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We all need to W.A.K.E. – U.P.

We are all living in a dreamland.  Most of the time, we just take things at face value; we go with the flow.  We don’t want to rock the boat.  We never ask questions, like why someone needs to raise millions of dollars to run for elected office and get paid barely a fraction of what they make in the private sector.  W.A.K.E. – U.P.

 Or my next question, why do so many of us work at a job where we are convinced we are smarter than our boss???  Again, because we are living in a dreamland and we need to W.A.K.E. – U.P.  Or why do we pay money we don’t have for things we don’t need or even maybe be harmful to us?  “OK Joe we get your point” you say, “now get on with this W.A.K.E. – U.P. topic.”

 W:  Ask the 5 – W questions

A:  Once answered – Activate

K:  Increase your Knowledge

E:  Stay Enthusiastic

U:  Be Uplifting

P:  Remain Positive

 Here we go, another famous made up Acronym.  Yes, it is.  Maybe one day I will make a name for myself at this Positive Motivation Game, but as always, double check and cross reference for yourself!

 W.A.K.E. – U.P.

Step One:  Ask the 5-W Questions!  Who, What, When, Where and Why, followed by How and How Much.  Any decent newspaper article is supposed to answer these questions for the reader.  Do it for yourself.  Double and tripe check your sources.  And try to find out both sides of the story.  Once you have made up your mind…

 Step Two:  Activate!  Get off the couch and get in the game.  Act on your knowledge.  Otherwise why do you bother to investigate it in the first place?  If has peaked your interest and you think you know the truth you should stop watching and start working.  Make a difference.

 Step Three:  Increase your knowledge.  Even if you are an All-Star right out of the gate, you are still a Rookie, keep learning from the best people and sources around you.  Keep increasing your knowledge no matter how long you are in the game!  Keep getting better at the things you are doing.

 Step Four:  Stay Enthusiastic.  Be the one who keeps everyone else in the game and ready to win.  Be the one who makes sure people are focused so when it is their turn at bat, they deliver.  Yeah, lots of sports analogies, but every one has to be ready to pick up the ball and run with it.  Your enthusiasm will rub off on the people around you.

 Step Five:  Be Uplifting.  Try to help those who want to help themselves.  Don’t drag people down and don’t let other people drag you down.  Life is a game of tug of war, and there is no room for spectators or double agents.  Be around people who will pull together, and give a hand up to people you know are on the same team as you.  Do not let anyone drag you down, and don’t drag someone else down.

 Step Six:  Stay Positive.  It is always darkest before the dawn.  The sun will rise in the East tomorrow.  Always try to find another way to encourage people.  Get in their heads.  What do you have to lose?  Stay Positive and keep teaching what you have learned to help everyone around you get better. 

 Remember life is a team game and we all have to W.A.K.E. – U.P.

Create a place for yourself and control your music choices.

Does the music you listen to affect your mood.

Of course it does, we listen to happy music when we are happy; and we listen to sad music when we are sad.  We condition ourselves with the music and the music conditions us.  We listen to certain styles of music when we are young, and discover what we think is New music as we age, and when we get older we realize it all been done before, it has just been given a shiny new coat of paint.

Uplifting music is written in Major Keys with Ascending Progressions, Depressing Music is written in Minor Keys with Descending Progressions.  Can it affect your moods, sure it can.  To what effect, that depends on strength of the mind of the listener.  When we want to reminisce about the past, we put on the Good Old Time Records.  When we are up for the weekend, maybe we want to hear something fun and new.  Music is used in Movies, TV, Advertising and Radio to get us to get up and buy or buy in to things. 

So what we listen to can condition us without our knowledge; or if we are strong minded, when can use this conditioning to our advantage.  When I have a lot of work to get done, I have certain playlists I listen to at work.  Because I work in a Technical Field, I like to listen to Techno Movie Soundtrack type stuff that makes me feel like I can control the Matrix.  When I workout, I like to listen to up tempo music that sets the pace and the mood.

So when you want to relax or reflect, listen to the music that will let you do so, but don’t let it trap you in… Don’t listen to depressing music and stay depressed.  Listen to it to get over your depression and then get back into the positive, motivational kind of stuff that sends a “Can Do” message into your brain.  We could spend all day talking about the subconscious effect music can have on you, and how skillful musicians and producers use certain techniques to convey certain feelings; or I can just say, be smart about your music choices and use them to your advantage.

Like what you like because you like it, and do not let the tastes of your friends lead you down a path you don’t want to go.  If you get the most done while listening to something only you like, load it on your favorite electronic gizmo and put on your headphones and have at it.  Control your choices, control your moods and control your outcomes.  Don’t let the world control your thinking, create a place for yourself and control your music choices.