the people at the shopping mall, you would appear to be famous, even if you are not; even if it was all staged. So how much have you heard about “Perception Television” being Reality? Are you trying to “Survive” or “Keep Up?”

Perception versus Reality:

The reason a Leader should not say “Perception is Reality” is because this allows people to appear to do one thing while they really intend to do something else. A Leader should say “Live the Reality” or “Be the Reality” or “Make Reality the Perception.” I say this because we should all be striving to do our best and our best effort is what should show through. People need to find out the facts before passing judgment on any circumstance or performance. A True Leader should understand this; Perception can be based on Lies, while Reality is based on the Truth. Seek the truth and find the facts to learn the reality of any situation. Make Reality the Perception!

Saying is easy but doing is where it is at.

No this is not proper English; No this is not grammatically correct.  It is easy for people to say what needs to be done.  It is harder to do what needs to be done, but that is where it is at.  Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  Bear with me, let me explain.  Saying is easy but doing is where it is at.

Where it is at; what is it?  To understand it, you must understand Mojo, Moxy, the power of the cool factor.  Sometimes I wonder if I have it, sometimes I am sure I have it.  Sometimes I wonder if I am miss-understood.  Other times I am convinced I am on the right track.  My track is to get people to stand up for what they believe in and take action.  My track is to inspire people to do what they believe needs to be done.  Doing is where it is at.

How many times have you heard someone say that someone should do this, that or the other?  Someone says that someone should do.  How come people are always waiting for someone else to do the things they say they believe in?  Saying is not where it is at.  Pushing it off on others is a cop-out.  Saying someone else should do it is basically just complaining.  Doing is harder, it takes guts and it takes faith.  Doing is where it is at.  If you believe in something, take action.  Get involved.  Find out the truth for yourself.

So all of us have a choice, I think the choice is obvious.  Learn to do for yourself and then teach others to do for themselves.  Doing is where it is at.  So again, I say learn the truth and learn to do for yourself.

Do I know the truth?  That is a subject for another day.  Today I declare that saying is easy but doing is where it is at.  Be a doer.  Be a person who puts their words into action.  Doing is where it is at!

God is:

I believe.  I believe in God.  I believe in Love and I believe in Truth.  I believe that God is Love and Truth.  Now, I do not want to use this post to get too preachy, I want to use this post to testify.  This is where I am coming from with my blog.  This is my take, my angle and I am more than willing to admit that I have fallen short, but I am still trying to get better and learn from my mistakes.

God is Love:

It has taken me my whole life to learn a very simple lesson.  If you love someone, you want better for them than you want for yourself.  If you really love someone you put them first.  Their needs and their wants are more important than your own.  Now love is very dangerous when it is confused with lust and lies.  Sometimes people will tell you they love you so they can get what they want.  I say that is not love.  Love, true love is not a physical thing; it is a true meshing of your spirit and your emotion.  You are happy when the one you love is happy.  You are sad when the one you love is sad.  You will sacrifice for those who you love.  Let me say this again, misuse of Love is a dangerous thing.  Be careful and guard your heart.  Realize that the love God has for you is the most perfect love ever.

God is Truth:

I believe in Absolute Truth!  I believe some of us will spend our entire life believing a lie.  Some of us will rely on data, information and knowledge and profess ourselves as wise but we will not believe the God is real.  I believe the God is real.  This means I cannot be the center of my own universe.  I am just a creation in God’s universe.  I belief that all of my gifts are gifts from God; what does this have to do with the Truth?  I believe in absolute truth.  I understand why people believe in conditional and situational truths, but I believe there is one absolute truth so simple that people find it almost impossible to believe.  God is truth.  And yet has words have been argued and twisted throughout history.  One day we will learn that for everything we have learned, everything we have discovered and how smart we think we are, we are not smarter than God.

I believe that God is Love and Truth.

We can argue about Unconditional Love.  I truly think that only God can do it.  We can take about knowledge and wisdom but only God can reveal Absolute Truth.  I believe in Unconditional Love and I know that I fall drastically short.  I believe in Absolute Truth and I think it is so simple we find it hard to believe.

God is Love and Truth!  Every great think we will ever do is a gift from God!  Everything we will learn is a gift from God.  We cannot love each other more than God loves us.  This is what I believe.